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Weed Withdrawal

Logan Paul on Weed Withdrawal: This Sh*t F*cking Sucks

By January 7, 2022January 10th, 20228 Comments

Logan Paul Discusses Weed Withdrawal and Reasons for Quitting
Episode 308 of Impaulsive Aired January 4, 2022

Cheers to Logan Paul for powering through his “hardest week of 2021” after deciding to go weedless for the holidays.

Logan Paul quit weed on December 24, 2021 and has been experiencing ‘pretty nasty’ weed withdrawal which friend George Janko jokingly compared to being symptomatic of crack or meth withdrawal.

Extremely irritable. I could not sleep. I uh I developed a gag reflex. No appetite... I mean to be honest with you... I was going through it. I was really going through it.

Logan Paul on January 4, 2022, Episode 308 of Impaulsive

In a recent YouTube video, Paul cited extreme irritability, sleep difficulty, loss of appetite, body temperature fluctuations, an overly sensitive gag reflex, and generally feeling like sh*t.

Paul, who has proven himself to be a tough-as-nails athlete capable of enduring significant physical and mental challenges, was put to the test by weed withdrawal following six months of heavy marijuana use.

Logan Paul grew up not smoking and is a self-described newcomer to the  ‘pot head’ lifestyle. What many would consider a high-functioning weed user, Paul has evaded the harmful “stoner” stereotype that is often portrayed in the media.

He gave praise to marijuana, highlighting many benefits to its use, including increased creativity and feeling more calm, open, and alive. “Weed is a very powerful drug,” said Paul.

Why Logan Paul Quit Weed

Paul decided to quit in part because he believed that he was using too much weed, noting that he was “high more often than not” and that that was a problem. He described going to sleep high and feeling groggy in the morning.

He quit cold turkey on December 24, 2021.

And here I am, going through weed withdrawals, while my whole family is celebrating Christmas. And for me, my withdrawals are very like... aggressive. Like I don't know what it is, but I get like…I was, and am a little bit still, extremely irritable. I could not sleep. I uh I developed a gag reflex. No appetite... I mean to be honest with you -- maybe I sound like a p*ssy -- I was going through it. I was really going through it.

Logan Paul on January 4, 2022, Episode 308 of Impaulsive

Broad Misconceptions About Marijuana Withdrawal Persist

In a society that has grown to glorify weed use and aggressively minimize its potential for harm, Logan Paul has emerged as a trusted voice who has made a point to raise awareness of  the challenges he has faced when quitting weed. While everyone’s experience with weed withdrawal is unique, the spectrum of withdrawal symptoms described by Paul are consistent with other chronic marijuana users.

The public is still largely in the dark when it comes to weed’s ability to cause dependence and withdrawal. Many heavy users believe weed withdrawal does not exist, despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Withdrawal symptoms are a major barrier to quitting marijuana and a leading cause of relapse. surveyed heavy marijuana users undergoing withdrawal. More than two-thirds reported that they did not have an awareness of marijuana withdrawal when they first started using weed.

When you first started using, did you know that regular marijuana use could cause symptoms of withdrawal (when quitting or cutting down)?

One’s personal experience with withdrawal is highly influenced by how much you have used, how long you have used, and many other biological and psychosocial factors. Being familiar with the possible symptoms of marijuana withdrawal is important so you know what to expect when quitting.

Generally, symptoms of withdrawal begin within the first 24 hours of abstinence, peak by day three and can last for up to two to three weeks (or sometimes longer).

Logan Paul can take comfort in knowing that his weed withdrawal will soon be behind him.

Quotes from Episode 308 of Impaulsive (Aired January 4, 2022, ) Where Logan Paul Details His Experience Quitting Weed

Logan Paul:

I’m f*cking angry. Weed, weed is a very powerful drug.

I don't care who the f*ck says it’s not a drug, it’s a f*cking drug...

I quit smoking weed on December 24.

For those of you who watch Impaulsive Regularly... you guys know I've been having this little back and forth with marijuana.

I grew up not smoking - I'm like the anti-weed guy pretty much my whole life.

And then the past six months… fully dedicated myself to becoming a pot head.

And with that came a lot of great things like you know weed can allow for creativity, it calms me down, it'll open my mind up to entertain conversations with people that maybe normally I wouldn't…

Just this lifestyle we were living -- that people will see soon -- you know we've been traveling everywhere, not sleeping, just going hard, hard, hard.

Weed, like, got me through it. It kept me alive, it kept me interested, it was able to stimulate me enough to continue this lifestyle of travel, adventure, and party. And creation.

But I knew there was a day where I knew I had to I had to call it quits. Because when I realized that I was high -- more than I wasn't high -- it's a little problematic.

I was waking up groggy, I'm going to sleep high, like it was it was a disaster.

And December 24th -- I felt it in my heart -- I was like today's the day... I'm done….

You know how I do sh*t! Cold turkey. Cold turkey quit.

And here I am, going through weed withdrawals, while my whole family is celebrating Christmas.

And for me, my withdrawals are very like... aggressive. Like I don't know what it is, but I get like…

I was, and am a little bit still, extremely irritable. I could not sleep. I uh I developed a gag reflex. No appetite...

I mean to be honest with you -- maybe I sound like a p*ssy -- I was going through it. I was really going through it. And and I told George by the way ...

George Janko:

"Like crack by the way. I just want everyone to know [Logan’s] withdrawals was like meth. Like he was sweating ... Like, "Is that guy looking at me?" "No, he's blind. Look at his stick."

Logan Paul:

And it sucks because again we're in Gstaad - everyone here is so nice and polite and I'm just, I'm causing problems. I want all the smoke and I don't know why [gets emotional]. Like I have a f*cking broken hand what am I gonna do?

And anyways, as I told George [Turns to Mike Majlak] I have to commend you bro, I'm dead ass serious. I've been waiting to tell you this. The fact that you made it out of a heroin addiction and like fully like -- I may get a little emotional -- like I have so much f*cking respect for you and anyone who has beaten an addiction, because this sh*t f*cking sucks. And this is just weed. This ain't sh*t...

And to make matters worse, uh about a week of this feeling like sh*t, feeling like an *sshole, and just like -- getting a little vulnerable for a sec – like, as you guys know, I've expressed like well…

I've hated myself this past week. I've hated this version of myself. It’s the worst, like man... I just, like I feel like I'm not great to be around."

Logan Paul on January 4, 2022, Episode 308 of Impaulsive

Logan Paul Describes His Experience Quitting Weed on Instagram

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  • Paige says:

    I was diagnosed with Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) in early January 2022 – consensus within the CHS community is that Logan Paul is one of us. The condition is not widely known, researched, or understood by neither the medical community or society at-large, so while Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome is considered ‘rare’ it is more likely just underdiagnosed & underreported. There are likely a lot of people suffering from symptoms of CHS who have no idea just like I was – for years. As weed becomes more widely legalized, CHS has led to more hospitalizations from cyclical vomiting & dehydration-related complications, and is only expected to become more common as usage increases. Logan Paul is missing a great opportunity to raise awareness to help others catch this earlier – I would have appreciated knowing the risks to look out for as a daily weed smoker. My diagnosis was caught relatively early… many people with CHS experience complications and end much worse off, or dead. If that’s not convincing, he’s missing a huge target market of people with constant dehydration to sell his drink to.

    CHS is a paradox condition – where people tend to increase usage to cope with CHS symptoms prior to a diagnosis. Since becoming a daily cannabis user in 2016, I started suffering from the same ‘withdrawal’ symptoms as Logan, which persisted for ~ 4 years before diagnosis and understanding that self-medicating with cannabis was actually what was making me sick. Aside from the debilitating physical symptoms, CHS symptoms also include heightened anxiety, panic attacks, irritability, depression, and appetite suppression… this is not the same as addiction or withdrawal – and in my opinion, it is harmful to chalk it up to that. The constant dehydration is seriously dangerous for those with suffering from this condition – so again, he is onto something with the electrolyte replenishing drinks.

    Since quitting (post CHS diagnosis), cyclical vomiting episodes and other CHS symptoms continue to be triggered by foods containing cannabinoids and/or that interact with the endo-cannabinoid system, including (but by no means limited to) alcohol & caffeine. It makes sense that his severe vomiting episode on NYE was triggered by a latte… Caffeine & alcohol stimulate cannabinoid production in the body and the dysregulated receptors in the endo-cannabinoid system (from regular prolonged cannabis-use) can’t differentiate from cannabis – and various of foods too.

  • B says:

    Logan Paul 😂 please, could this writer not find anyone more reputable? I wouldn’t take any of this idiots advice or listen to his beliefs any sooner than I’d sit in a mountain of fire ants. What desperation to stay in the spotlight abcs be relevant. Pathetic.

    • Robbie says:

      B: While I am not a fan of his either, it doesn’t take away from his experience. Its also funny because you are hiding behind an anonymous profile and not willing to put yourself (or even your full name) out there but are willing to be so judgemental about someone else. Grow up and learn what an ad hominem is.

    • Anonymous says:

      bruh it’s helping me

  • Loki says:

    Logan Paul is a little pussy bitch, cannabis does not cause withdrawal. I have gone years with out smoking weed due to probation and never once went through any bull shit withdrawal 🤦‍♂️🤣🤡.

    • El salvo says:

      Weed stimulates the C1 receptors in your brain, if you smoke for a long time heavly then suddenly stop it makes sense your brain would take a few weeks to return to homeostasis

      I quit weed and it definitely had an effect, also take into account why the person might use weed in the first place like anxiety or depression those issues will still exist after stopping use.

      idk why people get so offended when people say they’ve have a negative experience with weed or stopping… it’s all personal choice and weed is a drug end if the day

    • Anonymous says:

      nah you’re the pussy ass bitch I’ve been smoking for 17 years non stop 13 blunts a day and I stopped smoking weed and I had withdrawals I had crazy dreams my stomach was hurting I couldn’t sleep for weeks so yea just shut the fuck up he’ll u probably never even smoked

  • MWL says:

    Every person has different reactions to wed withdraw. There are different variables to someone’s withdraws… how long did a person smoke? Do they already suffer from depression, anxiety or ptsd? Are they experiencing severe stress in their life? Calling someone a “pussy” (disgusting) about breaking a long term habit that created issues in their life, who continues to refrain after having highly unpleasant side effects, is the opposite of what you’re saying. You can have horrible withdraw from quitting sugar or caffeine, which aren’t mind altering drugs. You are on probation, so you’re likely not the best person to make judgments.

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