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JobSleeplessness, anxiety, depression, low energy After 24 hours2316Female3x daily BowlSleep aid2021-07-1323
New jobLoss of appetite and libidoAppetite - straight away Libido - after a few days United Kingdom2419FemaleEvery daySpliffSmaller portions of food but eating more often 2021-07-13united-kingdom24
Cause I suffered from "la palida" and that caused me anxiety and a little trauma from that eventYes, anxiety, lack of appetite, no motivationWhen I got intoxicated Peru2818Femaleevery dayediblebach flowers2021-07-13peru28
Trouble with police, want to find a girlfriendSevere depression, loneliness and boredomAround day 7-14Ireland2716MaleDailyBowlExcerise and deep breathing2021-07-13ireland27
Money Lack of feeling hungry ,headache ,restless Day 1 United Kingdom2716FemaleDailySmoke in sliff /blunt No 2021-07-13united-kingdom27
Way too expensiveYes. GI problems, feeling depressed, trouble falling asleep24 hoursMissouri2222MaleThe day I quit I smoked an entire eighth. Vape or flower. I used to do edibles but when I became addicted they stopped workingNo2021-07-14missouri22
IdkExtreme fatigue, Sweats, chills, brain fog Day 2Australia2824MaleEveryday, all day BowlMeloxicam2021-07-14australia28
Just felt like it Only cravings but nothing elseDay 32216MaleMultiple times a dayBlunt, Joint, Bowl, BongNo2021-07-1422
I was going into debt to buy it, and was extremely physically addicted by being high all day everday. Insomnia, anxiety, depression, no appetite, night sweats, headaches, dysphoriaafter 12 hours California2818Femaleall day, every day for the last 3 yearsedible, capsules, and tincturesExercise and hot showers2021-07-14california28
Too muchYes, day 1. Depressed, restless, lack of concentration, can't sleep, appetite is wonky, and cravings are realDay 1 South Africa 🙁2616MaleEveryday all dayJointA vape, and chocolates 2021-07-14south-africa-226
Stop feeling emotionless and dull all the timeYes, Depressed mood Restlessness Trouble staying asleep Lack of motivation5 days following stoppingFlorida2818Female5 times a dayVapeWorking out, which helped a bit2021-07-14florida28
It was affecting my cognition, memory, and motivation. Yes. Headaches, fatigue, vivid dreams, stomach pain and nausea, depressed mood, anger/irritability, fever, and sleep difficulties Day 1Colorado2016FemaleMultiple times every dayBowlRegular exercise helps2021-07-14colorado20
Travelling Throwing up, can’t eat, can’t sleep, irritability Second dayCanada2220FemaleEveryday Vape pen2021-07-14canada22
It was impacting my work Headache Irritability A feeling of anxiety in my chest Cravings Unquenchable thirst The first night of not smokingAustralia2619MaleEvery dayBong No2021-07-14australia26
To expensive, and I was sick of that lifestyle Sleep disturbance , tiredness, irritation24 hours after quittingAustralia4241MaleEvery day1 ounce every 2 weeks Excersise which is helping 2021-07-14australia42
Work, my kid, my negative attitude, I’m not motivated, I’m lazy, I’m addicted Insomnia, metallic taste in mouth , food isn’t as good I’m on day 7 so like day 4Missouri3512FemaleDaily… 2-4 per day blunts Cigar Nah… I just keep eating every couple hours… 2021-07-14missouri35
Pains in chest and following smoking and vaping became persistent. Trying to fix it. Just passing 48hr since last toke. So far, craving pot intermittently. Better than last time I quit. Some coughing. Upon cessation. Canada3817MaleDaily, multiple times. Dried flower in a handheld vaping device, and also smoked in joints. More outside time, exercise, playing guitar. Computer games. 2021-07-13canada38
Family and work.Intrusive thoughts, lack of sleep and appetite, muscle cramps.Sunday.California2618MaleEvery day for 7 years.BluntCBD oil2021-07-13california26
JobsLight headedness, feel hypnotized4 days after quittingFlorida3017Maleevery other daybowl, leafI have substituted some alcohol or tobacco2021-07-13florida30
Health, money, and most of all my lack of control and the negative effects of cannabis on my life. Memory problems, always feeling tired, isolating myself and not being able to be productive are the things I want to leave behind Sleep disturbance, sweating, complete loss of appetite, brain fog, lack of concentration, being irritable and overly emotional reactive1st dayNetherlands2826FemaleAll day longI smoked it mixed with tabacoOnly nicotine bandaids for the tabaco part 2021-07-15netherlands28
Wanted to reduce consumption. Also quit alcohol. On this journey to remind myself of the joys of being substance free as I felt increasingly dependent on being drunk or stoned to cope with my anxiety disorder and social situations. None, thankfully. N/AFlorida2318FemaleEveryday after work and wake and bake on the weekends Bong, j’s, pax vaporizer, concentrate pensWorking out everyday after work (when I would usually smoke), practicing gratitude (5 minute journal), being kind to myself, eating well, drinking enough water, taking sleep supplements (pure encapsulations best rest formula and magnesium) and quit lit (particularly Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker)2021-07-15florida23
It's destroying my life so better quit now then let it succeedFeeling unmotivated, depressed and lonelySecond dayNetherlands2814MaleDailyJointSmoked a cigarette, played some games2021-07-15netherlands28
Caused worsening depression and paranoia. Ruined quality of sleep. Made me withdraw from family and society. Couldn’t give my child 100% of their parent. Worried about passing my addiction onto my child. Lung health declining. Generally affecting every aspect of my life. Brain fog. Depression. Irritability. Absolutely no motivation. Poor appetite and only craving sugar when hungry. Heavy eyes and face. Emotional outbursts. Crying for no reason. Very antisocial. Sleep disturbances. About day 4 or 5 of quitting. British Columbia Canada3217FemaleSeveral times a dayBowlMeditation. Melatonin. Comedy movies. Lots of Netflix. Taking it easy and not placing unnecessary pressure on myself. Scrapping to do list as much as possible. 2021-07-15british-columbia-canada32
Long term Relationship breakup Can't sleep still 2 months agoUnited Kingdom5321MaleEverything day morning till night JointsExercise 2021-07-14united-kingdom53
To improve my health, gain motivation, and fulfill my lifelong dreams that went dormant with heavy pot usage.I have short term memory loss. I forget conversations I had earlier in the day, leave faucets running, and forget where I put things. I had nausea, vomiting, and headaches for 2-3 days after abstaining. Immediately, the day after stopping I vomited. Now 9 days in, I notice issues with short term memory loss. Illinois3716FemaleDaily, as soon as I woke up until I went to sleep. Bowl Just lots of water and rest, I also attend MA meetings. 2021-07-16illinois37
CHSInsomnia, nausea, reduced appetite, sweating, chills, headachesFirst dayMissouri1816MaleDaily5-10 times a dayZofran, Lexapro, kaopectate, smoothies2021-07-16missouri18
Money and being more sociable . Fed up with the lifestyle Fatigue is really bad . Control emotions Sleep problems Week one bit worse in week 2 United Kingdom4415FemaleEvery day Joints mixed with tobacco Nytol for help with sleep 2021-07-16united-kingdom44
Drug swab tests also have abused it for years Mad dreams moods swings angry board Few days later now day 24 and people round me say am still nasty to themUnited Kingdom3513Male10/ 15 joints a day very chronic use always highPure joints also the odd bongNo just will power of the mind2021-07-16united-kingdom35
I’m required to pass a couple exams to attain licenses and I have found that I’m not very focused or motivated. I figured taking a break would help.I’m not sleeping as long. That seems to be the most obvious symptom. The third night. Texas4014MaleEvery dayBong or dabsI started taking melatonin and going on long walks an hour before I start winding my day down. 2021-07-16texas40
It is expensiveVivid dreams, waking up in the middle of the night and wet from sweat, head ache, mood swings, los of appetite, After day 3/4Netherlands2814Female2/3 grams a dayJoint with tabbacoNo2021-07-15netherlands28
To get a better job.Yes; irritability, dreams returning, lack of appetite, shorter longevity of sex, memory troubles, and head aches at bed time.2-3 days after quitting.Mississippi2614Male5-10 times a day.Bowls and blunts.No2021-07-15mississippi26
Wanted toNoneGone after 3 daysIllinois4316MaleEvery day.All waysDoinf exercise helps 2021-07-15illinois43
To save my mental health. And to also calm my paranoia and laziness I have been sober for about 5 days now. I was a daily concentrate smoker who smoked Atleast a gram a day. My withdrawal symptoms quite honestly were scary. I was in constant panic. I had a wave of panic attacks. I couldn’t sleep and I also started to feel a lot of pain in my chest and body in all. I tried to find any story’s that matched mine. However none matched the amount I used. It was pretty upsetting and even pushed me to go to a doctor. The doctor just assured me I wasn’t dieing and it seemed to calm my anexity dramaticly. (Basic check up). I wish I had the courage to put more of my story out there beacuse I know there are other chronic concentrate smokers out there. And I want them to know it will be life changing how diffrent the sun looks when your sober. Day 2 Indiana2217MaleEveryday. Every hour of the day. Even at work. Concentrate on a hot nail/bong I went to my doctor 2021-07-15indiana22
I have used since a teen. Want to feel alive again Headaches, mood swings, dizzinessDay 2-3Canada4015MaleDailyAll of above Journal2021-07-18canada40
Depending onitIntense dreamsI've not really had withdrawal symptoms, I've thought about smoking it again but I know I need to stop so my will power is helping me alot United Kingdom2813MaleEveryday, 1-2s a day definitely, sometimes 3-4 , as I've got older I've not smoked so much , when I was 13 I used to smoke bongs and I used it around 12-16 times a dayJoint , bong, edibles I've quit before and I've tried calms tablets , but I've now been quit for over a week and I'm staying off cannabis , this time around I've used nothing but I also smoke cigarettes2021-07-18united-kingdom28
weight loss surgerysadness & boredness & restlessnessalmost 2 weeks after quitting California2419Femaledailypipe, pen, bong, joints and ediblesno only meditation but eh2021-07-17california24
Remove mental fog, better focus, better finances, to be more presentBrain fogWithin the first day New York2216MaleMultiple times a dayLately concentrates, I used to vape bud and rolls jointsNot yet, I am going to try exercise, meditation and some CBD2021-07-17new-york22
Depersonalization disassociation, headache, IBS12 hrs afterMaryland1913Femaleall day every daypen,bowl,dabsnicotine2021-07-17maryland19
ParanoidCravings After a week or two Canada3324MaleDailyVape pen Magnesium biglycate for bed time 2021-07-17canada33
After 16 years, it's time for a change Boredom, stress, exhausted, difference in sleep patterns, change in sex drive, no motivation for simple tasks which I complete easily while using cannabis, depressionThe day after stopping, the cravings were intense, after 20 days the cravings are gone, however other health problems have arisen.United Kingdom3616MaleEverydayJointMarking days on a calendar, stress relief techniques 2021-07-16united-kingdom36
Arrested. So, if I do smoke any I will go back to jail.Sleeplessness, sweating, cognition issues, issues with focusing, depression, anxiety, lethargic feeling.Day 1-2Tennessee1917MaleEveryday Bowl, blunts or joints if I was with somebody No, besides trying to fill the time with other hobbies2021-07-16tennessee19
trying to quit tobacco smokingheadache, fatigue, boredom, irritability first weekNew Hampshire4532Maleall day every daysmoked using papers and sometimes a bowlno2021-07-16new-hampshire45
Potential jobJust the craving to smoke and seeing how boring I am.The day after I stoppedUtah3414MaleDailyOne hitter pipeNo2021-07-19utah34
Just lost intrest in it, then the withdrawls hit and I want to get far away from it as possilbleInsomnia, loss of appitite, weight loss, anxiety, brain fogday 2Texas6012Femalea few hits every eveningone hit pipemelatonin, Fish oil omega 32021-07-19texas60
Getting oldMood swings, depression, low sex driveA week laterTexas3912MaleEverydayJointsNo2021-07-19texas39
Addiction, over useYes, depression. Stomach pains, mood swings and coughingWith 24 hoursMassachusetts5147MaleDailyBowl, vape penClonazepam sparingly2021-07-18massachusetts51
I went on vacationYes, mostly nausea, shakiness, and dizziness.Around 36 hours after smoking last New Jersey2216FemaleEvery single day at least 4-5 times a day Bong or edible Not exactly, but drinking a lot of water helps and practicing my breathing2021-07-18new-jersey22
Smoking weed made me so lazy and blind to how much my life was going nowhere. I barely connected with my friends or family.. all I thought about was when I was going to be smoking my next joint because I seen it as my only way to relax. I was using for years until I fell in love with someone who showed me that the world is a beautiful place that I was taking for granted. I quit for not only him, but for myself.. I realised I want to have a better life than what I'm living and smoking weed was never going to improve my life in any way. Vomiting, nausea, insomnia, iritibility, anger, resentment, low apitite, mood swings, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, dizziness, headaches, stomach aches.2 days after stoppingIreland2214FemaleEvery dayRolling with tobacco Meditation, mindfulness, listening to music, reading, watching TV, exercise, keeping busy2021-07-18ireland22
To advance in life with a better job.Yes. Cravings, anxiety, depression, and change in sleep patterns.2 days after quitting New York state3416MaleEvery day many timesBowl and jointsNew hobbies and spending more time with family 2021-07-18new-york-state34
Parenthood, Sport performance, and just wanted a breakJust miss being highNaMaryland2517MaleDailyBongCbd oil(thc free)2021-07-18maryland25
AnxietyYes, edginessRight awayFlorida6014FemaleAll day, every dayJoints, vape pen, capsulesDrinking water2021-07-18florida60
Trying to have a child and THC diminishes sperm qualityBizarre and intense 'hero dreams' Energy crash just before noon Insomnia Dullness of mind2 days after stopping useCanada3732MaleDaily with some month long breaksBong and dry herb vapeFluids, rest, guitar and video games2021-07-18canada37
even though I only used it at night to sleep, it would mess me up the next day - lethargic, unmotivatedtrouble sleeping, nausea, lower appetite, irritable, anxious< 24 hoursGeorgia3228Maleevery nightjoint or vape penI tapered a bit, but not much. also take cbd oil sometimes2021-07-18georgia32
Ready for a change. Baby on way. Yes. Mood and trouble sleeping Day 2-5Massachusetts3516Male2-3 times daily. All weekend. After work, before bed, middle of night All three. Primarily bowlNo2021-07-18massachusetts35
Too expensive £1000 per monthAll the bad things eg. Family funerals, messy divorce was relived again without the cushion of thc and had suicidal thoughts and depressionDay 1United Kingdom4215MaleConstantly, 4 grams per day from first thing in morning till before bed at nightJoint mixed with tobaccoRegular exercise 2021-07-18united-kingdom42
Ran outToo early for symptoms but will likely feel irritable within 24hrsRefer to aboveUnited Kingdom2816MaleDaily 5-8 times averageRoll jointsCrack2021-07-18united-kingdom28
Job opportunitiesCravings and anxietyGeorgia2415FemaleDailyBowlCBD, OTC Meds 2021-07-20georgia24
For financial reasons, health, career and almost every other rational Nausea, restlessness, my brain now feels ‘loud’ again, a busy, overstimulated state that I found respite from in cannabisApprox 12 hours after last intake. Lack of appetite initially, then nausea and active repulsion towards food. I was smoking around 4-5 grams daily. 2518MaleHourlyRolled with tobacco and smoked. Reminding myself; that I am trying my best and that is enough. that I have so many people who would gladly support me if I was struggling to abstain. Incentivising success by reminders of my new, easier financial situations, weight loss, more meaningful connections with people. The biggest thing that will keep me on the right track was having previously listed all the reasons why I think I smoke, and finding that I use it to avoid and disinhibit, and reminding myself that I don’t want to be a person who purposefully avoids responsibilities and difficult times. I want to cope with life sober so I can proudly say I coped, not weed helped me cope. 2021-07-2025
Health money and better lifeInsomniaDay 1-3United Kingdom3415MaledailyjointAlcohol2021-07-20united-kingdom34
Depression, anxiety, loss of appetiteMood swings, anxiety, nausea, very little appetiteFirst few hours after stoppingConnecticut5220MaleAll dayBowl anBowl and vape penNo2021-07-20connecticut52
Improve my life, be more motivated and involved.Lack of sleep. Irritability. Anger. Depression. Dullness. Boredom. Mental fog. Within a day.Netherlands2822MaleDaily, multiple timesJoint with tobaccoNothing, just bracing it. 2021-07-20netherlands28
I found myself getting high before every activity or outing. After 10 years, I was afraid I had created an alternate reality for myself. I was also feeling too “old” to be the stoner friend. Slight nausea after eating, feeling full fast. Lack of appetite. Sleeping a lot, but no vivid dreams. 2 days after quitting. California3525FemaleDaily. I would go through an ounce a month. Flower/bowlNo2021-07-20california35
I want my life backYes , mood swings , discomfort, anxiety unable to express feeling1day after quitingIndia2119MaleOften regularlyBongNoo2021-07-19india21
Kind of accidentally while on a trip, but also to stop using it as a crutch for my anxiety and to stop wasting money on it. Trying to promote a healthier lifestyle for myselfFatigue About 4 weeks after stopping Florida1913MaleAlmost every day Blunt or bong Sleeping more, exercising2021-07-19florida19
wanted to reduce consumption to just occasionalYes, panic attacks restlessness, trouble sleeping and weird stomach movementswhen i reduced consumption, so i stoped consumption all the wayCanada3318Malealot every daybongno2021-07-19canada33
My brother died and I missed his funeral because I spent money on weed instead of gasCan’t focus on things people sayDay 1Illinois2518MaleEvery hour until I go to sleep Bowl, dabs on rig, vape penGallon of water a day2021-07-03illinois25
to be more connected to myself and loved ones. to make more time for my goals and hobbies.yes. depression anxiety lack of appetitefirst day homieCanada2512Femaleeverydaysmoking a jointnope, just like relaxed and stuff for the anxiety2021-07-02canada25
To improve my lifelack of energy, lack of motivation, depressiona soon as I stoppedConnecticut4817Malemultiple times a daybowlno2021-07-02connecticut48
because of weight losscold , headache , epitite problemday 2India2621Maletwice in a dayvape pennooo2021-07-02india26
because it fogged up my mindmy mind is a foggy messright away United States1614Maleeveryday all dayvape pen, flower bowl, bong, ediblestea2021-07-02united-states16
Drug test job interviewLoss of appetite, burning stomach, depression/anxietyDay 8California2520FemaleEverydayVape pen then bowl then edibleNo2021-07-02california25
Felt as though it was affecting health to much. Coughing ,sinus etc. Knew it couldn't be good for meHeadaches, sore stomach3 days after ceasingNew Zealand6215Male4-5 small hits / daySmall pipePanadol2021-07-01new-zealand62
Feelings of dissociation, fogginess, lack of drive and a feeling that I am reliant on marijuana to escape.YES. I am very depressed as soon as I stop. I think this may be as a result of having underlying issues that marijuana lets me ignore when I use it.Cravings can start as soon as I wake up when I'm smoking a lot, but this time it is not so bad. By the time I try to go to sleep on the first day of quitting, I always have undeniable depression, irritability, hopelessness.South Africa2018MaleEveryday, roughly two joints per day minimum.Joint smoking.Alcohol, cigarrettes, reading, movies, YouTube... anything to distract.2021-07-01south-africa20
I don’t want the smoke to impact my lungs and I want more energy in my day. I think so? I haven’t been sleeping well and when I finally do, I dream. My appetite is gone.I’m not sure, I think immediately but I’m 12 days off marijuana.California3017FemaleEveryday multiple times a dayJointsI downloaded a sobriety app and hid all my weed things that trigger me.2021-07-03california30
tolerance increased dramatically, feeling of worthlesness and emotion numbing Headache, nausea, heavy sweating, irritability, sleep disorders1st dayAustralia2915Male1-2g a dayvape, blunts, and ediblesaspirin for headache, intense exercise, omega 3 supplements to support the endocannabinoid system, lots of fluids2021-07-03australia29
I was tired of spending money on something that took up my time without a positive return. I felt like I was doing it out on necessity not enjoyment.Nausea and depression (My business is failing so that doesn't help) 5-7 day after quitting Canada3416Male3 or more times per dayJointsNope2021-07-03canada34
Didn’t get satisfaction from it and felt like it was making me stupid. Also too content with being bored PAWS, lethargy depression no motivation low libido. (On month 2, smoked for nearly 8 years multiples times a day nonstop) The first day Georgia2416Male3-8 gram joints a day Joint or blunt Exercise 2021-07-03georgia24
Less and less satisfying. Low energy and brain fog side effects were more problematic and getting in the way of fulfillment of responsibilities. Yes . Insomnia and apathy, periods of lowered mood. Day 2Canada6415Male3 times weekly (after a 22 year period of abstinence. Dry herb vape. Yes . Exercise and supplements. NAC and tyrosine for mood. GABA and theanine for relaxation . 2021-07-03canada64
I was forced to if I wanted to remain on a Suboxone program. If I failed another urine test I would be kicked out.Yes, absolutely. It's taking me literally hours to fall asleep at night and I'm waking up at the slightest disturbance. I feel very bleak, gloomy and unhappy. My already bad appetite is even worse now. It's awful!The mental stress started day 1 and the insomnia from the first night.Mississippi3318MaleDaily, high quality stuff too. I usually would smoke half a bowl or so at a time starting around noon until I fell asleep at night. Heavier smoking at night usually.I've used the same small glass peace pipe for years. When I was a young teeny bopper I smoked blunts but as I got older and the pot got better and more expensive the blunts became less economical. I drank one beer one night (I'm not a drinker at all) thinking it may help me sleep but it just made me feel worse.2021-07-03mississippi33
Don’t want to be reliant on something to make me happy Irritability 24 hours after quitting United Kingdom2718FemaleEveryday Smoke No2021-07-03united-kingdom27
It slowed me down. It increased my depression and anxiety in long term. Difficulty sleeping. Bad conscience in general.Occasional severe depression. Vivid dreams. Cravings. Continuation of brain fog.Next day and they peaked approx. a week afterFinland2518Male1-4 times a dayJoint and vaporizerI use ashwagandha which helps with restlessness and anxiety2021-07-03finland25
I became a chronic weed smoker to help with my anxiety and depression. Seven years later, it’s worse than ever, and I’m starting to identify parts of my life that I want to work on but just don’t have the energy or will.I’m filling out this form way past my bedtime (so, insomnia). This is day 1 of not smoking. I also have had a persistent headache today, and had a crying breakdown midday.Midday today, a few hours after I’d normally smoke. It was very immediate.California2717FemaleDaily. Pre-pandemic, as soon as I got home from work. While working from home, all day long. It’s been awful for my career.At my apartment, an herb vaporizer. At my boyfriends, edibles because he doesn’t smoke. At my parents house, I have a stash of stiiizy vape pens and cartridges I am prescribed Ativan for panic attacks. I’m took one to try and help sleep, but no luck. I also gave all my weed stash at my parents house to my brother and asked my boyfriend to find a new home for my nicer paraphernalia (beautiful artisanal bong, expensive herb vape)2021-07-03california27
Marijuana induced panic attacksRestlessness, loss of apetite, acute pyschosis, feeling out of breathAfter my last marijuana useCanada2619FemaleEveryday in heavy dosesBowls and CombustiblesNo2021-07-03canada26
Been smoking cannabis with tobacco for 23+ years I quit smoking tobacco almost two years ago and still using pure weed joints without the pure weed joints don’t think I could have quit! The tobacco is the most addictive substance I have ever tried Now been of the weed two weeks very easy to quit as not as addictive as nicotine lot’s of dreams as my mind is clear also my lung feel very good had a chest infection when I stopped using tobacco when smoking cannabis by itself my lung were good no coughing every morning main reasons for quitting are my Nan died of lung cancer two years ago and gave me motivation to stop also had chest infection doctor sent me for a X-ray of my lungs it scared me quit tobacco first Using pure weed instead then using volcano vaporiser help me come off tobacco and now been off weed two weeks feel good! No more paranoia or being lazy hope this helps others First week I would think what should I do when round I would think have a smoke out of habit but now it’s starting to go and changed my thinking now do not feel like smoking anymore everyday is better having lots of dreams First weekUnited Kingdom3613Male15 joints a day never ran out endless supply made me a chronic smokerMostly joints with tobacco then when I quit smoking tobacco started using pure weed joints then using a volcano vaporiser my lung felt so clean after stopping tobacco and using weed only No just mindfulness thinking and also thinking that if the police stop me I could get done for drug driving reminds me why I stopped 2021-07-04united-kingdom36
Allergic and wanted toNot now I've been stopped almost 3 monthsDidn't really United Kingdom3621MaleEverydayJoints rolled with tobaccoThe risk of dying was enough2021-07-04united-kingdom36
It causes more difficulties than relief. Yes; no sleep, diarrhea, clammy, irritability, On day 3 now. Hopefully soon! California3317MaleDaily.Vape pen and edibles. Exercise, hydration, prayer, 12 step program. 2021-07-04california33
Loss of motivation, learning new skills, and negative impact on close family.Depression, loss of will, very irritable, no motivation to do organize the mess in my living and work area. Suicidal thoughts.Instantly, they are also the reason to stop smoking. However sleepyness is new, irretability is getting worse 2. weeks in.Norway4219MaleDaily last 3 years, daily 7 years from the age of 20smoke, mixed with tobacco. Bong, cigarettes. Try to take long easy walks, listen to audiobooks to stop thinking depressing thoughts, try to clean up the mess I live in, try to learn new technical skills supplementary to my work.2021-07-04norway42
To better myselfNight Sweats, Lack of appetite, cant sleep, shaky, irritable, cloudy head high feeling, cravings, crying, exaughsted1st day i quitConnecticut2015MaleMore than 3x a day for 1 yearBongTake night time sleep aid The rest im dealing with 2021-07-04connecticut20
I finally wanted to take control of my life and stop being comfortable where I am I did for the first week, no sleep, big and rapid mood swings, loss of appetite. This all faded after a week or 2Week or 2 after. Australia2016MaleEveryday Bong, maybe a joint here and there Not really, just wanted to toughen it out to make my mentality bulletproof 2021-07-04australia20
It was ruining my life tired, anger, bored, sadday 1Arizona3214Femaleeverydayallgaterade, rest, aa meetings2021-07-03arizona32
To help me on my path towards ascension and to better connect to my higher self.Days 1,2+3- Severe irritability and anger, severe sweating, anxiety, high cravings for marijuana. Days 4,5+6- Peak of irritability and anger, extremely vivid dreams and intense bad dreams, depression, lack of motivation and sex drive. Mild sweating. Still craving marijuana. Days 7,8+9- Continued irritability and anger, although dying down now. Depression, lots of random crying, lack of sex drive. Sweating all but stopped. Craving marijuana during bad moments. Days 10,11&12- All symptoms starting to subside. Still taking hold are irritability, bad dreams and depression. Not really craving marijuana anymore. Days 13,14+15- Still mild irritability/anger. Insomnia set in for 2-3 nights, bad dreams subsiding. Feelings of happiness and motivation taking over. Days 16,17+18- All symptoms almost gone at this point. Still occasional irritability. Vivid but not bad dreams. Motivation and happiness taking full hold. Days 19,20+21- Feeling amazing. Not wanting marijuana at all. Happy and motivated. Last bits of random irritability. Day 22 onwards- Ready to live my new life in charge of myself. Overjoyed by my progress. Never looking back. Not interested in marijuana at all.Day 1.United Kingdom2619FemaleEvery day. For 7 years.Joints. Rolled with tobacco. (which I also quit at the same time)Nothing to help quit other than will power and giving myself words of encouragement and repeating positive affirmations. Cooking/eating super healthy foods, breathing exercises, alone time/meditation, time in nature, music and dancing, and reading - All of which helped dramatically in alleviating/taking my mind off withdrawl symptoms. 2021-07-06united-kingdom26
To be able to have a better quality of life. I am done relying on a substance to get a high. I want to be able to just be high off of life itself again.Mainly sleep disturbance as well as appetite and mood issues.Within the first week.Canada1915MaleDaily, multiple times a day.I would typically switch the way I smoked a lot but it would range from bongs, vape,pipes,joints, edibles, you name it.Usually try and distract myself. I find when I want to relapse it is because my feelings are no longer numbed from cannabis. When I feel anything whether it is good or bad that feeling is enhanced. With that said whenever I feel negatively that’s when I get the strongest urge to relapse. Usually turning on music helps to change my mood.2021-07-06canada19
To investigate whether my constant brain fog is due to marijuana use or Fibromyalgia.Headache, emotional lability, fatigue, brain fogWithin 48 hours of discontinuing use.Kansas3835FemaleDailyFlower, vape, ediblesExtra sleep2021-07-06kansas38
A Sickness made the idea of smoking weed unappealing Night sweats, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, lack of appetite Shortly after i greatly decreased the amount i was smokingCanada2818MaleEveryday at least 3 times a dayBowl, or vape penNight rescue, a sleep aid2021-07-06canada28
Because of school and girlsHeadach,sleepless nights and bad dreamsThe first dayZambai1814MaleTwo to four times a dayEdibleNo2021-07-06zambai18
Improve mental health, save money, improve relationships with friends/family, many reasonsNausea, vomited, cravings, insomnia/sweatsDay one of stopping. Cravings and nausea all day then vomited at night. United Kingdom2420FemaleEvery single day multiple times a dayJointsKeeping myself busy, colouring in, watching films/funny videos to keep mood up, drinking lots of water/tea, being around family and non using friends 2021-07-05united-kingdom24
It was causing anxiety. I could consciously feel the anxiety rising when smoking a joint as the high kicked inCravings, nausea, sweatingAfter a few daysUnited Kingdom3114MaleDailyJoint with tobaccoDistraction2021-07-05united-kingdom31
Becoming unhealthy habit. Had issues with “clogged ears” Yes. Panic attacks, night sweats, tintinus (lasted 2-3 weeks) - please educate people about this as i know others who have experienced it and its scary, depression, weight loss due to no appetite, tremors, headaches. 2-3 days after stoppingCalifornia3015MaleHeavy use for 3 months then stopped cold turkey. Prior to that 1-2x a weekBowl and vape pen interchangeably Took many walks, hot showers, breathing techniques, positive self-talk regarding distortions of never feeling better.2021-07-05california30
So I can get a jobCravings, diarrhea no appetite in the beginning, vivid dreams some nightmares insomnia About 2-3 days after quitting Idaho3320Female4g dab oil a weekOil rigNo, went cold Turkey 2021-07-05idaho33
I lost many good opportunities in my life due mental haziness I was alyawas in from constant smoking. plus, it changed so much of my thinking and mental life in general, that now I feel I was totally a different person when I was consuming it. like I was haunted!I'm into my 4th week now. I experienced paralyzing anxiety, depression, irritability, and hopelessness. add to that all the other physical symptoms that are known and mentioned in this website, that is, shakiness, mild fevers, and sweating. I do still have recurring anxiety and depression though it's milder now I guess. what hasn't got any better at all is my nightmares, vivid dreams and sleep problems. in fact I haven't slept a good night sleep these past three weeks.after 48 hours. I had problem sleeping after 24 hours though.3517Maledaily. joints; like cigarettes.I tried pills like codein for a night or two to help me sleep and alleviate anxiety, it didn't help at all.2021-07-0535
Tired of wasting money and not being motivated to make my life better.Nausea, trouble sleepingWithin the first 24 hours.2615MaleDaily. Bong or bowlNo2021-07-0426
Drug testHeadaches, anxiety, loss of appetite, stomach achesWeek 2California2520FemaleEveryday, more than once a dayVape pen, more than half the week edible, every other day bowlExercise, sedative allergy meds2021-07-08california25
Because it made me apatheticMoodiness, insomnia, strange dreams, anxiety2-3 days after I quit2518FemaleFor some years daily. Even multiple times a day. For last 2 years, 3-4 times a weekJointhah well alcohol… not a good choice probably2021-07-0825
New job/personal decision Cravings when I’m bored, mild anxiety 15 hours after stoppingCalifornia3015MaleMultiple times a day, everyday Bowl, bong, joint, blunt, vape penToxin rid detox system 2021-07-08california30
it was affecting my life. i was not studying and wasn’t doing a lot of things i wished i was, like more sports or fun activities (besides smoking) with my friends, because it made me lazy. Plus i wasted a lot of money.i’m having a lot of mood swings. i’m fine most of the day, because i’m being more productive and that makes me happy, but i’m crying at least once a day, because there are moments i get really sad and/or anxious about some things in my life or something that happened in the moment.in the 1rst day of withdrawal2017Femaleeveryday. jointonly planning my days in order to feel productive and happy about it.2021-07-0820
I didn’t want to rely on something outside of myself to manage my feelings.Depression, anxiety, hyper-vigilance, anhedonia, disconnect from family, no motivation. Worst in first 2 weeks, got better, then returned about a month in.Australia2523MaleAll day everyday following traumatic event, then less during the day and more at night, then during the final six months-a year just at night, naturally reducing my dose to as little as .33 of a vape (capable of holding .15mg, the vape is an Arizer Solo 2) twice in the evening. Reduced because weed was triggering my anxiety. Started doing that when I switched strains with my doctor (I thought It might be a good idea to have a strain change. From (I won’t give the fancy Australian medical names, rather the actual strain name) more potent medical version of Kosher Kush (which worked great, Canadian) to OG Kush (Australian), then when it was triggering some anxiety to Black Label Kush (Israeli), which still triggered anxiety. This caused me to think about if I actually wanted to use marijuana anymore, and I didn’t. Think the anxiety was my body telling me to stop. Vape, THC oilI resumed cbd at my doctor’s advice after initially using nothing. It helps a fair but tbh, it’s also way stronger since I quit THC. I used to use 80mg of cbd where now I use 40mg, and it’s way stronger even at that dose! I exercise 3 times a week and try to stay distracted from the feelings using video games, books. I also read into self-care and psychotherapy, such as grounding, the breath, IFS.2021-07-07australia25
Save money, achieve goals, take a break to potentially reestablish my relationship with itI experienced some nightmares at the beginning, but it's mostly just regular dreams now. Had strong cravings the first few weeks.Day 3Illinois3320FemaleDaily, several times a dayBowl via bongWorking out, keeping busy with chores around the house2021-07-07illinois33
Mental health, productivity, drug screenIrritability, confusion, depression/anxiety, sleeplessness, vivid dreamsFollowing night for approximately a weekOhio2316MaleDailyBowlExercise2021-07-07ohio23
Because after decades of daily use, I felt it was high time I stopped, both for financial reasons and for reasons of mental and physical health.Most symptoms, such as sleeplessness, restlessness, anxiety, depression and aggression have ceased. I am however still experiencing persistent coughing and respiratory irritation. Withdrawal symptoms appeared within 24 hours of cessation.Australia5628MaleDailyInitially rolled into joints; later I mostly used vaporisers.I found that alcohol helped to take the edge of the worst symptoms.2021-07-07australia56
For my career and future Anxiety emotions and sweatingDay 1California4122FemaleSmoke 2 to 4 times a dayCigarNo2021-07-07california41
I am signing a medical contract that I will not use Marijuana, in exchange for ADHD treatment. Irritability, digestive upsetWeek 1, I did however relaps several times during the 1st weekOregon3017MaleEveryday, from wake up until bed time. All day long, and as a social thingFlower, oil, edibles 🤷🏼‍♀️ whateverCBD isolate Vape juice (250mg)2021-07-07oregon30
I want to be successful in life, it’s holding me back.Loads, all of them. I lash out quick, angry, not as sad because I keep my self busy, I can’t sleep for hours for the first 8 days, I wake up everyday drained as if I haven’t slept, I’m always tired like as in fatigue sets in straight away, I’m sweating constantly, always boiling hot 24/7, the point where if I sleep with a blanket I sweat bucketsFew hours into the day of stopping smoking United Kingdom2116MaleEveryday Joints, tobacco and weedNothing at all, no.2021-07-06united-kingdom21
I lost my job, after seeing my unemployed friends and how their marijuana use impaired their ability to find work, I decided to stop.At first it was difficulty sleeping, I would get about 5 hours a night. Then came the vivid dreams, where I would have hyperrealistic dreams about sex, death or driving fast. It has been a month and the dreams are ongoing, and I am also experiencing a heavy feeling of depressionRoughly 3 days after quitting, it became hard to sleep and I became irritable.France2515MaleI was smoking around 5-10 joints per day Joints Not really, I went "cold turkey" and haven't looked back. It's not the first time, but the symptoms are more intense this time.2021-07-10france25
Fear of losing control of substance abuseIntense dreams, sleeping difficulties.Right after stopping4028MaleDailyVaporizerAlcohol 🙁2021-07-1040
Using it went from magic to medicine and finally misery. I became extremely anxious and not myself Yes! Chest tightness, shortness of breath, anxiety and panic attacks, vivid dreamsAs soon as I stopped, I lowered the percentage smoked from 25% to 15% for a week and completely stopped recentlyCanada2920FemaleDaily - first thing in the morning, lunch, after work, before bedSmoke Cbd oil helps but it’s important to use it in moderation, I only use it when I have a really bad panic attack instead of smoking. Once my stomach settles I am going to start working out again2021-07-09canada29
Desire to live a healthy lifestyle DepressionWeek 4-5California3215MaleDailyBowlNo2021-07-09california32
Wastage of funds to buy cannabisYes. Am shaking, deep thinking about something and feeling tiredFirst dayKenya2118MaleAround 5 times a dayJointNo2021-07-09kenya21
the cost, no motivation, do not want to be high all day when I try to cut down it never sticks it is either all or nothing. ashamed, unhappy with my situation, lack of sleep, poor appetite, chills, headache, poor fine motor skills (dropping a lot of items) anxiety, boredom, self blaming, depression, hoplesness, misery.24 hours after stoppingWashington5320Male7 to 15 times a daybowl, jointno2021-07-09washington53
I’m either quitting for good or taking a long tolerance break. I’m going to make that decision after a month or two.Deceased appetite G.I. Upset including pain and discomfort The opposite of brain fog it’s like I can’t stop my brain from thinking ( this one is really hard to describe, but it’s the worst one)Immediately Texas1816MaleEvery night at a minimum Sometimes it’s would be all day everydayJoints and pipes Also I would go through a 1g delta 8 cart in 1-3 daysI went cold turkey, and focused more on school 2021-07-09texas18
Tooth extractionAnxiety, depression, lack of appetite The next dayCalifornia3115Male7-8 times per dayBluntNo2021-07-08california31
COPD fearsFatigue, depression, sleep apneaImmediatelyCalifornia3018MaleDailyJointCbd helps with the sleep issues, anger outbursts and cravings2021-07-11california30
I want to be healthier physically and mentally. I feel really lonely 2-3 days after quittingWashington2117Malemultiple times a daysmoke flower working out and studying 2021-07-11washington21
Focus and memoryBoredom, withdrawl, vivid dreams, and fatigueDay 2-3Washington2319MaleConstantly after work, everyday for 4 years.Vape, bowls, and dabsExercise, school, and reading2021-07-11washington23
Prevented me from doing anything productive whatsoever and I began to neglect my goals, obligations and friends/family. Headache, intense anxiety, depression, physical pains, decreased appetite, suicidal thoughts, dreams returning, memories returning, extreme fatigue.24hoursCanada2218MaleNearly daily at many points. At least several times a week usually. Joint — but bong, thc pen and edibles prior at some points. Gabbapentin, excercise, eating healthier and more often. 2021-07-11canada22
Vomiting Yes. Vomiting, anxiety After on day of quitting Florida3916FemaleDailyVapeMeds2021-07-10florida39
Have to take a drug test soonCurrently on Day 6. At first I was feeling nauseous every night. Very irritable. Every little thing was getting on my nerves. Now I don’t feel that way, I’m just craving a lot. Trying to stay strong.Day 2Alabama2519FemaleDailyJoint/bluntUnfortunately I have turned to wine. 2021-07-10alabama25
Upcoming surgeryAnxious, depressed, shaky Day oneCanada2119FemaleDailyVape penno2021-07-10canada21
WorkAnger, insomnia, restless, brain fog, depressive, lack of motivationWeeks 2-3 post stoppingAustralia4117MaleDaily 4-5 per dayJointsExercise Yoga2021-07-10australia41
Worknight sweats, no appetite, moodiness, fatigue, lack of energy, insomniaday 2 cold turkeyFlorida2316Femalenumerous times a day dailypapers, papers with grabba, or bowldrink water, workout2021-07-10florida23
I had been smoking everyday for almost three years. I kind of lost track of who I am in depth, and I had no energy doing anything else but smoking, and I started to isolate myself and didn’t look forward for the things I used to look forward to. It’s been two and a half week since I last smoked. The first couple of days was the worst. I couldn’t sleep at night, I had extreme cold sweats. I was easily irritated and could get angry at almost anything. The first day without smoking. 2119FemaleEveryday, several times a day. Some days - from morning to night. Just rolled ones The only thing I’ve done is hung out with my family and friends and doing things that gets my mind of smoking. 2021-07-1021
It was hard to get good stuff and I just wasn't feeling so good after smoking.Anxiety, fatigue, depressionwithin a few days7221Maledaily bowlexercise, plenty of sleep, good diet2021-07-1072
Increased feelings of anxiety, numbness and diminished sexual performance.Currently I am experiencing low libido, mood swings and anxiety.Within 48 hours of stopping useNew Jersey2119MaleDaily 1 to 3 times a dayJointsWord search puzzles and supportive girlfriend.2021-07-10new-jersey21
Don’t want to be high all the time.Anxiety boredom3 days3324MaleMultiple times a dayJointNo2021-07-1033
Sick of it and the money spentNo sex driveStraight awayAustralia4721MaleDailyBongNo2021-07-12australia47
I stopped briefly using after accepting a new job offer, and to cut back on heavy use. I've temporarily ceased using, because my tolerance is at the point where I barely feel high after smoking, making the experience far less enjoyable, and overall pricier. Appetite loss, sweating, shaking, depression, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia. My withdrawal symptoms had been worse in the past, when I had been smoking more frequently. I would say loss of appetite has always been the most difficult symptom to deal withphysical symptoms appear around 12 hours after last use, usually sooner Illinois3412Femalemultiple times per dayvape penherbal teas, water, and exercise 2021-07-12illinois34
Health reasonsNoneNot yetWashington6316MaleDailyBowlNo2021-07-12washington63
Simply because I want to continue my with my studiesIt's five years now since I stopped. Initially,I encountered difficult in sleeping, constant thinking etc. As per now, the only symptom is constant thinkingThe first three consecutive days after quittingSouth Sudan2014MaleSometimes,I used it up a month and stopped,just like that for those yearsSmoking through a rolled paperNo.I don't use any2021-07-12south-sudan20
Brain fog. Amotivational syndrome. Headache nausea loss of appetite Within 24 hours Missouri6666MaleTwice a day Bowl Tylenol Pepcid tums Prilosec. Doesn’t work well. 2021-07-12missouri66
It causes the opposite effect of coffee. You cannot be really productive and enjoy life to its fullest. It’s a big trap. Nothing is better than being sober. Not really. I worked on my education for years now, and weed was one of the last things to get rid of.Withdrawal symptoms are just in our minds. I use to think I’m nervous because I’m not smoking. No. I’m nervous because I cannot handle myself while being sober. Some people do, why couldn’t I ? The mindset.Moldova2723MaleAlmost every day for an year. Keep educate yourself and do yoga with beautiful people. It’s easy and helps a lot.Bowl and joints.Yoga and meditation for years. It definitely played its role. 2021-07-12moldova27
I was getting sick CHSHeadaches extreme fatigue Day 2Pennsylvania4719FemaleEvery dayJointNo2021-07-12pennsylvania47
My daughter Yes, chills, sweets, nausea, vomiting, no appetite, wanting to just lay down.Day 23518MaleAt lest 5 times a day Blunt or hemp wrapWater, walking, eating healthy foods.2021-07-1235
Not getting a high, just normal, time to resetHard to sleep First night I quitMichigan7225MaleEvery dayJointNo2021-07-12michigan72
Because I wasn’t doing it for fun or enjoyment anymoreSweating, insomnia, irritability Day 2Australia2118FemaleEveryday Bowl and vape penNot yet2021-07-12australia21
Because I feel like I can’t control myself with it. I love the drug so much I dropped out of college for it. And I also seem to have an easier time trying to talk to girls when I am sober.Intense craving for weed, and major social anxiety.I usually am high only at night, so when I quit, the next night was miserable because I couldn’t sleep. So I’d say the next night.Colorado2017MaleEvery night before I went to bed. It used to be constantly day and night but I found out I could regulate myself to nighttime.All of the above. It was whatever my friends and I had on us at the time. Most of the time it was bud.I regularly rock climb so I have tried to focus more on working out.2021-07-12colorado20
Because I feel as if the drug is holding me back as a human being all together.Yes. The first week I was sweaty, not much of an appetite, kept irritability under control. But now I’ve been super tired and my sex drive is super low going into week 2.Immidietly after I slowed down. I had gradually slowed down this week. Only taking 2 hits total. One around 2pm and then one right before bed. Georgia3018MaleEveryday. Joints, pipe, and mini bong now. Occasional blunt.Tapering off helps, but it makes it hard to stop because I am always looking forward to that one hit2021-07-11georgia30
Job opportunitiesCravings and anxietyGeorgia2415FemaleDailyBowlCBD, OTC Meds 2021-07-13georgia24
I was having trouble motivating myself and wasn’t able to care properly for myself anymore Headaches, restless nights, sweats, chills, lack of focusThe second day after stoppingEurope3126MaleOne or two joints every eveningJointNo2021-07-13europe31
I started to get headaches while smoking and when not smoking. Also started to feel like my life is defined by marijuana. Although, I have a successful business, it Feels like it stopping me from progressing in life, and achieving other goals.most pronounced are headaches and pressure in my head. also very evident is every night while sleeping i suffer from over sweating like a fever symptoms, my pillow is soaked and when I wake up I feel drained physically and emotionally. Also I noticed low sex drive.while smoking regularly, sweating while sleeping like fever symptom. also mood swings and irritability when not smoking.California4434Maleeveryday. jointssmoking CBD instead of THC. 2021-07-13california44
2 weeks agoIrritability, depression, helplessness, cravings, stomach pains, but not as bad as first 3-4 daysDay 1Canada2620Male5-6 times dailyBowlWalking, playing a game (video games or card/board) Distancing, lots of sleep2021-07-12canada26
Emotional dysregulation, binge eating, watching life pass me by, using it as a coping mechanism for mental illness. Irritability, upset stomach, depression, anxiety, racing thoughts Almost immediately upon sobering up (heavy user of many years) New Hampshire2818MaleMultiple times a day, continually Any and allThrowing away paraphernalia, keeping mind preoccupied, being around people who disapprove of smoking. 2021-06-24new-hampshire28
Improve ability to function well day to day and be more productive outside of work, improve relationships Headaches, restlessness, clammy, irritability, aches and pains all over, increased anxietyDay 2 of stopping smokingAustralia3515FemaleDailyJointsKeeping busy with things I’d been putting off due to heavy use. Diazepam in the evening to aid sleep and calm anxiousness2021-06-24australia35
I learned that marijuana users have an increased risk of suicidal thinking. I've had an uptick in suicidal thoughts recently. I also learned that you can have withdrawal symptoms from weed (such as headaches) and that the "stress" headaches I was treating daily with weed were probably actually withdrawal headaches.Foggy thinking, headache, emotional sensitivity.18 hrs after the last time I smokedCanada2716Other (specify)5-6 days a week. (2 days of all day usage, the rest of the days just at night)VapeNope. Once I realized that it was an actual addiciton (with withdrawal symptoms) that was sufficient for me.2021-06-24canada27
Disliked compulsive drive to useSleep disturbance, rageDay 2California6018Male2xdailyBongExercise 2021-06-24california60
For me after more rhen 20yrs of useSweating lots , stomach knots , la knof sleep for a week , dreams have started in week 3 , tired lots …. 1st week i couldnt eat much even though i was hungryWithin the 1st 3 days i could feel symptoms of the withdraUnited Kingdom4321Male6am to 11pm every dayJointNo , ive made myself get out of bed at 5.30am , gone gym and drank lots of water 2021-06-24united-kingdom43
Feeling like psychosisNope1 week of quittingSri Lanka2017Male5 time a dayRolled jointI started studying for exams everyday 24/72021-06-23sri-lanka20
To reduce anxiety, be emotionally available for my partner, to dream dreams again, so I am no longer dependent on it as a emotional crutch, for lung health, for neuro chemical health, so I can get my motivation back. Headache, anxiety, irritability, emotional, sweaty palms, eyes are in pain when there is light, easily overwhelmed. 2nd day of abstinenceNew Zealand3018MaleAlmost every day for 3 and a half years Mostly via bong, sometimes pipe, rarely joints and vapeBed rest, drink water, tapping 2021-06-23new-zealand30
To feel more normal and in controlCravings, fatigue, loss of appetite, anxietyFirst dayCalifornia2921FemaleDailyEdibleAntihistamines to help sleep2021-06-23california29
mind fogyes, abdominal pain and bad brain fog. Also, very vivid dreams that I can remember3 days after stoppageTennessee6052Maledaily but mostly just a couple of hits to help me sleepedibles and bowla little cbd oil 2021-06-23tennessee60
Tired of being dependent on it for everything and seems like my short term memory is lost..Headache, salivating, stomach pains, lethargicDay after I stoppedWashington4514MaleEverydayVape pen, occasional jointExercise and sitting outside.. Drinking water.. 2021-06-23washington45
Caused depression/anxietyHeadache, nausea, stomach cramps, decreased appetite, interrupted sleepA few hours after I stopped smoking (woke up nauseous)California2716FemaleHeavy, daily smoker for about a monthBowl and vape penReliefband for nausea, exercise for appetite/sleep2021-06-23california27
I realized I had become psychologically dependent on it as well as physically, and realized that dependence wouldn't go away until I faced the fact of my addiction.Extreme anxiety (physical and mental); sleep disturbance; decreased appetite; inability to find joy in simple pleasuresWithin a couple of days of severely limiting useMaryland3624MaleMultiple times dailyHand-rolled jointsI have some CBD flower I've tried smoking. Not sure it works. Otherwise, trying to stay as active as possible and not spend time alone.2021-06-23maryland36
Psychosis Two years after stopped using I have premature ejaculation After stopping Portugal3128MaleEveryday Joints Get into more activities 2021-06-23portugal31
I started feeling badAll of the above. More so, gastro intestinal unpleasantness. Food aversion, nausea, diarrhea2-3rd day3017Male2-3 times maybe moreSmokeNo, trying to power through. Some pill to help with diarrhea2021-06-2730
Felt extremely guilty and the drug made me too lazy and depressed. I was supposed to quit yesterday for good but in the morning I had a little zoot. I haven’t smoked since then and it’s now the next day. I feel irritated and hungry. As soon as my high wore off. United Kingdom2019FemaleI was smoking 2/3 times a day. Smoke it with paper Nope2021-06-27united-kingdom20
Court orderedYes. Iritability, lack of sleep, anxiety, lack of appetite, mood swings, stomach problemsWithin days Maryland3515MaleDailyDabsAnxiety medication prescribed by my doctor2021-06-27maryland35
1 weekExtreme anxiety mood swings depression irritability constipation stomach aches after eating Day 1Wisconsin2815FemaleDaily, never through the work day, but immediately when I got home, and a wake and bake and all day on non work days/weekendsBowl/one hitter Melatonin at night, chain smoking cigarettes (not effective) Advil. Walks, water. Deep breathing2021-06-26wisconsin28
life unmanageable. loss of desire to do anything. Money loose stools. no appetite. Flu like symptoms.5 daysOregon5545MaleDaily, all dayDabno2021-06-26oregon55
To improve my lung health Irritability, cravings, increased mucosa1st weekIllinois2616Male1x/dayWater bongExercise, activities with friends 2021-06-26illinois26
It has consumed my life for decadesSevere depression. Suicidal ideation. Extreme brain fog to the point I don't feel like I am even able to form real thoughts3 daysFlorida4015MaleHabitually. Had to smoke before doing anything periodBong, some edibles, rarely vapeNo. Not sure what to do2021-06-26florida40
annual drug test by doctorExtremely tired, bored, lack of sleepDay 2Kentucky6015MaleDailyall theseI am occasionally smoking a non thc non tobacco flower when urge hits 2021-06-26kentucky60
To allow my brain time to recover before my brain is fully developed.Not that much, I just miss smoking. I did have a hard time falling asleepDay 1-5 (insomnia)Canada2113MaleMultiple times a dayjoints, blunts, bongNo2021-06-26canada21
had enoughemptinessday 1United Kingdom5525Maledailysmoke with tobaccono2021-06-26united-kingdom55
I ran out and I decided to take a break to improve my short-term memory.I have insomnia, a lack of appetite, a unique feeling of tenseness/wiredness that I only feel during weed withdrawal (and that is sometimes enjoyable), episodes of racing thoughts and physical discomfort, and irritability.About one day (24 hours) after my last hit.California1915MaleUsually once a day at night.I frequently used an oil pen because of the reduced health risks compared to combusting plant matter.Not this time around, although chamomile helps me sleep during the most severe part of the withdrawal.2021-06-26california19
Felt like it was holding me back from making necessary changes in my life - job change, healthier choices Night terrors when finally able to sleep, uncontrollable tremors out of nowhere, night sweats and chills, anger, sudden bursts of crying, depression, nausea, feelings of worthlessness, stomach and leg cramps, a strange dizziness but it last only a split second and happens many times a dayDay 2 after quitting cold turkey Georgia5320Femalefrom morning to night every single daymostly vape pen but also bowls and edibles when available No2021-06-25georgia53
To see my kids Miss the feeling First day Florida3414MaleDaily AllNo2021-06-25florida34
I have been trying to control consumption for a while to once a week, but have been failing. I was tired of too much thinking, always feel like being in cloud, the impact on my appearance, not able to follow through my plans and committents and feeling bad about itIn the first week it's been with sleep. I have been feeling bit down and anxious about futureStraight awayUnited Kingdom3424MaleAlmost every daySmoke in a jointContinue working out etc2021-06-25united-kingdom34
I was using too much and felt addicted, I smoked cannabis with tobacco and wanted to quit tobacco for health reasons Yes, sweats, irritation, feeling sickly Day one basically or two, I quit after a last morning joint and had symptoms by the next morning United Kingdom4617MaleDaily instead of cigarettes JointsNicotine patches to combat the tobacco aspect 2021-06-25united-kingdom46
Money, dependencyTired, fatigue, brain fogDay after last smoke Maryland2617FemaleEverydayBongCbd 2021-06-28maryland26
It was making my social anxiety worseThe first week I experienced anxiety The first few daysCalifornia6460FemaleDailyAll of the above Relaxing tea (Chamomile, Velarian) Melatonin to sleep2021-06-28california64
Don’t want to be stoned anymore…don’t want a drug to rule me. Relationships suffer from it etc Yes. So lethargic, spaced out, heart beating really hard and a short breath. Feeling hot and cold.Day 33518FemaleEverydayRolled with a cigaretteNo2021-06-2835
I wanted to stop because I feel like I can’t move forward if I’m controlled by using.Depression and short temperedWeek 2Kentucky2414Male3 or 4 times a dayBowlMeditation2021-06-28kentucky24
i was feeling lazy , demotivated for life. i lost my senses of belonging and couldn't focus on anything.im on my day 30 so the symptoms have almost faded! i was having headaches and cravings the first two weeks but now im good.first 2 weeksSpain2319Femaleevery day jointsjust melatonin before sleeping2021-06-27spain23
Effects on quality of life, family, mental healthSweating a lot, especially at night. Irritability. Poor appetite. Low energy levels.Within 24 hours of quitting.West Virginia3124MaleMultiple times dailyVaporizer and smoking from a bowl, occasionally blunts.Sleep, prayer, exercise2021-06-27west-virginia31
I realized that I although functional, my life was stuck, dreams and ambitions were lost due to continuous weed use.Nausea, depression, empty stomach sensation, boredom. And I am worried that no movie or book.or hobbies brings any kind of satisfaction.Since the first couple of daysMexico3918MaleEvery single dayPipeExercise. I've been jogging almost every day. Cleaning. Trying to organize my life.2021-06-27mexico39
I couldn’t get anything done. I realized I was using it as a coping method. Irritability, fatigue, loss of appetite, mood swings, sleeping issues, vivid dreamsDay 1 California2926FemaleAll day, everyday Vape penEating healthy, exercise, staying busy, throw away supply, reminding myself how much motivation I had before becoming a regular smoker2021-06-27california29
I traveled to visit my parents and I decided to clean up in this time with my familyYes, anxiety and la k of sleep. As a médica student I as weel aware of manh2of the effecgs of marijuana such as the reduction of Rem períod while we slepp, Im on my day 13 and this last week has been the hardest one in terms of humor, not sleeeping and anxietyAt the end of the first week, actually the first couple of days were easyCalifornia2322MaleDailyVape penYes I have been doing excercise and that helps me with the anxiety 2021-06-27california23
Brain function and general good healthAll of them. Anxiety for days and a very cloudy brain, intermittently though... clarity seems to come and go Day 12920MaleEvery day mostly Big bongsYes Prozen tablets (l-theanine and suntheanine) and magnesium to assist sleep 2021-06-2729
Licence work driving keeping my licence and job as I’ve built a life and don’t want to lose that None other than movies tv and basic things are a bit less fun than when stoned miss the feeling I guess A few weeks Australia4817MaleEvery day 2-5 times Bong Exercise and reassurance this is the best way forwards 2021-06-27australia48
I'm in another country with no access - but this is a cycle that always happens and next time I'm on holiday I would rather it didn't coincide with experiencing withdrawal. I am also spending too much money on weed.Yes, I'm feverish, unable to sleep properly, anxious and unable to focusDay 1, I'm now on day 4United Kingdom3120FemaleDaily, frequently throughout the day if I was working from home, or just in the evening if I was working.Spliff with tobaccoI bought a CBD pen and taking 5-HTP before bed2021-06-30united-kingdom31
Needed to be more productive at work and personal life. My work-life balance was heavily affected. Initially it’s a tolerance break, but I am not planning on using again any time soon. I am experiencing various withdrawal symptoms, mostly increased restlessness and loss of appetite. I am also experiencing increased clarity and motivation. Day 22316Other (specify)EverydayMostly bowls, but before stopping I was only using vaporizer and decreasing dosage. I’m trying to use Cbd oil and flower to alleviate restlessness and loss of appetite. 2021-06-3023
to cleansecravingsthe whole time aka the last 10 days (not super bad...just randomly thinking about it)North Carolina2825Femaledailybongno2021-06-30north-carolina28
Anxiety and depression worseningAnxietyAn hour after last jointCanada5125MaleEvery hour8 doobs a dayNo2021-06-30canada51
Work Exaggerated depression1st dayCalifornia2116MaleDailyBlunts, bongs No2021-06-29california21
I was just full of that shit and didn't want it to interfere with every pore of my life anymoreI was, many of them, except insomnia(surprisingly), but now, after month and so, they have just disappeared. Usually when i am bored or done with job. Or watching tvSerbia2619MaleFirst couple of years it was 2-3 times per week, but in the last three years i was high on average about 250 days of the year Smoking If you mean some medicine-no2021-06-29serbia26
Pesticides Depression Immediately Maryland2514FemaleMultiple times a day BowlMovies 2021-06-29maryland25
Had a bad batch and started throwing up bile and getting sick.I feel cold but will sweat. I have a headache and was seeing stars at a point.24 hours after not smokingCalifornia2321Female3 to 4 times a daybowl from a bongI take Tylenol for the headache and have been trying to sleep more.2021-06-29california23
It hurts my throatCan't sleep, reduced appetite, terrible night sweats, and crankinessSymptoms began as I tried tapering off,, and got worse as time went onFlorida5750FemaleAll day everydayRaw hemp conesNo2021-06-29florida57
Wanted to get my sh*t together to put it bluntly - I turned 25 and needed to make a break through. Needed to make a change and this was a step forward. I originally stopped smoking to possibly pass a drug screen for a job. I wasn’t successful and found out on the 3rd day of being “sober” I thought, it’s been three days.. why not 30? It has now been over a month and a half and mentally I feel myself again and I’m not cursing myself or getting emotional over my progress in life. - it’s life. Mentally had a big thing, I was turned off by the amount of mess I would make or just the overall social perspective and put my foot down and made the change!I think I mentally prepared myself to quit and the withdrawals were actually very minimal. Nearly none, I was expecting severe withdrawals after 11 years of hard on use Had mild sweats first week maybe 5th day Australia2514MaleI was smoking between 2-6grams a day. 3 times or more a day 7 days a weekMainly bowl/bong Sometimes a joint And only once using a vape pen Edible half a dozen timesI started on Mirtazapine 6 weeks prior and noticed it did not make a difference when I was smoking and dare say this aided me to coping 2021-06-29australia25
Because I am addicted to itRestlessness, cravings and feeling boredWithin the 1st day of stopping (anticipating the fact that I won't smoke that day triggers the withdrawal) Belgium3119MaleEveryday, normally at the end of the day, with normally 3-4 periods of abstinence (1-4 weeks) during a year.Joint, smokedExercising more (intense workout).2021-06-29belgium31
I've spent 15 years of my life smoking it daily. This is my first day off lol I have no appetite. Couldn't sleep last night. AsapNew Zealand3015FemaleEvery dayBong or a cone. I do have a vape too No2021-06-29new-zealand30
It just wasn't good for my health Yes, I am feeling withdrawal symptoms such as inability to sleep. Sudden mood swings. Abdominal pain and anxiety 3 days ago Oklahoma3715MaleEverydayI would smoke blunts Yes2021-06-29oklahoma37
It was noticably taking a toll on my mental health motivation and desire to live Not as much anymore cause I'm on day 27 but I feel like Im still depressed more so then I was before I was using every day Took till about 3 days in but probably cause the first 2 days I was to exhausted to care anyways Alabama2216MaleEvery dayGravity bong Not really just stopped and made sure to follow through this time2021-06-28alabama22
Upcoming drug testInsomnia, irritability, nausea, fatigue2 days after quittingMichigan2824FemaleDailyBowlMelatonin, unisom, yoga, meditation2021-06-28michigan28
Mental healthAnhedonia. Insomnia.Days 9-10United Kingdom3633FemaleEvery day Spliffs Meditation. Exercise. Walking in nature.2021-07-01united-kingdom36
TiredHeadache Nausea Fatigue Insomnia Day 2Canada3230FemaleDailyAllExercise and meditation2021-07-01canada32
A better and healthier lifeNot at the moment Mississippi2717FemaleEverydayJointNo2021-07-01mississippi27
I was losing weight rapidly and was not even able to recognize whether I'm high or low at any moment.I was sleeping the whole day today and still feeling down. Lack of motivation and energy.About 24 hrs after quitting.India2318MaleAlmost 5-6 joints daily.Joints and bong.No, Not yet.2021-07-01india23
For my new jobYes, muscle aches, headaches and really bad vivid nightmaresWithin a few days of quitting and they’re still ongoing 6 weeks later United Kingdom4920FemaleOne every day Smoked with tobacco No, I haven’t found anything to help2021-07-01united-kingdom49
I wish to regain control over my time schedules, wish to be emotionally more balanced.Difficulty of falling asleep, though manageable, Intense night sweatThe first night after a clean dayGermany5043MaleDuring the last 3 years almost dailyIn a joint mixed with tobacco. I did not even habitually smoke tobacco before. No 2021-07-01germany50
I expect to have a drug test for workBoredom and anxiety mostly, some loss of appetite and sleeping issuesI never really noticed at first but probably day 3, asides from cravingsCanada3619MaleNightlyA bowl usually, but sometimes I'd vape, or use gummiesNo2021-06-30canada36
Memory and clarityIrritability 48-72 hoursNew York4317FemaleMorning afternoon eveningBowl or vapeSleep aids and anxiety medication2021-06-30new-york43
Taking antidepressants and pot is reducing effectiveness. Pot was exaggerating depression Insomnia, night sweats, loss of appetite, anxiety, dreaming again(super vivid). I think the last one is a good one Within 24 hours Oregon4220FemaleAlmost daily. With breaks for pregnancy Joints and ediblesSelf compassion, tea drinking with cravings, naps, getting out of the house, yoga 2021-06-30oregon42
4 days agoAnger, irritability, loss of appetite, anxiety, bored, depressed, on edge, hopeless, no motivation, no energyWithin 24 hours or less Maryland2614Female2-5 times a dayBong, blunt, bowl, vape penGummies with l theanine, lemon balm, chamomile, melatonin 2021-06-30maryland26
Anxiety got so badNot at the moment but the first week was dreadfulAfter a couple of hours of not usingDC, Washington3124FemaleEveryday several times a dayBambu sheets, rolling paperNo2021-06-30dc washington31
Money and harming my marriage.Extreme irritability and stomach upset 24 hoursVirginia3615MaleDaily multiple times All the watsDelta 8. Hot showers.2021-06-30virginia36
It cost too much money and its about time I sort my shit out. I am bored all the time. Even when attempting activities that I know would be fun on weed, or before i smoked regularly, I just can't do them very long without getting immeasurably bored. I have never really been a big eater, but food is suych an after-thought now. I eat when im hungry - thats it. Almost instantly after waking up the day I chose to stop smoking. United Kingdom2624MaleEveryday without fail. Any physical way possible. Papers usually, and if I didnt have any, I'd use a bong. It has only been a few days, nothing I have tried has worked.2021-06-30united-kingdom26
Been made to by wifeAnxiety mood swings boredom depression suicidal thoughts plan to get some in future and trying to fight idea leading to frustration and a vicious cycle of all of these. Immediately Australia4515MaleDaily4 times a dayNo I am doing this cold Turkey 2021-06-30australia45
Switching jobs and may need to pass a drug test Cravings, headache, insomnia, decreased appetite, easily overwhelmedColorado2319FemaleDailyBowlNo but I should ask my doctor about mirtazapine 6/17/2021colorado23
Health Severe mood swings About a week or 2 after quitting, although they feel to be getting worseEngland2616MaleEveryday SmokingNo6/17/2021england26
Pregnant Short temper First week Washington3616Female4 days a weekJoint No6/17/2021washington36
Drug testYes. Anxiety confusion anger irritability euphoriaAbout 36 hours into cessation New Jersey5315MaleEverdayBowlNo6/16/2021new-jersey53
Lung and mental healthAnxiety, loss of appetite3 days after quitting weed cold turkeyCanada1816Male3-4 times a dayBowl from a bongExercise, movies, anything to take my mind off the withdrawals6/16/2021canada18
I didn?t want to smokeVomiting, stomach pains, Irritation, loss appetiteThe day after I smoked Washington1814FemaleLike 2 every weekWrappedYes medicine and cold showers6/16/2021washington18
Covid restricted traveling in the country I'm staying and there's police roadblocks everywhere, plus marijuana are illegal in this country so I thought now is good time for me to take a T-Break. Cold sweats, night sweats, loss of appetite, difficulty in staying asleep, mood swings, feeling a little depressed. Day 1 of stopping since I tried to reduced my intake before stopping.Malaysia2423MaleDaily, very often. Bong. None6/16/2021malaysia24
The amount I was spending and my mental health, primarily the mental health aspect as relationships were becoming strained or damaged due to paranoia and low self esteem brought on by 13 years or use. I am 14 days clean as of now, prior to that I was having severe mood swings resulting in destruction of my property, nasty attitudes to friends and family, very irregular sleep pattern and lack of motivation. Also when I did sleep I'd find I was waking up in pools of sweat. Day 2 to day 8 apxUnited Kingdom3017MaleEvery day Shotty rig, Ie: just like a bong and bowl but no gauze, the cigarette would plug the down pipe in a bottle and then cannabis on top, lit and inhaled until cig and cannabis Ash is sucked through pipe and into water. No, I do however take sertraline for my mental health which upon stopping use if cannabis did help to some extent. 6/16/2021united-kingdom30
Although i work as an accounting analyst and have found weed does not impair my performance too much i wanted to feel completely sober and see how much more studying i could accomplish without marijuanna.I have tried to quit in the past and mostly i found i was very edgy and had little motivation to do things like workout or studythe day after quittingCanada3321Maledaily however i would take breaks roughly every monthsmokeWorking out daily i found would help (on the days i could motivate myself). Also cleaning up my diet also helped6/16/2021canada33
To save money. Not yet today is day 1 2815FemaleEverydayBong No6/16/202128
I'm sick of myself. Depression, lack of focus. I am on day 7. It's been hard since day 1. Washington3615FemaleAt least 2-3x/weekVapeExercise. 6/19/2021washington36
Legal reasons Loss of appetite, unable to sleep, severe cravings, depression, anxiety, restlessness. 2 days after I stopped Texas3015FemaleUp to 6 times a dayIn a tobacco wrap No 6/19/2021texas30
I want to experience life directly. Cannabis makes me happy but I get nothing done because I can't focus and I don't like how life feels unless I'm smoking every few hours. Eventually I hardly feel a high, but life is so flat without it.depression, hopelessnessDay 1 - Wasn't too bad. Day 2 - Slept almost all day, could barely function Day 3 - Felt pretty okay Day 4 - Depressed and hopeless, wanting to smoke and get reliefCalifornia6014FemaleMultiple times every day starting first thing in the morningSmoked with a glass pipeno6/19/2021california60
Trying to conceiveIrritable, sad, bored, feel like I?ve lost my best friend, constantly think I should be smokingWithin a day of quittingUnited Kingdom4115FemaleEvery day, about a gram a day, for 20 yearsRolled in a jointExercise, cry, diversion, alcohol6/19/2021united-kingdom41
Tolerance brake, wanted to see how im doing if im sober.NAUSEA, anxiety, depression, anger issues, lack of motivation, bored.After 12 hours of abstinence they start.Finland4013MaleDaily every 3 hours or so.bowlExersice, healthy foods, Diapam meds when too anxious6/19/2021finland40
It was causing mood drop and depression Insomnia, vivid dreams A week after stopping6616MaleDaily Straight joint and pipe and vapouriserNo 6/19/202166
Started affecting my finances and mental health Loss of appetite, stomach discomfort, irritability, shakes, sweats, restless, lack of sleep. I started to slowly taper down my marijuana intake to once a day, but super late. Like 9-10pm, so my body would slowly get used to not smoking so much. My symptoms started that Monday. The day I only smoked once. Wednesday I stopped fully, and my symptoms hit me immediately. California2516Female(Weekend use) Once a month or so. Not that much honestly. Blunt, joint, bong, pen, dab. Stomach medication, hydration, tapering down. 6/18/2021california25
Family problemsLow appetite, anxiety, stomach pain, less sleep After 12 hours India2017MaleMultiple times a dayBowlNo6/18/2021india20
After years of using it as a sleep aid in addition to my prescription medication, it started to make me anxious and unable to sleep.NoFew symptoms because I drastically reduced my usage once it became clear it wasn?t helping and made me anxious/paranoid, which hadn?t happened much beforeDC, Washington3521MaleEvery day, almost all day during the pandemicSmoke and vape penNo6/18/2021dc washington35
Lack of motivation, increased tolerance, increased risk of schizophrenia.Yes. Irritability, insomnia, aggression, lack of appetite. Two days after quitting. Michigan4432Male3-4 times a dayVaporizer and oils.Sleeping medication, reduced caffeine, more exercise. 6/17/2021michigan44
It was timeYes, irritability, headache, anger, abnormal appetite, vivid dreams, relationship discord Beginning of day 3, day 4 feel terribkeCalifornia3715MaleDaily Bowl, one hitterExcercise and Epsom salts bath6/17/2021california37
I was experiencing vomiting, stomach pain, acid reflux and I could not get put of bed I went to the doctor and they told me it sounded like I have (CHS) cannibinoid hypermesis syndrome I am on day 9 the first 3 days were terrible I was having severe anxiety, paranoia emotional break down I cried alot for no reason life had no point to me I didn't enjoy anything o just wanted to roll up in my bed and sleep day 4 was the breaking point I woke up on day 4 everything was still there except my mood had changed and I could see a future now everything had decreased by 80% and I was able to cope. From day 5-9 everyday it gets easier and easier I do not feel like I am dying anymore all the major symptoms are pretty much gone but I am still dealing with anxiety a bit of the mood swings and irritability but I can definitely see positivity from all of this. I smoked all day every day maybe 20min or so between smoking symptoms start as fast as my first missed bowl. And progressively worse until about day 4 where they just were sorta of were 80% less thereCalifornia1914MaleI smoked 3 bowls about every 40min all day every day the longest I went with out smoking was the time I was asleep but would have withdrawal symtoms and feel horrible as soon as I woke up each morningI was using a vape, dabs, edibles as well as mixing with nicotine I have changed my routine I try not to hangout in the same places I have my 2 best friends who for my benefit both stopped smoking with me I have a huge support system with my family who I can call day or night n talk my way threw I also found these things that are stress gummies and they really work when I start to feel anxiety lurking6/17/2021california19
For my family especially my observant 3 year old Yes - anxiety Physical addiction Stomach cramps, bloating and constipation for about 2 weeks, wind from day one until now lol Emotional discomfort Boredom Crazy dreaming Around day 5 United Kingdom2914MaleMinimum twice a day Maximum around 6-7 times a day so quite heavy useSpliff smoking No6/17/2021united-kingdom29
Because I realised that I can't accomplishm my life goals because of weed. Veryyy strong cravings, tiredness, headache, loss of appetite, brain fogHours after stopping, Day 3 4 5 being the worstGermany1816Femaleeveryday jointno6/20/2021germany18
Pre employment drug test, tolerance break Irritability, lethargy, mood swings, bad dreams Day 3-5Florida2921MaleDaily the last two years Joints and spliffs (mixed with rolling tobacco)Using a support system of friends, leaving the house for a drive, making myself busy by exercising 6/20/2021florida29
Employment opportunity Not bad ~ a little jittery and cravings1st dayMassachusetts5119MaleDaily - Bowl or dug outExercise6/20/2021massachusetts51
I've used it daily for 20 years - I'm 38. There's no particular reason why I now feel compelled to stop, however this is the first time I've ever made the decision freely and willingly (for example, not doing it because of a vacation). Part of it is because I live in Australia and I have to spend a lot to get quality product, which sometimes disappoints and feels like a total waste of money, in turn depressing me and sometimes even triggering withdrawl symptoms. I lived in Los Angeles until 2011 and really need high THC cannabis to sustain my addiction. Despite starting at 18 and floundering for many years, I eventually made something of myself and have a very successful career. I do wonder what I would have become had I never tried cannabis, though.Yes - insomnia, nightmares, extreme irritability, cravings, occasional headaches and a lower pain tolerance. After 20 years, any reduced amount of THC triggers withdrawl symptoms in mere hours. This was no exception.Australia3818Male5-10 times every day.I used to only use bongs. For the last few years I've used vapes (Dynavap mainly) with flower. Never used carts or concentrates outside of a few times.Yes - CBD tincture (completely THC free) has become available in Australia and I received a prescription after reading a lot of anecdotes from others in similar situations (heavy, long term users) who say it helped them finally quit. I'm using it with the awareness it may make no difference, but at least it's given me some hope that it might. After several nights with the worst insomnia I've ever experienced and terrible nightmares I am also using a an OTC sleep aid sparingly (Doxylamine). 6/20/2021australia38
its affecting some of my relationships anxieties, heavy sweating and loss of appetite Peaked in my third day, which is now that I'm writing this Malaysia3026MaleI didn't start heavy only about once a week, to weekends, to a few times a week to everyday when it's accessible through thc vape juices Joint, bong and vape no6/20/2021malaysia30
Healthy reasons Vivid dreams stomach pains and can?t sleepDay 3Colorado3217MaleEvery day Concertes Detox teas6/20/2021colorado32
Tired of brain fog, being stuck In my couch, and it?s causing relationship problem , I just want to become the best person I can. Sleeplessness, loss of Appetite, stomach upset/nausea. Emotions rising a bit. Since I Truly want to quit this time , I am not having cravings. Day 1 - 0 sleep Day 2 - 2 hours of sleep - starting to lose appetite Day 3, 4, 5, 6 - napping during day to catch up on sleep, stomach / nausea, loss appetite Canada3016FemaleEveryday, multiple times a day Joints onlyNo6/19/2021canada30
on vacation intermittent mild nauseaafter a dayMassachusetts5049Femaleevery eveningbongeat smaller portions; stay hydrated6/21/2021massachusetts50
Health scareHeadaches, lack of motivations, a sense of heaviness, vivid dreams, poor appetite.I quit alcohol at the same time so I'm not exactly sure. But I did experience a peak of headaches and anxiety around day 10.California3818FemaleOnce a day. (1-2 hits) Then my tolerance started to increase towards the last month which is why I decided to stop.Vape pen.No6/21/2021california38
It took over my life, I chose it instead of socialising etc. I lived with anxiety and paranoia for many years and I Want to be a better role model to my daughterI didn't sleep at all for the first 7 days then slept poorly for the next two weeks, barely ate for two weeks, just small snacks, experienced vomiting in the first two weeks, had sever headaches for two to three weeks, mood swings and no energy for three weeks.From the very first day. I had my last smoke on the Tuesday night and Wednesday night was my first sleepless night. Australia3918FemaleDaily, all day from when I'd get up. Except through my work day, as soon as I got home from work, until bedtime. When I stopped working due to sever back pain I was using all day every day, more than 40hits a day. BongI did wean off slowly for the last two or three weeks until I ran out. By the time I completely stopped I was smoking a quarter of my normal daily intake. I also has a slipped disc as was prescribed codeine and was taking them daily when I stopped smoking. I took phernergan two nights to help me to get to sleep, it worked one night. Once I stopped taking codeine I started getting headaches to migraine level, for about a week. 6/21/2021australia39
Decline in mental health Not this time Other times I?ve tried to stop have been very hard due to extreme mood swings and cravings England3715FemaleEveryday Spliff with tobacco I?m physically active 6/21/2021england37
It hurts meAnxiety and depression After one month of quitting Nevada3515MaleDaily useCigarettes No6/21/2021nevada35
To feel more alive and energetic! -Heavily sweating ( 2-7 days) - insomnia 2-5 days - small periods of depression followed by intense happiness . So rollercoaster of ALL emotions. 5-7 days - No hunger for a week which turned in to 7% weightloss. 4-7 days - vivid dreams even right now See previous pointBelgium2716MaleDaily . 2-4 joints a day. ( belgium- europe) Paperjoint with Tobacco mixed in . Drink lot?s of water. Minimum 3 liter. No caffeine ( or as little as possible) to reduce stress. No sodadrinks after midday and preferably none at all. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Lot?s off walks . And after quitting cigarettes lot?s of running. So preferably running to burn the fat which contains the thc-rests. Find a good serie / show in which you can ?lose yourself? for first 2-3 days to cope with moments you have nothing to do. 6/21/2021belgium27
Difficulty with school and motivation, severe mood swings and anxietyExperienced insomnia, brain fog, irritability, cravings, mood swings, depression, panic & anxiety attacksAbout 2 days in, they reached noticeable levels-in hindsight I had them before this, but they were minor up until this pointConnecticut1814MaleMultiple times a day, every dayRegularly in a bowl, rarely in edible form & bongsFull spectrum CBD reduced my anxiety, melatonin helped with insomnia. Regular exercise gave slight mood boost and helped with appetite and cravings6/20/2021connecticut18
I was way to lazy got nothing done lost two jobs not spending any time with family losing all my friends hanging out with the wrong people Yes first two days was ok but then say 3 4 and 5 my anxiety is through the roof and my mood chances every 30 mins but I heard it get better from here so I?m staying on track and pushing through it all and I don?t get to sleep intill about 4am but I make sure I wake up every day at 930 am because I know if I sleep in I won?t be able to sleep at all the next night always yesterday was night 4 I had crazy dreams and I was waking up every hour coverd in swet Day 1 but got worse on day 3Australia1916MaleAbout 5 grams a day mixed with tobacco all day from when I wake up till when I sleep and I would even wake up at 2 am and smoke more Bong hitsExercise daily really helps and I listen to motivational speeches and that really helps to keep on track 6/20/2021australia19
Mental healthSleeplessness, irritability and angerAfter 24 hours Scotland3622FemaleAll day every day With tobaccoNightol for sleep6/20/2021scotland36
No motivation to do anything other than smoke weed.Not really anymore I might be a little more moody but most of the withdrawal symptoms have gone away.They started for me the first day I was such a heavy smoker I needed to be high 24/7Canada2414MaleFrom morning until night. I have quit multiple times in my ten years of smoking so maybe 7 years of smoking all together and 2 years plus I?ve been back on it. Usually go for bong hits since it was so fast and easy for me to achieve my high I have been taking cbd and melatonin and this has helped me sleep and reduce anxiety6/20/2021canada24
It's making me lazy and tired. I have lost motivation and stopped enjoying the little things. Confidence was a big part of taking the decision to stop since I was highly entousiastic and positive personality. My reltionship was week with everyone almost because of my mood swings everyday. I couldn't function properly without THC in my body. Low job performance. Also one of the main things was anxiety, everything could trigger my anxiety, thus feeling scared and depressed. Yes almost everything mentioned in the weedless guideline was literlay happening to me. Loss of motive, feeling bored, irritable, loss of sexual drive, loss of appetite, sleeping problems, sweats at night and even during the day...etcFirst week was a bit of hell to me, I was extremely lost and scared. It is not my first withdrawal, Its the 4th time I quit and whenever I reach day 30 to 40 I started feeling myself again. It is always the first 4 weeks where I couldn't wait to pass them because of the withdrawal symptoms. after almost a month and a half, I feel energetic and strong to battle my mind, from tiredness and lack of motivation.Lebanon2720MaleEveryday, not more than 4 joints per day. In average I was consuming 2 joints per day. There is always a joint, 1 to 2 hours before bed. At the beginning of using Marijuana half a joint was enough but after a period of 2 months I started gradually consuming more. Rolling weed with a bit of tobacco, and if I'm consuming hash I would put half tobacco and half hash in a joint. I tried meditation it was great, but it depends on my mood. sometimes I'm too angry or tired to even try to meditate and this leads to depression where I find myself unable to solve my problems although I know the solution. Exercising is the best way to calm my symptoms but it always come back after a while from finishing my workout. Walking in nature is also great technique to make me forget or accept psychological pain. Alcohol was also an escape for me obviously, but sometimes worsen the symptoms the second day. 6/20/2021lebanon27
Wasting my life. Mental healthEdgy, restless, cravingsWithin 24 hoursUnited Kingdom4218FemaleAll daySmoke in a jointTaking propanolol6/23/2021united-kingdom42
ran out and dealer has gone awol Yes - Irritability, poor sleep, becoming overstimulated very easily (having no hairband when i wanted one made me cry), constant thoughts about weed When I?m alone. Typically start to show 3-4 hours after last usage of weed England2222FemaleHalf oz a week JointI try and focus on one thing, every time i think about weed i think of the number 9 and fixate on it6/23/2021england22
felt badanxiety/ brain fogafter 24 hoursArizona6362Femaledailybowlexercise/ meditation6/22/2021arizona63
Want to change my life At beginning 1st week, ache in lungs that lasted a few days. By 2nd week, mild depression.at beginning day 1-3 headache, days 3-5 aches in lungs, feeling fine by days 7. By days 10-14 mild depression. Illinois4216FemaleEveryday for past 24 years. Quit 3 separate years for pregnancies.Bowls and hittersTylenol for discomfort6/22/2021illinois42
It was interfering with my memory and daily activities Yes. Anxiety, fatigue, depression and loss of appetiteAbout 24 hours after I stopped smokingNew York3432NonbinaryAt least 3-4 times a dayBowlCBD oil, vitamins, exercise6/22/2021new-york34
Anxiety, feeling lazy, missing out on living lifeEvery single one 1st 2 weeks the most difficult, then less and less. Now at 2 months cravings coming backAustralia2822MaleDailtJointExercising, cooking and eating 6/22/2021australia28
Money, Teaching jobDiarrhea, stomach cramps and insomniaDay 1 diarrhea and headache, day 2 and beyond insomniaWisconsin3222Male1 gram per day morning to bedtime. Stopping only due to being physically at workBowl, bong Excercise6/21/2021wisconsin32
I ended up doing way more of it than I originally planned. As such, it was very expensive, and due to tolerance provided only marginal pain relief. I think it actually made my anxiety worse over time. I also had significant side effects. I feel sa medical treatment it was a complete failure.Very hyperactive GI tract. Had diarrhea for over 2 weeks, and almost continuous severe cramping. No appetite. Brain fog, heightened anxiety, muscle spasms, emotional outbursts. Lethargic, exhausted.Abou 24 hours after last vape session Pennsylvania7019FemaleMultiple times ever dayVape penTylenol6/21/2021pennsylvania70
Anxiety Anxiety, depression and sweating 1 Hour after last useMissouri1918Male1-2 times a week Vape penSsri's6/21/2021missouri19
Didn't get me highMood swings bad sleep constant brain fog3rd dayMissouri2016MaleAll day everyday I could I had a 1080 mg THC amountAny and allNothing can6/21/2021missouri20
Memory lossSleep disturbance, mood changes, upset stomachSecond or third dayCalifornia4946MaleDailyVape pen, ediblesNo6/21/2021california49
Took a trip and didn't smoke while I was gone. Started coughing black stuff and not sure I should start againDepression, thoughts of suicide, agitation and irritability. Persistent thoughts and urges to smoke Noticable changes in irritability between 24-36 hours after last smoke. Reduced motivation and appetite for 2nd and 3rd dayFlorida3019MaleSmoking a bowl 5-6 times every day, sometimes more.Bowl, vape pens, blunts and jointsNo6/21/2021florida30
Initially mostly financial but also hoping to break pattern of low motivationYes. Nausea, chills, sweats, tremors, unsteadiness, anxiety, depression, cravings, bizarre dreams and possible resurgence of manic symptoms (I also have bipolar 1 disorder)Stopped smoking MJ to wks ago but used edibles up until 1wk ago. Symptoms started pretty dramatically after about 24hrs after last oral dose. Manic symptoms started to appear about 2-3 days afterwards Canada4516FemaleApprox 6-8x/day (1/4g each time)Primarily via vaping but also used Phoenix tears (type of oral concentrate oil)Sleep, rapid dissolving ginger tabs (for nausea), high quality electrolyte drinks & water (to address dehydration from sweating), eating small servings of nutrient dense foods, very gentle exercise outdoors, watching tv & knitting (for distraction), deep breathing (for anxiety & feelings of being overwhelmed) & drinking more alcohol at times (to manage variety OG negative feelings and symptoms -NOT effective)6/21/2021canada45
I stopped using because i found that the high just wasn't the same and for financial reasons.Hot flashes, excessive sweating, difficulty sleeping, headaches, reduced appetite and irritability.They started to appear within 24 hours of stopping.Northern Ireland1714MaleEvery day apart from other times i tried to stop but only lasted a few daysSmoking itNo6/23/2021northern-ireland17
Found out I was pregnant.I can't tell whether they are symptoms of pregnancy or withdrawal. Significant brain fog, periods of seeming dissociation, extreme tiredness, general fatigue, short term memory is awful - I can't remember what I did yesterday. I found out I was pregnant and I had last smoked a day before that. After a day I don't get any withdrawal apart from a desire to smoke. The next few days though I began to feel exhausted, which is a symptom of early pregnancy so was likely unrelated. While I was smoking weed I had no memory and awful brain fog and I have been sober for exactly 14 days and I still have terrible memory and brain fog, as well as a consistent urge to smoke - however I have many friends that smoke so this likely has an impact as I see them doing it and feel jealous. Alaska1817FemaleEvery other day Joints NoJune 23, 2021alaska18
Negative cognitive effects such as memory loss, sleep issues, inability to learn. Ruined my school performance Insomnia , irritability , depression, fatigue, low appetite, racing thoughts.Day 1. New York City2421MaleDaily, multiple timesTypical cigarette styleMelatonin, drinking water , a little exercise , hanging out with family, going for solo walks6/23/2021new-york-city24
developed a coughnightmares. vivid dreams. more ear wax. during use, upon waking in the morning I would immediately have a BM, now that is delayed by 30+ minutessleep changes after 2 days, still having nightmares 30 days laterNew York5816Female4-5 times per daybowlno6/23/2021new-york58

Are you a regular marijuana user that has recently stopped using?

Currently, little data exists on heavy marijuana use and withdrawal. Weedless.org is collaborating with researchers to explore this topic and others. We have created a short, completely anonymous questionnaire which we will use to focus our future research efforts. You may skip any questions that make you feel uncomfortable and you are free to withdraw at any time. At the end of the survey, you will be given the option to anonymously share your responses with the Weedless.org community.