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Our Mission

About Weedless.org

Weedless.org is a free, web-based resource and community created by a team of healthcare professionals and researchers. We distill the facts about marijuana use and its effects into practical guidance for interested persons or for those who are thinking about or struggling to quit weed. Finding reliable, easy to understand information about marijuana should never be a struggle—that is why our core mission is to provide the most up to date information about marijuana use, abuse, addiction, and withdrawal. While we seek to empower individuals to have control over their use, we are not “anti-weed” and we support efforts to legalize adult marijuana use and study.

Our Contributors

The Weedless.org team of authors, editors, and contributors includes respected academics, board-certified physicians, and other mental health professionals who make certain our content meets high standards for quality, accuracy, and compassion. We value the highest quality work, methodical and timely research, and lasting collaborations with experts in our field.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you wish to contribute to our mission of helping individuals actively control marijuana use to improve mental health and well-being.

Feedback, Suggestions, or Corrections

If you have feedback, a suggestion, or correction, please feel free to contact us at info@weedless.org.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, email us at media@weedless.org.

Contribute to Weedless.org

We’re always looking for experienced and qualified contributors with expertise and credentials in addiction and dependence. Email us at contributors@weedless.org.

Contact Us by Mail or Telephone

If you would rather send us a letter by mail, or call us, you can reach the Weedless.org team at:

Attn: Weedless.org
1299 Fairfield Beach Rd.
Fairfield, CT 06824

Please Note

We are not “anti-weed” and we support efforts to legalize adult marijuana use and study.