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Quit Weed or Take a T-Break

Get the Facts to Overcome Weed Withdrawal and Quit Weed is leading the way in creating a non-judgmental safe space where heavy marijuana users can access trusted information about quitting weed and weed withdrawal – we’re here to support you in your time of need! We distill the facts about marijuana use and its effects into practical guidance to help you overcome weed withdrawal and take a break or quit using weed. Since 2020, has reached >1,000,000 marijuana users.

United States

Thank you for this amazing resource. No judgments, no scare tactics or demonizing. Just facts and support. You’re doing a great thing for people!!


I noticed that after 4-5 days of not using, I was getting heightened anxiety and I finally realized it was because of marijuana - I did some research and came across this page and decided to stop. helped me reflect and realize my dependencies.

Chicago, IL

Very helpful, helped my partner understand what I was going through day by day. Also a motivation to keep going and starting a new life without something I did daily for 15 years.

Southern California

Honest, informative and non-judgmental. Relatable, I'm not alone in my symptoms.


Very helpful. Love all the information and it really helps, especially breaking down what heavy use is doing to my brain and what happens to the brain when withdrawals happen. Wish I found this information a long time ago. Makes me feel less alone.

Delhi, India

I needed awareness around quitting weed and this site helps me be mentally and physically ready for what to expect during the abstinence.

New York is great and so needed. With legalization, many more people will become dependent.

Washington has provided some helpful tips, info and encouragement for me over the past six days since quitting marijuana.

Melbourne, Australia

Really good info. Helped me figure out my appetite loss and food aversion in the first few days of stopping.

Houston, TX

Excellent, great to read each day by day. Encouraging.


I'm reading to feel better and to help calm my anxiety.

Houston, TX

Very helpful website to help with trying to quit weed.

New Zealand

Helpful and non-judgmental.

Australia, NSW is amazing, it's helped with what to expect and when.


Great resource of information. I have been a chronic user for years and quit many times.


Honestly, you guys helped me out, listed every symptom I had, and gave me reassurance that these feelings are only temporary.

Springfield, MA

Relevant Information presented in a scientific but understandable way. Very helpful. Great job.


It is a great guide to help understand what I was going through as I quit.


Good information for the people that want to live a different lifestyle.

United States

Seems pretty on point to what I've experienced this past week.

Pittsburgh, PA

Great helping me a lot and keeping me informed and preparing me for what’s to come.


It's been great to come back here when I can't sleep from withdrawal symptoms two weeks in. Last time I gave it a go at quitting and lasted for 6 months the symptoms didn't last 2 weeks like now. It lets me know it's alright and reading others experiences let me know I'm not alone in these feeling.

United States

Very helpful. It gives me hope knowing the symptoms and struggles I am experiencing are common in marijuana withdrawal.


The information and support was invaluable. is the best site I've found regarding this topic. Simple, no agendas or psychiatry involved.


It's helpful in knowing what's going on with my body since quitting marijuana.

Charlotte, NC

The information and the way it is presented is extremely helpful and non-judgmental.

Missouri is encouraging. It helps me understand why I am doing what I am doing, and helps me be better informed to stick to my guns.

San Francisco, CA

Great information and tips to help with quitting marijuana.

Seattle, WA

I like the layout of the website and how simple it is, yet it is very informative and a pleasant read.

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