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Struggling to Sleep After Quitting a 25+ Year Weed Habit

By April 24, 2023One Comment

It has been a month and almost a week that I stopped smoking weed. This after 25+ years of smoking … I don’t know, maybe around a half-quarter a day (3.5 grams) and due to the pandemic in the last two years even more. I’d say Bob Marley had nothing on me.

In the first week I had 3-4 nightmares a night — nasty ones. Now I am down to 3-4 nightmares a week but the vivid dreaming happens every night. The main issue now is that I can’t fall asleep. For example I went to bed tonight just before 9 o’clock. I read about an hour then, twisted and turned for about half an hour or so, gave up on sleep and here I am.

I also wake up at night sweating for no reason (it is not hot where I am sleeping) and I can’t go back to sleep. My sleep happens in bits and pieces now: one to two hours, or three hours, and then I am up and can’t go back to bed for 1 to 2 hours.

I read a few articles saying that after a couple of weeks, or 3 weeks, the sleep improves. It didn’t, other than having fewer nightmares. That should be cleared-up with people. I had no idea that weed does this to the body/mind, but this just made me more determined not to smoke again. So, the struggle continues.

I do physical activity, always have, but this just makes my body tired while my mind is flying — when I am supposed to be falling asleep.

At this point, I may have to give melatonin a try in a week or two if I am still struggling, but I read up on the side effects and I am not inclined to jump into it. I do not want to replace one drug with another.

Anyway, hope this helps others! I am a pretty stubborn creature and will not go back to smoking. I quit cold turkey, had no problems with that. Sleep has been the only issue and maybe I am a little edgy but not sure if that’s because of crappy sleeping and/or my dopamine levels are going nuts. That’s about it.

All the best to everyone!

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One Comment

  • Kenneth says:

    Keep going you are doing a great job! I am three days weedless and struggling with sleep and appetite, in fact I am doing neither. But the fact this is happening is making me determined for the first time ever not to smoke

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