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My Weed Withdrawal Symptoms 30 Days After Quitting [Video]

I’m 40 days sober after a 16 year near-daily weed habit. In this video, I discuss the later stages of weed withdrawal, including common symptoms experienced a month after quitting. For me, this includes loss of productivity and symptoms of depression. I’m just a regular guy, not an expert. Always consult with a qualified professional about your health and well being.


  • Bradley says:

    Thank you for your honesty. I started when I was living in a bad apartment as a way to forget the daily fear. Other terrible things happened around that time that spiraled my anxiety out of control. I lost my honours project and was derailed from my path in life.

    14 years later, after losing my life partner and family/friend ties, the loneliness and emptiness of just being high all the time is too much.

    But it also feels like quitting cold-turkey is too much. I fear cannabis’ negative health potential such as stroke and cerebral vasospasm, as I have been victim to four concussions. This is what is driving me forward to try and quit. I was an honours student at the top university in my country before weed. Then I became an overweight couch potato over the years.

    If I could go back and turn down that first hit offered to me, I would do it.

    Glad to hear your story.

    Some of my favourite hobbies are walking/hiking and recording species as I go; knitting; learning languages; cooking and baking; creating music, and gardening. But all of these things are next to impossible when high outside of work. My career and financial status has suffered horrendously too.

    I am only on day 3 this time, but a couple of years ago I went nearly 40 days without.

    I was feeling sharper and more balanced even just after thirty days.

    When I see people getting high now, I just feel bad for them as they are locked in the cage of addiction.

    I know I want to be a force of positive change for my community and the ecological environment, and I hope to have the strength someday to do this.

    I am 33 and started when I was 19.

  • Hunter says:

    Your video and also the comment from Bradley are inspiring me to quit again. I feel as if I’ve been giving up in life recently and being high all the time is becoming very empty.

  • Rachel says:

    Thank you for making this video. I’m on day 2 and the urges are insane. Talking on the phone, i should grab the vape pen. Sitting on the couch, grab the pen. Walk by the bathroom, why not smoke a little. It’s reassuring to know that i’m on the right track. Also, your comment about how we think it’s going to magically change our productivity-yeah, i’m guilty of that as well. Thank you for the suggestions on new activities and getting that part of my life up an moving again

  • Victoria Roche says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m on my first but hopefully last attempt at quitting. It’s been one week. Having night sweats, vivid dreams and nightmares, and flu symptoms. I do notice that the days are so much longer. I’m finally reading more, as now I can remember what I’ve read! Anxious but trying to take one day or even hour at a time.

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