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Post Malone on Quitting Weed: Depersonalization After One Bad Joint

Post Malone Discusses Weed-Induced Depersonalization and Reasons for Quitting Weed
FULL SEND Podcast Aired June 10, 2022

Does Post Malone still smoke weed? Not as of ~2018, according to the rapper, who at one time was a heavy user, saying that he “used to smoke weed… a lot.”

Post Malone made the decision to stop using weed after suffering a marijuana-induced episode of depersonalization brought on by a joint that was possibly laced. While he has used marijuana from time-to-time since then, he no longer finds it enjoyable.

Post Malone sat down with Joe Rogan in a 2023 interview where he broke down the reasons for quitting. “I had smoked one bad joint, and for the longest time ever since then, it’s felt like, like I’m watching my life happen instead of living it.”

Post Malone went on to describe a feeling of “depersonalization” which he attributes to this negative experience with THC.

Marijuana-induced depersonalization is a condition where individuals feel detached from themselves and their surroundings. It’s characterized by experiences of unreality or detachment, feeling like an observer to one’s own thoughts or actions, and a sense that the world is unreal or dreamlike.

Factors such as the potency of the marijuana strain, the individual’s tolerance, their psychological state, and the setting in which the drug is consumed can all influence the likelihood and severity of marijuana-induced depersonalization.

These symptoms are typically temporary and resolve once the effects of the drug wear off. However, in some cases, especially with a history of anxiety disorders, symptoms might persist and require professional attention.

Post Malone is, however, still smoking his fair share of cigarettes, some 40 to 45 some days and sometimes even more. “By the time I open that third pack, I’m a total piece of shit and I need to go to sleep,” he said.

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