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Are You Bored without Marijuana?

By June 24, 2020April 20th, 2021No Comments

If you were a frequent marijuana user, a large portion of your day may have been spent smoking weed. And without marijuana, your days may now feel somewhat empty. You’re not alone. Many people cite boredom as one of the hardest things to combat during attempts at quitting.

Boredom, though, really stems from a lack of fulfillment. Maybe you already have hobbies you know you love, but it’s not uncommon to have a hard time coming up with ways to meaningfully fill your time.

Being high may have obscured what was truly fulfilling to you. You can use this time now to find activities you really love. Variety is good, especially in the beginning. If you can find something from which can derive internal pleasure—whether it’s a solitary activity or spending time with friends—that will go a long way in keeping you away from marijuana.

Would you mind answering a few questions (anonymously)?

FAU researchers are conducting an anonymous, online survey where you will be asked a series of questions about your attempts to reduce marijuana use. You may skip any questions that make you feel uncomfortable and you are free to withdraw from the study at any time. Your participation could help advance our understanding of marijuana dependence and treatment. Thank you for your interest!

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