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Weed Use

Reasons People Use Marijuana

By December 14, 2020October 21st, 2021No Comments

There is no right or wrong answer as to why people use marijuana. Some use it for the enjoyment of its characteristic high, or to gain a temporary view of the world through a different lens.

Others find that it relieves their aches and pains, or that smoking takes the edge off of their anxiety. Teenagers and young adults may commonly use marijuana to fit in with their peers, or to experiment (Lee et al, Addict Behav, 2007).

Some may use marijuana to enhance their sense of creativity or spirituality. In fact, the role of marijuana in promoting reflection dates back thousands of years. There is a fascinating history of marijuana use in the context of ancient religious ceremonies. Bhang, for example, is an edible preparation of cannabis that is believed to cleanse sins (Balhara and Mathur, Lung India, 2014; Gumbiner, Psychology Today, 2011). In a similar vein, you may find yourself using it to stimulate reflection, contemplation, or to get your creative juices flowing.

In select scenarios, marijuana can be helpful for medical reasons. Conditions like cancer-related pain, extreme nausea, and multiple sclerosis have been shown to derive symptomatic relief from medical marijuana. While less common, it is also possible to be prescribed certain formulations of medical marijuana for treatment of severe epilepsy, although this particular form of marijuana, however, is different from what you may buy on the street, and does not have psychoactive effects (Samanta, Pediatr Neurol, 2019).

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