What to Do If You Relapse

Take this Time to be Honest with Yourself About What Happened

This topic hopefully doesn’t apply to you, but if it does, it’s okay. Please keep reading. Relapse in the first week is incredibly common due to the frequency and severity of withdrawal symptoms. If it happens, we hope you choose to see this as a minor hiccup on the road to abstinence, rather than a defining attribute or a character flaw. This should not prevent you from achieving your ultimate goal.

If you do relapse, take this time to be honest with yourself about what happened. Reflect on what worked and what didn’t. First, think about what went well. What support systems did you have in place? What interventions helped with cravings? What activities did you enjoy and helped you stay busy? Take note of these winning strategies and keep these up.

After this, dig a little deeper and think about what drove you to relapse. When did the decision that resulted in your relapse actually get made? Could the situation have been avoided altogether or did something unexpected pop up? Were the withdrawal symptoms overpowering? Did you reach out for support when you needed? How can you strategize and plan for these occurrences in the future?

Again, if relapse happens, don’t beat yourself up. As the saying goes, relapse is part of recovery. The Guide will be here for you when you’re ready to do it again.

Relapse in the first week is incredibly common due to the frequency and severity of withdrawal symptoms. If it happens, we hope you choose to see this as a minor hiccup on the road to abstinence, rather than a defining attribute or a character flaw.

12955514306September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyMore mental clarity and focus - I'm trying to get my bachelor's degree! Smoking also keeps me feeling apathetic towards my job and other people. Not yet... threw my pipe in the lake this afternoon! First test will be getting home from work and doing something else. N/ANot yetFemale24I used to smoke all day everyday for about 5 years; this year I cut down to just after work but sometimes I'm tempted to take a hit before work. I always feel like crap the rest of the day.Pipe / BowlRecreational purposes only
12955849934September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyAddictedNot yetExpect them after waking upWill be doing an aggressive detox for first week including low-fat diet, increased fluids, increased niacin intake, exercise, saunas, and meditating regularly. Also will be attending daily meetings.Female18Daily for past 2-3 yearsJoints and bowlsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12955949221September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyBetter on my body and for my ling term futureDiscomfort,paranoia, intense anxiety, headaches, sleep troubles, vivid dreamsAfter 72 hours of quitting Exercise,walks, distracting my mind in various waysMale18NightlyVapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12956045966September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was controlling me...Night sweats, nausea, bursts of anger, insomnia, shaky,...24 hours after cessation...Hydration, improved diet...Male20DailyBowlRecreational purposes only
12956179126September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor health reasonsLack of sleep, sweating during sleep, somber mood, headaches, lack of appetiteAfter 1 dayNopeFemale17DailyJointRecreational purposes only
12956253352September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI have to get a drug test for a new job.heat flashes, anxiety / rapid heartbeat, cravings, chills, loss of appetite, feeling “weird”about 24 hours after last usedelta 8, cbd flower Female20every day (pen)pen and flower, ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12956270687September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt made me feel sad. It made want to drink alcohol when my tolerance to it became stronger.Insomnia. Lack of appetite. Sexual dullness.A day or two after stopping.No.Male15A few times per day.Rolling joints. Edibles. PAX vaporizer.Recreational purposes only
12956271853September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyMemory problemsYes, nightmares and insomnia mainly After 3 - 4 days post-quitting cold turkeyNo, just having a positive mindsetMale18Daily, longest break time between smokes would be 24 hoursRolled joints, bong and pipeRecreational purposes only
12956433696September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental health issues spiraledAgitation, pain in back, anxiety, difficulty in getting to sleep, Feel weak, 24 hours after stopping roughlyCbd isolateMale17Prescribed daily use, self medicating daily since 2009, Dry herb vapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12956800795September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyTired of wasting time and money on it. Shaky legs, can’t sleep, random hot flashes through out night, extreme urge to smoke, petty anger towards little things, wanting to get up and do something but can’t (stuck in bed with anxiety)Around 12 hours after the last bowl. HydroxyzineMale121 gram a dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12956904691September 14, 2021Stopped Recentlyruining my life depression, anxiety, and hopelessnessyears ago when i first wanted to quitexerciseMale17multiple times a daybowlRecreational purposes only
12957012708September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI just smoke One dayIrritability, Paranoia, Morning Anxiety, Brain fog, Memory impairmentthe third day after I stoppedDistract myselfMale27No often just one daySmoke Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12957084318September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI did not want to rely on it. Yes. I am experiencing little to no appetite, noticeable irritability and stress/anxiety.Within a day of quittingEating smaller meals, reading and trying to relax. Male25Every dayPenRecreational purposes only
12957099466September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlySchool drug testIrritability, nausea, loss of appetite, unclear thoughts, and depression The day I stoppedNoMale16EverydayPenRecreational purposes only
12957118272September 14, 2021Stopped Recentlyran outirratability, mood swings, cloudeness, internal shakingwithin 24 hrsnoMale34dailyone hitterBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12957273209September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyNot happy with life. Was triggering bad vibes. Wanted to be clear minded for the upcoming semester. Not anymore. This is my 3rd week. But just a lil insomnia and intense dreams. And after work boredom.3rd day - 1 week felt terrible Yes working out and being distracted. Male16Every day all dayAll of the above. Especially wax dabs. Not edibles thoRecreational purposes only
12957371126September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth/anxiety problemsHigh anxiety, high blood pressure, low appetite, depressed mood, insomniaRight away after stopping. I quit for 5 days, used cannabis again for 7 days, quit 1 day, used again for 2 days, and it has made the anxiety and blood pressure spikes MUCH worse than just quitting cold turkey. Currently trying clonidine for anxiety and blood pressure control, and lorazepam for anxiety attacks. Valerian sleepy tea all the time. Results are mild and temporary relief. Male31Every evening for over 4 years, then every day and night for the last year. Vape pen. So high concentrations that are easy to hide. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12957511109September 14, 2021Stopped Recentlyexpensive night sweats day 4noMale177+ joints jointsRecreational purposes only
12957884466September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt is bad for me in so many ways. It is not helping me.All of them especially the emotional elements.About a day after I stopped using.Distraction. The physical elements if withdrawal are not so bad. The emotional toll is devastating. Male16Every day all day.Bowl and vape.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12958118428September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt became a crutch that kept me from experiencing lifeDepression and irritability Ongoing (2 weeks in)Nicotine, CBDMale16Every 24 hoursBowlRecreational purposes only
12958344511September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to improve my health Sleeplessness and vivid dreamsDay 2NoMale451-2 times per dayBowl, bong or edibleRecreational purposes only
12958419811September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyWork opportunities & heart health.Yes. Intense cravings, strange dreams, irritability, decreased appetite, decreased motivation, extreme depressionWithin the first 14 days of quittingBasic over the counter ibuprofen for pain.Non-Binary188 times a day, about an ounce every two weeksVape pen, bowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12958440368September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was too expensive and it was masking my anxietyYes. Depression (crying spells), agoraphobia, panic attacks, insomnia, lack of appetite, digestive issues, night sweats, irritability, headaches.The day after stopping.NoMale18Daily, multiple times per day.BowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12958554128September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I ran out,but then I got super bad anxiety and high blood pressure Anxiety seemed to slow down,my mood is down but I can still laugh sweaty hot or cold The first day I stopped Medication hydroxazine and atentanolMale16Everyday multiple times a day Vape pen or bowl,bong,blunt Recreational purposes only
12958656585September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my healthIrritable, boredom, sleep disturbances Day 2NoFemale17Smoking a vape 12-15 tokes/dayVape penRecreational purposes only
12958669191September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyWant my life backTired. Very tired2nd daySleeping pillsFemale21Everyday Flower. Pen. Edibles Recreational purposes only
12958772677September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI need to save money.I flu like symptoms, such as nausea, weakness, and fever. I also have constant headaches and muscle pain. Furthermore, when I was cutting down my use hi began to eat less and have mood swings.I might symptoms began to appear when I started to cut down by use. However my worst symptoms appeared as soon as I got sober. I think today is my third day because it’s the most painful.I stay hydrated and make sure I have enough sodium to not get hyponatremia. I drank some Coke when I was having cold sweats and it provided some relief.I took some Zofran today and it helped a little. I usually took NSAIDs but they don’t help me anymore.Also, they give me gastritis. Walking around definitely helps.Female18I was using heavily multiple times throughout the day. I was high 24/7.I typically use my pipe just because I like dry herb more. Though I would also mix it up by vaping, taking edibles, and using a bong.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12958885726September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyToo addictiveVivid dreams, poor sleep habits, headaches, irritabilityWithin 1 day of cessation NoMale38DailyVape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12959255818September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyWorkAnger, depression anxietyDay 2Keeping busyMale13DailyBongRecreational purposes only
12959295038September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyLife changeExtreme depression and anxiety, constant crying, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, helplessness 24 hours after quitting cold turkeyTime off from work, frequent short walks, liquid dietFemale20DailyBowl or edibleBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12959407544September 14, 2021Stopped Recentlycouldn’t buy any right nowextremely sweating, insomnia, irritability, depression, extreme cravingone day after I stoppedNot yetMale15multiple times dailyPen/Cart, Joint, and BluntRecreational purposes only
12959579385September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo recapture my lifeNumerous at different times. Heart palpitations, sleep disruption, cold sweats/ temp flucts, appetite, insomnia, mild headaches, acid reflux, diarrhea, bloating, brain fog and surely more not listedCold turkey stop- 12 hours to 3 weeks for various symptoms to manifest- not all at onceNormalized eating times, sleep, exercise as I can while injured. Most importantly, understanding that what was happening to my body was fairly NORMAL and I’d get through it. Male36All times not working or sleepingFlower, vape pensRecreational purposes only
12959621915September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyConcentration levels and energy levels are lowIrritable and foggy moments. No appetite The day afterKeeping busy and water and coffeeMale15Daily Vape pen Recreational purposes only
12959626017September 14, 2021Stopped Recentlywork related reasonsyes, HEAVY nausea, shakiness, disrupted regular bowel movements, light-headedness 2 days after quittingpepto bismal Female16daily to multiple times a daybongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12959698688September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney, sleeping too much, generally using all the time (except work) like an alcoholic would use drink. Boredom, insomnia, irritable, loss of appetite, sweating more than usual, not interested in socialising or chatting . Feeling isolated, First day of starting Increased running mileage . Usually about 8 miles per week (using) . First week of quitting I’d run 21 miles!Male16Daily Eat or vapouriser only. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12959772207September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to breathe better as I have asthma and was waking up coughing due to smoking. I also feel that it's making my depression worse in some ways, as it just numbs my feelings and puts me in a brain fog, whereas before it used to help me feel happier and calmer and aid my anxiety. However one of the benefits of marijuana for me was helping my appetite, as I've been depressed and suffer from very low appetite for several months. But I'm hoping that my health wellness and mental clarity, including appetite, will improve after quitting. It's hard to differentiate what is a withdrawal symptom or just my general depression. I've been feeling very down and depressed, anxious, having trouble sleeping, shakiness, no appetite, cold, fatigued/low energy, and experiencing strange dreams. By day 2 of quittingDoing something else to keep me busy when I feel a craving, such as reading, walking outside, or sleeping. Female19DailyBowl/ bluntBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12959907022September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI had COVID and really want too Yes Stomachaches Lack of appetite Dizziness nauseous Occasional headachesDay 1 NoFemale21Every single day Roll up Recreational purposes only
12959916234September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyDid not want to be addicted, compulsive use.Strong urge to use and to contact sellers, low energy and low creativity.First week of non-usage.Running.Male18At least 3 times weekly.Vape pen and bowl.Recreational purposes only
12960141156September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecame too lazy, not caring and numb, negative attitude mainly the next day. Weed is fun but not when trying to build a life.Poor sleep, mild anxiety, nausea, feel weaker when lifting weights. 1 dayGreat diet and exercise. Positive environment and meditation. Male14One and off for years but whe n on, daily occurrence.All but mainly pipe and vape in the later years. Vaping intensifys withdrawl tenfold. The needle of weed. Recreational purposes only
12960146363September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyHeart problems with long term heavy useAnger, insomnia, upset stomach, headachesDay 1NoFemale18All day everydayJointsRecreational purposes only
12960147260September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyNew job will require a drug testMajor depression and anxiety have returned3 days after quittingI don’t know of any healthy ways to deal with my symptoms, but I’m seeing my doctor in a few weeksFemale20Every dayVape pen, ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12960160730September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was anxiousanxiety, depression for two weeks nowCBD and TemestaMale35every eveningsmokingBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12960190549September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI have stopped all mind intoxicants. I have a tendency to instead of correcting people and situations in an intellectual way just pound drugs like marijuana to forget how not correct things are. I now am on 4 days no weed and i meditate progressively more each dayYes. Brain fog. Although i meditate i still seem to find myself indulging in monkey mind when i hear something i dont agree with because i feel bad telling someone the correct answer when the correct answer hurts them. This is what has caused me to go back into drugs but now i just go into monkey mind and dont smoke weed. I am on only day 4 but have noticed an improvement in the controlling of my mind everyday. I have all the symptoms of what a 4 year heavy abuser would have I just meditate them away the best i can.Day 1. Each day it gets better which is morivatingMeditation and mindfulness. It helps alotMale16Smoked around two grams a day in half gram to gram rips out of a giant bong. This went on everyday for four years some days a little less but more often some days alotttt moreBong dabs dab penRecreational purposes only
12960279686September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth, job, personal development Every one you listedDay 1Gym, eating healthy, read and do workFemale22DailyJoint and bongRecreational purposes only
12960365152September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyTolerance was getting too high and started costing more. Been taking edibles for 2 years I think it’s time to give it a break and save my health Anxiety, Anger, Short tempered, overwhelmed, Day3-5Female16Almost every single dayEdible or vapeRecreational purposes only
12960396410September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyEffecting my mood and work place productivity Vivid dreams, hyper excitability, slight decreased appetite3 days Mild symptoms so no - other than a bit of spa therapy Male14Dailyvape penRecreational purposes only
12960443874September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI have a daughter I want to be clean forRestlessness and mood swingsThe 2nd day of abstinencesmoked a small amountMale12every daysmokeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12960615753September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to be in control of my appetite and emotions Sweaty palms, lack of appetite. Thinking of smoking quite a bit Day 1 Deep breathing and staying busy. Male17A few times a day. Every day Pipe, joint, bowl Recreational purposes only
12960692696September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI had some hardships in my relationship that caused anxiety and I was worried weed would exacerbate them.Yes I experienced the following: - depression - severe anxiety - insomnia including; false awakenings, vivid dreams and lucid dreams - increased appetite - paranoia - anxiety and panic attacks After two-three weeks. The end of the third week was the worst for my low mood and anxiety was at an all time high. Meditation helped massively. I also tried sleep hypnosis specifically ones relating to dopamine and serotonin increase and anxiety podcasts. Female17Everyday. As soon as I woke up to the moment I went to sleep.I used to smoke joints. Weed with tobacco in a large rizlaRecreational purposes only
12960860429September 14, 2021Stopped Recentlyit was fogging my mind and i was dependent yes! cravingimmediatelytime Female14multiple times a daybowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12960902948September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyWanted toNo3 daysCBD oilMale233 times dailyJointRecreational purposes only
12960919023September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was ruining my lifeBrain fog, reduced appetite, forgetfulness, difficulty sleeping (first 5 days), strange and elongated dreams, reduced libido, random chills, sweating (cold and hot; alternating) 2 days after stopping useNo Male18DailyTwo joints a day at nightRecreational purposes only
12960922265September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyZapped my motivation. Was spending $800 a month. Caused financial stress. This is my fouth day not smoking after 45 years of smoking everyday. I started smoking in 1976 at the age of 11.Irritable. No appetitie. Restless. Cry alot.36 hours.NOMale1124/7all waysRecreational purposes only
12960956900September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyCurious how I would feel without it after all these years.FatigueDay 2NoFemale18DailyFlower vapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12960974124September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyGot pregnant Nausea, vomiting, anxiety, depression, restlessness, no sleep, inability to relax, anger, stomach pain, back pain Day 1 of quitting Nausea meds. Anxiety meds, depression meds, sleeping pills, Tylenol, nothing helps Female18Daily BowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12961029088September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI felt I could be more productive with my time. I wanted to prove to myself I can take control of my habitsNot anymore. But in the first week, cravings, loss of appetite, sleep disturbance.Week 1Exercise and sports. Male245-7 times a weekJointRecreational purposes only
12961155465September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI had a really bad panic attack that lasted for 3 days after eating an edible. I do not crave weed because it scares me. But I feel that I am going through physical withdrawal. Loss of appetite for a few days, but now I am able to eat small meals. A few days after stopping Smoking. Yoga, exercise, meditation, prayer, breathing exercises, keeping busyFemale26Multiple times adayBowl every day, edible and vape pen on occasionBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12961185636September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyCannabinoid Hyper-Emesis SyndromeStrange and vivid dreams, anxiousness, depression, loss of appetite.About 3 days after quittingTherapy, regular medications, social supportMale20Daily for three years BowlRecreational purposes only
12961205435September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyCausing severe anxiety and gastrointestinal issues Zero motivation. More skin pickingThe next day I have zero motivation. But try to get out n try something new once in awhileFemale234* times a dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12961211066September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyRespiratory health, anxiety, and memory Cravings, sleep disturbances.day 2exerciseMale15every daybowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12961294966September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlySeeking mental clarityyes, frequently waking during sleep, extremely vivid dreams, occasional intense cravingsDuring the normal times I used to usenoMale20DailyBowl, vapeRecreational purposes only
12961395151September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyNeed a break. Don’t feel clear. Becoming too dependent Yes. Headaches, no appetite, broken sleep 2 days in Working out and meditating Male155 days a week Vape and edible Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12961400323September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my Health, I was seeing the begging stages of cannabinoid hyperemesisIrritability, sleep issues headaches appetite 1st dayI got fucked up last night on alcoholMale15Multiple times a day every day for multiple yearsBong rip, vape pens, an occasionally ediblesRecreational purposes only
12961540586September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI didn't like the sluggish feeling afterwards and it triggered an anxiety attack. Irritability at times, loss of appetite, nausea, some fatigue and insomnia.Day 2NoFemale18Very oftenCigarelloRecreational purposes only
12961580432September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlySo that I cant try stimulant meds for my adhd. My doctor wont prescribe them to me until I am free of cannabis.Harder time falling asleep, more agitated, have less of an appetite, very bored, feel unmotivated, cravingsDay 4 Just trying to stay busy, using my vape more Female17Once or twice everydayBong, pipe or jointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12961751040September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyStudies Sleepless night Vivid dreams Tiredness Reduced appetiteAs soon as I stoppedYes. Sleeping aid and essential oilsMale24DailyJointRecreational purposes only
12961886117September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy mental healthVery high anxiety No appetite Very weak and exhausted Dizziness fuzzy head Feeling deflated Headache Day 1Mindful meditation Male13Everyday SpliffBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12962136871September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain felt pickled all the time abs increased anxiety Yes, cravings, headaches , lack of appetite, struggle to sleep(restless and more energy at nights)Day 1 Cbd flower and Valium Male14Everyday, a lot per day. Bong, joint, Vapes and ediblesRecreational purposes only
12962212037September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy depression is bad and I feel that smoking is making it worse. I've been a regular smoker for 8 years. I want to be totally sober and clear minded. I also want to save money (lol) it's it's expensive habit. Yes! Severe nausea and dry heaving. Constipation. Headache. Brain fog. Extremely hungry The first night after a full day of not smoking. I have been drinking electrolyte water and making myself eat at least a little. Female21Multiple x a day Wrap that contains nicotine Medicinal purposes only
12962297662September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyInterferes with lifeCravings Loose stools Loss of energy Feeling unwellImmediately (less than one day)Nicotine smoking Male18All day except (usually) except within 5hrs of workPenRecreational purposes only
12962517902September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to be more connected to reality, friends and grow Im on my fifth day. Depression and headaches are the Worst. And Also no appetite at all. Day one Just keeping myself busy Female14Every day since 2016SmokingBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12962552333September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was consuming most of my time. I was less productive.I can't sleep, I feel really fatigue and moody.Right after the second day .Just doing my best to keep doing whatever I'm doing like going to gym, playing bass n stuff...Male15Almost everyday.JointRecreational purposes only
12962684726September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyRaise my vibrationFeel weird. No appetite. Occasionally agitatedFirst morning withoutNoMale17DailyJointeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12963528684September 14, 2021Stopped RecentlyFelt it was holding me back from my true potential.Yes. Eating is really hard, and my stomach just doesn’t feel great. Also feel just unfocused 2nd dayNoMale22Every 30 minutes to an hourBowl/bongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12907872352September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBad mood swingsYes, trouble eating, extreme sweating followed by chills, inability to control my anger, depression, sleeping alotDay 1Cut usage down before I quitMale16Every day heavyBowl or jointRecreational purposes only
12907996059September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyDepression. Trouble waking in the morning. Uninterested in activities I used to like. Forgetting conversations I've had. Headaches. Unable to sleep at night. Night sweats. Mental fog. Exhaustion. Mood swings. Anger.The first night I had trouble sleeping and a headache. The second day is when most of my symptoms started. Otc headache medicine (ib profen). Hot baths/showers for aches and pains. Exercise to help my mood (walking).Male32Every day.Vape pen most of the time. Edibles monthly. Recreational purposes only
12908281364September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlyi wanted to understand the drug and the quitting/withdrawal process to help someone i loveinsomnia, anger, depression, sadnessa week after the factyup, serotonin reuptake inhibitor otc drug, paroxetineOther46daily, every two hours mixed with tabaco in the form of a cigarette Recreational purposes only
12908291481September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyToo addictingYes, feels sometimes like I can't breathe, get severe anxiety and shaking, no appetite and diarrheaFirst day of quitingGabaFemale1824/7PenBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12908295642September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMemory was badBoredoom, lack of motivation, sadness, low libido.After a weekI already meditated AND exercised daily. Just keep doing itMale21DailyBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12908357724September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyPsychiatrist encourages me to and I want to quit. I’ve tried about 7 times over the last 5 years to quit and not succeededYes. First couple weeks it was night sweats vivid dreams irritability and anxiety and now it’s fatigue and depression and still some anxiety - I’m about three weeks out I think no libido. Weight loss. Ans loss of appetite See above At first doc gave me Xanax but we just stopped that too Female40DailyA couple joints and between 10-20 mg edibles daily - on avg with a few stretches of more or less depending on work needs Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12908425839September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFeeling everytime I smoked I got all plugged up and felt anxiety Dehydration chest pain worry2 days after I quitNoMale18EverydayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12908575791September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyCurious if my major depression and suicidal thoughts are connected to putting off remedial/productive thoughts and action via marijuana use.Yes. Though I can't be sure these are purely symptoms of withdrawal or just the resurfacing of demons put off by use. Anxiety and depression are at peak levels 24/7. My sleep is going between 2-3 hours and then 12-15 hours in bidaily cycles. Also my appetite is completely unpredictable and suicidal thoughts are unfortunately up. Major cravings for weed/escape.Within a day of quitting.I'm trying to keep busy with games, cooking, walking. They're working as distractions but certainly not feeling good or relieving symptomsMale13DailyBong/JointsRecreational purposes only
12908981951September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyPossible CHSYes. Irritability, nausea, diarrhea, shakiness, crying spellsThe morning after I quitNoFemale17DailyBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12909139643September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy kidsIntense anxiety, anger, and irritability.Day 1Have had a few drinksMale163 times a dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12909186732September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI wanted toMood, cravings and crazy realistic dreams1st dayCbd works Male16I cut down to once a dayBong or vapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12909190928September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlycareer path and better jobslightly angry, upset giaround the 36hour period.Cbd rsoMale16twice daily unless im off shift then possibly three timesBong (bowl) multiple of themBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12909340703September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety and panic attacksYes, at 90 days. Experiencing anxiety, depression, anhedonia.After one week of cessation.Green tea.Male18Daily or nightlyDry-herb vaporizerBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12909387298September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo focus on school, my future and enjoying life.Anxiousness, anxiety, depression, insomnia and many more.Tuesday NoMale22Everyday (when using) but I would take breaks here and there.Bowl, vape pen, edible and joint.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12909544866September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental Health NoN/ADrink Male143 or 4 times per weekJoint Recreational purposes only
12909597643September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFeeling like I’m in a fog and gained weightNoFemale40DailyVape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12909778101September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecoming to dependent of it. Losing weight due to not being hungry. Feeling lazy On day 3 chills insomnia vivid dreams chills restlessness naseous tired depressed 1 day NoFemale19Past year 1-2 x a day Edibles &?smoke Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12909808897September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyKidsDepressed Whole monthOn antidepressants allreadyFemale1324 7SmokeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12909815088September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI stopped smoking cigs. And did not want to smoke anything. Plus I felt like my memory was getting badDepression. But is that from cigs. I’ve quit both cigs and weed now for 19 daysNoMale16One hit or two every hour every dayOne hitterRecreational purposes only
12909864291September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyStomach painBrain fog, depression, anhedonia 1 week inNoMale15Every dayBlunt (weed + tobacco mix)Recreational purposes only
12909892625September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI knew I needed to. It was becoming a crutch and my tolerance was far too high.Extreme anxiety, panic attacks, sweating, depression, no sex drive, food revulsion, no appetite, nauseaUpon cessationNoFemale27Daily, throughout, morning to nightVapeRecreational purposes only
12909902926September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlySpiritual reasonsBraun fog, tension in jaw, GI distress, anxiotYesterday, 2 days out from cessation Yes… support from my partner, a Registered NurseMale17EverydayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12909934506September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFelt like it took too much place in my lifeLost of appetite, depression, extreme fatigue, headaches48h hours after stoppingExercice and meditationFemale19Every dayJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12909976272September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI started smoking weed in a difficult time of my life. In the beginning i really benefited from it. I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want to become a daily user, but it happened. Somehow I managed to work through this difficulties and now there is no reason that could justify the use any longer. At least not for me. Few weeks ago I realized how much my coping mechanisms shifted to “just smoke some and forget it”. You can’t build happy a life around that. Also the lack of motivation to do anything else than smoke weed became really frustrating. So I decided to quit in order to grow back my real personality. Reasons to start smoking in the first place where: insomnia, anxiety, lack of appetite and some other. Now that I stopped smoking all these came back. On top of that: cravings, mood disturbances (I.e. I’m annoyed of everything as irrelevant it might be) , and I guess headaches (perhaps not caused by the withdrawal)Immediately after getting sober. I'm 7 days in now. I read this blog and wrote down why I wanna quit. That’s it. Male22I smoked for roughly 2 years. Irregular in the beginning. Like three times a week for about five months. And every day at least once for about a year. Joints and bongs Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12910004465September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt made me too lazyInsomnia and very little patience with everything.after the 2nd to 3rd day of not vaping itNoMale26Every dayVaping in a tower vaperRecreational purposes only
12910065675September 9, 2021Stopped Recently3 days agoMalaise/torpor, not as hungry, very slow to get up in the morning, restless grumpinessYesterdayExercise and water and distractions like readingFemale25every dayjointRecreational purposes only
12910079127September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyLung health, I’m still young, I want to be able to have an appetite without being highLack of appetite NoMale15EverydayVape pen, bluntsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12910081986September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyDidn’t feel happy even when smoking.Vivid dreams, night sweats, fatigue, brain fog.The afternoon after going cold turkey. Cbd capsules.Male16DailyDAB rig.Recreational purposes only
12910578361September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo save money instead of spending it all on weed. To feel in control of my life. Cravings, apathy, headache, insomnia, irritability, no energy or motivationDay 2Reading health benefits of quitting Female12Daily from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed BowlsRecreational purposes only
12910658474September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTaking control of my lifesevere sleeping problemsday after quitting noMale34dailysmoke,ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12910707315September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlypretty much every possible reasonno sleep or appetite, very uncomfortable nausea and irritability/depression first daynoFemale19many times a day every day for over a yearspliffRecreational purposes only
12910879993September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI had been a heavy weed only smoker for 12 years. 12 freaking years! I recently started having problems with my thyroid and by association, my heart. It scared me so badly that I quit weed and coffee, hoping that would help. Intense anxiety. Panic. Depression. Wanting to disappear. Immediately. Day 1 after I quit.Yes! Benadryl and magnesiumFemale18Every day. I would hit my cape 20-40 times daily.Vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12911320737September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyStop feeling trapped & go out more at night, save money, dui All of above, depression, suicidal thoughts, self harm, anxiety, anger, boredom, insomnia, loss of appetite, loss of motivation, worthlessness, hopelessness, paranoia, headaches, muscle pain, stomach pain, brain fog, irritability, short temper, cravings, dont wamt to get out of bedDay after stopping Exercise, talking, sleep, hobbiesMale22Daily multiple times a day, max 2G+ daily tapered to 0.5G mixed with passionflowerBowl, occasionally edibles + dabs + kiefBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12911465216September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyEmployment Yes. Sleepiness all the time. Harder to go to the bathroom. Headaches. Also mood swings.First day was mostly moods and trouble eating and sleeping. After the first week now I’ve been tired and sleeping way more. No.Male18Everyday all day.Joints, blunts, and vape. Never edibles.Recreational purposes only
12912268643September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlyneeded a mental break, spending too much money, wanting to apply to jobs after graduating college soonInsomnia, stomach pain, nausea, headache, sweating at night, more vivid dreams, irritability, decreased appetite 24 hours after last smokeDrinking waterFemale13Every day BowlRecreational purposes only
12912466830September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI spend too much money on it. And when I don’t have it, I feel like I’m insane. Like I can’t be myself unless I have it. Anxiety and depression. Stomach issues. diminished appetite. Sleep disturbances, nausea1 day after I quitAnti-nausea medicine Female12EverydayVape pen, bluntRecreational purposes only
12912475212September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyLack of energy, inability to think trough things, feeling worthless, difficult of reading books and do new things in generalYes, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance In the second day Exercises, camomile tea, drinking a lot of water, Female21EverydayBlunt Recreational purposes only
12912530330September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy munchies got out of control and I realized I was gaining weight. I also realized that getting high wasn't as pleasurable as it once was, and I felt like I was wasting my life, just getting high and watching tv every nightNot really. I wasn't under the impression there was such a thing as physical cannabis withdrawal, and I don't think I've had any withdrawal symptoms. My sleep has been somewhat disturbed, though, and I've had more intense dreams.Within the past week... about when I stopped usingNopeFemale18Daily. Every night around dinner time I would get high and continue until I went to bed. I started using daily around 4 years ago.Bowl, sometimes bong or edible, rarely jointRecreational purposes only
12912559232September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI didn’t want to be reliant on anything for any reason. Also, I felt near schizophrenic sometimes after smoking. The anxiety which I started smoking to ease, ended up becoming centered around my use of weed. I was convinced I needed it to cure my anxiety, but it was exacerbating the problem.I’m quiet. It’s like I’ve forgotten who I was before I started regularly smoking. If that counts?Day 1 of deciding to quit.I tried drinking instead, but I never was a heavy drinker and never had any desire to be…. So I ended up making the decision to get clean from drinking as well.Genderqueer19Very regularly, it started out as a once in a while thing, and teetered between once a day at night to then being an all day every day and every occasion and every day after work…. So basically very regularly.Vape pen, bowl, bong, joint, bubbler… You name it.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12912578100September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyGaining weight, lack of energy to exercise, difficulty sleeping, drank too much alcohol with it, munchies, expense, brain buzz, irritableInability to sleep, brain fog, malaise, lack of energy, hot flashes, headachesTwo days after quittingTrying to make myself exercise even though I’m lethargic. Reading about marijuana withdrawals so I know it’s not just me. Gave up alcohol also, Female594 to 6 times a weekMostly edibles, vape pen also sometimes Recreational purposes only
12912704870September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to improve my life, achieve my goals. Mood swings, depression, anxiety1st dayReading, working and trying not to meet people that smoke weed for some time. Also asked my friends for help. Female18DailyJointRecreational purposes only
12913078009September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyThe obligations of attending law schoolNauseation; Loss of Sleep; Loss of Appetite; Feeling Morose Approximately 18 hours after my last "session"Keeping WAYYYY too busy to contemplate setting time aside for mind alterationMale18DailyFlower through a bongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12913082548September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyWeight gain and Motivation decreased Intense cravings -anxiety 10 hours after last useNoMale17Everyday BowlRecreational purposes only
12913110404September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyWanted to improve my life instead of sulking in it.Numb to many common emotions, attributed to brain fog.Nearly after I quit.Find new sources of entertainment and try to be as focused as I can on my efforts of quitting.Male18Nearly daily.Vape pens and occasionally bowls and bongs.Recreational purposes only
12913111314September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI get lazy and unmotivated, and sometimes takes a long time to wake up. Alot of sweatingThis past week, I last used on Tuesday. No. Female13Every day 4 to 5 times Rolled a joint or smoked in pipe. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12913207169September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlyi told myself that i didn't want to keep doing this and that i didn't want to ruin future job opportunities anxiety, overthinking, loss of appetite, vivid dreams, loss of sleep, hopelessness, clouded thoughts, not knowing how you feel or how to express any feelings my first full day sober talking to myself, meditating, praying, working out, reading, talking to a psychologist Male16daily vape ,bowls, jointsRecreational purposes only
12913300882September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlywork and health benefitmoodiness,cant sleep properly2nd daynoMale166 joints a daysmokesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12913840491September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlyto be more conscientious, improve memory and to be able to deal with life's challenges without a constant coping mechanism to hide behind.general anxiety, brain fog, feeling low/bored. random bouts of angry feelings.a day or two after I stoppednot specifically, drinking tea, making sure I eat enough and being active as much as possible. Making plans with friends and being sociable and keeping myself busy.Male20dailyrolled joints with tobaccoBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12913934926September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was to depending on it and feeing suck and unhealthy Lack of appetite and difficulty swallowing and keeping down food, constantly feeling like vomiting/gaging, hot and cold sweats, fatigue, unable to sleep even when exhausted, headaches, intense anxiety, easily wound up and agitated. 1 1/2 days after stopping Protein shakes with supplements to replace meals and lots of exercise. Male15Daily Water pipe/bong Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12914820411September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy use was continually escalating upwards and beginning to creep into work and family life.Acute bouts of nausea leading to vomiting, irritability, mild night sweats, cravings. Almost complete loss of appetite.Starting ~24 hours after discontinuation. Dramamine for nausea (didn't work). Male33Multiple times dailyVape bag (volcano)Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12915138576September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFinancial reasonsI feel bored i think about wanting to smoke again i distract myself by playing video games to take my mind off it lost appetite usually i find myself staying in bed longer than i usually am less productive headaches feeling aimless sometimesA day or half after stopping since usually i would be smoking but now i have this big gap of time in my day where im not sure what im doing since id usually be smoking at that timeGetting a hooby finding new things to do playing video games or just going to sleep entirely Male16Almost everyday with a day i wont smoke will come every now and thenBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12915307971September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHad a car accident Yes I am cant sleep and when I do I'm having weird dreams About 4 days after quitting NoMale15Every day Rolled joint with tobacco Recreational purposes only
12915382896September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo save money and for health reasons Extreme night sweats, vivid dreams, insomnia, low mood, lack of motivation, cravings, fluctuation in appetit, breathlessness and anxiety/ feelings of panicAs soon as I reduced my use to just one joint before bed, I did this fit a week and have now gone 2 days without and they have increased dramatically Detox drinks (green tea/ cranberry juice) Female31Daily JointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12915412180September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFinances and covid lockdown made it impossibleIn the first week, loss of appetite, night sweats, body temperature fluctuations, trouble sleeping. After about two weeks, extremely vivid dreams that left me exhausted. Been almost a month and still having them. Physical in the first week, vivid dreams that are still persisting after a month NoFemale26Daily. Sometimes from the morning, other times just the evening. Dependent on work. I don't get stoned before workJoints with tobacco and pipe. Sometimes bongRecreational purposes only
12915429420September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I want to grow and progress in my life and I feel that marijuana is causing me to stagnate. YES. I have experienced all of them. I lost appetite, have had headaches, trouble sleeping, lack of motivation, and the worst is the irritability and depression. Immediately upon cessation of use. No - just water, journaling and exercising. Female16Daily and throughout every day. Vape penRecreational purposes only
12915588472September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo feel more human and in tune with lifeJust really hotDay 2No just willpowerFemale18Every day Spliff (nicotine and weed(green)Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12916016567September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI wanted to improve my health and productivity and the old habit needed to be dropped. Yes, mostly cravings, restlessness and difficulty sleeping Same day I quit and started skipping the usual times of day I'd smoke itI'm taking some natural supplements like lion's mane mushroom that help with brain fog and mood Male15Every day, two ounces a month Roll it up Recreational purposes only
12916246600September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyPanic attacks/anxiety/felt like I was doing damage to my cardiovascular system/heart. Also my dad was born with a heart condition and died in his early 60s (he smoked a few cigs as a teenager but quit soon after) . After smoking a bit too much I remember feeling a weird beat in the upper part of my heart almost in between my regular heartbeats(only 2-3 times and went away after, didn't last any longer than 1 minute and was gone). But add paranoia that you get and this really freaked me out and basically made me say in my head " I don't like this feeling". Pretty sure I started back up smoking way too much too fast and my body was trying to let me know. I'm just one the people weed doesn't completely agree with. Yeah I love it but at the end of the day its doing more harm to me than good.Very minor symptoms, irritable, trouble sleeping, boredom, anxiety (wanting to be clean again already)1-3 days. This is my 2nd or 3rd time trying to quit. I was just off weed for a few months this year (2021, I think around April was the last time, but went to hang with some friends and ending up smoking again...I almost smoked again... but stayed strong and didn't. Just been trying to exercise and stay busy.Male17Every day, waking up and smoking a bowl about 10-30 mins after being up, and then maintaining my high all day... all the way to night, when I would pass out and sleep so goodBowl/Chillem/One Hitter/Pipe. If I was out with friends, mostly likely a bluntBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12916450063September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlySchool is starting soon and I want to feel productive again because marijuana makes me lazy and fatigued.Hot sweats, bouts of anxiety, slight dips into depression, very irritable at times, and mental fog.Onset was 10-16 hours after stopping marijuana use.Using diphenhydramine to sleep for the first couple days to alleviate insomnia.Male17Every night to sleep.Vape penRecreational purposes only
12916565918September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my mental health. To save money. I don’t wish to smoke anymore Feeling sick is the main one. Vivid dreams. Insomnia for the first 2 days after quitting. I’d cut down my intake a couple of days before completely stopping, at this point id started to feel sick and got chills. ONo, only cutting right down prior to stoppingFemale14I’ve smoked it on and off for years. Most recently I started it again in 2020 until now (Aug 2021) this has been Frye period where I’ve smoked it the most. I would get up in a morning and smoke a joint. Smoke in a rizla with tobacco Recreational purposes only
12916610074September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyWas using so much that I couldn’t keep up with the financial part. Also got to the point where I really couldn’t feel high anymore.Yes. I already had severe anxiety and depression (that’s why I got my med card) but now it’s even worse. Nausea, vomiting, no appetite, insomnia, severe boredom.With in a few hours after my final use. Eating bland foods and smaller meals throughout the day. Anxiety/Depression meds. Exercise. Trazadone 200mg for sleeping. Stay busy throughout the day. Find a new hobby or play video games.Male18Every day every 2-3 hours Bowls, vape pens, edibles, dabs (Mostly a high THC of around 90% concentrate user and still able to function normally and think clearly while using)Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12917398084September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlyit really messed up my life. i could not focus on doing anything. everything i did was half. i basicly understood i was only fooling myself.anger, anxiety, headaches, sleeping problems, bad appetite.the first afternoon after i quit.i used gabapentin a few times when the headache and pain was unbearable. but only because i still had to work that day.Male24everyday 4 to 5 joints a day.joints with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12917831063September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyUsing way too much edible concentrate (dispensary said "it's ok to use as much as you want, it won't hurt you. You're body will get rid of what it doesn't need or you will just go to sleep.") and resulted in horrible problems - physically and mentally.After 22 days, still can't sleep for more than 4-5 hours (and that is WITH getting up 4-5 times a night). Restlessness, constantly tired (but can't sleep); can't perform normal functions (working only one day a week now) and pain/intestinal issues, chronically.The first day I didn't have any thc or cbd.Every sleeping pill, melatonin, meditation, now doing talk therapy 2 times a week. Was working out hard for a while, but not able to maintain that as I wasn't sleeping/repairing. Very disturbing.Male44At the beginning of last year it was periodically - once or twice a week to once or twice a month. Entering the pandemic it was sometimes for a week or two at a time, stopping because of stomach pain.Started with edbles (gross/expensive) and went to full-spectrum oil/rso.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12918165200September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was tired of being worried about the adverse effects of long term use NoI experience none cos am not a heavy smokerNope am doing just fineMale18Once in a whileBluntRecreational purposes only
12918173041September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyLifestyle change. Want to become healthier and regain vitality>Anxiety, depression, boredom, lack of motivation, upset stomach, headaches, irritability.Day one to day forty-five which is currently where I'm at as I write this. My main symptoms at this stage (day 45) is a more or less persistent dull headache and anxiety and depression.No.Male45Everyday.Strictly edibles. 500-600 mg every day.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12918511294September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyLack of motivation, depression, anxiety.Yes. Intense cravings, even on day 24. Also, my dreams have picked up in intensity in just the last few days. Immediately after stopping.Exercise, meditation, deep breathing. Joining a rock climbing gym as helped a lot. Also, giving in to food-based cravings instead of weed cravings has helped get my mind off of it.Male16Every day all day.First joints, then dabs.Recreational purposes only
12918637381September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyAfter using on and off for over 20 years I recognise how I withdraw socially from people when I smoke, its like its me against the world. I isolate and retreat. I realised I was dulling my happy, my excitement and my vibrancy. I wanted my last for life back.Insomnia, irritability ( nail biting), gloomy feeling, negative perception and food aversion.I relapsed. I did 5 days without and 2 days with. I'm now on day 4...they feel better this time around but instantly...the first night I had major sweats and insomnia Reading Quiting with my partner so the moral support helps. Drinking more fluids.Female13Daily just in the eveningsSmoke with tobacco I don't smoke regular cigarettes ever.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12918750807September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyEye sight problems, want a new jobDid the first two weeks, irritable and sleep disturbances. I’ve been dream for the first time in years Almost immediately after quitingNoMale13EverydayJoint, pipe, dabsRecreational purposes only
12919121738September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI don’t know Vivid dreams, night sweats, anxiety, irritability.Around 24 hours NoFemale15Every dayVape, edibles, joints, bowlsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12919242612September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyPoor routine, diet, exercise and sleepInsomnia, anxiety, depressionWithin first 24 hoursNoMale17DailyJointRecreational purposes only
12919312129September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBetter lifestyleMood swings, sleep deprivation, foggy brainDay 2 & 3NoMale24Everyday morning till night JointsRecreational purposes only
12919897793September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyRan out Insomnia, Appetite loss, early satiety, body temp dysregulation, moodiness; Insomnia and moodiness comes first while body temp comes last. I never had more than a week without it recently because I'm not making an active attempt to quit48 Hours after cessationI don't really care about sleeping and eating; for temp just take clothing off, turn on AC, or take a shower.Non-Binary 15Once-twice per day Bong, Joint Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12919983646September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyWeight loss forgetfullness insomnia Headache sweating cravings depression 2 days after stoppingPain pills now I’m going to try exercising Female13Everyday 5-7 timesJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12919993961September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney, Lung Health, MotivationYes - Smoker's Flu (rolled joints using tobacco), Irritability, Minor Brain Fog~3/4 days into abstinence Maintained using 3mg nicotine vape, using exercise to shift focus and aid sleep, eating well.Male17DailyJoints (Tobacco + Weed) Recreational purposes only
12920056470September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause it, along with alcohol, was contributing to my lifetime diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder. I have quit both substances.Yes. Gastrointestinal, fatigue, loss of appetiteWithin 24-48 hours after quitting marijuana and alcohol.Other than eating good nutritional food, no.Male16Cannabis tincture, daily.TinctureBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12920317533September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was giving me depressionBad anxietyDay 5AlcoholFemale174-5 times a dayBowl or vape penRecreational purposes only
12920526376September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause it was loop: work mon-fri, then get hella high on friday evening, then find yourself on the Monday morning with very limited cognitive ability and heavy anxiety because of inability to work (my job requires intensive cognitive effort, it's IT-project management in a huge financial corp). So they main reason is that I got really tired of the anxiety and also afraid of my career perspectives. In fact I came to a frightening realization that if I have weed at home I'll use it no matter what day that is. I'll use if I have no work to do and I have absolutely no control over it. Anxiety/depression. Lots of negative thoughts including suicidal. Fear of staying in that state for long. A lot of fear for my job which I'm not doing for the whole week now. Struggling with finding energy to do simplest tasks. Heavy brain fog, I'm really stupid now and can't concentrate at all, can't make up a simplest plan for tomorrow (which is extremely unpleasant due to the fact that I have to do plans for my projects or get fired). Less hunger, less sex drive. Get angry really quick, results in yelling at computers when they take a little bit more time to think. A lot of negative thoughts on friend and relatives. Nightmares at night are also there but they look numbed comparing to what I had a few years earlier (this is not my first CWS). Sleep disorder effectively mitigated by use of melatonin.After a few days from last use. Can't name exact number because I don't remember. Melatonin for sleep disorder. 3mg used 1 hour before sleep. Really helps to fall asleep fast, although I do have those disturbing dreams and sometimes get up at night, but this is like heaven compared to what I had with my first CWS (5 hrs sleep max with consequent horrible nightmares for 3-4 weeks). Male164-5 days a week. To be specific it went like this: I bought 2-3g (or more) on Firday and started using it with a 'gravity bong', staying high through the weekend. On Monday I go to work but usually there were leftovers so I got high on Monday evening and sometimes on Tuesday evening too.I guess you call it 'gravity bong', that water tool made of two bottles: the smaller one with no bottom is inside the bigger one with no top. Very popular device in Russia called 'Vodnick' or 'Vodniy'. Helps to gain tolerance fast. When outside I used joints. Recreational purposes only
12921881564September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyOpen heart surgeryNoFirst weekBeing with friends that don't smokeMale18Every daySmokeRecreational purposes only
12921926425September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMade me stupid, and in the long run made depression and anxiety worse It’s been a week and I still haven’t slept or dreamt, looking forward to vivid dreams, my stomach also constantly feels like I’ve pushed myself a bit to far with running (about to throw up but never do)About 16 hours after my last smokeNoMale20Couple dab cartridge hits in the morning, either a bong bowl or more dab cart at 4pm, and bong bowl or 2 before bed, near the end I was hitting dab carts a lot more frequently Bowl, vape pen, and ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12922292674September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxietyHeadaches, depression, irritability, sensitive to noise, GI upsetDay 2Walking Female18Every dayJoint mostly Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12922553811September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealthCHS started didn't know why it was until my partner looked it up 3 days still sick and haven't smokedDon't know No trying to get through this vomiting stage and stomach cramps so badMale18DailyBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12922985453September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI've been wanting to quit for years and haven't been able to. I don't have the funds to purchase weed anymore, its expensive and it's easy to get now due to Dispensary availability. It's causing anxiety, I get upset at how excited I am to smoke everyday. Headache, chills, nauseaDay 1-5Exercise, keep busy, research and learn about symptoms has made my mental state better Female19daily all day longbowlRecreational purposes only
12923234274September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFinancial, social and health reasons Yes, chills/ sweating, cravings, restlessness and anxiety, diarrhea, nausea, complete loss of appetite/ weight loss, low motivation 24 hours Pepto bismol and gravol for stomach and sleep, herbal teas, showers Female15Multiple times daily Joint Recreational purposes only
12923239663September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI became concious about the fact that it ruined my social life and hindered my personal growth. It was a real addiction – alltough i would never frame it that way. Restlessness Anxiety Vivid Dreams First DayMeditation Yoga BreathworkMale14It became a almost daily habitVaporizer Joints EdiblesRecreational purposes only
12923778046September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth Anxiety Day 3VapeFemale17Daily SpliffRecreational purposes only
12923786027September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlyaffecting my productivity and realized i was in denial after being a heavy user for 5+ years.scattered mind, cant concentrate, is day 4 and all my work is backed up, i forget thing on the spot, foggy mind, lack of hunger and weird crazy hyper realistic dreams. also weir, but im constipated. low libido and nervousness galore. feeling the need to buy flower to put an end to all the thoughts bouncing through my head . nausea on day 1 and 2 but not anymore. ive been more emotional than usual, not in an angry way, but i noticed the first few days anything will make me sad or cry. day 3 and 4 not so bad. day 1yes, exercise. Female22every day, all day for the past 5 years. used to be bowl or bong. since the pandemic hit, its been vape pen every day.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12923822944September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my baby I just feel like I need it but thinking about my new born makes me say no feel angry n stressed About a week ago NoFemale11Every day all day Lung bongs
12923979211September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I want to live a clean life and spirituality No sleep As soon as I quit Meditation, breath work , SKY practice Male17Everyday Spliff / tobacco and weedRecreational purposes only
12924045219September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMesses w my headDisassociation, irritable. Can't eat .Yesterday NoFemale13Everyday Blunts Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12924509476September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my own health, and to get a diagnosis I need to be clean for at least 6 weeks but I’m gonna try for 3 monthsI am currently on my 3rd day and my only symptoms are not wanting to eat and having difficulty sleeping, I used to smoke daily for almost 3 yearsSince day 1Caffeine and chewing gunMale18About 1g a day in spliffsJoint, spliffsRecreational purposes only
12924594011September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was negatively impacting my daily life.Yes, mood swings, insomnia, GI Issues, major anxiety, severe migrainesDay 2 of quitting Yes ibprofen, excedrin, water Female21Daily Edible Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12924842701September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyNeeded a tolerance breakYes. Sleeplessness, loss of appetite, anxiety, stomach UAR sensitivity, sweating, chills, watery stool, worryAfter cut dose of intake to reduce possible withdrawal symptoms. 1-2 days after were intense.NoMale14Daily .5-1g a day of cbd, hybrid sativa and indica and more intense pure sativa 2-3g a day for 1 month.Bong alwaysRecreational purposes only
12924935435September 9, 2021Stopped Recently1 weeks agoRestless, not being able to sleep .. constantly thinking about getting highDay 1Yes .. keeping active and trying to see a different sceneMale13Every single day about every hour or soHalf ounce a weekRecreational purposes only
12925064019September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlydepression, lack of motivation, poor social skills,depression, anxiety, poor sleep, no appetite, first two daysnoMale21dailyvaporiser, paxRecreational purposes only
12925099461September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBreakup - 1. cannabis was causing too much anxiety and overthinking 2. I decided it was time to stopDifficulty sleeping, waking up every hour of so Loss of appetiteThe day I stopped Not yetMale17A few times a dayVape pen and jointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12925131019September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlyclearer thinkingsweats lack of concentration some aches and pains like muscles and stomach for instancethe first 3 days exercise hot baths hydrationMale15almost everydaysmokingRecreational purposes only
12925542652September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyLack of ambition/motivation. Cost.Restlessness sleep disturbance shifting appetite irritability 12 hours after quittingNoMale145x dailyWater pipeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12925661402September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyGeneral life impacts. Insomnia, depression. Can fall asleep but only for three hours at a time. 2 days after stoping Exercise Male14Daily in the evening Edible or bowlRecreational purposes only
12925686940September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI got tired of it. I quit for ten years while in the military. When I got out of the military I started using again. Fast forward 3 years from that and my tolerance has made me a heavy user and it’s not as fun as it was. It’s more of a chore now than a pleasurable.Sleep disturbances; vivid dreams when I can sleep; anxiety; night sweats; irritability; depression; the urge to keep using.The second day/night after I stoppedChamomile tea; melatonin Male34DailyJoints, bowls, vape pen, and ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12925717199September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBreathing problemsInsomnia, lack of appetiteDay 3Running has helped a lot. I also drinks slightly moreMale19A bowl pack a dayBowlRecreational purposes only
12925746823September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain fogCold sweats, headaches, irritated, fatigue, loss of appetiteBefore quitting did try taper off for week beforeShower and baths sleepMale14All day everydaySmokeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12925841183September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI have severe short term memory loss with Marijuana, I felt anxious, angry and couldn't even read a single page in a book, let alone study. I would have regular absences, and my depression was only balanced if I knew I could have a joint or oil. Diarrhoea and constipation regularly, constant confusion about life or who I am, depression and anxiety and an overwhelming feeling of loneliness.From a few days after stopping. I can't bring myself to do anything, I have tried reading,which I enjoy for a few minutes but I have no self confidence in retaining information.Female18DailySmoking joints, and taking thc oil drops orally.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12926335653September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyWhy notAnxiety/ slightly depressed loss of appetite difficulties sleeping exhaustion sweating Day 1Anxiety meds and exercise and talking to peopleMale13EdAllBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12926451507September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety, made me feel incapable of simple tasksI did, but not any more. Nausea, vomiting, stomachache, heavier and more painful periods. Extreme sadness, like there was a dementor in the room and I’d never feel cheerful again, inability to look forward and contemplate another day/hour/week.Day 4Keeping busy helped.Female183-6 times dailyJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12926528341September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo improve my overall health and save moneyYes i get anxiety and have trouble sleeping Around four weeks after stopping Yes deep breathing techniques and exercise Male15Every daySmoking Recreational purposes only
12926569493September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyNeed to focus on schoolNausea, loss of appetite, night sweats, fatigueThe day after I quitCBD—like a lotMale173-5 times a dayBowl or vape penRecreational purposes only
12926670670September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyRestore memeoryNo3 daysNoMale19Wake and bake to bedtimeJointRecreational purposes only
12926763352September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was consuming too much not doing much elseAnxiety, headache, nausea, loss of appetiteWithin 24h of quittingMeditation helps with anxietyMale16Several times a daySmoking, vaping, ediblesRecreational purposes only
12926820453September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyNo enjoyment anymore.Sweats, irritable, mood swings, cravings Within 24hrsCbd spray Female14Every day in rizlaBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12926903619September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyUnwanted lingering impacts on personality and motivationDepressed mood, disinterested demeanor, lack of energy, boredom, increased irritabilityDay 1Not yet, unsure what to tryMale173-4 times dailyBowlRecreational purposes only
12927521246September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHard to source with borders being shut around meHeadaches, tired, restless, agitated Within the first couple of hours Taking cbd tablets Female348g a weekJoints Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12927633125September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt caused severe anxiety any time I smokedFirst week: cravings, diarrhea, headache, night sweats, aggressive feelings Second and third week: severe night sweats, deep depressions, no appetite, negative feelingsFrom day 2 of quittingMeditation, hypnosis, EMDR guided therapyFemale41Every day as medical prescription combined with CBDOil and smokingBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12928042313September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyJob application Headaches, lack of sleep, loss of appetite Two weeks after the fact CBG for my headaches. Female18Daily. Constantly. Joints or vape pens Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12928299927September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyCannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome- Insomnia - GI problems (lower tract pain, inflammation) - Nausea and vomiting - Hyperthermia - Headaches - Brain fog - Motor impairment - Random bouts of muscular painWithin 48 hours of stopping consumption.Antiemetic medication, sleeping pills and a colder environment. Effectiveness has been limited.Male22Multiple times a day.Joints, pipe, bongMedicinal purposes only
12928365205September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI smoked for 24 years non stop. I want a change, its time for a change for my health and my older wiser selfYes headaches and the nightmares are the worst of them all. Today makes 29 days for me. The longest I have never smoked, I'm proud of myself. The 1st day and up until now. I am sleeping a little better, but the nightmares and headaches are still here. Yesterday 8-29-21 my headache was so bad it made me want to throw up, but I took a Tylenol PM and went to bed. Woke up feeling better but the slight headache is still here. I'm praying this goes away soon.No I tried to stop a few months ago I did it for 9 days. It was okay but in this Pandemic who wants to be sober, that was my thought and excuse. I know better now.Female15All dayJoint and edibles Recreational purposes only
12928732844September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was dependent. My nutrition and sleep were poor and I found it hard to execute changes I wanted in my life. After 2 1/2 weeks I’m sleeping better but the first two weeks it was a major struggle. I feel a step slow. Brain fog. Day one. Breath work. Effective. Male38Daily. Vape pen. Edible (THC lemonade). Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12928854773September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMedicinal use for IBS and trauma recovery + recreational use for a high turned into daily abuse and I realized I have been high all day everyday for 2yrs. Has now taken over my life and holds me back, lowers my confidence.1st few days - nausea, fever, restlessness, no appetite 1st week - nausea, no appetite, weight loss, fatigueDay 1CBDFemale16Heavy use every dayBong, joint, vapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12929229864September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyAfter 42 years of it and my 60th birthday approaching I just felt it was long overdue.The first 12 days I had night sweats and headaches and fever Around day 3 after last toke.Drinking lots of water and taking nsaid.Male18Daily, but only about a quarter gram per day.One hit batty the last 20 years. One hit water bongs before that Recreational purposes only
12929584415September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyOverall health and well-being Insomnia Chills Irritable Abdominal pain/cramps, constipation/diarrhea (ibs seems to have been made worse) Nausea Bloating Loss of appetite Tired I almost feel hungover but without the headache I used to drinking fizzy drinks most of the time, since stopping the smoking they make my stomach hurtDay 2NoFemale17Every daySmoking jointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12929794048September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyStarted feeling a propensity to feel depressed and cognitive issues1.Depression 2.Concentration difficulties 3.Memory problems They started during heavy consumption periodsNoMale17Three, two times a week, sometimes morePaperRecreational purposes only
12929812388September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyUsing it everyday and have gained weight and lost motivation to do other thingsIrritable. Night sweats. Sleeping issuesDay 2noFemale52Every dayvapeRecreational purposes only
12929939996September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTired of feeling numb all the timeI'm very sleepy5 days after last smokenoFemale25dailysmokedRecreational purposes only
12929958269September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyDespite only using it in the evenings, it was beginning to affect every hour of my day to day life, as well as motivation and focus. Additionally, my lungs have been weak and my doctors informed me that marijuana can interfere with my ADHD and antidepressant medication .-nausea -insomnia -anxiety -bouts of crying -fear -dizziness -loss of appetite -aches and painsWithin 48 hoursI have been taking tylenol to help with the physical discomfort, and using the 4-7-8 breathing technique to fall asleep.Non-Binary 31Every evening after 4 or 5 pmJoints and vaporizerBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12929962755September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI felt it was making it more difficult to manage my emotions. I used when I wanted to feel good, and realizing that I had that behavior and found happiness in very few other avenues highlighted that. Yes absolutely. First week had insomnia and increased anxiety and irritability. I’m now day one week 2 and my mood is very very low. I feel quite gray, and sad to be honest. 24 hours, but have heightened the past 72 hours Melatonin, exercise, diet, staying active, etc. Just difficult as motivation levels are declining Male14I used consistently, almost daily, for the past year. I moved into a new place with new friends this past month and we all decided to take a break 8 days ago. Usually bubbler or a bong. Recreational purposes only
12930194486September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTook over Sweating anger anxiety no sleep no appetite Day 3NoFemale26Excessively daily Rig bongs and spliffs Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12930684270September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI hate myself Fatigue short temper Loss of appetite The first daysNoMale17Five blunts a dayBlunts and jointsRecreational purposes only
12930687342September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyChest infection thought I was dying ended up in hospital wasn't dying just felt so like it Anger feeling sick no energy hot cold sweats no appetiteWithin 24 hrWalking lots and lots of walking Male17All day every day Bong smokingBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12930835852September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHeart attacksleep problemsweek 2noMale21every daysmokeRecreational purposes only
12931227677September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I'm embarrassed about how much it controls me.Yes, no appetite, vomiting in the morning. grumpy and fed up with life. Just want to smoke grr 😤 but will power will winThe first morning of no smoking NoFemale16Daily minimum 5 spliffs a daySpliff Recreational purposes only
12931628704September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo become healthierInsomnia, main reason I started. Lucid dreaming, slight cravings. Did have headaches for several of the first few days.2-3 days from quitting. Headaches ceased quickly. Insomnia still persists 28 days later. Cravings are virtually gone.No. I work out about 30-40 minutes a day, but I did that smoking too.Male225-8 times daily. I would go through 7 grams in 2 days easily.Bowl and pen.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12931894483September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt’s not the life I want for myself or family/kids Yes. Day 12 here. I used thc vape pens primarily for the last year and a half. Daily. It’s been a REALLY hard battle to stop. I have never been addicted to anything else before. I am also 39. Terrible anxiety Constant cold/sweat Unable to sleep / stay asleep Jittery and borderline shakes Negative zero appetite Nausea (especially after eating) Racing mind Irritated Frustrated with simple tasks Life sucks. Praying it gets better soon Have not yet Just reducing stress load Trying to stay hydrated and forcing myself to eat. Female37Daily Vape penRecreational purposes only
12932168343September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo save money I can’t sleep, feel bored. Day 1I drank wine to help sleep…would of been healthier to smoke.Female20Every dayAbout 1-2 grams per dayBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12932193615September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney, depression, breakdown in a weed fueled relationship and general feelings of unhappiness A lot of people like to claim that their isn’t any symptoms when giving up. I’ve stopped and started after heavy use a few times now (this time hopefully being the last!). The most common symptoms are hot flushes, no appetite, extreme mood swings, headaches, constipation (for the first week or so) and then diarrhea for week 2 and inability to sleep.Day 2There isn’t really much that helps. Stay hydrated, keep meals light and healthy. Female17Every dayJoints only Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12932417522September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlymotivation, mental acuity. Also, I was relying on it to handle situational depression. To avoid mental anguish. Someday I might use occasionally for recreational purposes, but not as a crutchA little, but not much. Still trying to get dopamine levels back to normalFirst weekL-TyrosineFemale40every daysmokeMedicinal purposes only
12932925382September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyDon’t want to be a slave to weedHeadache, irritable, sinus pressure18 hours after last use GabapentinMale18Daily Flower and penRecreational purposes only
12932946227September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyPlaying sports in college -Can’t sleep -no appetite -low energy -anxiety/depression. 6 hours after I stopped Hot showers/baths help with mental issues. Warm milk/melatonin for sleep. Telling my parents that I smoked Male17-getting high 2x a day Pen batteryRecreational purposes only
12933008631September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI don't remember.Yes. Depression, irritability, vivid dreams, insomnia, increased sleeping.ImmediatelyAcupuncture, CBD oil, Qi GongFemale17DailyJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12933199868September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyJust wanted to quitLoss of appetite, loss of sleep , depression and mood swings2nd dayNoMale19Multiple times a dayVape penRecreational purposes only
12933257103September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyJust had an overall unrealistic/paranoid view on life even during the day when i'm not high as i was a heavy night time smokerheadaches, anxiety, paranoia tirednessday 2cut down slowly over a month instead of cold turkeyMale19every night for 5 years and on and off for 10bowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12933276053September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI wanted my lid back. Sweating fogy dizzy diarrea nightmares cant sleep . Two days Melatonin for sleep lots and lots of water. Dont over do it. Female16Very heavy the past year Q Bowl Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12933316066September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was experiencing symptoms of CHS.Night sweats and erratic dreams, but I'm 23 days sober and it's getting better.Within a few days of quitting.Drink plenty of water, take vitamins and exercise.Female16DailyVape pen and bowlRecreational purposes only
12933350310September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyLack of motivation, brain fog and reduced memory. I've been smoking since I was 12 heavily, on and off for 10 years. I haven't smoked in 72 hours, but symptoms are still mild. Headaches, a dull and inconsistent bodily ache, no cold sweats as of yet. Minor trouble sleeping, somewhat increased appetite but reluctantly eating ( which is odd) and mild cravings.After day 1just melatonin for sleepMale14Everyday, primarily in the evening after work and on weekends.A bong and a bowl, also edibles from time to time.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12933435374September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth isolation and cadhAgitated insomnia and tearful Day 2NytolFemale20Everyday With tabboco rolled smoked Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12933521974September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental health felt as though it went from bad to worse. Self harm, considering suicide, inability to handle enotions or stress.Severe decrease in appetite and libido. Difficult staying asleep for more than 3-4 hours, followed by 4 hours wakefulness and then crashing for another 3-4 hours.Appetite and libido within first week, sleep problems during second and thirdI was a functional stoner, exercised intensely twice daily, meditate twice daily, eat healthy. I haven’t changed any habits.Male17Daily, from waking until sleeping. I don’t pay for weed as I am a sales rep for a producer. I smoked ultra premium flower and concentrates.Bowl, dabs/vaporizer Recreational purposes only
12933870837September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo better my health and relationship. There's been a lot of cheating and even when he usnt im paranoid he is. Sweating, irritability2 weeksNoFemale17All day everydaySmoke Recreational purposes only
12934085561September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyParanoia, money and sleepNot anymoreFirst couple days NoMale14Every dayBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12934165195September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI kept losing track of time. Litterally would work then smoke at home and months would go byI do experience withdrawal the times I have tried quiting stay off it is hardThe night of first day I have tried meditating Male21EverydayBowl, edibles, vape if I could find itBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12934233732September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlySmoking to feel normal. Flu like stomach issues anxiety 2 days after quitting. NoMale50Multiple time a day pretty much most days.Volcano Vaporizer Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12934732235September 9, 2021Stopped Recently3 days agotrouble sleeping. pain coming and going on right side of headtodaymelatoninMale15everyday everythingRecreational purposes only
12935159477September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyUsing it to sedate myself to tolerate living out of a car for 2 yearsI have quit for one month, the worst symptoms are gone but there is still brain fog, difficult to focus. No ambition Day 4Drinking more alchohol, also exercising somewhat moreMale21All day for mostly 2 years, prior to this not as heavy but still frequent, mostly daily Mostly smoke, but a period of lots of vape. Some edibles on occasionBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12935238071September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI used constantly and it affected my drive and mental health negatively. I can't sleep. I have no appetite. I am irratible. I had anxiety and depression while using and still do. The first dayI'm only in day 3Male16All day every dayFlower and ediblesRecreational purposes only
12935314994September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I was smoking every night for 3 years and was questioning whether it was a cause or a cure for my anxietyYes. I am two days in and feel overwhelmed and anxious. I couldn't fall asleep last night and had a nightmare when I did. I have strong cravings to smoke as wellAfter 24 hoursCold showers, walksMale15DailySpliffBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12935362011September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTired of itAnxiety,jolts out of sleep, sweating,chills , irritabilityDay 2MelatoninMale13EverydayEdible,bowl,vapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12935507244September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyNeed employment Intense crazvings, headache, stomach pain, sweats, anger, anxiety, Within one day NoMale10Multiple times daily,5+PipeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12935582819September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTolerance breakLack of appetite, insomnia, heart palpitations, depression and irritability, suicidality, fatigueThe day I stopped smoking NoFemale14Twice daily for two yearsBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12935612535September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlySave money and mentally feel drained some daysHeadaches, Brain fogOn the 2nd dayCold showers and Exercising Male18Everyday for 3 yearsSqueezes and BowlsRecreational purposes only
12935865601September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was tired of what it was turning me IntoMany brain fog to be precise am in 20 day now Immediately I quit Yes and so far is workingMale17DailyRollRecreational purposes only
12935961012September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo be more present, especially at the end of the day. Memory concerns. Lung concerns. Being a good influence to othersDay 1 cravings, nausea, weepy. Day 2 cravings, nausea, brain fog, weepy. Day 3 less cravings, restless sleep, Day 4 Exhaustion, minor cravings, terrible headache, restless sleep, tmjWithin 24hrs of stoppingAdvil for headache. Female133-4 times a daySmoke a pipeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12935964399September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause it made me really anxious and I cant remember what its like to have a clear mind. I also spent all of my money on it and am now in thousands of pounds of debt. I want to do well in life and be the happiest I can and I dont think that's possibly smoking weed every day.I am irritable and getting headaches. I feel anxious and stressed.The first day of quittingI usually smoke cigarettes when I crave a spliff or feel too stressed, but I'm focusing on trying to read more books to make me feel more calmFemale16Every daySpliff (rolled with tobacco)Recreational purposes only
12936123041September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHurt myselfYeah i think about it alotOccasionallyMeditatingMale15EverydayEvery 2-3 hoursMedicinal purposes only
12936153750September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyDifficulty focusing, increased social anxiety, occasional speech stutter, didn’t want to increase chances of permanent cognitive effectsDuring weeks 1-3, I most commonly experienced mood swings and depression 4-7 days after quitting Having a good daily routine was key to my sobriety. Specifically, staying as busy as possible for the first 3 weeks. Daily Activities included going to the gym, nature walks, starting a online business, going to my day-job and hanging out with sober friendsMale18Consistently throughout the day, everyday. Bowl and Vape penRecreational purposes only
12936221764September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealthy lungs and improve memoryVivid dreams, cravings, ireitibilityDay 1Snap a rubberband on wrist when I have a cravingFemale40Daily throughout the dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12937011498September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyInhibition on life.All of the above with intensity.Within 12 hours, with anger / rage being the first symptom.NAD infusions.Male33Daily70% THC vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12937049510September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTolerance breakIrritability, i’ve had a mild headache since i’ve stopped, my stomach has been upset everyday, i’ve had trouble sleeping and eating. yeah after a day of not smoking yes i bought cbd delta 8 flower, it helped for a little but my brain was able to tell the difference after the first day of using that so all the symptoms came back afterwards. Female19EverydayConcentrates/ dab rig.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12937685823September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHyperemesis stage 1 symptoms after 6 months edibles 70 - 90 mg per night for tinnitus insomniaGI. Nausea Hard to say because of hyoeremesisZoltan. Not sure it actually helpedFemale57Every nightEdibles. Capsules tinctures gummiesMedicinal purposes only
12938101386September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI realized I was still smoking it even though it caused problems like fatigue, anxiety attacks, I was getting angry if anything got in the way of my smoking time. I started getting noticeabley dumber. I've gain 30lbs in one year. This happened while only smoking a "one hitter" or two per night. After noticing I was continuing to use even though it was causing problems, I knew I was addicted. Yes! Headaches, irritability, sick feeling, stomach aches, itchiness all over. Brain fog, no appetite, weird taste in my mouth. Terrible depression. I feel awful. I cannot believe the withdrawal is this bad with how little I smoked. 24 hours after last useDrinking lots of water, meditating, excersize, taking naps. And alot apologizes for my anger outbursts lol. Forcing something to eat helps a bit too. I tried smoking cbd to alleviate my symptoms the first time I tried to quit, it didn't really help and I ended up smoking thc and eating an entire box of cheese its.Female13Every nightOne hitter (mini smoking pipe)Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12938190350September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI smoke it all the time and I just feel like I can be a better version of myself if I stop The first night I couldn't go to sleep I punched my pillows to death I've been pretty easy to agitate the past 3 daysDay 1Only willpower Male14Daily almost all dayBowls mixed with tobacco Recreational purposes only
12938386881September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety increasedCravings, appetite lossDay 4Melatonin for sleep Male165 times a weekVape, bongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12938443376September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI stopped because it is a mistake that leads to other mistakesdepression dreaming about weed numbness and headachesafter the first daynoMale17every fucking daysmoking via rizzlaRecreational purposes only
12938465399September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause myself and partner stopped doing any activities. We were only concerned about smoking every evening.Yes. Sleepless nights. Extreme boredom in the evenings.The first 2 weeks we were on holiday so it wasn’t bad or our minds were occupied. But the 3rd week we are back home and it’s been very difficultGoing outside for a cup of tea as we would usually do when smoking.Male19Every eveningJointRecreational purposes only
12938486447September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyStarted to feel the weed may be affecting my brain when stringing sentences together Not yet.. only day 2N/aNoMale18DailyJointRecreational purposes only
12938587519September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI felt like my smoking was negatively affecting my personal and professional relationships with others. Chills, diaphoresis, lack of appetite, nausea, feeling unbalanced on my feet48 hours after smoking. Tylenol Female32Every couple hours, heavy use. Blunt and vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12938594213September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt ruins my relationship with people Anxiety and sleep disturbance After not smoking for 24 hours NoMale16Everyday All of the above Recreational purposes only
12938629487September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlytoo much paranoia and strange thought patternsyes, upset stomach, earlier nausea, and irritabilityday one or two w/o after cutting down substantially over a period of a year from multiple daily use to single daily use. Then from smoking daily to tinctures kombucha, ginger, and ma meetingsFemale15for the past few years, daily to weekly smokerone hitter or bowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12938657003September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyPregnancy Nausea and trouble sleepingThe night I stopped smoking Anti nausea medication Female15DailyBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12938692583September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo try and clear my head and focus up on what I want to do in life.Right now im just having cravings, But just this morning on my third day clean i had a super bad headache The 3rd day for me Video games and working outMale17EverdayBlunts and jointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12938941013September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyA better life/job.Nausea, light head and little to no sleep.Within the first 24 hours.NoFemale20Daily at least 3-4 times.Smoke. Roll up in a cigar.Recreational purposes only
12939097242September 9, 2021Stopped Recently 5 days ago Loss of appetite Weed Cravings Nausea in the mornings First few hours Drinking more water Getting Fresh air Bitting my nails Female18Everyday 3 time per day JointRecreational purposes only
12939310113September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyA trip to Utah caused me to have to detox for 4 days. Upset stomach, anxiety, irritability, muscle pain, Sleeplessness, Low libido, and food aversion/no hungerFirst dayI went hiking and playing video gamesFemale15Daily up to 4 timesBowl, and dabbingBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12939356761September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyWork.Sleep issues Loss of appetite Cranky Day2 Arts and crafts Female152 monthsJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12939687833September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMultiple reasons, I became burn out; started a health kick with cold pressed juices, smoothies, Whole Foods and exercise. Didn’t feel like consuming one day recently and felt like it was right for me to quit. I’ve been using daily multiple times a day since I was 15, with the occasional tolerance breaks. I’m now 26, and just noticed I’m tiered of being unmotivated. I was attempting to treat my mental illnesses with weed and came to the realization that it’s not a positive way to treat or deal with what I have going on. Got to the point where it was making mental state worse. Temperature control issues. Cold sweats and clammy hands and feet. Loss of appetite. Over all major mood swings. I do have bipolar 1, so I’m experiencing rapid cycling mood swings since quitting. Occasional Nausea Insomnia Feeling weird and unwell. Fatigue Also at times I have swings of restlessness and feeling wired and jittery. First day Healthy lifestyle, Listening to my brain and body. Resting when I feel like it. Staying hydrated. Talking about symptoms and feelings with my partner. Female14Multiple times daily. Didn’t ever go more than a few hours without consuming. Volcano vaporizer Glass water bong Occasional edibles Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12939711399September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI felt that it was clouding my judgement and I had no beaks in my usage anymoreYes nausea, brain fog, decreased productivity. Swelling feet at night. Sweating at night.A week after stoppingNoFemale16every daypipeMedicinal purposes only
12939736675September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt stopped being fun and became a chore. I spent so much money on it. I planned my whole life around it. I’m currently on day 16 and I’m still really struggling but I know I have to give it up to be the best person I can be. Cold sweats, night sweats, extreme mood swings, super bad anxiety.(to the point I’m convinced it’s not anxiety) had no appetite first week and lost 15 pounds. Got about 3 hours of sleep first 5 days. Suicidal thoughts. Terrible attention span. Nausea when I did force myself to eat. Super restless. Quick to anger and when I do get angry it’s more of a meltdown. Even less unmotivated than I was when I was smoking. Whenever I smell weed my mouth literally salivates. I start to get the cold sweats and anxiety about 12 hours after my last smoke. But all the other symptoms took 24 hours to set in and really got intense at 48 hours. I’m very into working out so I go to the gym everyday and that helps tremendously. I try to drink as much water as I can to flush out the toxins. I just do anything that can keep me distracted and not thinking about smoking.(video games, tv, hanging with friends.) Male173-4 smokes a day. A typical session for me would be 3-4 bowls from a bong. 3-4 smokes a day. A typical session for me would be 3-4 bowls from a bong. I always used a bong. Recreational purposes only
12940212844September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I was curious of what the effects of stopping would be (seriously). I've spoken out two times about my wondering, then decided to try it.Rapid heartbeat, general sense of rush/haste, difficulty falling asleep. Also, if I fall asleep, multiple awakenings during the night accompanied by hyperhidrosis.Rapid heartbeat only now (after 5 days), same goes for the general sense of rush/haste. Difficulty falling asleep appeared the first night, same goes for the awakening and hyperhidrosis.I continued vaping (just flavour+nicotine) as a way to at least keep my intake of nicotine the same, whenever I feel like smoking weed, I turn to my vape for a boost of nicotine and to keep myself occupied. Furthermore, I go to bed a lot earlier each day to compensate for the lack of sleep.Male22Every day for the length of at least a year. Before that I occasionally smoked for the previous year, and before that I smoked every day since my 22nd. I ussually smoked around 1 to 2 joint per evening, prior to bedtime.Nothing special, just mixed it with regular tobacco and rolled a joint. Mostly excessive tobacco accompanied by the bare minimum of weed/hasj to notice a difference in mental state.Recreational purposes only
12940257368September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety, wanting to feel normal againYes. Appetite loss, nausea, vivid dreams, anxiety, palpitations, intestinal issues. After a day or two Walking, breathing, going to the sauna Female23DailySmoke a bluntRecreational purposes only
12940859375September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor clarityDepressed, tiredDay 5NoFemale20EverydayVapeRecreational purposes only
12940881939September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyJust doneStomach painSecond dayExercise Female21DailySmoke Recreational purposes only
12940889996September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney, lung health, increasing motivation for work and universityHave felt very few symptoms until the 5th day (today). I woke up feeling lightheaded and the feeling hasn’t fully subsided all day 5 days after for significant symptoms, cravings and wandering thoughts have occurred since day one but have subsidedNope just willpowerMale17Daily Spliff (called a zoot in the United Kingdom where I’m from)Recreational purposes only
12941381461September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyReligious reasonsMild feeling of unease, mild headache, mild stomach upsetFirst day of abstinanceNoMale18Multiple times dailyBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12941432298September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBoredom, and saving moneyLoss of appetite, restlessness, boredom, difficulty focusing, irritability, depressionAbout 36 hours after cessationNicotine vaporizersMale16Two to five times a day, daily.Bong, vaporized concentratesRecreational purposes only
12941486800September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyImprove quality of lifeFatigue, loss of appetite, irritability, potentially EDAfter a day of not smokingNoMale201-2 joints per dayJoints/ediblesRecreational purposes only
12941503408September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyAge, health, smell, interference with daily life: in stuck of everything having to be punctuated by itInsomnia, nausea, poor appetite, lack of energyDay 1Nicotine replacementFemale18DailySmokingRecreational purposes only
12941542324September 9, 2021Stopped Recently5 daysYes Upset stomach Headaches Lack of Hunger Irritation Day 2NoMale18Every dayPipeRecreational purposes only
12941720274September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlyregain focus and mental clarityirritable and sleeplessness usually peak around day 4 every time i quitno, i just try to time it so the worst is on the weekend. experimenting with ingesting activated charcoal to prevent enterohepatic reabsorption https://vacmr.org/activated-charcoal-thc-detox/Male19daily before bed, maybe a little more on the weekends joint, bowl, water bongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12941723011September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI'm pretty young, and most of my family all smoke or rather vape, I never wanted to smoke, so I got into edibles from my 18th birthday on, almost instantly got addicted because nobody warned me about anything. Had some time on and off, ended up getting control back of my life, but of course things aren't that easy. Got back in about.. 4 months ago? Time feels so weird, maybe 5, could be 8 for all I know. I started feeling like shit over time, feeling it hit less, being high all the time, not knowing when edibles stop hitting because I take the next one before the old wears off, realizing that I barely spent any time not high. Time to stop, and to move out of this fucking house.Well it's been two days since I quit, my sleep is pretty distorted, whenever I close my eyes they snap back open, but I CAN sleep generally, it just takes forever. When I stop paying attention to my body and breath I start shaking, sometimes so much so that my teeth start hitting together and the sound is really annoying, so I try to focus on not doing it, but it doesn't reliably work. I'm crying a whole lot, granted I'm also about to be on my period so that probably does not help my mood whatsoever, but this is definitely unnatural levels of crying, even at this time of month. My heart feels faster thought I haven't measured or anything, anxiety is way up, mood is way down, just the usual I suppose. No vomiting or headaches though, so that's nice at least..Basically the second I decided to not take that extra edible and instead do something else, it's like my kid self is sitting inside me, irritated at my attempt to not avoid my problems anymore, constantly shouting at me for being a dumb fucking pushover failure with no sense of direction or perspective for the future, but it's not really offering any productive help unfortunately. Ehm.. anyway, the shaking and what not properly started really really soon after. It barely took any time at all.Yes, well, yoga I suppose to get my mind off things, drawing frantically to get just any emotions onto paper so I don't accidentally let them out and shout at my mother, risking an argument that would only make the entire situation worse because in my current living situation I am at this woman's mercy no matter how much I fucking HATE it.Female18Again it was on and off, but for the last.. 3? 5? 7? months (probably closer to 3 than 7, at least I hope so.. I really cannot remember most of this time period) It was basically every day, 1-3 edibles per day, each being about one third of a gram of weed.Edibles.Recreational purposes only
12941766253September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyGot in the way of School and romantic relationships Restlessness brain fog depression Day 1 Caffeine Male202-5x daily bowl Recreational purposes only
12941810040September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBody telling me to stop and not fun anymore Anxiety insomnia can't stop swallowing (gerd?) Hardly any appetite and just feel weird overall Second dayLong bike rides for exercise and eating better Male35Daily BowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12941830651September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo get my life togetherHeadache, feverDay 2Ibuprofen Male13Daily Vape penRecreational purposes only
12941939958September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyToo many health issuesGI pain, nausea, headache, shakiness24 hours after quittingHot showersMale11Several times per dayVape penRecreational purposes only
12942066818September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my health Yes Anxiety Headaches Loss of appetite Day 2Not reallyFemale15DailyBongRecreational purposes only
12942308301September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBetter healthAngry, lack of sleep, huge cravings, apetit ImmediatelyExerciseMale19EverydayJoint Recreational purposes only
12942338798September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlymy mind was foggy all the timecraving, sweats especially cold sweats, lucid dreams and i keep waking up in the middle of sllepfirst 24 hnoMale20everydayjointsRecreational purposes only
12942685968September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyWant to changeYes anxiety palpitations no appetiteWeek 1YesMale21EveeysayJointRecreational purposes only
12942785024September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was too heavily dependant and it was causing mental health issues.I’m one month in and at present just insomnia and brain fog with patches of depression. Gets easier each week.Within 24 hrsMindfulness was a big help. Tried various sleeping remedies but nothing really helped.Male18Was having 3day binges every 2 weeks. Previous to that it was everyday.Joint with tobaccoBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12942845250September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI noticed I was forming a dependency Yes, cravings, mood swings The day after quitting This site Male13DailyPinch hitterBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12943319851September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was relying on it every day and not doing anything in my free time except smoking and zoning out. Was experiencing health conditions and wanted to rule out weed as the cause. Lack of motivation.I feel like I have the flu. I thought I had COVID but tested negative twice. I am nauseous, have a fever and chills/sweats, headache, restless, agitated, depressed, anxious, feel like everything is bad and there’s no point, withdrawing from friends.I started having trouble sleeping on day 2 and started feeling really awful and feverish on day 4.I took 10:1 CBD but had no relief. I am rubbing CBD cream on my back and neck to try to ease the headaches and muscle aches. I am drinking a lot of water and taking naps. I took time off work. Nothing helps.Female16Daily for 4-6 hours per eveningAll of the above. Bong, flower vape, oil vape, edibles.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12943396243September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to be a better person for my childrenJust mood swings so farDay 1Keeping mindful of why I want to quitFemale273 times a daysmokeRecreational purposes only
12943422158September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy vision was severely negatively impactedYes, I am having trouble sleeping, and my eyes are very light sensitive and have a hard time looking at bright lights. My vision is also blurry as well.The first day of quitting.No, I just let it naturally take its course.Male18Every day, all day.vape pen and ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12943737219September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt caused anxiety Vivid dreams, anxiety and feet sweats After day 1YesFemale15Daily 5+ times a day Bongs/blunts Recreational purposes only
12943822849September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyAddiction ruining my marriage and cause of anxiety and depression Can't eat or sleep or enjoy anything feel miserable As soon as I quit NoMale22DailyVape pen or joint Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12943898226September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyAcknowledging it is an addiction Depression. Fatigue. Fuzzy eyesight. Lack of appetite. . Brain fogAfter about 2 daysDrinking water . Acceptance Female30Daily JointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12943934534September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI wanted to see how I feel if I do not smoke. I do not have cravings, the symptoms are more similar to stopping antidepressants cold turkey. I have lost appetite, and I am constantly sleepy. I also feel depressed. After two days of quitting.No, because I am not addicted to cannabis. As mentioned, the symptoms remind me of quitting antidepressants abruptly. My discomfort is not severe, but it is still easy to notice. Male17Almost every day for the last 12 months.Joints. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12944183497September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBetter myselfNoNoneNoMale18Everyday twice to three times Blunt wrapRecreational purposes only
12944292100September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyCost. It was making me lazy and unmotivated to do anything.Headaches but mild. Constantly tired even after good sleep. Depression. 3rd day of abstinence. Work in the yard for distraction. Male662-3 grams a day, everyday in lieu of opiates for back pain management. Prerolled 1 gram joints.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12944731514September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth Headaches fatigue depression anxiety tinnitus 2-3 days after NoMale20Daily all day BowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12944818446September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy relationship with it is not healthy. Self loathing cycle of wanting to stop & self sabotage. Some cravings, nightmares, stomach cramps, loss of appetite Day 2 Not really Female17Daily - 3/4 joints a dayAll off but mostly smoke Recreational purposes only
12944912003September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyJob and want to change lifestyle No sex drive. Somewhat low energy and doubt about my future.Immediately after quitting.GNC products and trying meditation.Male22EverydayJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12945598308September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyLaziness, lack of focus, feeling of dependence for eating/ sleeping Lack of sleep, lack of appetite, irritability Day 1 of abstinence NoMale17Since beginning, I had entered phases of heavy and moderate use as well as phases of abstinence. As of recent, I would consider myself a heavy userCartridges, rolls (blunts/joints), concentrates (dabs) Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12946140250September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth and finance Cold sweatingNot sureExercise Female20HoirlyBucket. No nicotine. Recreational purposes only
12946729401September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMum was diagnosed with lung cancerDifficulty staying asleep3daysNoFemale15DailyTobacco Recreational purposes only
12946781614September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyA friend died of cancer. I want to embrace my lifeFeeling flat. Eyes itchy, congestedDay 8Exercise, regular sleep schedule Female54DailyVape dry herbBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12946835325September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlySmoking was hard on my lungs Yes, chills, shaky, sweating, nausea, uneasy feeling, anxious and irritability 15 hours into being sober NoFemale17Multiple times a dayBowls out of my bongRecreational purposes only
12947003821September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMade me lazy, accelerates aging, antisocial behavior and clumsyYes. Depressed mood, irritated, nausea, hungry but can't eat, can't sleep, sweating all the time 1st dayYes, zofran for nausea, magnesium supplement for sleep, and just working out a lotFemale17Every daySpliffBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12947090370September 9, 2021Stopped Recently The main reason why I stopped is because I was heavily abusing marijuana for years (2016-2021) and used it as coping mechanism to avoid my personal struggles instead of facing them head on. Another reason also is I was smoking so much that I now suffer from a persistent pneumothorax problem (Collapsed lung). I also would regularly stay up to 24+ hours smoking marijuana and not sleeping or eating and in my lifetime of smoking I could comfortably say I've been through quite a substantial amount of psychosis episodes caused most likely by a lack of sleep and smoking a ridiculous amount of marijuana. I also smoked to the point where I would vomit but even after I did I would keep on smoking and smokingBefore I stopped I tried many times to lay off but I would always go back because I was afraid of the withdrawal I would get from weed. For me personally I would get angry and depressed with constant mood swings and felt like I couldn't feel normal again without it so I kept smoking to avoid these feelingsPretty much from day 1 till about 10 days for me roughly. I found the worst to be around the 3 to 7 day mark. Nope I just went cold turkeyMale15When I was 15 (2016) I would only smoke in moderation anywhere from about once a week to about twice a month and only needed a very small amount to get absolutely stoned out of my mind. But in 2017 in a short amount of time it was all day, everyday smoking an ounce or 2 a week Bong (In Australia we call a bowl a cone piece. Made out of brass). I would start with a small cone that could hold 0.10g then I started smoking bigger cones that would fit 0.50g to 1.0g and I packed it to the brim and smoke them in one go. (Not trying to sound tough but in Australia we finish what we pack in one go)Recreational purposes only
12947132671September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlyfocus, independent work productivity, feeling disconnected from others/daily life, compulsive repeat smoking, resolving to take a day off and not being able to. only 'quitting' when it runs out and i resist buying more. extreme anxiety, anger, fear, depression, desire to isolate day 3exercise but panic symptoms make it hard, b12, lots of water, and on a negative side, alcohol (working on this)Female334 times a day most dayspipeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12947416264September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause antiquated employment drug testing laws that violate our fourth amendment rights in the USA are still being usedI had glue like symptoms for a few days at first. Mainly stomach aches and nausea 2-5 days after quittingNoMale17DailyOne hittersMedicinal purposes only
12947510847September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyJob and relationship strugglesYes. Night sweats, My appetite is terrible, anxiety,First dayDrink more water, exerciseMale175-10 times a dayBongRecreational purposes only
12947640445September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain fog and lack of moneyAnxiety, restlessness, diarrhoea Mostly day 2, physical symptoms later in the dayPrepared well in advance by establishing strict exercise routine that I'm sticking to. Male26Three times a dayHas varied over time but in the last ten years mostly edibles.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12947693221September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI no longer want to rely on it / more job opportunities Yes. Vivid dreams, weezing, anxiety, stress, I’m eating more, headache, irritable, fatigue Day 3Meditation, being active, staying hydrated Female18Every day 5 times a dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12947778392September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause it stop me from focusing on my goals Cravings, Lack of appetite and lack of sleepyesterdayyes, exercising - running each day and supplements like l-tyrosine and 5htp plus multi vitaminsMale165 - 10 joints a day smokeRecreational purposes only
12948895826September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt’s bad for meIntense mood swings irritability anxiety depression weight lossA few daysSurfing, better dietMale17Pretty much every day since I left the military (sep 2019)All kindsRecreational purposes only
12949058006September 9, 2021Stopped Recently1. I don’t like being addicted, and I have been for 5 years 2. My GF wants me to stop, and I love her 3. I want my energy and motivation back. 4. I am an ambitious person, smoking kills my ambitions Nausea, insomnia, irritability Especially in the morning I feel sick to my stomach until noon when I do not smoke for a few days, loss of appetite (the loss of appetite persist trough the day but disappears after a week or so) -> In that case I force myself to eat small portions, because if I don’t it only gets worse Sometimes I can not smoke for a week and have nothing, other time the symptoms start after 1 or 2 days not smoking. I guess it depends on how my body and brain chemistry are at that moment? No. I force myself to eat small portions and bite my teeth Male14About 1g a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less Just rolling it like a cigarette with tobacco Recreational purposes only
12949571300September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo help preserve my short-term memory, to relieve my lungs of THC toxicity, and to not be reliant upon a substance anymore.IrritabilityAfter one week.Exercise and breathing techniques.Male15Every dayBHO or rosinBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12949714064September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyPersonal choiceAnxiety, panic attacks, chest tightness, shortness of breath, brain fogDay 2Medical helpMale185-6 times a dayVape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12949876173September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo take a tolerance break I am not hungry video games are to boring to play and so are other activitiesThe next day is when I noticed I wasn’t hungry just like how I’m not hungry when I’m on my prescription adhd medication NopeMale13Around 1.5G of normal bud a dayBowl and pen in publicBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12950166006September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyClean way of lifeInsomnia, mood swings, lost of appetiteFirst dayNoMale25EverydayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12950188074September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo become more productive.Headaches, sweaty palms, stomach pains, night sweats, cravings, brain fog, and more.I'm on day 2. They started around the 14 hour mark.I am taking multi vitamins and exercising. These multi include plant and fruit extracts along with all the normal ones. Male15Up to 2 grams a day. I dropped consumption down to around .5g a day before quitting.Bowl,Blunt.Recreational purposes only
12950212137September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyMemory and cognitive functionInsomnia, anxiety, mood swings, depressionThree days after quittingCBD oil for the first weekMale29every couple of daysjoints and ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12950408028September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyCost too muchHeavy cravings, appetite loss, irritated easily, must take melatonin to sleep.First 4 hours waking up not smoking Vyvanse and melatonin Male13Smoking a half a week for a while, cut down to about 7 grams a week, now completely dry. I would take a big bong rip at least every other hour Bong, edibles, bubblers, joints.Recreational purposes only
12950423683September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealthIrritability, depression, loss of motivation and appetite3rd dayNoMale28DailyBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12950948975September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyAfter nearly 3 years of daily (only at night) use i knew that weed was holding me back from achieving my life goals and affecting my university studies Irritability, vicious mood swings, struggle to fall asleepAt night when I used to smoke Keeping my mind occupied by reading or just going to bed earlyMale20Every night, only have had a month break in the past few years with a few weeks here and there of no use Mainly bowls, occasionally a joint Recreational purposes only
12951139740September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo have better health and more moneyFunny belly and not sleeping wellDay 2NoFemale21EverdaySmoke Recreational purposes only
12951168620September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyConstant anxietyHaven’t slept in days lose of appetite Day 3NoMale15Everyday Joint Recreational purposes only
12951612460September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyFocus on my business and schoolheadache3 days agonoMale15every week to every other weekediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12951713393September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyInability to concentrate at work, lethargy and general brain fog.Yes. Hot flashes, night sweats, depression and diarrhea.After ~24 hours of quitting.Sleep aid (like benadryl), exercise, extra water, healthy foods and vitamins.Male39Multiple times dailyVape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12951762270September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyStopped 3 months ago because I wanted a higher education.Cravings, sadness, isolation, feeling like I want to be alone.After I stopped smoking No just cold turkey Female15Periodically throughout the last 9 yrs but the last year was almost daily; up until 3 months ago.Bowl, blunt, ediblesRecreational purposes only
12952068778September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth, improve lifestyle, money. I was excessively sweating the first two nights then no. Slightly less of an appetite. 12 hours after quitting. Don’t need to. Female16Multiple times a day. Bowl Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12952090069September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI went on vacation for two weeks and it felt like a good time to take advantage of not being able to smoke, as well as a new semester of classes starting and wanting to be in good formIt has been 15 days now and I have been feeling very fatigued, some night sweats, and also some light headedness during the day.They appeared after about 5 days of quittingSleeping mostly, going for walks with music, eating.Male13I was smoking weed every day, many times per dayIt started as just burning flower either in joints or pipes, but the last year was only distillate vape pensRecreational purposes only
12952116590September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlySelf improvementIrritability, night sweats, no appetite, insomnia, anxiety, stomach ache.24 hoursNoMale15every dayjointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12952123101September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyDecided it was time. No longer want to be dependent on any substance I think so. First few days lossnof appetite. Its about day 8 and just had a big meltdown being upset with the world and feeling like a failure. Very sad today. About 3 days in I think.Nope. Stuck inside in isolation because covid. Exercise makes me feel betterFemale22EverydayTypically a joint, sometimes edibleBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12952187180September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyLooking for work Depression, chills, angry Day1NoMale44Everyday PaperRecreational purposes only
12953542151September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo put more positive focus on my business and my relationship, and to eliminate unhealthy vices helping me cope with anger issues.- Vivid, terrifying and/or weird dreams - fatigue during the day - difficulty shutting brain down for sleep - moments of anxiety and sadness - body aches After the first night- exercise - healthy eating - listening to audio booksMale16Every day and nightAll formsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12953565612September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI started to becoming dependent on it which then caused me to become lazy.It’s been two weeks and I do think about itFirst & second week however it’s becoming easier & easier NoMale17Everyday, twice a dayFronto, weed and rolling paperRecreational purposes only
12953579566September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was interfering with my schooling.Disregulation of my HPA axis, causing disturbed stomach, decreased appetite and heightened anxietyThe day after quitting. In the past yes, but really just a stomach stabilizer and sleep enhancer are the two main tools that could be helpful, plus an anti anxiety med, but that is not something I have tried beforeMale18On and off for a while, then daily, then I stopped for 9 months, then a few months daily. But the biggest issues obviously come from daily useVape pen, or jointsRecreational purposes only
12953715406September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyLung healthJust very infrequent dry cough and coughing up mucus after exercise. Coughing mucus after exercise also occurred during marijuana use so not so much a “withdrawal” symptom. I have also always had this issue slightly before I started using, potentially asthma. Dry cough started maybe two or three days after stopping.Drinking more water. Female24Two or three joints every dayJoint - pure weed, no tobacco Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12953789961September 9, 2021Stopped Recentlynothing in particular, but maybe to start college with a most sober reality difficulty sleeping, nausea and my stomach hurts.4 days to a week since the last time I smokednoFemale16everyday or mostly everydayflower, vape penRecreational purposes only
12954058031September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was smoking almost every day, and it was seriously hitting me financially. But I have only used weed or anything with THC for about 7 months. But I only recently in the last 3 months been using it heavily at almost 5 grams a day.This is Day 2 and I have no apatite, unable to sleep. I only started using it to calm myself when I was getting panic attacks from stress at work. This on the 2nd day. Cleaning and working on a farmhouse I'm building in the woods. Playing video games, and embarrassingly, masturbating (or trying to). But without the weed, not even that is fun anymore.Male28I started off with only eating 1-2 edibles a day (25mgsTHC each), fast forward 7 months, I switched to smoking and was going through a bout 5 grams a day.Smoking shake or bud.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12954135164September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyWanted to feel like my normal self again Yess Trembling not eating upset stomach heat flashes irritation 1 dat after quitting Hot baths Female19Everyday LeafRecreational purposes only
12954399158September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was one of my main activities throughout the day and the effects I used it for like decreasing anxiety, helping with productivity, and making mundane tasks more enjoyable had stopped taking place so I was just intoxicated and less functional but without the positive associations. I also found myself wanting to smoke more and more with less time in between, like wanting to smoke again 30 mins after I last smoked.Boredom and cravings associated with that boredom are my most pronounced symptoms. I find myself craving any kind of stimulation via intoxication and have been drinking alcohol more frequently though the results are never exactly what I'm looking for. My dreams are definitely more vivid and I have more restless sleep and more frequent nightmares.I started dreaming more vividly 2 days after stopping. The boredom and cravings started about 4 days after quitting and mostly manifest on weekends when I don't have much going on or in the evenings.Sometimes I drink alcohol when I have cravings, like one or two drinks and I've been going to bed earlier because of boredom. I am exercising regularly/daily which is a habit from before when I was still smoking and maintaining as many routines as possible.Male194-6 times a dayBubbler, occasionally bowls or jointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12954593114September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyI'm dumb, no memory, physically sick, mentally sick.Yes. Day one, cold sweats, shaking, mood swings, anger, euphoria. Day two, the same except body pain and much less euphoria. Today... I'm about to find out.The same day I stopped.Reading online about withdrawal. Trying to learn about what to expect. Had some paracetamol today but that was for a totally different medical reason that I regularly deal with.Female16Every day, every morning with coffee, straight until bedtime. I don't work, and covid lockdowns and 8:30pm curfew keep me from going outside so I just smoke the whole time.A bong.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12954748119September 9, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was autodistructive I feel confused and very edgy2 days agoKeeping myself busy and drinking alcohol:(Female16DailyJointRecreational purposes only
12874285039August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause it was taking over every aspect of my life. I was smoking five to seven times a day from waking until sleep. It seemed to destroy my motivation and exacerbated my depression and anxietyYes I am feeling extreme fatigue and irritability. Also my appetite is not that bigAbout six days ago when I went from using about two grams a day down to about a quarter gram a dayNo I do intend to perhaps try some CBD oil thoughMale17Every day. I would usually go through about a quarter ounce a weekBowls bongs and jointsRecreational purposes only
12874668738August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyUnable to keep on top of daily life. Mood swings and irritabilityOnly interrupted sleepAfter the first dayNoFemale22Daily, evenings onlySmoke it mixed with tabacoRecreational purposes only
12874701720August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt’s holding me back in life and I used it to be escape reality Headaches, waves of anxiety, broken sleep, it’s been 8 days and I’m getting about 4 hours a night. I started off on sleeping tablets for the first 3 nights now I’m going cold turkey. After A day or two since smoking my last jointI do try breathing exercises for my anxiety. I try to remain social able where I can to distract my mind. Female18EverydayJointRecreational purposes only
12874708004August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyGetting tolerable and don’t want to smoke anymore Sweats struggle to sleep head aches and bad appetite Day 1 Plenty of water good nutritious foods and restMale13EverydayBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12874796694August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI’m not quitting but wanted to take a few months off to get refocused on school. Yes. Primary trouble with sleep, mood changes, and exacerbation of anxiety. Loss of appetite (only 2 days on that symptom)The next day after I quit. Exercise regularly, eat pretty healthy, and improve sleep routine strategies Female16Everyday with most times being at night. Joint.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12875000953August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlyanxiety enhanced. have to go back to home country where weed is considered extremely illegal.anxiety, brain fog, vivid dreams, sleeplessnessthe first nightnoMale19several times a day, everyday.joint and bowlRecreational purposes only
12875011826August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyNot sure. Probably work and social stigma Yes. I’m on day 24 or 25 first couple weeks was easier than I thought but the last three days I have had intense cravings to use again. My brain telling me f**k it it’s good for you etc and I’m struggling to ride the waves. I’ve been using since 12 years old everyday and I’m now 31 Two days ago Tramedol although think it’s making it worse Male12All day everyday like a cigarette smoker except it was always joints instead of fags unless I was at work Tobacco and weed in jointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12875161525August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFeel better about myself find who I am and new job!!!Not as of right now smoked too much last nightN/ANicotine Male9Every day 3-5 times daily 2-3 blunts a day then wax off the rigBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12875436161August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTolerance break and trying to get a healthier relationship with this substance so that I don’t feel compelled to use it every day. Yes - difficulty falling asleep, vivid dreams and fairly restless nights, much more irritable than usual, and reduced appetite. As soon as day 1. The physical symptoms of withdrawal are mostly behind me as of day 6 but the emotional aspects (boredom and irritability) have grown over the course of the week and are worse now on day 6 than they were initially. This could also be because it is now the weekend and I’m used to smoking all weekend. During the work week it’s easier to stay distracted. Not really other than exercising every day. Male16DailyTypically vaporizers and dabs. Herb vaporizer during the week after work and dabs + vaporizer (both herb and pens) on the weekends. Recreational purposes only
12875456923August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor workIrritability, trouble sleeping, trouble focusing, trouble enjoying normally enjoyable thingsImmediately after quittingOnly distractionsMale16Multiple times every dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12875475891August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyPotential job change - lung concernsExtremely vivid bizarre dreams.2-3 days after quitting NoMale18DailyBowlRecreational purposes only
12875503476August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental health Always wanting to smoke after a month I still have cravings Still haven’t Exercise Male12Every day most of the day if and on Smoke, Vape, dabs Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12875559683August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMore ambition clarity of thought pulmonary and cardiac problemsNight terrors depression anxiety insomnia loss of memory and concentractionAbout two days after stopping useYes went to my shrink was put mood medication did not like the affects now trying welbutron remeron gabapentin and letudaMale12Constantly during pandemic morning noon and night 24-7Started with paper rolled joints and pipes then one hitters and vaped oils and waxRecreational purposes only
12875648523August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlySudden anxiety and concerns about my healthYes, occasional nausea mostly in the morning, severe sweating at night, insomnia, mood changes, hot and cold flashes, sweating The very next night after quitting Yes, I've had some success controlling nausea by drinking ginger tea but I haven't tried anything else.Male22Multiple times a day for 5 or 6 months until recently when I cut back to once per day for 2 weeks before quitting entirely.BongRecreational purposes only
12875738340August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyCHS I thinkNausea and tiredness at day awake at night 3 dayMelitonin Female17DailyBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12875748670August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI felt it was hindering my growth as a personJust Moody a lot these days ... Although I still felt same when I was using , especially after the 'high' fadesAbout 3-4 days after I took the last hitI drink a can of Heineken sometimes and I take a walkMale20Almost everyday I would smoke itRecreational purposes only
12875856194August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFeeling unable to learn new skills which are important to my livelihoodIntense boredom, racing mind (inability to focus on tasks at hand), intense dreams, irritabilityBasically from the first night I decided to quitdeep breathing, with pursed lips, purposefully blowing the cold air on my fingers. The main thing I miss is the deep breathing from inhaling, so duplicating this in this way has helped.Male33daily microdosing, approximately 1 gram every 5 - 7 daysbongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12875957513August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyImprove health. Never feel well. Expensive habit.Nausea, not hungry.Late on the first day.Gravol, sleep Male19Several joints a dayJoint, ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12876007197August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI ran out at the same time my regular connect ran out; and the store is really expensive so I took the opportunity to overcome my lack of easy access to stop smoking for the first time in 20 yearsLack of appetite, severe nausea, active repulsion towards food combined with unexplained and uncomfortable nutritional cravings, severe stomach pains, Mood swings, anxiety, nausea, day-sleeping, unable to sleep at night, unable to stay asleep, severe discomfort all the time, fatigue, night sweats, inability to regulate body temperature, severe restlessness, weird stomach movements and uncomfortable stomach sensations, lethargic feeling, boredom, panic, dysphoria, food does not taste good or satisfies hunger, feeling constantly hungry but also repulsed by food.The day after I last smoked No, not really, I just went about my normal day and did small things like increased water consumption and tried to do more various things throughout the day. Male15Several Bowls, (3-10) times per day, sometimes hourly, sometimes constantly since I was 15, (that’s 20 years of daily smoking from when I wake up to when I go to sleep).Bowl via a Pipe and BongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12876069384August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI’ve been smoking pretty much daily for the last 20 years (although I have stopped for periods of time now and then). Weed has caused me to withdraw from life and other people and made me more of an introvert. I know that if I don’t stop smoking nothing will change and I may wind up alone. Yes, vivid dreams. Right away. No. Female19Daily Joint Recreational purposes only
12876262037August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause it’s illegal and people are able to drink themselves senseless but it’s unacceptable for me to smoke cannabis… Anger that is challenging to alleviate. After three weeks of not using. Increased exercise (which I feel makes me more aggressive). Moving from Melbourne to Tasmania. Heaps of stuff. Male36Daily. Joints and cones Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12876274144August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI’m wasting my life while stonedCan’t sleep, irritation, angerStarting from the first dayWalking outdoorsMale20DailyJoint with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12876351487August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyPregnancyNo, but my husband and I noticed that my libido is gone when I don't smoke. Even before I officially quit, no smoke = dry spells.NoFemale17All day every day, soon as I sobered up I'd smoke again. I was only ever sober if I was in a place I couldn't smoke at for too long. Bowl or Blunt. I preferred gravity bongs though because I would use smaller bowls to save money and weed. Even the littlest amount would have me gone for like an hour.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12876365125August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo get a better job.Yes. Upset stomach, nausea, food aversion, irritability, mood swings, anxiety, disrupted sleep...I wake up out of nowhere then can't go back to sleep.Irritability, anxiety, and mood swings started Day 1. Just staying as busy as possible so I don't have too much time to think about it.Female35Every day, multiple times a day.Blunt, joints, vape pen, and bowl.Recreational purposes only
12876376527August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealthHeadache, diorheria, nausea, random achesDay 2Paracetamol for the headacheFemale30DailyRoll upRecreational purposes only
12876489889August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlysee if i have any withdrawal symptomsremembering my dreams, more vividcouple of daysnoMale13daily smokeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12876545822August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlySpending to muchYes. Weight loss, appetite change and muscle weakness1 week agoNoFemale21EverydayBluntRecreational purposes only
12876723176August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyChanging my lifestyleYes, fatigue and weird, vivid dreamsA day or so after quittingRunning and playing video gamesMale15DailyAll of the aboveRecreational purposes only
12876829910August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth reasons. Particularly mental health. Yes, irritability, serious dizziness, heart palpitations & lack of sleep. Immediately after stopping use. Interesting this time I haven’t used Valium to assist me with my withdrawals. Female14Hourly, dailyJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12876940912August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI'm a healthy person and destroyed my life with smoking too much. It was my escape from emotional and depressing issues and I became addicted. It made me feel worse after a while. It led to paranoid thoughts, depressing thoughts got worse, weakness, speech problems, relationship problems, becoming friends with toxic people, extreme laziness, occasional panic attacks, eating problems, losing weight, reduced appetite, money problems, extreme procrastination, led to more cigarette smoking etc. It caused emotional, physical fatigue. I was losing my true self and it made me feel disgusted so I stopped it for good and nicotine addiction is also fading away. I will never touch weed again. My life is too important to be wasted. CBD helped me especially during the first two weeks. (I'm at Week 4 now) It was my third try of quitting and I can say I'm very sure to never smoke a joint again. Maybe one puff on vacation only, but even that doesn't excite me anymore. Weed/THC was hell for me and my lowest point in life.almost every symptom. especially disgusting smelly sweating in the first week. Aggresion bursts, crying attacks, dizziness, hot flashed, vivid intense dreams...the same dayquality CBD oil, a very small joint of cbd once a day or every other day, healthy food, riding the bike..Female25every day 2-4 or sometimes 5 well sized joints joints.Recreational purposes only
12877058392August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyJust know that I have to eventually for work, and now that I’ve been in a situation where I needed to stop smoking for a week I feel as though I should just keep it going. I love my weed, but I need to pass a drug test for work. As much as I love my weed, it definitely does affect my sleep negatively and my appetite negatively. I’m fully functioning and successful despite my use, however, I feel as though I could be more so without the weed. Nothing truly physical. I slept great the first night but was still exhausted the next day. I’m about to try sleeping the second night now without marijuana and I’ll see how that goes. No headaches or anxiety or anything of that sort. Just exhaustion and I struggle to eat. I may be starving but nothing sounds appealing. I have to force the food down and I feel full almost immediately but I know I need more fuel. So, I force myself to eat more to the point of being nauseous from a 600 calorie meal. It just feels like too much even though I need more food. ImmediatelyNo because I haven’t really needed it. I used for about a year every day straight. Usually only from 6 pm on. The concern I have is that it will impact my sleep because I used it at first to help me sleep. I haven’t slept sober in a year before last night. Male19Every day from 6 pm until sometimes only 9 or sometimes 12-1 am. BongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12877278491August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyCannabis helped me with what I would consider as anxiety for many years, and still helps me think on a more creative and out going perspective. Unfortunately my body seems to have changed in some way, and now it seems to be the culprit to my anxiety. I am generally a heavy user smoking between 6 to 10 dabs a day. Was this way for 5 years or so, but now it seems to effect me physically. I'm not 100 percent sure if cannabis is the problem, or if I have any other under lying health conditions but whatever it is absolutely sucks lolMy first time quitting after 5 years was easing off in January and Feb. Quit all the way from March until mid June when my dog passed away. I didn't really experience any withdrawal symptoms this time around, other than difficulty sleeping for a few days. it was almost like my body wanted to quit anyway. The reason for quitting was intense feeling of heart palpitations or fluttering, increased heart rate and high blood pressure readings. Also over active and unnecessary thoughts. More or less, general symptoms of anxiety. Picked it back up when my dog passed because I needed to do something about the depression/ anxious thoughts. I was completely fine for a month or so. I didn't have any physical symptoms of anxiety, palpitations never came back. The first couple weeks were a little more intense in terms of over active thoughts but it felt like I was doing a good job of distracting myself. About 4 days ago, I was laying on my couch when all of a sudden my face felt a little tingly, then tight. It was hard to use the muscles in my face, my body started shivering and my neck started to spasm/convulse. Tried to lay down and take a deep breath and it felt like I was going to faint so I jumped up and paced around the room. My mind went to the worst place it could find. So I quit again. These passed few days now, I have maybe ate 2500 calories. I usually eat up to 3000 a day. My stomach doesn't signal for hunger, my mind can only focus on physical symptoms, or the possibility of being terminally ill. I can't tell if it's withdrawal at this point, anxiety, a mini stroke or all 3 lmao. I've also been experiencing some weakness in my arms/ body as well. I'm not sure if the initial anxiety attack that I had a few days ago was a symptom, being that it was around 6-7 hours from my last dab, or if I just have another underlying condition that decided to surface at that moment. Immediately the next day my appetite had nearly vanished, I still have intrusive thoughts mainly about what I'm physically feeling in that moment. Im slightly irritable. It feels like the anxiety continued to follow me around. I was craving a dab the first 2 days really bad but now I'm more concerned about my physical and mental health.Only things that are supposed to help with anxiety. Male15Everyday multiple times a dayDab rig or a bongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12877376809August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety and stress, makes things worseYes, claminess, depression and anxiety but an also going through work related burnout at the time as well1 dayI am on Suprelex and hydroxyzine for my burnout related anxietyMale21Everyday, many times per dayJoint mixed with tobacco Recreational purposes only
12877634973August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyLockdown can’t drive to dealer. Insomnia severe sweating at night irritability Insomnia and sweating day 1 . Irritability day 3Sleeping tablets and Valium work well in past efforts. Do not currently have any.Female15DailyBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12877919714August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyWant a better more productive life.Headache nausea 🤮 so farNot sure cause the weed also made me nauseous and gave me headachesI take melatoninFemale42EverydaySmoke bowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12878071333August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlyit is a crutch for my ptsd, I simply do not address the root or progress with weed. I just stay present but never progress. I have been using from age 14-21.yes, even when I was cutting back at first I got a horrible migraine. Now I have heartburn, Nausea, loss of appetite even though I’m hungry, ptsd/depressive mood cycle peaks in between states of high energy, hard to fall asleep. Deeper sleep at least thoughthey appeared within 12 hours of not smoking.Yes, I’ve smoked herbal mixes to weed myself from the habitual part of smoking.Female144-6 joints a day, about 10-15 grams a week-about 60-90 dollars a week.I went from bowls, to vapes, to joints exclusively.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12878363659August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth mind financialDepression Three daysWelbutrion remeronMale12Constantly during pandemicJoints bowl and pensRecreational purposes only
12878653277August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was just time.Not to many.Day 4 and 5.No.Male195 or 6 days a weekOne hit bat.Recreational purposes only
12879189935August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth, my breathing was becoming worse and i didnt like seeing what I was coughing up Yess all I want to do is smoke. Not really wanting to be high, but that hit at the back of my throat Day 2A nicotine vapour user has helped Male16Every day 4-5 times a daySpliff, weed and tobacco in a paper Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12879348941August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt cost a lot and was making me feel bad about myself and what I was capable ofYes. I'm too tired to list all of themA day after stoppingNoMale153-5x a dayLiterally everything and anything. Dabs, pens, bongs, backwoods, joints, bowlsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12879447402August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was using to distract myself from my depression but it's only making it worse. When i'm not high the depression comes back even worse Yes, all described in the article aboveThe day after I quit.NoMale20Every possible second of every dayBong bowl, or joint.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12879626359August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyImprove my quality of life. Is also strive to be a better husband, father, and employee.Insomnia, night sweats, vivid dreams, decrease in appetite, Heightened sense of smell, frequent gag reflex, coughing up lots of flem1-3 days after stoppingPrayer, meditation, walking, seeking out new connections that are soberMale16DailyVape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12879754852August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlyhad to for weight surgeryall of them. Very intense and very uncomfortable.the next dayI am seeing my doctor tomorrow for helpFemale15DaileysmokeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12879886392August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyOver eating. Loss of self control/will powerYes. Really low mood. Difficulty eating. Some anxiety...more depression though. Insomnia48 hours inNot too sure what to tryFemale18Daily. Multiple times a dayBowl or jointRecreational purposes only
12879903613August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI’m pregnant 🥳This is only day one, but the thought of food makes me sick. Can’t fall asleep at all. And I’ve had bad nausea all day Day 1 No:(Female17Every day, all day. BluntBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12879927160August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyInterviewing for a promotion at work that requires a drug test and random UAsHigh levels of irritability, lack of appetite, depression 2 days after using last10 day detox system Female33Multiple times a dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12879949238August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlyaddiction has gotten out of control. I have lost interest in most social activity, or much of anything other than smokingconstant cravings, irritability, mood swings, depression, inability to concentrate, struggling to sleepI started craving another bowl 2-3 hours after my last one. I tried drinking a few beers to try to relax / get some sleep. It didn't help as much as i had hopedMale35multiple bowls / daybowlRecreational purposes only
12880059398August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyConcerned about overall health - lungs and gums. No self control to use in moderation. Dealing with extreme anxiety. I’m day 6 so craving have lessened. Food still looks unappealing to eat. I need to find a hobby to occupy my brain during down time. Struggling with anxiety which worsened with smoking. Day 1 after stoppingNoFemale52DailyOne hitterBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12880069139August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyImprove mental and physical healthTerrible insomnia, irritability, diarrheaA couple days after quittingQuit cold turkey, nothing seems to help me fall asleep and I’ve tried so many thingsMale18DailyPipe or vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12880129339August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt had a negative effect on my life.Only the first few days was hard. After day 3 things got easier.day 3ExerciseMale21Every dayJointsRecreational purposes only
12880130220August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMainly because of the time it takes that I want to spend on other things, the anxiety it gave me when abstaining for 9 days during a holiday and the mental instability it brings when I smoke regularly.Lots of anxiety, waves of intense fear my girlfriend will secretly hate me and leave me for someone else (I talked to her about this and she assured me everything's all right). Cravings in the evenings when the sun is low.I decided to quit while on holiday because of the anxiety, so essentially I decided to quit after I had already quit. It took about 3-4 days for the anxiety to set in, the cravings started when I was back in my old environment, back at home (day 10-11).During the holiday I smoked cigarettes which helped a bit, a friend of mine smokes so I just kind of went with him. Usually I don't smoke so back home I didn't buy or have any cigarettes. Also talking to my friends about the anxiety helps.Male18On average 1 joint (.3 grams) every evening.Smoke.Recreational purposes only
12880488405August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyNo motivation to do anything but smoke Mood swings DizzynessStarting from day 1Sports Healthy dietMale18Multiple times every dayJoints (+tobacco)Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12880580145August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo perform better at school ans trainingRestlessness, insomnia, nausea, low appetiteRight away, peaking at day 3NoMale19DailySpliffBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12880970538August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was making me nauseated everytime I smoked. It became to the point that I was smoking then eating within 15 minutes only to need to smoke again after, because I was quitting cigarettes at the same time. Also I have had clogged ears for two years. Headaches, crying and emotional outbursts, anxiety esp. about health, headaches, tremors, heart pounding, restless legs, no sleep, amotivation because I used to use it to motivate and would often study or do chores high. Muscles aches, irritability, anger, extreme dizziness in first two weeks, unstable on feet, depression, started smoking cigs again, lethargy, low libido, food doesn't taste good, I can't feel happy, impossible to sleep at night but severe tiredness during day, extreme energy loss as though walking I am carrying 1000 lbs with me. Excessive sweating and cannot tolerate heat. Sun pains my head and eyes and angers me easily. Feels like I'll be sick forever. Two days and still lasting but waning at ten weeks. Still man headaches and insomnia with restless legs at ten weeks. Still anxiety and pounding heart. Still low libido but coming back. Melatonin helps some days. Not always. Heating pad for aches. Sometimes muscles relaxants. Tried alcohol, not a huge fan except in first few days. Lots of funny shows to laugh although it brings on craving since I would watch funny shows high. Walking lots. Hugh sugar foods sice nothing tastes good but junk at this point. Naps. The nicotine helped but quitting again now. Female14Multiple times daily for 20+ years Joints, edibles, bong, vape bud Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12881559564August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo make my dreams come back, and to just hopefully feel clearer and more motivated I’m only a week in. Sleeping and eating are to my suprise not really an issue. I just miss it, especially when I’m around it. When I go to watch a movie, or eat a meal, or have a headache, I definitely think about it.They got really bad about a week into it, again just craving it like crazy My boyfriend is doing it with me which helps the cause, but no not really anything specific. Female15Every single day for the past 4 years, it wouldn’t always be a lot, sometimes just half a joint ( sometimes a lot more) but I was very consistent lolJoints mostly but also the bongRecreational purposes only
12881841002August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlywork and relationship no yesterdaynoMale19dailyocb,bongRecreational purposes only
12882162198August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI used it medically for anxiety and depression that come with Aspergers but I developed a huge tolerance and addiction Yes. Every single one. Panic sent me to urgent care for mental health. My stomach is killing me. I can’t sleep without medication, I feel great dysphoria. After a couple hoursHydroxyzine HCL 25mg as needed and lexapro 5mg. Working out and taking hot showers for the cold sweatsFemale14Every hourVape pen, dab rig, jointsMedicinal purposes only
12882251914August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo get a jobI had diarrhea, lack of appetite, mood swings, trouble sleeping 2 days after quittingHeavy exercise and sauna use Male22Every day multiple times a day.Bong, but also dry herb vaporizer.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12882404295August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyJust want to have a life where I can function and work and do things with my family. Yes. Head aches and sleep very messed up. Have alot of dreams too. And at I shivered and sweated alot for first 4 daysDay 1Keep thinking why am doing it like the article said and also remind myself It will get better. I can only go up from hereMale13EverydayJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12882506985August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI took shrooms and it made me quit I was going to anywaysYes feel weak depressed I have anxiety and weird dreamsRight after I quitNo not really I just drink waterMale17Almost everydayAnyway I can Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12882855635August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo become healthierCan't sleep , sweating, anxious1st nightNoFemale15EverydaySmokeRecreational purposes only
12883039454August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyProblems with memory, and falling asleep for 3-4 hours in the middle of the day, constantly tired. ShakyDay 2Cbd Other (specify)17Everyday, 2 -3 blunts a dayBlunt(rolled tobacco leafs)Recreational purposes only
12883426173August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyPregnancyIrritable, insomniaWithin 5 daysMagnesium for sleepFemale14Daily 6+ timesAll of the above Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12883616381August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTraffic regulations in my country are pretty dumb, relying on saliva detection.None.Not applicable.Not applicable.Male18Daily, but in small quantities. Around 0.1g/day.Smoke via spliff.Recreational purposes only
12883622647August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI felt like I was getting brain fog from mixing my weed with grabba and I always promised myself that I would stop or take a break when I feel that it is affecting me negatively Irritability, anxiety, joint pain in lower back , occasional chest tightness, racing thoughts, brain fog, racing heartbeat. My clinical anxiety and depression manifest differently but affect me in the same way as when I smoke.Day 2Essential oils and diffusers are really helping, and i drink tea and practice mindfulness meditation and deep breathing techniques Female165 times a dayIn rolling papers with grabba, vape pens, jointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12883694684August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney and to see what life is like without it. Memory issues from long term useSleeplessness, no appetite At about 20 hoursNoFemale14Several times a dayBowlsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12884088449August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo be able to stop smoking tobacco.No other than missing the relaxing effect at the end of a hectic day Weeks 1-2No just recognised and talked myself around it Female18Almost daily Joint Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12884167019August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlyprice-performance ratiosleep disturbances, cravings, boredom, sweatingafter 3-4 daysI am taking antidepressants which help with the depressionFemale26every dayvapeRecreational purposes only
12884424418August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyHeavy anxiety and panic attack at night. High bp. High heart rate. Insomnia. Foggy brain. Gas. Bloating. Restlessness. Heart palpitations.Heavy anxiety and panic attack at night. High bp. High heart rate. Insomnia. Foggy brain. Gas. Bloating. Cant eat. But gets hungry frequently. Restlessness. Heart palpitations.Starts from day 1 of quitting. Increases to day 2 and 3.. sometimes to day 4 and 5 depending on amount of weed smoked.Wim hoff breathing. Walking. Running for 30 mins daily. Excercise helps a lot with focused breathing. Drinking water enough.Male20Daily 4 to 6 bong shots for 2 months. BongRecreational purposes only
12884656298August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyDidn't get high anymore and it became a waste of time. Most importantly, lost complete motivation, didn't find joy in anything and started experiencing extreme depression.The usual symptoms in the initial weeks of disturbed sleep, vivid dreams that were sometimes unpleasant, nausea in the mornings and headaches. Anxiety, yes but I can't tell whether it's my normal anxiety or heightened because of withdrawal.24 hours after stopping.No, just letting time do its thing and trying to be busy/distracted.Female26Daily.Smoke joints with tobacco.Recreational purposes only
12884893605August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyPhysical & Mental Health ReasonsComplete loss of appetite, forcing myself to eat feels like more of a chore each day. Trouble falling asleep & disturbed sleep, especially on the first night. Also not sure if it is related to stopping the use of cannabis, but I have been experiencing dizziness/motion sickness when in the car.On the first day of stopping.My doctor suggested trying to take Gravol to help with nausea when trying to eat & with the motion sickness when in the car, which has helped me so far.Male14Every day, multiple times a day. Cut down a bit after graduating high school, but still daily usage.Bowl or Joint. I would only consume via vape or edible on rare occasion & not very often.Recreational purposes only
12885161639August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTemporary breaks every once in a while to appreciate the little things again, regulating the dopamine systemIrritability, depression, insomnia, vivid dreams, heavy sweatingAbout 24h after last smokeExercise, fresh air, healthy foodMale25Pretty much daily, with a couple days to a month break every 2 months or soJoint mixed w tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12885480365August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyCannabis HyperemesisImmediately HydroxyzineMale21Every dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12885557365August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyChsYes nausea tingling hands armsAll along before quitting StoppedFemale16Daily BowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12885593577August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth reasons high blood pressure and severe anxiety Constant anxiety After 3 day of not using NoMale28I was having at least 4 cones a day of chronic weedBongRecreational purposes only
12885883109August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental clarity, deciding not to rely on a substance to be a bandage for emotions I’m not dealing with. Cravings, minor sweatingThe second day I quit NoMale26Daily Bowl Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12885939028August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyNot fun anymore. Need to move on after this horrible 2 years of covidI'm on day 3. Day 1 was pretty horrible. Sweating, not sleeping, general feeling of uncomfortableness. Also felt strange. I think I've been nauseous the past few days (I'm never nauseous), because today I ate some saltines and I feel better. No appetite. I've been working out a lot to keep my mind off weed, and in 3 days I've lost 9.5 lbs.morning I woke up after stopping the night before.Today I took L-Theanine (suntheanine) and I don't know if anything helped. I bought some Melatonin gummies but I'm not sure if it will help. I also drank valerian root tea, which seemed to help me get to sleep.Male13dailybluntsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12885948188August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt’s a personal decisionYes. Crying, shaking, nausea, anxiety, hopelessness , and although I’m hungry I have no appetite or desire to eat. Light headache and manic mood. Before I quit I cut down. The withdrawal symptoms started as I cut down my usage and hit pretty hard the first day I went cold turkey- 5 days agoI’ve had a beer- and smoked a cigarette on day 2 and 5 but other than that no. Female12DailyConstantly. I walk around with my cart pen in my hand. Smoke joint after joint. Not big on edibles. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12886197106August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyBetter mental healthAnxiety Day 2Yes with Deep breathing Female40DailyJointRecreational purposes only
12886279960August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyNot enjoying it and getting depressedBrain Fog and lack of energyday 2no Male176-7 Joints a dayJoints and edibles in the weekendRecreational purposes only
12886346334August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyJob offer and a wish to improve my life. Loss of appetite. Occasional anxiety. After 2-3 days of stopping. Yes, very little amounts of strong alcohol. Not to get drunk, but to calm myself. Male16Every day. Rolled cigarette.Recreational purposes only
12886460344August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMultiple reasons. my sleep has been horrible for years, my appetite fluctuates and ive lost significant weight because of that, and finally where i live its become outrageously expensive and i cant afford to keep living pay cheque to pay cheque to support a drug habit. Additionally i feel like i struggle with depression and anxiety however im not sure if its the weed or me, so giving it up will hopefully provide some clarity Im feeling deflated, and incapable of enjoying things i normally enjoy. Im a little bit cranky, and intolerant of little things. I cant get to sleep without it taking hours and even then i will be extremely restless. Total lack of appetite, im having to force my self to eat and i feel slightly nauseous afterwards for a brief period of time. Very end of day 12 things. I smoked weed with tobacco and through my weed smoking ive developed an unfortunate tobacco addiction, which often makes me physically sick from withdrawals. Giving up weed and tobacco at the same time leaves me feeling physically ill, having night sweats, as well as all the weed withdrawal symptoms which makes quitting weed much harder, additionally i have a job which i cant really do if im going through withdrawals, mainly die to the lack of sleep. So i booked 6 days off in preparation for going through withdrawals. After the weed withdrawals have dissipated i intend to try and give up tobacco.Male21If i wasnt working i would be high all day, on days i work i would smoke a few hours before the shift and then the entire time i was home after work.I presume a bowl is another name for what i call cones, which is smoked with a bong. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12886577714August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was thinking strange and becoming an arsehole with no weed spending every bit of money on weedSleeping problems and first 2 weeks no appetite Day 1Sleeping medication for a weekMale13Every day every half hourMix with tobacco in a spliffRecreational purposes only
12886914028August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo clean my brain and body from the drugYes, stomach cramps and anxietyday 3SportsFemale1615 yearsJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12886991880August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyNew living environment, did not want to bring that into someone else's space. Also been looking for a reason to stop for a while. Yes. Difficulty sleeping, intense loss of appetite, food aversion, and nausea in the morning. A day or two after stopping. Not yet. Male17Every day. Mostly in the evenings but all day sometimes. Bowl. Recreational purposes only
12887208034August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor a better life not dependent on marijuanaDepression Anxiety Fatigue Day 2Meditation Therapy Seeking ChristFemale19Up to 5 times/dayTobacco leafBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12887607998August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyYes, sleeplessness, some nausea, anxiety through the roofSleeplessness and nausea from day 2. Anxiety from day 5-7 Benadryl Male18EverydayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12887755234August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyWorried about cancer my skin an teeth fed up with living in a haze Anxiety They haven’t I’m on day 8Reading using a vape Female14Every dayJointRecreational purposes only
12887766404August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyLong time used, wanting clarity of mind. anxiety increasing with weed intakeExhausted, rollercoaster (extremely happy, then depressed moments later.) No appetite. First morning without weed. Yesterday. SMART program videos. Exercise. Supportive friendsFemale16All day every day other than brief periods of sobriety for work and pregnancy. High potency dabs, vape and leaf. Recreational purposes only
12888320407August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlySurprise post-offer drug screen for dream job, but I have wanted to quit for years without success as I am addictedYes - not too bad yet (day 4): jitters; headaches; brain fog; paranoia; difficulty concentrating; vivid and strange dreamsDay 2Exercise; increased hydration; exercise; trying to keep busy; reduced alcohol and caffeine consumption; melatonin for sleep; working with substance abuse counselor and psychiatrist; prescribed Clonidine to help with deep sleep and reduce nightmares; a supporting partner who is quitting with me. We were both offered our dream jobs and each require drug tests, but we are also tired of being stoners, even though we are “high-functioning stoners”Male33At least once dailyVape pen; 5 or 10mg gummies; occasional jointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12888382948August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMarijuana blocks my focus on the life I want to liveCravings and light headed fuzzinessDay 3Exercise once Male15Multiple times a dayBlunts or jointsRecreational purposes only
12888554248August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyCostYes, mental fog, depression, boredom and intense cravings.18-24 hours after quittingNoMale301 to 1,5 grams a day.Usually joints but the occasional bowl, edibles rarely and vape pens never.Recreational purposes only
12888709351August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo succeed in my tertiary education and improve my financial circumstance Yes. I feel very tired, I have trouble sleeping. I also feel a bit depressed and lacking in motivation. About one day after quitting Exercise and playing video games to distract myselfFemale19Every day Bong and jointsRecreational purposes only
12888886539August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI realized it simply became part of my evening routine and rather than feeling happy and giggling I found it just numbed my mind & impaired my memory. I wasn’t really happy anymore…just numb.Minor Headache, vivid dreams, difficulty sleeping, irritableAbout 2 days after I quitAdvil for the headache & physical exercise to try and help me sleep betterMale28Daily for the past 7 yearsJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12889079700August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyForced by my employerYES! All of the symptoms in this article. The most severe are stomach pains, bouts of constipation followed by diarrhea, excessive sweating, random chills, nausea, can’t fall asleep. Before reading this article I was pretty convinced I was getting COVID. Anxiety and quick cycles of depression and mania. Also it is 2AM and I am reading about marijuana withdrawals because I can’t sleep Day 2 or 3Miralax and eating more fruit than normal. Valium and propranolol for the anxiety and shakiness. Male28Multiple time a dayVape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12889085057August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyUpper Abdominal, lower chest tightnessSweats at normal smoking times, vivid dreams of being stoned, variance in breathing, lack of appetite, interrupted sleep, fatigue, slight head ache, reduced focus, apathy, Abdominal painAbominable pain and difficulty breathing was reason to quit... But those became more distinct and permanent as of 24 hours from cessation; all other symptoms seemed to begin about 36-48 hours; no immediate determination on longevitySleep more; increase vitamin D; attempt increase fluid intake; reduce sugars; stretching and breathing exercisesMale282-3 daily (sometimes 3-4 if supplemented by edibles)Smoking vapor of bud using Airizer pipe (not oil vapor); ediblesRecreational purposes only
12889371425August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFelt like I was dependent on itYes, I’m irritable, down, have horrible headaches, vivid dreams, hardly any appetite and really bad cravings After 24hSleeping more, exercise with friends, headache medication Female17Every day BowlRecreational purposes only
12889979690August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlyget rid of the munchies and get more motivatedheadache, trouble sleeping, no appetite. day 1noFemale15everydayall of the aboveRecreational purposes only
12890051192August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyStruggling with daily life activities (job, friends), feeling stressed when not smoking and still wanted to smoke though I know it's not good for my life. Strange dreams, cravings when near people who consumeAs mentioned above, one day after not smokingNo, just went cold turkey. Male29DailyVaporizer or joint (but no tobacco) with herbsRecreational purposes only
12890248336August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor a future job and to heighten my mental capacitiesWorst to less worse : no motivation, depression, anxiety and I already have brain fog which may have boosted itDay 2Keeping me distracted like asking for work from my parentsMale16Broadly : 16-17 yrs old was rarely 18-19 was everyday for 4 months, then leaving, then 4 months, etc.Bong, Vape pen (normal + concentrates)Recreational purposes only
12890318247August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyLack of motivation and dedication, being too dependent and having trouble with the law (possession is illegal in my country), as well as unsocial behaviourBad sleep, vivid dreams and anxiety / restlessnessIn the first few days after quittingHealthy food, lots of water and exercise. Staying occupied / busyMale16Multiple spliffs a dayIn a rolling paper, mixed with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12890435560August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFinancial and improve work performance and be more emotionally available to those around me.Yes. Brain Fog, Night Sweats, Mild Depression, Just feeling out of sorts. Been in this rodeo before and I hate it.Day 1Drinking more water. Exercise, mindfulness. Positive AND encouraging self-talk. Male16Everyday about 3 to 10 times a day. Depending on day but definitely everyday.One hitterRecreational purposes only
12890518409August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was interfering with daily life, motivation, and overall alertness, causing issues with relationships and life overall.Yes, insomnia, shakiness, feeling like my body is on speed., Nausea stomach pain, headache, body temperature feels hot and night sweats along with feeling more emotional in general heightened sadnessInsomnia started a minute or day I stopped smoking and the other symptoms really creeped up within 24 hours to 48 hoursNot currently they do have an anti-nausea med that doesn't help and obviously I'm trying to exercise to help with the anxietyFemale22Several times throughout the day. I usually went through a half an ounce weekBowl, jointRecreational purposes only
12890562764August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety, money, dependenceMore irritable, worse sleep2 daysNoMale16DailyVape, smoke Recreational purposes only
12890904116August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlylack of motivation / job search (fear of pre employment drug testing)Yes. More anx I us than usual. Cannot complete tasks. Inability to plan day. Depression. More dreams. Two days Yes. Neurontin 300 mg at bedtime per MD RX. I cannot tell if it helps or not. I have take. It PRN in the past for neck/ nerve pain. It does hell in getting to sleep. Male52Just two hits a night Vape- sometimes smoke Medicinal purposes only
12890991355August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI'm only not high when I'm asleep and it's been like that for fifteen years. I don't regret smoking so much (yet) but the charm has gone now and the positives are gone. I don't want life to pass me byNo because I'm still stoned from the edibles I ate before bed. Day 1 for me 🙂In about 2 hours in gonna guessI'll hop on my exercise bikeMale17Every waking minutePipe, pure joints, gravity bong, ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12891074575August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain Fog, and memory issues.Loss of Appetite, fatigue, irritabilityDay 2NoMale34DailyVape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12891156510August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyGet a handle on my mental healthNausea, vomiting, anxiety, sweating, insomnia First night/dayWas recently prescribed anti-anxiety medication, I don’t think I could have quit without the medsFemale17Daily, multiple times a dayStarted with bowels, then joints/spliffs, then dabsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12891663999August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyWorried about health coughing up brown mucus caused by smoking so much weedAll in article as per day by day steps - frequent headaches and moodswings Day1Nicotine replacement ( i bought a pack of mints) only had 2 in the first day to assist to take edge off - then cold turkeyFemale21Evenings only before lockdown. In lockdown all day everydaySmoke roll ups with tobacco / cigs - x5-10 a day.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12891676443August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFamily problems and spending $800 a monthYes, insomnia with my meds, nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, panic attacks, still having depression. Fatigue Day 2NoFemale16Every 2 hours on a vapeBowl and vapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12891781288August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my kids and myselfFirst few days headache felt sick , than high burst of keeping busy getting lots done but having no time almost like everything takes longer more thoughts so can't concentrate on one thing its lots of things, than anxiety very irritable and moody fiery fighting with anyone, food not the same doesn't taste the same a feeling of realising how little I've accomplished and wanting to do something with my life , sore jaw from clenching and grinding , very vivid dreams constant bloating very gassy stomach grumbling weight loss , emotional crying Alot depressed end of 2nd week I'm exhausted feel like I'm going to collapse heres hoping it gets better Day 2CbdFemale14Every day SmokeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12891801515August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFeeling anxiousFemale15EverydayBluntBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12892093451August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI do not enjoy my life to the fullest when I smoke marijuana every day . Irritability. Emotional. My problems I’m dealing with in life seem to be much more heavy and painful . First thing every morning . I attenpted the o cut down . I get caught in a pattern of “ I’ll start tomorrow “ Male156-7 Bong rips a day for the past year roughly. Prior to this year , I was an off and on smoker most of my life . I always had a problem with how I felt socially . This year I was able to function socially , so it’s been much easier to continue smoking . Bong Recreational purposes only
12892173154August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI'm more or less forced too, while I wait to get my red card, which will take 2 weeks. I could go to great lengths to find more weed, but I would rather see if I can make it the 2 weeks, so I know what withdrawals feel like.Yes. Chills, decreased apatite, nausea, and dreams.1 day after I stopped using.Nothing yet, not really sure what to try.Male19Every day.Dry herb vape.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12892252965August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth and grandkids and partnerBored. Can't sleep well. Craving smokeHoursCigarette patches as I smoked cannabis with tobaccoMale14Daily Joint and bongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12892259185August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlySex drive decreasedBoredomOnce i stopped usingStay busy Female20An 8th a day BongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12892326047August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyNausea: suspected early stages of cannabinoid hyperemesis.Absolutely: depression, irritability, vivid dreams, apathy.About 2 days after cessation.Male19Daily, multiple times a day.Edibles and vape pen.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12892333773August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain fog when sober. And knee surgery progressDisrupted sleep irritability. Headaches15 days agoMelatonin. Alcohol. Meditating. Sex friend. Yoga. Positive outlook Female170.5-1g per nightJoint with herbal chopBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12892361496August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyChanges in mood, libido, and overall quality of life.Yes. Nausea, sweats, chills, and lethargy. 2 days after stopping. No Male12All day, every day for chronic pain. BongMedicinal purposes only
12892510119August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo address my mental health problems; i.e. Depression and Anxiety.Yes- I'm on day 20 and I have been feeling very depressed. Worse than I've ever experienced before. Around 10 days after stopping.Yes- I exercise and meditate daily. I've also started journaling, and I see a therapist every week. I also take supplements to help: Vitamin D/K2, Magnesium, lithium, and I was taking ashwagandha for my anxiety, but after experiencing some negative side effects, I stopped taking it.Female22DailyJoints and edibles.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12892867933August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIrritates my lungs, don't want to be high all the timeinsomnia, cravings, loss of appetite, boredeomimmediatelynoMale16multiple times a daybongRecreational purposes only
12893133538August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyWorkYes, struggling to sleep and eat, aswell as bad brain fog.24 hours after stoppingNoMale15Everyday BowlRecreational purposes only
12893146982August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTrying to conceive None at allNaNoFemale17Daily SmokeRecreational purposes only
12893247484August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was experiencing chest pains and in my lungs it was making me very anxious. Also was sick of wasting so much money.Sweating, mood swings , constipation , finding it hard to fall asleep and then having a restless sleep while having very vivid dreams. Intense cravings. Day 1NoFemale13Everyday Bowl Recreational purposes only
12893283339August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo regain motivation to work Irritability, hunger, sadnessDay 3LexotanilFemale23Daily Rolled with tobacco Recreational purposes only
12893355938August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyDepression and stagnancyVivid nightmares, stomach pain,nausea,loss of appetite Day 2 of quitting NoFemale19Every day Backwood, CigarRecreational purposes only
12893624220August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMedical check up Yes, extremely anxious Day 5Working out and eating healthy food and supplements Female18Frequent smoker Joints,bowl Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12893699408August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI can’t get anything accomplished and I’m guilty Anger irritation body ache First 24 hrsCBD hashFemale28Just heavily all the time like snoop dogBowl why? You tryna smoke?Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12893744133August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I am an addict, I spend too much money on it, I don enjoy things or life and prefered just being stoned at homeColdSpells, extreme body pain. Cant get a hard erection and eyaculate after 30 secs of touching myself while my penis is still flacid. Problems sleeping, brain fog2-3 days after quittingBe social. Remember that weed is ruining my life and I am better off without it.Male24everyday, the whole day, even at work. 1 to 2 grams a dayJoint mixed with tobaccoBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12893760337August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain fog Anxiety, depression, irritability, lack of appetite Day 2 5htp, exercise, nature Male16Daily With tobacco Recreational purposes only
12893763482August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to help my body become healthier (especially my lungs and my brain). I found that I used it to numb out the world because my anxiety and depression were so intense, and it would help me relax and sleep. But it made me overeat, even if I wasn't particularly hungry, and usually it was with foods that were higher in sugar and processed. I lacked motivation to do anything, and found myself sinking lower and lower.I stopped 9 days ago now and since then, I've been not able to fall asleep right away, and I've been dreaming again (a couple were very vivid/in color). Days 2 and 3 without smoking, I had dull headaches (could also be related to pms symptoms, but maybe not) and I also had a slight cough. My mood is ok overall, but I've had a few days of feeling pretty emotional (again, not sure if it's pms or quitting weed or a combination of both). Been feeling low-grade anxiety all week. Started by Day 2.I've been practicing yoga, cycling, journaling, eating balanced/nutritious meals, drinking lots of water, and I've been regularly taking vitamins (Vitamin D3, probiotics, multivitamin, Inositol, omega 3's, and magnesium threonate) in preparation of quitting.Female29Daily (every evening after work/before bed). Covid-19 increased my stress/anxiety/depression, and therefore, increased my use.Smoked rolled joints or out of a bowl. Occasionally, I'd have a couple edibles or vape, but those were more rare.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12893841103August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlywork, breathing problems, money, weight, clarity of thought, social anxietypain, throwing up, constant nausea, fear, crying, hypersensitivity, terror, anxiety, anger, lashing out, inappropriate emotion, insomnia, sleeping late, work issues, brain fog, tired, boredinstantlyalkaline diet and quitting sugarFemale18every day, constantlyvape, ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12893974156August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause of GodCraving, lost of appetiteFirst 2 daysPraying Male17EverydayJointRecreational purposes only
12894533926August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyWhy should I smoke and dumb myself down because others frustrate me. I want to remember my life not switch off.I've lost 12kg in less than 2 weeks a constant headache that doesn't leave no matter the ibuprofen of panadol I take my body aches I have back and foot pain especially and my mood swings are vicious im doing everything to suppress it I also am extremely tearful especially now I can think clearly my brain is in overdrive and I cant calm down. My heartbeat is averaging about 96bpm since I've quit, im a little scared from my symptoms to be honest but ill continue to keep going it has to pass right?Within 24hours and worsening im at 2 weeks nowNo cos everything is addictive no point quitting a habit to start another right Female13Everyday BongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12894636132August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMarijuana exacerbated my anxiety. Stopped in order to lessen anxiety. Stomach pain, upset stomach, brain fog, vivid dreams, light depression. Within first week. Nope. Quit cold turkey. Male236 joints per day for the last 12 yearsRolled joints (small)Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12894691236August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI am 27 years old. I started smoking weed on a daily basis when I was 15, and when I was 16 I dropped out of high school after losing interest in my studies, even though I had been an A-B student all my life. I never got my GED, and I realize that I probably won't be able to if I don't quit smoking. Marijuana severely impacts my ability to retain information. It directly effects my memory, and also causes me a good deal of anxiety. Irritability, nausea, headache, muscle ache, insomnia, nightmares. Within the first 24 hours. L-thenine supplements have greatly reduced some of my withdrawal symptoms. Female15Every hour, or every couple of hours. At the very minimum once a day if I was low. Smoking flower in a pipe, or using concentrates via vape pen or rig.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12895110327August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to change my life I can’t sleep, I feel as though I might not be as funny, my sex drive has gotten worse, my appetite is gone.About 2 days into quitting I exercise more and eat healthier Male16Every day sometimes only once a day thoughSmoking bowlsRecreational purposes only
12895457897August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlybecause i have no money for it <3everything, like decreased appetite, mood swings, and most importantly sleep problems, i am having trouble eating and sleeping and also focusing on something the second my last high wore off i try my best to distract myself Female15everyday, sometimes i would not have any for like a few hours bong and jointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12895656166August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI have ADHD and with it comes difficulty moderating anything that presses the dopamine button. I began smoking in my early thirties and am now 34. It quickly developed into smoking multiple times a day. I began to notice light difficulty breathing where none was before and in general while it felt good, it turned me into a bit of an unmotivated potato. For the sake of my health, relationship, job, and personal wellbeing, I decided to quit.Yes, absolutely. I've tried paring down my consumption before or when I ran out of marijuana. For me, every time including now, I experience extreme fatigue - it feels more physical than mental, but I also get sleepy earlier in the day. I also have the worst night sweats; we're talking sheet soaking fever-like sweats. Vivid dreams generally accompany it. Lastly, I've been coughing like I'm getting over bronchitis, phlegm and all.24 hours after cessation.Rest. Hydration. Vitamins and other supplements: I take a multivitamin, B12 complex, D4, turmeric, and astralagus root.Male30I smoked multiple bats a day - a few in the AM and a bunch in the evenings. Total, about 8 to 10 bats a day.Bat or vape pen.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12895698631August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyDeep sadness inside, loss of self HopelessnessWhen I accepted my addictionJunk food, phone addiction Male16Multiple times a day Vaporizer, smoke Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12895809115August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause its been so long using it and i think its about time i quit Headache I don't feel like eating anything I can't sleep Cravings are killing me3rd dayNoMale21Almost everydayEdibleRecreational purposes only
12895812047August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlySeemed like the thing to do.Muscle pain, depression, light headed, sweating poor sleep. About four days after my last smokeParacetamolMale14dailyBong and pipeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12895882530August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFelt like a weed zombie Nausea, irritability, loss of appetite Within 8 hours of stopping CigarettesMale18Used daily from age 18-21. From first thing in the morning to last thing at night. Then sporadic daily use 21-23 with months of abstinence and months of use Bong or spliff with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12895931803August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIncreased my anxiety, very expensive, wasn’t myselfYes, I am having trouble sleeping, mood swings, depression, and anxietyI’m the 2nd week, the first week was actually easier than the second weekI’ve been journaling and reminding myself why I’m doing this, I also have my family supporting meFemale14Everyday, sometimes smoking 3-4x a dayI smoked woods, so basically just giant bluntsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12896562849August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMemory loss and respiratory issues Cravings and headaches are the two most noticeable symptoms. I don’t have severe headaches, my headaches are dull and feel like something is missing. I have also been having very vivid dreams.After two days. I work out a lot so I have been continuing to stay active. Male18Multiple times a day. Bowl, bong Recreational purposes only
12896625787August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy sinuses were bad to begin with coughing all the time tired all the time & just sick of it & I want to be healthy & clear minded I'm 61 years old & I've been using since I'm 15 years old Bad headaches depression & anger sometimes anxiety & depression & feeling very loneyIt's been 3 days since I quit cold turkey so about the second day Not reallyMale15Every dayWell in the last few years everything pens joints bowls edibles waxBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12897113119August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI had a severe anxiety/panic attack and haven't been the same since thenI had headaches Daily for a few hours No, I just dealt with the headaches Female145-6x dailySmoke it in a cigarilloRecreational purposes only
12897302305August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI wanna come back to my own self I can't sleep well ... tripping dreams...when I start playing in early morning it's all back to normalAfter 3rd dayShuttle and cyclingMale18DailyRollRecreational purposes only
12897397456August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI abuse it by smoking before everything I do. I smoked all day everydayHard to tell what's related but I'm anxious and feel like crap. Little appetite They started the day I woke up without smoking. I'm on day 3.Pure will power.Male12All day every day.Joints minimum 10 a dayBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12897418348August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo be more independent Cravings, sleep issues, anxietyDay 3 after stoppingNoMale52Every 2nd dayVapeRecreational purposes only
12897431686August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFinancial and far over useOver heating. Can’t sleep. No appetite First day after quitting NoMale20DailyBowl or dabs or a penRecreational purposes only
12897715457August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy use was changing my personality and I have become addicted.Sleeplessness, irritability, night sweats, sluggish, lack of energy.Day 2NoFemale48Nightly Edible - up to 200 mg + RSO ~800 mg.Recreational purposes only
12897722788August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI didn't feel any emotions, I couldn't feel happy without smokingYes low in mood, no appetite, feeling irritable. The first and second day, symptoms where heightened NoFemale15Every daySmoke itRecreational purposes only
12897814062August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyToo expensive, extremely high tolerance, felt wasteful, knew that smoking daily was unsustainable and sub optimal.Yes, my sleep sucks, I’m on day 4 and I don’t have much insomnia any more but I wake up feeling pretty shitty and with absolutely no energy or appetite.One the first day of quitting, especially in the evening.CBD and L-Theanine seem to help a little bit. Also exercise.Male17Multiple times a day. Ranging from 1 to 5 times.Joint.Recreational purposes only
12898186812August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyWas not sustainable, loss of control. Relationships, finances, job was jeopardizeddepression, fatigue, insomnia, irritable.within 4 hoursLexapro 10 mg, by doctor. CBD oilMale1410 - 15 times a day, about 1/8 an ouncebong, Joints, vape penRecreational purposes only
12898574686August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental healthSweating, sick stomach, lack of sleep, irritable12 hoursFocus on goals, melatonin, anti-nausea meds, exerciseFemale25DailySmokeRecreational purposes only
12898868385August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyNo productivity.Insomnia1 day after withdrawalNoMale27One or two joints dailyJointsRecreational purposes only
12898905990August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt started to make me feel panicky Nausea and vomiting, sleeping problems, heat flashes and chills, shaking, anxiety, stomach painsTwo days after I stopped using marijuana Yes but it seldom works Female17Everyday Bong, bowl, vape, edible Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12898957386August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI got really ill with an infection and was admitted to hospital I get a little stressed and struggle to sleep and stay asleep The day after I stopped Yes Male13Everyday Smoking mixed with tobacco Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12898971498August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain fog and lasting feelings of insecurity after each recent use, even after reducing from daily to weekly usage.I think so. I also quit alcohol about a year ago but I still experience moodiness and vivid dreams. I still struggle to remember things and to think coherently. It is difficult to enjoy things. Thankfully my appetite has returned. I still sometimes feel chest tightness and ‘clicking’ when breathing deeply.After about 2-3 daysTherapy, meditation, exercise, reading, and getting adequate sleepMale18Not just daily, but constantly and in large quantities.Bong rips, in large quantities, without slowing or stopping even after feeling effectsRecreational purposes only
12899106478August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyThe main reasons which come to my mind right now (in no particular order): * I developed so high tolerance that it wans't fun anymore * My productivity at work dropped a lot * I couldn't deal with everyday chores anymore * I was having a very unhelthy life, combining it with cigarretes and alchohol and stopped doing physical activities. Furthermore, the poor health choices were doing no good to my diabetics Yes. Basically, the list found in https://www.healthline.com/health/marijuana-withdrawal#symptoms is the precise description of what I've been feeling for the last two weeks: diminished appetite mood changes irritability sleep difficulties, including insomnia headaches loss of focus cravings for marijuana sweating, including cold sweats chills increased feelings of depression stomach problemsIt may sound funny, but two weeks ago, when I was still smoking, not just I didn't get hihgh anymore (jsut dizzy), but the withdrawel symptons were already there, even if I was smoking the entire dayI'm taking sleeping pills. They are certainly helping. Without day, the night can be very toughMale314 yearsCigarretesRecreational purposes only
12899288189August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI smoked too muchmood changes irritability sleep difficulties, including insomnia headaches sweating, including cold sweats stomach problemsOne day after withdrawalsedatives, melissa/lemon balmMale21every day with small breaksJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12899789938August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo lower my tolerance Extreme loss of appetite and difficulty sleepingFirst dayStaying busyMale26DailyVape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12899835152August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to be able to manage my emotions with out marijuana Irritability, lack of happiness, About 2 days after quitting Exercise, cbd oil, kratomMale19Every day at least once BowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12899959486August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt got to a point where weed was no longer getting me high and I could see no benefits of continuing smoking, it was only having negative effects In the first few days my mood was really effected I was feeling quite depressed and aggravated. From the first day I quit until now (day 11) I’ve have vivid very realistic dreams. Within 24 hours of quitting Yes I went to the doctors and was prescribed Valium for the first 3 days of quitting, in the hopes it would make it easier to do Female14I was smoking probably 20 times a day, so I was definitely a heavy smoker.I’d smoke out of a bong and I’d always mix my weed with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12900245528August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyWanted to be more present and in touch with my emotionsYes, anxiety, depression, constipation and fatigue. Within the first 3-4 days. Counseling Female39Several times dailySmoke with a one hitterBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12900480955August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI no longer enjoy being couch locked. Wasting my life away as a 35 year old man. I quit in 2019 after some health issues and splitting up with my then girlfriend. Once the pandemic hit, I started smoking again but never got the same enjoyment out of it that I used to. I'm quitting now because I want to feel again. Restlessness, a feeling that something is amiss, sweating at night while I sleep, vivid nightmares, zero motivation, increased heart rate 6 days after I stopped smoking flower. I continued to use my dab pen but very infrequently. Then switched to delta 8 and only take one small hit a day. Today I have barely smoked any. Tapering off. First flower, then oil and now the delta 8Male17Every day. Whenever I wasn't obligated to do anything. Also while at work during my lunch breaks. Vaping flower and using a vape pen as wellBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12901037425August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyJust felt it was time for something new. Getting high was not as much fun anymore. Yes. I had extreme anxiety, depression and insomnia. Now, after a month, I still get some insomnia and still feel anxious though less intense. After about 5 days.5- HTP. That's allMale164 times a week at the end. Almost every day before. Bowl or joint. With tobacco in the early days but gave that up 4 years agoRecreational purposes only
12901244115August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt serves no more purpose in my life. Severe headaches. Abdominal pain / discomfort. Light nausea. Irritability. Reduced sleep quality. From the 1st day (on eve of 3rd day now) Headache tablets. Male15Daily, 2 to 3 joints. Rolled up in a jointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12901454626August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyImprove fertility, started to bother spouse, and didn't like feeling like I had to depend on something to be happy.Headaches, depression, boredom.They started almost immediately.Distraction. Almost immediately after stopping, I went on a vacation, then just tried to indulge in my hobbies more.Male24multiple times dailybowlRecreational purposes only
12901737597August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI have smoked for the better part of the last 15 years. It has affected my relationships and my sexual activity is dependent on itTwo weeks in (after the regular physical withdrawal) i am feeling depressed and looking to smoke againThe physical withdrawal started a few hours after quitting. Now the physical withdrawals are fine but i am angry and depressed. I am also super tired all the timeNoMale19about 2 grams everydayJoints. Mixed with tobacco.Recreational purposes only
12901826954August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyAffordability Abusing the drug Emotional Not tired or sleeping Day 2 Music Walks Female13Everyday Smoke Recreational purposes only
12902113447August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyLife changes Body feels abit hot at time. Not eating either Couple hours after quitting NoFemale15Every 4-6 hours. EverydayJoint Recreational purposes only
12902363186August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyCost and want more out of life Insomnia, lack of appetite, irritable, emotional cravings Day 2NoFemale16DailySmoked with tobacco Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12902474680August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was affecting my sex life. Also mixing marijuana and tobacco gave me a hard time keeping an erection because I associated weed with sexVivid nightmares, excessive sweating when doing sportsA couple of days after going cold turkeyNo. I'm just going to let it run it's courseMale26Every dayJoints mixed with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12902484786August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlySmoking all day every day was causing me to sit by and be complacent in my life and I was avoiding deep seeded issues that needed to be dealt withLoss of appetite, irritability, anxiety/depression, sweating, insomnia, cravingsDay 1-14Exercise Female16Every 3 hours awakeBowlRecreational purposes only
12902586650August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my kid and to get a good job.Tired, no appetite, depressedDay 2Keeping busy, Channeling my anxiety. Female16Several times a dayBowl, bongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12902688194August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyStarted to have severe anxiety and delusional thinking when smoking Lack of appetite, insomnia, and restlessnessWithin 24 hoursExerciseMale18DailyjointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12902805130August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyGod told me to. It was becoming an idolI'm irritable, emotional for no reason. I have no appetite. I only eat once a day and even then its so hard to get the food down. I struggle to stay asleep. I wake up every couple of hours sometimes in a pool of sweat because i quit cigarettes tooI'm on Day 3 and I've had withdrawals from Day 1I just prayFemale22Multiple times a dayJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12902885713August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyJobIrritability, depression, fatigue48 hours after quittingMental DistractionsFemale18Every nightBowl, edible, bong, vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12903098022August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to.Constipation, insomnia and aggravation.2days after quittingNiacin, high protein diet, more vitamins, exercise.Male17Daily2grams dailyBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12904292784August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlyi wanted tofucking no sex drive!!!!! what can i do???after a weeknot really, i dont know whatMale22every day, multiple timessmokingRecreational purposes only
12904611881August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was finding that I was experiencing high anxiety whenever I couldn't use or it was inappropriate to use, and I didn't want a comfortable mood baseline to be dependent on cannabis. I prefer it be a fun recreational and not a mood stabiliser.I'm sleeping, but sleep quality is poor. What started as significant, albeit short-lived depression is now general anxiety with occasional significant spikes.Day 3Exercise, sleeping, general indulgent self-care activities. Female20A minimum of 10mg edible per day, up to a much as 30mg.Edible Recreational purposes only
12904892767August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlyits holding me back from going after my goals and it has become extremely hard to think or find motivation to do what i must to survive until my death.I think i am, My thoughts have become more negative and i just feel extremely drained and down, But i don't think it is so much the lack of substance as it is just seeing my life for what it is and how my lifestyle and relationships i have let slip by because by using marijuana i kept myself in a state of "everything is fine" and was just high going through the bare minimum motions of functioning in the world and quit talking to everyone. its like it keeps me in a trance and then when i stop using it i wake up to all the responsibilities and cares i haven't been taking care of, and because of that i lost alot of family, friends, and possible good opportunities which i don't realize until i stop smoking and its to late to get them back.today which would be around day 3-4no, except for using mental health techniques to keep me from being so down that i just give up entirely. Which may not relate to just marijuana.Male14everydaybowl or a doobieRecreational purposes only
12904914933August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyOh so many reasons. It became my life. Part of my personality. Everyone who knows me has never known me without a joint since the age of 17. Initially my ms diagnosis was the perfect excuse to becoming the ultimate stoner, but now I feel like on an emotive level im not really there anymore. I just want to be Hugh not even to enjoy it anymore but it's the only feeling of "normal" I've come to know and that thought distresses me. As much as I love marajuana, as much as she will forever be my first and last love, the only escape I had from reality for a while, she needs to go so I can rediscover who I am and ultimately, feel again. Extreme withdrawals. I relapsed everyday in my first week of trying to quit. I literally had to give my bank card money and rolling stuff to my dad to prevent me from feinding. The first night, I was sweating and couldn't sleep until 6am and woke up at 8am. So, sleep and sweating so far.Yes. Plenty. The only thing I haven't tried is excessive and I have a funny feeling that might work, im just being lazy. Female17Every day. At least 3 5 grams a day then fiend off whoever and wherever for the rest. Joint and edibles but mainly smoking in joints mixes with tobacco Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12904947430August 20, 2021Stopped Recentlyhealth, work and moneyI can't sleep, I've completely lost my appetite and on day 2 I threw upDay2 no Female162-3g a dayrolled jointsRecreational purposes only
12904956625August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy husband is an alcoholic and chronic weed smoker and has been sober and clean for 4 weeks. I quit smoking g to support him and gain more control over my life. Irritability, moments of intense sadness occasional cravings2 -3 days NoFemale201 joint every nightPipe or jointRecreational purposes only
12905221494August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt wrecked my life! Mentally, physically, emotionally and financiallyMainly lack of motivation now. Initially, tiredness, irritability, depression, and anxiety.Immediately after quitting for 24 hours 5HTP, St John's wort and exerciseMale22DailyJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12905447882August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTired of dependence Extreme anxiety and shortness of breath2nd day afterAnxiety medMale47DailyBowl and metal cigBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12905521649August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney, it cost too much money!Yes, fatigue of daily irritating things that were masked before. Nausea and knotted stomach. No appetite whatsoever. Actual disgust at any and all food. So I can feel my stomach is empty but my brain does not care at all!The moment I decreased my intake.Forcing a tiny food in my mouth to chew and digest slowly. EXERCISE !! Lots and lots of water! Female20Multiple times daily Bowl pack or joint.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12905633060August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyLack of motivationcrazy nightmares, anger, paranoiatwo days after noFemale30every daybowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12905959763August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyPregnant with twinsYes sleepless itchy no appetite irritable 2nd dayNoFemale16Everyday All of the aboveRecreational purposes only
12905994576August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth reasonsTrouble sleeping and regulating body temperature (hot one minute, freezing the next)2 days agoNo. Female22Multiple times, daily. BowlRecreational purposes only
12906219770August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyAsthma and a desire to give myself a breakHorrific night sweats for the first 2 weeks. Vague flu like symptoms for the first two weeks. Occasional sleeplessnessDay 2Panadol and nurofenFemale20Heavy daily userSmoking bongsRecreational purposes only
12906346134August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyEvery day started to feel like the lastI became really ill I don’t know if it was connected, but I got a chest infection and stomach pains in the 2nd week. No sleep and bad dreams, lost weight and loss of appetite 24hrsNoFemale18Shared about 8 joints a day for say 3 years, the last 2 years it was about 2 joints a day give or take Smoked with a bit of tobacco in a long rizla Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12906639197August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo focus on my career and professional developmentYes. I have had headaches and lack of appetite for the first 4 days. On the 4th day I was unable to think at all and felt very disoriented. All I could do on the 4th day was lay down in the dark and try to relax.2nd day and peaked on 4th day. I quit cold turkey and did not use any alternativeMale16Every day I would smoke roughly 4-5g a day on week days and on the weekend it was until I would pass out but I'd wake up with 6-9 smoked joints in my ash tray for that day. Mainly joints and bongRecreational purposes only
12906732022August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyCons outweighed the pros, I have a lot in my life I want to changeSleep problems, fatigue, eye sensitivity/fatigueThe first night I cold turkey’dAntihistamines to help reduce adult insomnia Male19EverydayRoll with tobacco Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12906851470August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause it’s time Yes. Not really hungry, not sleeping good , irritability, tired Day 2 No only time helps, I exercise and eat healthy Male13All day Pre roll, bowl Medicinal purposes only
12907520104August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyReligious concept I can't fall sleepAfter three monthNoMale20Daily smoke Roll paperRecreational purposes only
12907680956August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental health Yes, I have a lost of sleep and appetite as well as motivation. Today on day 8. I have drank but not really much of a drinker. Sleeping aids as well.Male17Everyday, all day.All of the above. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12907739978August 20, 2021Stopped RecentlyI've problems on the lungsCravings, anxiety, sleep disturbance, headaches, lack of motivation, feeling quite depress, irritability.Day 1 I've watched a ton of videos of people who wants to quit, i've been doing excercise, hanging out with new friends, playing chess. Male15It has been raising with the time but since a year like 3/4 joints daily.JointsRecreational purposes only
12854669945August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlySevere anxiety and paranoiaInsomnia, lethargy, increased anxiety, depression, mood swings, increased paranoia48 hours after quittingCBD has a slight effect, exercise has a massive effect, as well as calming active activities such as a sauna and yoga.Male13Every dayJoint with tobaccoBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12854796982August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was causing dizziness and anxiety, the negatives began to outweigh the positives. Started using to manage pain and appetite loss due to Crohn’s disease, and it helped for years. I was able to gain weight and live again. But now it causes more problems, and my crohns is in better condition due to lifestyle changes, so the time has come to let go. It increases anxiety, brain fog, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, sinus problems, and lack of productivity.Headache, dizziness, anxiety, paranoia, insomnia, lack of appetite, lightheadednessEnd of first night, probably 24 hours after last use.Yoga and meditation have been literal lifesavers for me. Giving me the tools to recognize the patterns in my mind and not become victim to them. The ability to be aware that I’m experiencing anxiety, rather than identifying with it and letting my world become anxiety. Eating healthy, and self-compassion.Female22Daily multiple times a day. Some periods pretty much all day every day. Other periods I got myself down to smoking only once in the evening. But pretty much daily for the last three years, with like a month or two of break due to illnesses.Mostly flower, with a bong. Periods of dabbing high concentrate wax. Doing extremely high dosages of edibles, most I’ve ever done is 3000mg in one sittingBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12854953339August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy life is in shambles and I need to learn to take care of myself and get a job instead of using other people to survive.Nausea, vomiting, irritability, insomnia, fatigue, lack of appetite and talking too much.After the second day of abstinence.Water, fish oil, multivitamin, lemon juice, benadryl for insomniaFemale16All day every dayBowl, vape pen, spliffRecreational purposes only
12855197547August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo study for a technical job interrviewNot so sure. I'm a little bit grumpy but it might be unrelated.N/ANoMale194 times a week on averageBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12855406153August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain fog, reduced ability to cope, overuse Restlessness, lethargy, agitation, depression 2 weeks after quittingExercise, counseling Female17Daily Vape pen Recreational purposes only
12855538278August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyImprove focus, memory and performance, have better relationships.Nausea48 hours after last useNoMale194-5 times a dayHerb vaporizer.Recreational purposes only
12855625431August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety development when I wasn’t smoking marijuana Extreme anxiety, irritability, depression After a dayWent on vacation for a week to get away and occupy myself Male23DailyBowl, joints and vape pensBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12855777453August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI need to reclaim my life. I’m in such a bad routine of finishing work and immediately getting high and staying high until I go to bed and wake up for work again. I’ll never meet anyone like this and I’ve stopped experiencing emotions other than anger - nothing is interesting anymore. Yes. Days 1-4 were surprisingly ok, Day 5 (today) is proving much harder. Feel anxious, shaky, no appetite, have been losing weight, diarrhoea. Day 5No, cold turkey. I’m away in Greece and for the first time in years didn’t bring bud with me. Using it as a way to force myself to break the cycle where previously I’ve cracked every time I’ve tried. Male150.8-1.2 grams per day, usually in the form of 3 joints. 98% bud, 2% vape (which I bought recently but am not a huge fan of) I don’t get tempted to smoke the vape, just bud. Recreational purposes only
12856848633August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyFinancial cost, lack of accessBody and head aches, loss of appetite, restlessnessBefore I decided to quit when I had the idea to slow down consumptionAspirin works for the head and body aches, and nyquil or sleep aid to help with restlessness at night but only for the first night or two to prevent dependence. Male17Daily3-6times a day usuallyBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12857062102August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlyto focus on other thingsvivid dreamsfew days after stoppingi substantially cut down on caffeineMale27frequently every other daysmoking and ediblesRecreational purposes only
12857084999August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlyexperienced regular heart palpitationsdifficult to tell for sure as already anxious through too much work and no holidays / breaksdifficult to tell them apart from normal stress symptomsnoMale23dailyvapeRecreational purposes only
12857309806August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlymade my mind foggy, was expensive, i got cannabanoid hyperemesis syndrome eventuallyyes no appetite weight loss headaches mood swingsday 2nicotine lolMale165-6 times a dayvape penRecreational purposes only
12857550993August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlyit made me neglect my hygiene depression, low energy, anxiety, crying, negative thoughts24 hrs after quitting shroomsFemale19all day long unless i was asleep and i always went to bed highdepends on what is available, all 3 sometimes… if it’s in front of me i will consume itBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12857624896August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI quit marijuana and alcohol at the same time. I was using them as distractions and stress relief. They were taking up my time and while I find it easy to accomplish tasks on both substances, marijuana was affecting my over all focus and ability to really consider consequences in my general life. Naseua, brain fog, changes in vision, fatigue, anxiety, anger, I have not had any problems sleeping though2.5 days in Excercise Female17Daily, smoking several times a day, and taking weed oil before bed Vaping, joints, oils Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12857699183August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI don’t think it’s good for my mental health, I’ve been using it to mask how I feel.Crying uncontrollably - just feel so sad and tearful everyday, several times a dayAfter 7 days weed freeWalking Female24For 2 years everyday (after work), since start of 2021 4-5 times a week.JointRecreational purposes only
12857722882August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI began feeling nauseous the day after smokingSometimes nausea, loss of appetite1st dayI took some medication Female14Very often, hourly, every day for the past yearJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12858062550August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyLegalShakes feel drunk like hellDay1CbdMale18DailyJointMedicinal purposes only
12858186362August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyWanting better opportunities in life Nope !NowhereNopeMale15regularly almost everyday CigarRecreational purposes only
12858209010August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyFeeling stagnant and unaccomplished in lifeInsomnia, depression, restlessness lack of directionday 2exerciseMale13dailyspliffBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12858210500August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety and other mental health issuesYes, boredom, binge eatingNot sureEatingMale18Few times a weekA pipeRecreational purposes only
12858456256August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyStarted experiencing problems with memory and realized that I had become very lazy and inactiveYes. Lack of appetite, stomach pains. 2 days after I stopped I was nauseous and throwing up with hot sweats.around 30 hours after stoppingnoFemale15I never used to smoke regularly but for about a year I have been smoking at least once a day. Usually 2-4 times a day (but only in the evening)bong and vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12858737008August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlyi was constantly feeling low and not good with myself physically and my self-asteem its been almost a month now so the headaches and insomnia have subsided but I still get days where i feel so low about myself, almost like a mild depression and lack of serious motivationheadaches: 3 days following, insomnia: 2 weeks after and mild depression and lack a motivation: on and off for 4 weeks now CBD oil for insomnia Female16daily bong for 3 years then moved to joints for the last few years Recreational purposes only
12858837538August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyGot sick from itNauseous vomiting stomach pain can’t sleep can’t eat First dayTrying to be around positive thingsMale17Everyday Paper
12859029760August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyClear my head, change my life.Yes, extremely sleepy and weak* difficulty eating* depression* extreme anxiety* abnormal profuse sweating* sadness* frustration* bad memories* no energy* deep sleep and feel bad when waking up*First few days felt pretty good and went downhill from there.Healthy eating, exercise, reading for distraction, healthy water, calling mom for support often, trying to think positive, meditation, medicinal mushrooms.Female17Too much everyday, concentrate, weed, ediblesAllBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12859097746August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was using it as a coping mechanism to escape my problems and distract myself from my responsibilies. Nausea, loss of appetite, weightloss, headache, low energy. Day 3No. Female19Daily (5-10 bowls a day)bong, bowl, or penRecreational purposes only
12859203397August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth reasonsRestless, boredom, vivid dreams, loss of appetite Not yetWalking and recovery meetingsFemale23Daily...heavy userJointRecreational purposes only
12859233583August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyStopped being fundigestion problems, migraine, sleep issues and brain fog24 hours after cessation Magic mushrooms (alleviated the depression)Male26every daybong/edibles Recreational purposes only
12859238644August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyPersonal reasonsHeadaches, depression3 days after quittingIbuprofenMale16DailyBowlRecreational purposes only
12859408928August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI’ve suffered through several episodes of Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome. I have no choice but to quit. Cravings, boredom, irritability, etc… I smoked all day, everyday for 20 years, it is as big a part of my life as anything else. Within two days of cessation. No. Male13Several times a day, every day. Joints, bowls and dab rigs. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12859430661August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy family Cravings, can’t fall to sleep, can’t eat, headache, irritable feeling depressed First and second weekRemembering I just need to quitFemale12All day everyday for yearsBowlRecreational purposes only
12859510757August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyWanted to take a break after a few years of night time useDiarrhea 3 days after Curing pills (Chinese herbs)Female60Every night before bedEdible, occasional vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12859899682August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlymental health degradation nausea/vomit 1 time. very low mood and increased anxiety.24 hours after stoppingmeditation, mindfulness, exercise. Read the power of now. It helped me get through the bad part.Male33dailybong/jointRecreational purposes only
12859909342August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyAffecting personal life Fever dreams, night sweats, loss of appetite, insomnia, confusion, anger, irritation First 24 hoursHealthy distractions (socializing, career focusing, exercising, cleaning)Male13Chronically. An average of about 2 grams a day, although this was only for the past year or so. Combustion, vaporization, edibles, drinksRecreational purposes only
12860003150August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was tired of living in a fog. Also, it felt duplicitous; I didnt feel I could openly share my consumption. Finally, I have decided to become a competitive international athlete and drug testing may occur.The first day was awful--I felt my brain screaming. My body raged. I felt like I had the flu but I didnt have any sniffles or coughing or a fever. The second day was the worst day; all of those symptoms intensified. After that it got better.Starting on the third day.I quit cold turkey.Female40Daily, multiple times a day.BowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12860127400August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor better spiritual, mental and physical health. To be the best version of me.Today is day one and I’m already trying to justify using “just one more time today.” This is part of my seemingly endless and vicious cycle of self abuse.Usually right away.Yes. Prayer, heathy eating, stretching.Male14Everyday.All the above.Recreational purposes only
12860196624August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyWant to have better memory and more energy. Not to mention the health benefits.Night sweats, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite along with extreme weight loss. Very groggy and have a very hard time waking up in the mornings. Also stomach pains/cramps. Shakiness and mood swings. 2-3 days after quitting.NoMale14Daily but only at night.BowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12860323002August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyTake a break, increase energy and motivation.Sleeplessness, brain fog, vivid dreams, headaches3-7 daysNoMale28DailyEdibles, smoke, vape Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12860349903August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was diagnosed with Cannabis Hypermesis Syndrome and was nauseas and vomiting daily.Severe anxiety, extreme sweating, chest pains like I'm going to have a heart attack, little to no appetite and extreme weight loss, insomnia, irritability, depression, shortness of breath, heart beating in my ears, blurred vision, trembles, hot flashes, sudden extreme fear of death, angerThe timeline is kind of foggy but about 24-36 hours after quitting cold turkeyVery small prescription from doctor for 5, .5mg ativan, as well as a prescription for 50mg Vistaril, meditation sometimes can help when anxiety is EXTREME, just trying to focus on your breathingMale24For the last 3 years I was ingesting through Marijuana edibles. I was medicating twice a day and each dose was about 200mgs. I would occasionally smoke in between the edibles but not often because I had a spontaneous lung collapseFor the first three years I would smoke using a bong, or a pipe, as well as "dabbing" concentrates. Then my lung collapsed and I was in the hospital for 2 weeks with no Marijuana use. After I got out I began to use Marijuana edibles pretty much daily starting at around 25mgs and ending about 3 and a half weeks ago at 200mgs twice a dayBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12860354080August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyNot in a good place mentally Cravings, sleep disturbances 1-2 weeksDistract myself Male13Almost dailyBowl Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12860375786August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt’s negatively affecting every aspect of my life. Finances, work, relationships, motivation, depression, mental and physical healthExtremely low mood, crying, depression and feeling hopeless. lack of appetite sadness, loneliness, anxiety. The first day of quitting. Call a friend, read this website, sleep. Female36Several times a day. Bowl, bong, vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12860416151August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxietyTired all dayDay oneNo I’m fine no desire just want my energy levels upFemale14Daily. 1-5 grams depending JointRecreational purposes only
12860525840August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyVacation tymezStrange dresms2 days inNopeMale192-4 times a dayJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12860542205August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyWhen I started using I let it change everything about myself and I became my worst nightmare. I don’t want that anymore for myself.It’s been a day so no Female16I’d take like 3 dabs about 4 times a day minimum A pen, Dab, BowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12860566418August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI couldn't eat or sleep without usingMood swings, no appetite, no sleep, night sweats, extreme anxietyInstantly, after stopping.Keeping busy, taking time off work to eliminate stress triggers. Staying away from smoking friends temporarily.Male17Average of 3 joints per daySmoking tobacco jointsRecreational purposes only
12860694571August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoved back home to very strict house Wanted to for years but only possible when forcedCrazy dreams, irritability, anger, boredom, insomnia, lack of appetite, weight lossday after stopping On other meds to treat my adhd, ptsd anxiety and depression Meditation sometimesFemale19All day every day SpliffssBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12860734530August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlyjobyes1st daynoFemale11hourlyvape, jointRecreational purposes only
12860895421August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlySportsHeadaches and loss of appetite and sleeplessness The day afterNopeMale14EverydayAll of the aboveRecreational purposes only
12860949138August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my trip later next monthYeah i'm a little bit depressed not very hungry unless i go for a long walk, impatient and consistently checking the time. Also I sleep but wake up oftenIt probably started after I woke up about 13 hours after my last smokeNo just gonna drink lots of water and ride it outMale18I was a light user at first but before I stopped I was smoking 5-6 joints a day or about 2gramsA jointRecreational purposes only
12861052114August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo challenge myself and to see how it would affect meYes. Sleeplessness, and intense irritability mainly. Dreams have been pretty vivid too.I smoked my last one before I went to sleep and woke up immediately with cravings.WillpowerMale18Heavy use everyday for 3 years straight. Occasionally would go a day here and there without smoking. Maybe around 10 days at the very most within a 3 year periodBlunts bongs and bowlsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12861339501August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyBetter healthSleep issues, irritability 4-5 days after stopping NoMale17Every dayVape penRecreational purposes only
12861466594August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyFelt lethargic and depression All of them.....it's hellFirst day No just punched through the symptoms...cold turkey Male16Daily 1.5 gramsJoints Recreational purposes only
12861561688August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney, and it became a habit for too longReally anxious, tiered, really fatigue, had some cravings 3bery now and then From the startI cut down alot 2 weeks prior to quitting, also trying to exercise and eat betterMale263-6 joints every dayJointsRecreational purposes only
12861687909August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlystopped working on my thesisflickering / whistling , more from the brain than ear area, more on the left side. did go to the doctor, brain is fine, it s withdrawal. they say it might be hallucinations but at least for me it s a very clear sound, it s a sinusoidal tone, one frequency, doesnt really vary (doesnt get louder or softer). also i noticed that the more i focus on the "outside" sound the less i notice it, and the less the "outside" sound disappears / fades away, the more i notice this inside sound, indicating (at least for me) that this is essentially the brain "hearing" itself or me noticing the brain do the stuff it does. i dont have interference with hearing really. obviously, the more i pay attention to it, the more annoying it gets. the sound can be compared to when you mute a tube TV and it still does this flickering "sound". it's not haptic though. it s not vibrating or anything. it's just "snow", background noise, like the cosmic microwave background, it's omnipresent, it s not quite responsive, it doesnt evolve or respond really. essentially, what varies is the degree with which i m annoyed by it, i.e. my attention to it. when there s sound around me i hardly even mind. when there is sound and i pay attention to it, i will still hear it. it s particularly annoying when everything is silent, but luckily when falling asleep i ll get bored by it quickly and just drift away. in the morning it s obnoxiously loud, i wonder what that is all about, i guess brain activity is heightened through the night, but what do i know. i just hope my brain will readjust, i ve had on and off smoking phases for years and never experienced anything like it. but i smoked heavily and strong stuff (big haze joints), for 6 months without a break (only 1 at night though, never more, and never during the day). it really feels like i habituated my brain to something that it s not lacking. i just hope my brain will re adjust and get used to what it was like before. from what i ve read on your website, there is a good chance that that will happen. it s been 2 weeks now. the sounds have started on the first day after not having smoked the night before (i.e. first day after non-stoned sleep). there is no development yet, but i m coming from war ( i wrote an intensive thesis, i worked all day, ate and drank too little, and then smoked in the evening to turn it all off). i m allowing my body to take its time. first morning after not having smoked the day before. no, no worries, there is no problem for me in stopping to smoke, have done so on many occasions.Male22prior to now, every night for certainly 6 months, and before that for another 9 months, but with 1-2 days breaks every 1-2 weeks.roll jointsRecreational purposes only
12861937749August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyWent on vacation out of stateLoss of sex drive 5 days ago NoMale19DailyBowl, backwood, pen Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12862359700August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was obsessing about it againYes, mood and appetite and sleep are affected A few hours since my last bowlYoga and breathing Male16Every few hoursBongRecreational purposes only
12862856529August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI smoked from 18 to 22 basically daily. I want to give my brain a chance to revert the effects while im still young.Im currently on day 3, yes I have anxiety, and some depression at times. Also flu like symptoms. In general I feel like my brain is being forced to feel a lot of suppressed emotions all at once and that is definitely tough.Basically after 24 hours I could start to feel the withdrawal symptoms.Yes, I had an addiction to both weed and nicotine. I smoke the occasional cigarette (1 at night) when Im feeling hard withdrawal symptoms. But I aiming to stop both weed and nicotine. Im just doing the process that works best for me and priority at the moment is getting of weed entirely, than working toward getting off both entirely.Male18DailyDaily Joints, blunts, occasionally vape pens and bowlsRecreational purposes only
12863271225August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI literally got tired of being controlled by a plant. Yes, feels like a part of your daily routine is missing.The minute you decide to not smoke There's noting really you can do, it's either you continue smoking or you don't . Willpower!Male20Everyday.Smoke the flower.Recreational purposes only
12863428939August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor more energyIrregular sleeping, fatigueHave been experiencing them off and on since stopping 6 weeks agoI take magnesium before bed to sleepFemale16Every day, heavilyVape, bongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12863560615August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt’s taken too much of my time away from my loved ones, because I’m outside smoking Or I avoid people because I’m high.I’m feeling jittery and anxious, after only a day but I’ve been feeling anxiety for some time even while using..Jittery after 6 hours of my first sober day. I usually smoke first thing in the morning and smoke heavily throughout my dayFirst thing I did was look in the mirror and tell myself I wouldn’t do it anymore, then I prayed. I’m not usually a praying person.Male15At least 3 grams a day Tobacco blunts, occasional bong bowls Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12863688352August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was tired of feeling like I had to do it. Didn’t want to be addicted. I’m 3.5 weeks in and feeling anxious, depressed, and some chest pains. I quit nicotine too. Feeling very bored. Within a few days of quitting. Not really. Just trying to get through. Female37Multiple times a dayVape penRecreational purposes only
12863737568August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI should be led by the Holy Spirit and not spirits of demons or be dependant on this physical worlSometimes I crave to smoke but its more like in the moment of doing things like making kofee missing something I used to do mabee its just habitUseily when I sit down ro drink kofee not much of a craving more like repeditive task missing out of my dayly rotineJust move my mind to the next task on handsMale16Dayly being high all the time im awakePipeRecreational purposes only
12863789524August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlyit’s too expensive and I depend on it too much. It makes me suffer more than benefit at this point.yes, I lose my appetite, cannot regulate my body temp (chills, super hot, super cold), cant sleep at all, anxiety, headaches, irritable or depressed (lots of emotions), nausea, etc the first day i quitI’ve tried a few times to quit but never lasted more than a week because i felt bad but no not yetFemale15every single day all the time almost unfortunately vape pen and weed itself in like a joint Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12863808933August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was getting in the way of my relationships with people, I would rather smoke a blunt then have to go and be social. Before I smoked weed I loved talking to people , but after a long period of time I felt too lazy to talk to people and it almost seemed like I couldn’t get words out of my mouth without putting a lot of effort into it. In the beginning I felt a lot of doubt in myself, I felt like I couldn’t give up marijuana because I had been smoking it so much. Almost as if it was apart of me now , but through a lot of meditation and changing my mindset , I learned that I’m a better person without it 1-3 days in Exercising and keeping myself busy by interacting with people again 🙂Male19At least once every 3 days for a year Blunt, edible , and pen Recreational purposes only
12863926094August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI believe I may have CHSVery cramped stomach and headache not sure if from withdrawal or CHSCHS appeared a week ago but hasn’t gone away at all so think it might be a combination Hot shower provides temporary relief Paracetamol for my headacheMale16Daily 3-6 bongs a dayBong sometimes ediblesRecreational purposes only
12864072218August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI felt it was interfering with my productivity and i felt my life was stagnant and my way of dealing with it was to continue to smoke weed everyday. Vivid dreams, craving, low mood, reduced appetite Day 1I usually smoke with tobacco, so ive got fruit flavoured vapes to help with nicotine cravings. Male17Everyday Joints with tobacco and weed. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12864126379August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI didn’t want to do anything else.Diarrhoea, stomach pain, nausea, depression, sweats, anxiety, major brain fog, tinnitus, heavingWithin a week of stoppingBeing around familyFemale274 cigarette size a daySmokeRecreational purposes only
12864785447August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyBetter health more energy more ambition Depression anxietyFew days after stopping I tapered Gabapentin started anti depressant welbrutin Male14Constantly twenty four seven during pandemicJoints one hitters vape pen Recreational purposes only
12865568497August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was getting fat (munchies), lazy, and just unhappy Lack of sleep, lack of appetite and cold sweats 24 hours after last jointNo I Female20Several times a weekSmoke with tobacco mixedRecreational purposes only
12865723048August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyWork and to improve lifestyle Not this timeN.aKeeping occupiedFemale17DailyMix with tobacco in paperBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12865903856August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyRisk of losing driving licence Can’t get too sleep Lack of appetite Tiered all the time Headaches First day Sleep aids Female27Everyday Smoke Medicinal purposes only
12865979184August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyLooking after long term healthDepression, anxiety and panic attacks, interrupted sleep, brain fog (especially in the morning)2 days after quittingWalking, yoga, meditation Male18dailydry herb vape, jointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12866381015August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyPerceptible impairment of working memory & attention, and a general sense of feeling unwellWorking memory still feels impaired. I feel funny or "off" during familiar experiencesProbably immediatelyJust cold turkeyMale27Almost daily for a few monthsEdibles or vape penRecreational purposes only
12866545127August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlyi feel like i changed mentally and my thoughts and beliefs are easily altered causing me to think nothing is realirritable, lack of control for any emotion2nd day of no. useno, just winging itFemale20dailyclear; vape penRecreational purposes only
12866786455August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt takes away motivation for anything I'm experiencing brain fog, some dizziness walking, insomnia and the occasional runny noseOne the first daysNoMale15Almost dailySmokable jointRecreational purposes only
12866839001August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyOpportunity cost Lack of focus and motivation to do anythingDay 1NoMale23All day. 9 to 10 joints a dayRolledRecreational purposes only
12867180566August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlypersonal reasonssleeplessness, irritability, depression, lack of motivationafter 2 days of abstinenceexercise, readingMale13daily for over a decadespliffs with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12867243157August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlySeems like the next logical step after a year and half of not drinkingIrritability and sooooo boredDay 3Exercise and talking with friends/therapist Female13Everyday, multiple times a dayBowl or vape pen, edibles never worked Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12867441736August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyBeen smoking for years and its just making me anxious now. I also want to put a bit of weight on as i'm quite slim now due to cannabis.Yes, shakiness, loss of appetite, nausea, anxiety, sweatingDay 2Exercise and trying to regulate my eating and drinkingFemale19EverydayJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12867610615August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor better cognitive function.Irritability, insomnia Week oneMelatonin Female32DailyJointsRecreational purposes only
12867831453August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyFinancial, and also apparent memory impairmentAfter 3 days the headache started to appear, left side of head.After 3 daysNoMale35Evening daily, and over the whole weekendJointRecreational purposes only
12868168498August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety and unable to navigate my emotions. Not really, I do get cravings every now and then, especially when I'm in a good mood, which is very different to how I used it before. I'd use only when i felt terrible or anxious. 1 month into quitting.Observe my cravings. Male18First 5 years about 5-8 joints a day. Then it decreased to about 1-2 a day. To once a week, and then only social settings. Joints or edibles. Recreational purposes only
12868285317August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo increase productivity as well as a planned career changeYes. Not sleeping well. I fall asleep easily but it is not restfull and I want up several times a night. Low appetite. CravingsImmediately Meditation. Keeping busy. A glass of wine here and there but not as often as I would have smokedFemale14Daily, almost on a consistent basisBowl, recently switched to vape 3-4 months agoBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12868376972August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt increased my anxietyYes. Stomach irritability and nausea. Also tirednessThe day after quittingNoFemale15Multiple times a day for 8 yearsPipe or rolled jointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12868545851August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was making my anxiety and panic attacks worse, but I was too dependent on it to quit. Eventually, the panic attacks just after smoking was not worth the relaxation that followed. Low mood, sadness, boredom, lack of interest in things, reoccurring panic attacks and anxiety Was very bad the first week, now on week 3-4, the fear of anxiety attacks remains, but seems getting less intense Exercise, walking in nature, yoga, breathing exercises, reading self help literatureFemale37DailySmokeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12868904369August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI didn’t want to abuse it anymore I wanted to change my life around I’m on day 3 and so far I’ve only experienced anxiety and loss of appetiteFirst day I stopped smoking NoMale18Everyday Blunt Recreational purposes only
12869195244August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyBetter my healthHeadache and anxietyAbout 3weeks after quittingTylenol and hot showersMale15Every dayBowl then switched to vape pens and ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12869279756August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlymaking me sick nausea, vomiting, sweating, light headed, malaise, Diarrhea a day after quitingsmall meals, peptobismol helped some. Mostly just being aware that it was happening and trying to stick through itMale343 months, Edibles mostlyEdibleRecreational purposes only
12869703469August 6, 2021Stopped Recentlystarted to give me anxiety more anxiety after day 1 noMale17dailyjointRecreational purposes only
12870101922August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety and boredom, feeling no control over my lifeSleep problems mostlyFirst night after quittingNot yetMale21Everyday, multiple times a dayJoints, bongRecreational purposes only
12870197527August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI stopped feeling like myself and realized, after multiple quitting attempts, that I would get extremely anxious, unproductive and uncreative. Right now I'm experiencing headaches and random sweats. It was very difficult to fall asleep and the sleep was numb. I sweated a lot at night (it's very cold here). My consciousness feels like it's adapting.Day 3.I'm drinking a lot of water and trying to keep a sleep routine. I think I'm going to exercise harder so I can sleep faster. When a trigger comes up i light up some incense so I can like... smell smoke.Non-binary18Daily, 1-4 times a dayI would roll up a joint.Recreational purposes only
12870228997August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth reasons, both mental and physicalReduced appetite, mild insomnia, anxietyFirst dayNothing concreteMale30Every DayBowl or jointRecreational purposes only
12870396502August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyOut of town vacation with family that doesn’t use thc. Vivid dreams12 days after stopping thc use. NoMale162-3 hits on one hitter 4-5 times a day. Smoking flower from one hitter pipe. Recreational purposes only
12870598006August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy memory was slipping too muchSlight irritability, restless sleepDay 5Just keeping myself busy with my regular activitiesMale18DailyJoint, bowl, penRecreational purposes only
12870805519August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo see if I couldJust intense craving, problems falling asleepSleep was immediately, cravings at day 4 Whenever I get a burning desire, I work out instead Male16Daily/multiple times per day Bowl Recreational purposes only
12870970704August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlySomething I’ve been wanting to release for a long time. No longer makes me feel good.Insomnia, not hungry, headache, anxiety, anger/irritability Within first dayBeing prepared ahead of time, not making big plans, waited until my menstrual cycle was over, eating well, lots of water, walking, journaling, meditation Female14DailyJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12870996418August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI think it prevents me from engaging socially with peers and this has hurt me at workMajor brain fog and exhaustion. Little appetite. Immediately - the day after use stopped. Female17Daily - multiple times a day Vape Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12871034704August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI wanted to be more positive and mindful. I was tired of feeling down, disassociated, and tired all the time, and using it to get through my days. Yes -- I don't sleep easily so I do my best to take as many over-the-counter sleep aids to get any relief. I wake up in the middle of the night with major night sweats. I also have no appetite and my chills are pretty persistent. Symptoms began to appear within 18 hours of stopping. Sleep aids, exercise, saunas, a lot of water/sports drinks, etc. Male18Multiple times a day, daily Gravity bongRecreational purposes only
12871619959August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI didn’t feel good anymore bc I smoked too much all the timeI cannot sleep and I’m more sensitive A couple days after i stopped smoking Sleep medicine over the counter Female21All day everydayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12871864383August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI am 44, run a company I started when I was 32 that just hit $10 million and growing at 30-40%, have a wonderful wife, 2 kids ages 3 and 6 and figured I should try life without being stoned - I am / was a very heavy user.Cravings, loss of motivation, and insomnia. I am at day 12 of no pot.Within 24 hours3 times I have taken an anti-anxiety medication to offset strong intense cravings.Male16Daily, 4-10x Water bong with iceRecreational purposes only
12871911050August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to experience life as it is. I want to be more social. I want to find a partnerCravings 24 hours after quitting Walking Male19Every day Bong Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12872148859August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt’s stopping me achieving true peak performance at work and its difficult to sleep without itMood swings, irritability lack of sleepDay 2CBD, melatoninMale18DailyVape Recreational purposes only
12872295525August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo go clean and look after my health and future wellbeingYes, I feel nervous, headache, irritation, anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, fear, shaking, cold sweats, fuzzy vision, insomnia, DP/DRDay 3No Male24EverydayDry herb vaping Recreational purposes only
12872402039August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I realised that I had become dependent on marijuana I’m a little irritable at times and I don’t sleep as well Day 1No just willpower Male14Every day In a rizla Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12872547134August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyTaking over my lifeDepression,insomnia,stomach pain and headachesDay 1ParacetemolMale16All day .everydaySmoking Recreational purposes only
12872632069August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyHolidays FinishedYes. Short bursts of severe anger issues. "Blowing up" in the faces of family members. This is followed by a self refection, apology and the realisation that I was angry at an insignificant thing, but in the heat of the moment, the thing I am angry at seems like the most significant thing in the world.4 days after quittingNoMale19Daily for 2-3 weeksEdible - homemade infused coconut oil with ~100mg THC per use.Recreational purposes only
12872903759August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental health, lack of motivation.Vivid Dreams, sweating, irritability, hypervigilance, extra energy, anxiety.About 6 hours after last use.Exercise, Rhodelia Rosea, Ashwaghanda, Masturbation, Distractions.Male19Daily, sometimes twice or thrice daily.Dry Herb VaporizerRecreational purposes only
12872987311August 6, 2021Stopped Recently5 days ago No sleep body not feeling normal yet headache cravings Day 1No I just quit cold turkey no medicine or nothing Male17Every single day A blunt Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12873362158August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyFamily, mental & physical health, financial reasons Irritability, tiredness, decreased appetite, sleeplessness Day 2 of abstinence NoFemale15Multiple times dailyVape pen mostly. Joint occasionally Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12873949820August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyCognitive deficitsShort term memory issues. Anger or low patience. Motor function is impaired. Impaired planning capability After I quit immediatelyNoMale173 times a dayVape penRecreational purposes only
12874000598August 6, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental health Insomnia, mood swings and appetite changes 2 days after stopping Yes Male403 or 4 times a week Smoke Recreational purposes only
12832694413July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyFinancial difficulties, lack of motivation to pursue passions Yes. Anxiety, restlessness, anger outbursts, difficulty sleeping, craving. Within hours of quitting. Breathing. Female21Multiple times daily. Nearly all day. Vape pen, wax concentrates. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12833365576July 29, 2021Stopped Recentlyb/c I am about to have a nursing license and can't deal with the professional liability of testing positivesex doesn't feel as good, trouble orgasming, moodiness, depression, vivid dreamsweek 1-2drinking or yogaFemale21every day almostbong bowl and vapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12833945185July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyToo much anxiety and slows down normal brain functions Loss of appetite completely Mood swings Tiredness Day 1No Male22Daily A rolled up blunt Recreational purposes only
12834306693July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyExperiencing existential dread and lacking in positive reasons to use it. Trying to fix the underlying problems sober.Sweats and cold chills, headaches, severe anxiety and restlessness, moderate to severe depressionIts still Day One.Phenergan to help me sleep tonight. 20mg. Hopeful to stick it out the rest of the withdrawal without other medication.Female15Multiple grams daily. Before and after work. Before completing any tasks as an enticement and then after as a reward. Heavy use of straight green without tobacco.Started with bongs and then went to joints over the last 2 yearsRecreational purposes only
12834879546July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyCan't get it.Mostly just anxiety feeling like my entire body May explode.Few hours after stopping.Hemp cigarettes and CBD gummies and oils seem to be really helping.Male15DailyBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12835325938July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI am having some more anxiety from it and possible mania from increased consumption. I want to be clear headed Stomach discomfort , loss of appetite, irritability, anger, tired, sweating, hot and cold. Within like 36 hours of stopping A couple hits from a vape pen to minimize discomfort Female17Daily, 3 times per day or more Vape pen, edible, wax, flower joints, bongs, etc….Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12835628833July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyWant to feel clear headed all the time. Sick of it. Headache, extreme fatigue, joint aches (that could be from something I ate but altars to correlate with quitting) disturbed sleepAfter 2 daysNoFemale25Almost dailyTincture, smokeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12835634251July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyTired of addiction I want to be freeAnxiety shivering low moodFirst nightNoFemale17Every daySoliffBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12836027488July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo be more present and one less addiction to worry about Sweats, low appetite, anxiety, loss of energy, trouble falling and staying asleep, crazy dreamsAfter a day or so Bath tub Male143-5 times daily Bong Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12836076247July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlySpending too much money & had a desire to take a tolerance breakI sometimes have difficulty sleeping, I often find myself being bored because weed has become more of a hobbyThe day after I decided to take a break. NoMale20Multiple times a day, multiple times a weekBluntBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12836341328July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyPersonal ChoiceNausea. Appetite loss. Loose stools. Irritability. 48 hours after cessationNoMale16Multiple times per dayBowl. Joint. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12836492934July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyThe thing I wanted to treat with cannabis became much worse as time progressed and tons of negative effects for cognition which to me is horrible. Insomnia, agitation (not too severe), mood swings, anxiety(not severe). The symptoms are really not severe.After about 24 hoursNatural herbs and some medications for sleep.Male22Every night A fair amount Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12836640150July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyPregnancyLack of sleep, lack of appetite lack of concentration and mood swinsgfirst dayNoFemale13Daily 5-6 times Smoke spliffRecreational purposes only
12836739983July 29, 2021Stopped Recentlyto feel the full emotional spectrum, be a better person for people around me and myselfYes, depressive mood, irritability and nauseaon day 15, now on day 21 noMale22once a daysmokeRecreational purposes only
12837893646July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI started to think for my futureYes i am on day 5 craving for weed loss appetite mood swings depression From the day i stopped smokingI use Xanax ( alprazolam ) to reduce craving Male17I m heavy user i use to smoke every hour just to feel normalI smoke in bongRecreational purposes only
12838051397July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy usage was steadily increasing. Weight gain and feelings of apathy, avoiding responsibilitiesYes. Loss of appetite and trouble sleepingWithin 24 hours I noticed decreased appetite to the point of feeling nauseous and disgusted after a few bites, trouble sleeping, some irritabilityExercise, eating regularly, chamomile teaFemale19Every day, sometimes multiple times Bowl, joint, edibleRecreational purposes only
12838060919July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want want to stop the frustrating feeling after not having weed and it affect my skin and mental healthAnxiety, irritated, depression, could shivers, lack of appetiteAfter day threeAshwaganda tabs, entress druppels and mybulenFemale19Right through the day, every dayRizzler smokeRecreational purposes only
12838253038July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyUnhealthy thoughtsHeadaches, carvings, mood swingsAfter 10 daysNoMale20DailyDesktop or portable VaporiserBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12838320182July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I stopped enjoying getting high and I want to be myself againVery intense mental clouding and memory problems, anxiety, depression, appetite loss, sleep problems24 hoursExcercise and eating healthy Male13All dayAny way I couldRecreational purposes only
12838691987July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo save my lungs , causes anxiety , too expensiveYes , boredom. Lack of appetite , easily annoyedDay one after quitting Yes , exercise , good food , meditation and yogaFemale17DailyOne hitterBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12838925741July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI have a severe decrease in appetite and feel nauseated when I don't use, which causes a lot of discomfort in situations where I wasn't able to use. Found myself avoiding things, places and people that I love for the fear of feeling sick if I wasn't able to smoke.Yes. Loss of appetite, nausea, headaches and occasional abdominal pain that I believe is a side effect to not eating.1st day of abstinence. I planned my schedule around it and try to eat bland or liquid foods whenever I can stomach a few bites. Only eat a few bites at a time until I feel too sick.Female182-6 times daily.Large bong or vape pen.Recreational purposes only
12839050994July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt wasn’t serving my needs any longer. Retired and much less stressVivid dreams. Waking up from dreams and can’t sleep. Night sweats, boredom, feeling that the future is bleakDay 2Wine for sleep and anxiety Male18Twice daily Flower in a pipeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12839146671July 29, 2021Stopped Recentlyit was affecting my ability to regulate my emotionsheadaches, dreams, brain fog, nauseaabout 5 to 7 daysnoMale55daily, smoking multiple times a daysmoke bowlsRecreational purposes only
12840051738July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my futureAngry without any reason , stomach pain mood swing tremor anxiety depression The day i stopped smokingI use alprazolam ( xanax ) to sleep and for my anxiety Male16I used to smoke every hour for 2 years just to feel normalBong and joint Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12840181577July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyFamilyShakes, dizziness, irritable, cravings, tired, anxiousAfter 3 monthsCBD budsMale15DailySpliffsRecreational purposes only
12840408262July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyEpiphany that I have had loss of motivation since I started smokingIrritable, anxiousFirst dayTrying to find different things to doMale18at least 3 times a dayJoint and vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12840735608July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyTolerance break. Lungs were starting to feel sore.Yes. Sweating, chills, difficulty sleeping, sore lungs, anxiety, and depression.2nd day after stopping.Vaping nicotine here and there, but it just makes the sweating & anxiety symptoms worse.Male15Several times per dayVape pen, joints, bowlsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12840940842July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyInterfering with memory and focus First few days, stomach pain . Hot flushes. Now days 4-7 extremely hard to sleep . Some depression and anxiety spikes Within 24 hours of stopping Anti-histamine helped with sleep for first 2 days then became none effective Male39Each night Vape pen Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12841468730July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyPregnancyNo appetite, fatigue, Day 1Female17DailyBlunt or jointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12841470196July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoneySuffer2nd dayYesMale17Everyday1 gramRecreational purposes only
12841505523July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I wasn't enjoying it anymore. I needed more and more to get high. I didn't enjoy doing anything unless I was using.Just a mental craving. I keep thinking about itday 1just cold turkeyMale19dailyedible or vapeRecreational purposes only
12841597752July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyLife change Yes Sleeping issues, cravings, and fatigue The first full day of stopping No it’s a learned behavior that i am settled on quittingMale17DailyBlunts, bowl and edibles Recreational purposes only
12841679532July 29, 2021Stopped Recentlyfinances and shoolirritability, GI disturbances, 2 days agoexercise, healthy eating, Female30dailybluntBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12842000236July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt has been an excessive daily habit for my whole adult life and it has led to the breakdown of my relationshipI’m heartbroken at the moment so it’s hard to tell. I’m shaking, can’t eat, struggling to sleep and have a bad stomach. Day 2I’ve started therapyMale12Every dayJointRecreational purposes only
12842294662July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyRecently diagnosed with bi polar disorder and wanted to get healthyJust when I get bored or lonely The first few weeks Nothing in particular Male16Every day all day long Bong Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12842346080July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyNeed to change my lifeCrying, restless, anger at past situations.Instant after last useNOMale183 times a dayJointRecreational purposes only
12842393168July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was altering my mood and how I felt on a daily basisHeavy brain fog and anxiety and depressionOne day after quittingExercise, driving around, working to stay busyMale18Every dayJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12842499926July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo relieve anxietyVery vivid dreams, decreased anxiety, increased appetite (I had very low appetite when smoking regularly)Immediately after stoppingFemale16Everyday multiple times a dayBowlRecreational purposes only
12842614721July 29, 2021Stopped Recentlyit consumes methrowing up, shivering in the night, insomnia, heavy vivid ptsd dreams, depression, depersonalizationwithin 4h of not smokingyes everything in the book but that just replaces the addiction with something elseMale1514 years dailyedible / jointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12842635472July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyTrying to be completely sober, tired of being in a mental hazeRestlessness, boredom, trouble sleeping, shakinessThe day I quitExercise and Advil for headacheFemale16Daily, multiple times per daySpliff, weed and tobacco cigarettes Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12842688757July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I wanted to break the addiction and it was getting in the way of my relationships Yes, extreme fatigue, vivid dreams, low libido, decrease in motivation and energy, irritable, apathetic Immediately upon quitting Eating healthy foods, working less, drinking water, working with a therapist, sleeping as much as I can Female15DailyBowl/smoke flower and vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12842818969July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was addictedNot anymore only light dreams3 days after quit dayJust exercise to keep me busyMale15EverydayBluntsRecreational purposes only
12842833210July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain fog, irritability, anxietyInsomnia, mild depression, loss of apetite, nausea, cravings, day 1noMale291-3 times per weekvaporized herbBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12842929309July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyTolerance break and awareness of my overusageHeadaches during week 4Week1-2 was irritability and insomnia, week 3 was weakened symptoms, and during week 4 I was getting light headaches in the evening Work and a little bit of nicotine vapeMale171 ounce per 2 weeksVape pen, dabs and flower from a bongRecreational purposes only
12842978095July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth Cravings. Mood changes. Anxiety 24 hours in No Female20DailyBowlRecreational purposes only
12843106750July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyFinancial and health reasonsIt’s been 24 days, I felt like going back to it but I think it’s normal to think like that so I held myself back. Feeling proud of thatFirst week and 4th weekYes. Male17Every time I got the chanceSmokeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12843138847July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyConcern for my health and fear of cancer Not so much. But my dreams are very vivid. I don't like it. I used diazepams for sleeping. I also experienced severe sleep paralysis in the early days (today is my 32nd day of not using cannabis). I experienced pain in my leg muscles. Initially, I started to eat alot. Like alot more than I could ever eat. But a month later, my appetite is waning. The first few weeks were tough. I experienced sleepless and severe sleep paralysis. Had minor muscle pain in my legs. Other than that, I was fine. Yes. I used diazepams to sleep. Plus I have severe anxiety. So I take zolpidam and inderal during office hours to help me cope with anxiety. Also I'm taking Velo (non tobacco nicotine product). Male244 to 5 or more joints per day. Rarely took breaks. My use was extreme. Mixed with tobacco and rolled in a paper. I used cannabis Recreational purposes only
12843157889July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyBe better and save money for the future Mood swings some days Since I stopped 20 days ago Mainly working out and work Male13Everyday all day Spliffs Recreational purposes only
12843170473July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyA traumatic experience of a friend with other drugs. Persperation, sleep troubles, irritability day 2.NoMale15every day, all dayevery hour, or twoBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12843344085July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI am an addict. I stopped years ago, and started smoking weed again about 2 months ago. I don’t want to go back. Headache, cravings, GI upset, crankinessTodayNoFemale16DailyVape, edibles, joints Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12843553224July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo improve productivity.So far not really besides trouble falling asleep.The first day I stopped smoking.Yes, I try to distract myself by making music or working.Male143 or so times a day.Edibles, smoking, and vaping.Recreational purposes only
12843662981July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney, motivation, energy and to prove to myself I can. Mostly depression and boredom. Around day 3-4. High potency CBD and trazadone for sleep. Female15Every day (usually in the evenings). Vape pen, bowl, edibles and the occasional joint. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12843739508July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyNew jobAnxiety and depression Day 3Cbd Male15Everyday Bowl and cape penRecreational purposes only
12843786779July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyWas not good for my mental health, and want to be more physically active.Bodu aches, anxiety, disturbed sleep, decrease in appetite, fatigue.Immediately after cessation and into week 3 which i am now.Exercise Male15Daily as i got older BowlRecreational purposes only
12843789924July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyDecided to quit 7 days agolow libido, sore throat, boredom5-6 days after stoppingworking out, playing sportsMale23multiple times a daysmoking from a bongRecreational purposes only
12843792781July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyYesterday Yes, sweats, chills (its July in GA (HOT)), decrease in appetite, nausea, and mood irritation.Day 1Yes, nausea pills, peppermint oil and cbd. Not being around people who still smoke helps too. Female172-3 times every day Smoking Recreational purposes only
12843820567July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyWeight loss was impossible due to munchies. Too expensive and I was living in a motivationless hole getting nowhere and relying on it to numb me through my days. I experience cravings for it mainly out of habit. I went through a period of emotional time where I’d cry because I missed it. It was like my friend that kept me company during long lonely days at home alone and it would get me through days of depression. I experienced irritability and a lot of feeling overwhelmed. Insomnia was the biggest hardest part and restless legs. Straight aWay. A day without. I went cold turkey. Female29Every dayJoint with tobacco Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12844074572July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was causing more anxiety than helping Nausea, diarrhea, anxiety, sleeplessness, shakes, chills, loss of appetite. The worst of it was after 3 days. Prescribed anti nausea medicine and anti inflammatory medication for diarrhea. Female23Everyday, all day. Especially to before eating. BongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12844195607July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI didnt like it any more. Yes. Brain fog confusion tired cant sleep sweatingFirst dayMelitonanFemale15All day every dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12844227481July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyWorkAnxiety, I can not sleep my mind is thinking only negative thoughts. Random Anxiety and sweating a lot through my work day. I am depressed and have no interest in food. 1 day after quiting I started having trouble sleeping. I used to smoke about 2 grams of indica right before I went to bed. Now on day 3 of not smoking I have horrible anxiety and I am sweating a lot. I called out of work because I was having a panic attack and couldn't stop sweating. I tried going to the gym to exercise. It helped a lot with the anxiety. I am currently taking Unisom to help me sleep but it does not help at all. Male35Everyday. I would easily smoke 7 to 14 grams a dayI used a bowl or I would make an edible using coconut oil and honey and put it on my waffles in the morning before work. I smoked zig zag king size cones all day about 8 to 12 of them every day. Each cone would weigh approximately 1.8 to 2.2 grams depending on how tight I would pack it. I usrd the vape pen a few times but did not like it. Recreational purposes only
12844658155July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was getting anxious and having "final destination" thoughts everytime I smoked. It was not enjoyable or relaxing anymore.I did not have any withdrawal symptoms this time. In the past I've had anxiety or was irritable for about 2 days after ending use.They did not appear this time.NoMale15Nightly before bed RigBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12844749050July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyBroke and need to stop anyways. Been less than 24 hours Just coughing more and some nauseaMorningNoFemale21Daily, as needed, for back painSmoke, would prefer to ingest if it were availableMedicinal purposes only
12845292748July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyWas effecting my life in a negative wayNot yetDidn't yetNoFemale21Once a dayJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12845554283July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt started giving me extreme anxiety to use. I had been a heavy smoker, using concentrates multiple x daily for 5 years with flower, and smoked for a total of 10 years. The anxiety got so bad it wasn’t worth it anymore. Bouts of severe anxiety and paranoia, I am diagnosed schizoaffective bipolar type as well. Stomach pain. Headaches, fatigue, difficulty sleeping A week after stopping use No, I do drink daily coffee. I’m trying to reason with my anxiety Female13Daily concentrates, edibles, flower. I worked in the industry and live in a Rec legal state. All of the above Medicinal purposes only
12845824797July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyDental school Depression , anxiety, sweating , and hot flashes After 4 daysVapor Female18EverydayLeafRecreational purposes only
12846029559July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo gain back idle time. Focus on health and career.Nausea, fatigue, headaches, weakness, restlessnessAfter 24hours of abstainingDistraction, napsMale18EverydayVape pen, joints, bongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12846085242July 29, 2021Stopped Recentlytrip to franceirritability, mood swings, tiredness3ish days aftercoffee for sleepinessFemale16every day, 1-3 timesvape penRecreational purposes only
12846491169July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain fog lethargy laziness Head tension Hot flashes Nauseous Anger Complete 100% Lack of hunger Vivid dreams Anxiety Day 2 Ketamine makes it a lot easier to quit. It’s administered by a licensed anesthesiologist and psychiatrist. Male16An ounce every two weeks PAX herb vaporizer Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12847138670July 29, 2021Stopped Recentlyto get out of my rutdecreased appetite, sleeplessness, GI disorders, headachessecond daystaying busy, playing musicMale15daily, constant heavy usesmoke and last 5 years, ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12847395217July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor job opportunities, and because it wasn’t giving me the same high any more and felt like more of a dependenceNot this time because I tapered off first. Last time I had horrible nausea, brain fog, jitteriness and insomnia at night and fatigue during the day.N/A for this time (clean over a month), but last time (from heavy to cold turkey) they started halfway through day 1Sadly I’m now smoking cigarettes again but aiming to give those up tooFemale20Multiple times a dayBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12847939492July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth concerns Insomnia, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, inability to focus 72 hours NoMale20Daily All forms Recreational purposes only
12847983024July 29, 2021Stopped Recentlymoney issue and tobaccoirritable, mood swings, fast temper first weeknoMale22every dayspliffs (ruled marijuana & tobacco cigs)Recreational purposes only
12848013495July 29, 2021Stopped Recently2 days agoCraving and slight restlessnessExercise. Time with family Male17Every evening for 2 weeks, previously every day for 6 months. Before that intermittently for various years Roll a pure marijuana joint Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12848037429July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy wife left meAnxiety, loss of appetite, boredom, no meaning, night sweats, suicidal ideationRight awayExerciseMale15Many, many times a dayChillumRecreational purposes only
12848308730July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyMemory impairment Depression, anxiety, tiredness, irritability, boredom, not in the mood to do anything.First night of stopping. 2nd night as of todayVaping and smoking ciggs, sleeping during the day.Female22Every alternate days or every night before sleepJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12848610355July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyMedical scareAnxiety, lack of appetite, sleepless nights, unexplained fear, vivid dreamsFirst Day after I quitnoFemale16everyday, every hourbowl, vape pen Recreational purposes only
12848845429July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney, future kids and healthAnger, dont want to eat, low sex drive,feeling abit illFirst dayNitotein patches and gumMale16All day every day none stopJoints with tobaccoMedicinal purposes only
12848874406July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlySmoking is not good for our bodies. Although cannabis isn’t anywhere as awful as cigarettes, I’m still filling my body with carbon monoxide and stressing out my heart. Also, it’s costing my partner and I about $200-400 a month to support our habit. Yes- Panic attack, loss of appetite, fatigue, insomnia, cravings, brain fog, increased sweating and body odor, sore throatThe cravings are diminishing but it hit on day 2. I had insomnia on days 1-3. I was also very smelly and sweaty on days 2-4. Day 2-3 I had a small sore throat. Intense coughing on day 2. I’m on day 6 now and am experiencing a lot of fatigue and almost a complete loss of appetite. I have lost 5lbs since I quit 6 days ago. I am reading about it and sharing with people on r/leaves I also saw my doctor today to check my health and to get his support. Female29The past 4 years I have smoked daily. 1 or 2 bowls at a time from 5-10 times a day. Bowl for a bong. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12848888154July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney, time, life goals, dating, healthRestlessness, boredom, the inability to think of something else than smokingThe first dayThe best thing I did was going on vacation with people who don't smoke, to a country where it’s illegal, for about two weeks Male181.5 gram per day, mostly in the late afternoon, evening, night and weekend daysJoints with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12849056128July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt disrupted my day to day life and I started to stop going out or meeting peopleBrain fog, craving for marijuana, anxiety Day 2NoFemale21dailysmoke, consume and paxBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12849245418July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyInterfering with life, work, relationships. Easy to "not care" which is not healthy long term.Irritability, anxiety, abdominal discomfort, insomnia, depression, headacheWithin about 12-18 hours of cessationNo19every dayvape pen, pipesRecreational purposes only
12849253527July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo save money, to help improve physical and mental health. It had become all that I do most of the timeNight sweats and insomnia, restlessness Restlessness started around 5pm on the first day (had my last joint around 3am that morning). Night sweats and insomnia began around 9pmAlcohol, excercise Female19Every day, around 3 joints per day, maybe 5 on a weekend. Around 2.5g per spliff.Joint rolled with rizla papers and half a cigarette Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12849463049July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI wanted to stop wasting my money loss of appetite, irritability on the first 2 days, sleep disruptionthe second day after cessation no, i’ve been going cold turkeyMale16every dayflower using a bong Recreational purposes only
12849618442July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyCold turkeyanxiety, lack if appetite, trouble sleeping, vomiting 24 hrs noFemale154-5 times a dayvape & dabsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12849813305July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyEmotionally distant, dependent on it, improve health, improve fitness, unable to concentrate, Night sweats, insomnia, anger24 hoursNoMale16DailyJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12849876458July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to release my full potential in life. At the moment, low mood, Depression. Day 1 after stopping I am working out and eating lots of fruits, vegetables and drinking lots of water. I feel tired so I am sleeping a lot. Male15Every day JointRecreational purposes only
12849954547July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyApplying for jobs, and wanted to see how I felt sobered up.Not sure if it’s withdrawal from weed, but I’ve been overthinking a lot lately and have had way more mental space to overthink then I normally do when I just smoke at the end of the day. I’ve also been moody.After 1-2 weeks no use.Not reallyMale20DailyJoints and penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12850069351July 29, 2021Stopped Recently Family vacation to Greece!Increase irritability most noticeablely after a week in a half in. I may have been more irratable in the first few days if I wasn't so enamored by the destination. Also, like most people, being around a slightly quaralsome family may contribute to building irrattabilty 🤔 Appetite is also less, but hiking everyday and years of habitually eating too fast help me get the food down even if I dont particularly enjoy it. Minor headaches some 3-4 days after I stopped smoking. Minor nasea, although this could be from the jetlag/sleep scheduleheadaches: 2-3 days after I stopped smoking Appetite loss: 2-3 days after Slight Nausea: 2-3 days after and persisted for about a week Irratability: Didn't notice it until a week and a half after I stopped smoking. Its pretty bad at this point and I can't be as passively content as I used to be so I have to occupy myself with something engaging. Getting outside, texting friends, listening to music, studying Greek language, reading, etc.Male17Sometimes it was up to 7 times a day for a week of gaming with my friends. Usually down to once a night after I start working. Maybe 2-3 times a day on the days I have off of work.bong rips and vape pen. A joint if we're celebrating something Recreational purposes only
12850773807July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyLack of energy, motivation and feeling a growing sense that this isn't a "good" thing for me.Light headed. Feeling on edge. No appetite or motivation. Just want to go back to bed.This is only day two...I quit yesterday after four weeks for gradually cutting back. I woke up this morning feeling the symptoms I noted on question #3.No.Male27Daily for 7 years. Intermittently prior to this period of time.Vape PenBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12851250547July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was tired of not feeling as motivated as I used to be prior to my heavy use of marijuana. I was tired of overeating and feeling like crap from overeating. I felt like I was living in a constant haze and was ready to experience life without the need or want to be high all the time. Overall, I was sick of relying on something to make situations “more fun” and life “more manageable”. Yes, lack of appetite and weight loss have already kicked in and it’s only been 2 days since I quit. Terrible sleep at night and waking up with headaches both days so far. Constant thought of smoking and cravings throughout the day. Slight irritability and anxiety. Day 2. I got rid of/hid all my marijuana paraphernalia and made sure there wasn’t any marijuana in the house. My partner also quit with me so we are helping each other through these times. I’ve been keeping myself busy with old and new activities that make me feel good and take my mind off the cravings for at least a moment or two. Female20Every day, multiple times throughout the day. Gravity bongs and joints. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12851567342July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI lose ambition to accomplish tasks that are important. For example, I built an entire e-commerce business when I was not smoking and once I chose to smoke again I didn’t move my project forward and certainly lost out on money. Irritability and exhaustion Day 3Exercise and sun … prayer Female18Daily Bowl Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12851787965July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyHelp problems and almost died from dehydration Yes dreaming every night jumping when im trying go to sleep no Appetite feeling blah where I couldn’t even get out the bedLike 2/3 days after i quitNoFemale18All day ever dayBlunts And edible Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12852123389July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was making me crazy and just thought enough is enough 13 years and last 4 months iv been very heavy on the stuff because of life problems i now wish to deal with these problems without the need off cannibis Weridly nothing majour but have been emotional slight headaces and eating disorder but if anything im ztill eating . I belive my symtoms are not as bad because i really can see that cannibis has destoryed my life and now 27 iv given my self hope that by 30 i will never look back to the years of abusive iv done to my brain. Day instoppddYes ice water and lemon and lime and a swedish product called snuz which is pure nicotine . I decied if i was to stop cannibis i might as well stop smoking too and its helping me stay clean as i think about my lungs and benfits off not spending wasting money on stuff that hurts the body Male146 spliffs a day then i cut it to three then stopped all together after about 3 weeks Papers rizzler Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12852228467July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI used marijuana to dull my feelings, dull my anger and make boring tasks more appealing. 10 months ago I became a father to a baby girl, and since I believe modeling to be the best way of value transfer I wanted to teach my daughter to deal with issues instead of masking them. Some depression and craving for weed. First day of quitting. Very intense excersize, to the point of exhaustion. Male202-3 joints a day ~1 gramJoint almost exclusively. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12852677235July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI used almost everyday, multiple times a day, for a year and my memory has become so much worse and i overall feel less intelligent and functional than i used to. It’s also altered my personality and my perception of the worldweight loss, anxiety, depression, decreased libido? 2nd day noMale17multiple times a day for awhile i only used a bowl and carts sometimes, but i got a bong about halfway through the yearBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12852839626July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealthi smoked daily for 10 years. i sweat more then usual, especially my hands and feet. irritable, i can snap at anything. it doesnt take much to make me upset. lack of appetite, next morningstopped cigarette at the same time. i currently use a non nicotine based vapeMale18dailybongRecreational purposes only
12853219997July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy family Headaches , anxiety , migraines and panicAfter 3 of me quittingYes , drink Tea , meditate , spending time with family and workingMale27First thing in the morning before breakfast and throughout the day 4 times at least .Bowl ,pipe Medicinal purposes only
12853632586July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyI have anxiety problems, thats why i started smoking. I decided to stop because i wanted to deal with My anxiety without the use of marihuana.Vivid dreams and phisic anxiety. Second day when i stopped smokingGoing out with Friends to distract myselfMale15Daily.Pipe and bongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12853667229July 29, 2021Stopped RecentlyWant to be able to enjoy life without being stoned 24/7Day-1 - nothing, day 2 had work, sever uncomfort at 5pm as body expects to smoke - basicaly did nothing after work, watched stuff , was bored, went to sleep, day 3- work again, abit better after work, didnt feel that bad, sleep was ok, day 4 - felt dizzy, withdrawal comes in waves but im not giving myself a choice, felt bad so went to sleep at 11pm vs 3am normally before, still no dreams as I smoked everyday for around 10 years, managed to get to sleep and woke up 10am next day day - 4 feeling dizzy, but mentally keeping strong - drinking plenty of water to try to speed up detox, honestly not that bad so far - as long as i dont buy weed I think i can return to normal, vision not as obscure, might actualy be able to play abit of games today without finding it boring.. day-5- still to come but I think i can do this.day 2Random meditation, watching shows, talking to friends, vaping ecigs - day 1 i ended up drinking, day 2 i got rid of all alchohol to not replace weed with something else - no appetite so no eating much but its ok, I stopped before 3 years ago for a month and after a night out with a bad crowd i fell off, this time will be different.Male18every day, multiple times a day, since waking up to going to bed - smoked around 30 grams every 2 weeksVaporiseBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12816727030July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney Lack of feeling hungry ,headache ,restless Day 1 No Female16DailySmoke in sliff /blunt Recreational purposes only
12816825937July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyTrouble with police, want to find a girlfriendSevere depression, loneliness and boredomAround day 7-14Excerise and deep breathingMale16DailyBowlRecreational purposes only
12816830065July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyCause I suffered from "la palida" and that caused me anxiety and a little trauma from that eventYes, anxiety, lack of appetite, no motivationWhen I got intoxicated bach flowersFemale18every dayedibleRecreational purposes only
12816858119July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyNew jobLoss of appetite and libidoAppetite - straight away Libido - after a few days Smaller portions of food but eating more often Female19Every daySpliffRecreational purposes only
12816986552July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyJobSleeplessness, anxiety, depression, low energy After 24 hoursSleep aidFemale163x daily BowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12817363051July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyJobsLight headedness, feel hypnotized4 days after quittingI have substituted some alcohol or tobaccoMale17every other daybowl, leafBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12817519453July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyFamily and work.Intrusive thoughts, lack of sleep and appetite, muscle cramps.Sunday.CBD oilMale18Every day for 7 years.BluntRecreational purposes only
12817557555July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyPains in chest and following smoking and vaping became persistent. Trying to fix it. Just passing 48hr since last toke. So far, craving pot intermittently. Better than last time I quit. Some coughing. Upon cessation. More outside time, exercise, playing guitar. Computer games. Male17Daily, multiple times. Dried flower in a handheld vaping device, and also smoked in joints. Recreational purposes only
12817862369July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyWork, my kid, my negative attitude, I’m not motivated, I’m lazy, I’m addicted Insomnia, metallic taste in mouth , food isn’t as good I’m on day 7 so like day 4Nah… I just keep eating every couple hours… Female12Daily… 2-4 per day blunts Cigar Recreational purposes only
12817949177July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo expensive, and I was sick of that lifestyle Sleep disturbance , tiredness, irritation24 hours after quittingExcersise which is helping Male41Every day1 ounce every 2 weeks Recreational purposes only
12818080890July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was impacting my work Headache Irritability A feeling of anxiety in my chest Cravings Unquenchable thirst The first night of not smokingNoMale19Every dayBong Recreational purposes only
12818118346July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyTravelling Throwing up, can’t eat, can’t sleep, irritability Second dayFemale20Everyday Vape penRecreational purposes only
12818169437July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was affecting my cognition, memory, and motivation. Yes. Headaches, fatigue, vivid dreams, stomach pain and nausea, depressed mood, anger/irritability, fever, and sleep difficulties Day 1Regular exercise helpsFemale16Multiple times every dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12818858268July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyStop feeling emotionless and dull all the timeYes, Depressed mood Restlessness Trouble staying asleep Lack of motivation5 days following stoppingWorking out, which helped a bitFemale185 times a dayVapeRecreational purposes only
12819132458July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyToo muchYes, day 1. Depressed, restless, lack of concentration, can't sleep, appetite is wonky, and cravings are realDay 1 A vape, and chocolates Male16Everyday all dayJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12819387193July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was going into debt to buy it, and was extremely physically addicted by being high all day everday. Insomnia, anxiety, depression, no appetite, night sweats, headaches, dysphoriaafter 12 hours Exercise and hot showersFemale18all day, every day for the last 3 yearsedible, capsules, and tincturesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12819956231July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyJust felt like it Only cravings but nothing elseDay 3NoMale16Multiple times a dayBlunt, Joint, Bowl, BongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12820182291July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyIdkExtreme fatigue, Sweats, chills, brain fog Day 2MeloxicamMale24Everyday, all day BowlRecreational purposes only
12820306778July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyWay too expensiveYes. GI problems, feeling depressed, trouble falling asleep24 hoursNoMale22The day I quit I smoked an entire eighth. Vape or flower. I used to do edibles but when I became addicted they stopped workingRecreational purposes only
12820494771July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyLong term Relationship breakup Can't sleep still 2 months agoExercise Male21Everything day morning till night JointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12820599311July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyCaused worsening depression and paranoia. Ruined quality of sleep. Made me withdraw from family and society. Couldn’t give my child 100% of their parent. Worried about passing my addiction onto my child. Lung health declining. Generally affecting every aspect of my life. Brain fog. Depression. Irritability. Absolutely no motivation. Poor appetite and only craving sugar when hungry. Heavy eyes and face. Emotional outbursts. Crying for no reason. Very antisocial. Sleep disturbances. About day 4 or 5 of quitting. Meditation. Melatonin. Comedy movies. Lots of Netflix. Taking it easy and not placing unnecessary pressure on myself. Scrapping to do list as much as possible. Female17Several times a dayBowlRecreational purposes only
12820883986July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt's destroying my life so better quit now then let it succeedFeeling unmotivated, depressed and lonelySecond daySmoked a cigarette, played some gamesMale14DailyJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12821656989July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyWanted to reduce consumption. Also quit alcohol. On this journey to remind myself of the joys of being substance free as I felt increasingly dependent on being drunk or stoned to cope with my anxiety disorder and social situations. None, thankfully. N/AWorking out everyday after work (when I would usually smoke), practicing gratitude (5 minute journal), being kind to myself, eating well, drinking enough water, taking sleep supplements (pure encapsulations best rest formula and magnesium) and quit lit (particularly Quit Like a Woman by Holly Whitaker)Female18Everyday after work and wake and bake on the weekends Bong, j’s, pax vaporizer, concentrate pensRecreational purposes only
12821817129July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth, money, and most of all my lack of control and the negative effects of cannabis on my life. Memory problems, always feeling tired, isolating myself and not being able to be productive are the things I want to leave behind Sleep disturbance, sweating, complete loss of appetite, brain fog, lack of concentration, being irritable and overly emotional reactive1st dayOnly nicotine bandaids for the tabaco part Female26All day longI smoked it mixed with tabacoRecreational purposes only
12822711686July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo save my mental health. And to also calm my paranoia and laziness I have been sober for about 5 days now. I was a daily concentrate smoker who smoked Atleast a gram a day. My withdrawal symptoms quite honestly were scary. I was in constant panic. I had a wave of panic attacks. I couldn’t sleep and I also started to feel a lot of pain in my chest and body in all. I tried to find any story’s that matched mine. However none matched the amount I used. It was pretty upsetting and even pushed me to go to a doctor. The doctor just assured me I wasn’t dieing and it seemed to calm my anexity dramaticly. (Basic check up). I wish I had the courage to put more of my story out there beacuse I know there are other chronic concentrate smokers out there. And I want them to know it will be life changing how diffrent the sun looks when your sober. Day 2 I went to my doctor Male17Everyday. Every hour of the day. Even at work. Concentrate on a hot nail/bong Recreational purposes only
12823055315July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyWanted toNoneGone after 3 daysDoinf exercise helps Male16Every day.All waysRecreational purposes only
12823219772July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo get a better job.Yes; irritability, dreams returning, lack of appetite, shorter longevity of sex, memory troubles, and head aches at bed time.2-3 days after quitting.NoMale145-10 times a day.Bowls and blunts.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12823416239July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt is expensiveVivid dreams, waking up in the middle of the night and wet from sweat, head ache, mood swings, los of appetite, After day 3/4NoFemale142/3 grams a dayJoint with tabbacoRecreational purposes only
12824280481July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyI’m required to pass a couple exams to attain licenses and I have found that I’m not very focused or motivated. I figured taking a break would help.I’m not sleeping as long. That seems to be the most obvious symptom. The third night. I started taking melatonin and going on long walks an hour before I start winding my day down. Male14Every dayBong or dabsRecreational purposes only
12824398640July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyDrug swab tests also have abused it for years Mad dreams moods swings angry board Few days later now day 24 and people round me say am still nasty to themNo just will power of the mindMale1310/ 15 joints a day very chronic use always highPure joints also the odd bongRecreational purposes only
12824707773July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney and being more sociable . Fed up with the lifestyle Fatigue is really bad . Control emotions Sleep problems Week one bit worse in week 2 Nytol for help with sleep Female15Every day Joints mixed with tobacco Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12824905754July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyCHSInsomnia, nausea, reduced appetite, sweating, chills, headachesFirst dayZofran, Lexapro, kaopectate, smoothiesMale16Daily5-10 times a dayBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12825155726July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo improve my health, gain motivation, and fulfill my lifelong dreams that went dormant with heavy pot usage.I have short term memory loss. I forget conversations I had earlier in the day, leave faucets running, and forget where I put things. I had nausea, vomiting, and headaches for 2-3 days after abstaining. Immediately, the day after stopping I vomited. Now 9 days in, I notice issues with short term memory loss. Just lots of water and rest, I also attend MA meetings. Female16Daily, as soon as I woke up until I went to sleep. Bowl Recreational purposes only
12825273150July 21, 2021Stopped Recentlytrying to quit tobacco smokingheadache, fatigue, boredom, irritability first weeknoMale32all day every daysmoked using papers and sometimes a bowlRecreational purposes only
12825418938July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyArrested. So, if I do smoke any I will go back to jail.Sleeplessness, sweating, cognition issues, issues with focusing, depression, anxiety, lethargic feeling.Day 1-2No, besides trying to fill the time with other hobbiesMale17Everyday Bowl, blunts or joints if I was with somebody Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12825443346July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyAfter 16 years, it's time for a change Boredom, stress, exhausted, difference in sleep patterns, change in sex drive, no motivation for simple tasks which I complete easily while using cannabis, depressionThe day after stopping, the cravings were intense, after 20 days the cravings are gone, however other health problems have arisen.Marking days on a calendar, stress relief techniques Male16EverydayJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12826037594July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyParanoidCravings After a week or two Magnesium biglycate for bed time Male24DailyVape pen Recreational purposes only
12826202301July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyDepersonalization disassociation, headache, IBS12 hrs afternicotineFemale13all day every daypen,bowl,dabsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12826385151July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyRemove mental fog, better focus, better finances, to be more presentBrain fogWithin the first day Not yet, I am going to try exercise, meditation and some CBDMale16Multiple times a dayLately concentrates, I used to vape bud and rolls jointsRecreational purposes only
12826830239July 21, 2021Stopped Recentlyweight loss surgerysadness & boredness & restlessnessalmost 2 weeks after quitting no only meditation but ehFemale19dailypipe, pen, bong, joints and ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12827020387July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyDepending onitIntense dreamsI've not really had withdrawal symptoms, I've thought about smoking it again but I know I need to stop so my will power is helping me alot I've quit before and I've tried calms tablets , but I've now been quit for over a week and I'm staying off cannabis , this time around I've used nothing but I also smoke cigarettesMale13Everyday, 1-2s a day definitely, sometimes 3-4 , as I've got older I've not smoked so much , when I was 13 I used to smoke bongs and I used it around 12-16 times a dayJoint , bong, edibles Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12827197641July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyI have used since a teen. Want to feel alive again Headaches, mood swings, dizzinessDay 2-3JournalMale15DailyAll of above Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12827253312July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyRan outToo early for symptoms but will likely feel irritable within 24hrsRefer to aboveCrackMale16Daily 5-8 times averageRoll jointsRecreational purposes only
12827428877July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyToo expensive £1000 per monthAll the bad things eg. Family funerals, messy divorce was relived again without the cushion of thc and had suicidal thoughts and depressionDay 1Regular exercise Male15Constantly, 4 grams per day from first thing in morning till before bed at nightJoint mixed with tobaccoBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12827537498July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyReady for a change. Baby on way. Yes. Mood and trouble sleeping Day 2-5NoMale162-3 times daily. All weekend. After work, before bed, middle of night All three. Primarily bowlRecreational purposes only
12827602411July 21, 2021Stopped Recentlyeven though I only used it at night to sleep, it would mess me up the next day - lethargic, unmotivatedtrouble sleeping, nausea, lower appetite, irritable, anxious< 24 hoursI tapered a bit, but not much. also take cbd oil sometimesMale28every nightjoint or vape penRecreational purposes only
12827634871July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyTrying to have a child and THC diminishes sperm qualityBizarre and intense 'hero dreams' Energy crash just before noon Insomnia Dullness of mind2 days after stopping useFluids, rest, guitar and video gamesMale32Daily with some month long breaksBong and dry herb vapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12827656540July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxietyYes, edginessRight awayDrinking waterFemale14All day, every dayJoints, vape pen, capsulesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12827720300July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyParenthood, Sport performance, and just wanted a breakJust miss being highNaCbd oil(thc free)Male17DailyBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12827866069July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo advance in life with a better job.Yes. Cravings, anxiety, depression, and change in sleep patterns.2 days after quitting New hobbies and spending more time with family Male16Every day many timesBowl and jointsRecreational purposes only
12827994440July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlySmoking weed made me so lazy and blind to how much my life was going nowhere. I barely connected with my friends or family.. all I thought about was when I was going to be smoking my next joint because I seen it as my only way to relax. I was using for years until I fell in love with someone who showed me that the world is a beautiful place that I was taking for granted. I quit for not only him, but for myself.. I realised I want to have a better life than what I'm living and smoking weed was never going to improve my life in any way. Vomiting, nausea, insomnia, iritibility, anger, resentment, low apitite, mood swings, depression, anxiety, uncertainty, dizziness, headaches, stomach aches.2 days after stoppingMeditation, mindfulness, listening to music, reading, watching TV, exercise, keeping busyFemale14Every dayRolling with tobacco Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12828056165July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyI went on vacationYes, mostly nausea, shakiness, and dizziness.Around 36 hours after smoking last Not exactly, but drinking a lot of water helps and practicing my breathingFemale16Every single day at least 4-5 times a day Bong or edible Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12828150749July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyAddiction, over useYes, depression. Stomach pains, mood swings and coughingWith 24 hoursClonazepam sparinglyMale47DailyBowl, vape penRecreational purposes only
12828934998July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyGetting oldMood swings, depression, low sex driveA week laterNoMale12EverydayJointsRecreational purposes only
12829667530July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyJust lost intrest in it, then the withdrawls hit and I want to get far away from it as possilbleInsomnia, loss of appitite, weight loss, anxiety, brain fogday 2melatonin, Fish oil omega 3Female12a few hits every eveningone hit pipeRecreational purposes only
12829761779July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyPotential jobJust the craving to smoke and seeing how boring I am.The day after I stoppedNoMale14DailyOne hitter pipeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12829933228July 21, 2021Stopped Recentlywanted to reduce consumption to just occasionalYes, panic attacks restlessness, trouble sleeping and weird stomach movementswhen i reduced consumption, so i stoped consumption all the waynoMale18alot every daybongRecreational purposes only
12830490801July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyKind of accidentally while on a trip, but also to stop using it as a crutch for my anxiety and to stop wasting money on it. Trying to promote a healthier lifestyle for myselfFatigue About 4 weeks after stopping Sleeping more, exercisingMale13Almost every day Blunt or bong Recreational purposes only
12830593827July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want my life backYes , mood swings , discomfort, anxiety unable to express feeling1day after quitingNooMale19Often regularlyBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12830899496July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyI found myself getting high before every activity or outing. After 10 years, I was afraid I had created an alternate reality for myself. I was also feeling too “old” to be the stoner friend. Slight nausea after eating, feeling full fast. Lack of appetite. Sleeping a lot, but no vivid dreams. 2 days after quitting. NoFemale25Daily. I would go through an ounce a month. Flower/bowlRecreational purposes only
12831315948July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyImprove my life, be more motivated and involved.Lack of sleep. Irritability. Anger. Depression. Dullness. Boredom. Mental fog. Within a day.Nothing, just bracing it. Male22Daily, multiple timesJoint with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12831792983July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyDepression, anxiety, loss of appetiteMood swings, anxiety, nausea, very little appetiteFirst few hours after stoppingNoMale20All dayBowl anBowl and vape penRecreational purposes only
12831800306July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth money and better lifeInsomniaDay 1-3AlcoholMale15dailyjointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12831856394July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor financial reasons, health, career and almost every other rational Nausea, restlessness, my brain now feels ‘loud’ again, a busy, overstimulated state that I found respite from in cannabisApprox 12 hours after last intake. Lack of appetite initially, then nausea and active repulsion towards food. I was smoking around 4-5 grams daily. Reminding myself; that I am trying my best and that is enough. that I have so many people who would gladly support me if I was struggling to abstain. Incentivising success by reminders of my new, easier financial situations, weight loss, more meaningful connections with people. The biggest thing that will keep me on the right track was having previously listed all the reasons why I think I smoke, and finding that I use it to avoid and disinhibit, and reminding myself that I don’t want to be a person who purposefully avoids responsibilities and difficult times. I want to cope with life sober so I can proudly say I coped, not weed helped me cope. Male18HourlyRolled with tobacco and smoked. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12832215310July 21, 2021Stopped RecentlyJob opportunitiesCravings and anxietyCBD, OTC Meds Female15DailyBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12788594099July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyFeelings of dissociation, fogginess, lack of drive and a feeling that I am reliant on marijuana to escape.YES. I am very depressed as soon as I stop. I think this may be as a result of having underlying issues that marijuana lets me ignore when I use it.Cravings can start as soon as I wake up when I'm smoking a lot, but this time it is not so bad. By the time I try to go to sleep on the first day of quitting, I always have undeniable depression, irritability, hopelessness.Alcohol, cigarrettes, reading, movies, YouTube... anything to distract.Male18Everyday, roughly two joints per day minimum.Joint smoking.Recreational purposes only
12789273269July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyFelt as though it was affecting health to much. Coughing ,sinus etc. Knew it couldn't be good for meHeadaches, sore stomach3 days after ceasingPanadolMale154-5 small hits / daySmall pipeRecreational purposes only
12789608686July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyDrug test job interviewLoss of appetite, burning stomach, depression/anxietyDay 8NoFemale20EverydayVape pen then bowl then edibleBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12790277082July 13, 2021Stopped Recentlybecause it fogged up my mindmy mind is a foggy messright away teaMale14everyday all dayvape pen, flower bowl, bong, ediblesRecreational purposes only
12790740237July 13, 2021Stopped Recentlybecause of weight losscold , headache , epitite problemday 2noooMale21twice in a dayvape penRecreational purposes only
12791584595July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo improve my lifelack of energy, lack of motivation, depressiona soon as I stoppednoMale17multiple times a daybowlRecreational purposes only
12791721320July 13, 2021Stopped Recentlyto be more connected to myself and loved ones. to make more time for my goals and hobbies.yes. depression anxiety lack of appetitefirst day homienope, just like relaxed and stuff for the anxietyFemale12everydaysmoking a jointRecreational purposes only
12791795012July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy brother died and I missed his funeral because I spent money on weed instead of gasCan’t focus on things people sayDay 1Gallon of water a dayMale18Every hour until I go to sleep Bowl, dabs on rig, vape penRecreational purposes only
12791864174July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyMarijuana induced panic attacksRestlessness, loss of apetite, acute pyschosis, feeling out of breathAfter my last marijuana useNoFemale19Everyday in heavy dosesBowls and CombustiblesRecreational purposes only
12791905766July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI became a chronic weed smoker to help with my anxiety and depression. Seven years later, it’s worse than ever, and I’m starting to identify parts of my life that I want to work on but just don’t have the energy or will.I’m filling out this form way past my bedtime (so, insomnia). This is day 1 of not smoking. I also have had a persistent headache today, and had a crying breakdown midday.Midday today, a few hours after I’d normally smoke. It was very immediate.I am prescribed Ativan for panic attacks. I’m took one to try and help sleep, but no luck. I also gave all my weed stash at my parents house to my brother and asked my boyfriend to find a new home for my nicer paraphernalia (beautiful artisanal bong, expensive herb vape)Female17Daily. Pre-pandemic, as soon as I got home from work. While working from home, all day long. It’s been awful for my career.At my apartment, an herb vaporizer. At my boyfriends, edibles because he doesn’t smoke. At my parents house, I have a stash of stiiizy vape pens and cartridges Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12791962976July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt slowed me down. It increased my depression and anxiety in long term. Difficulty sleeping. Bad conscience in general.Occasional severe depression. Vivid dreams. Cravings. Continuation of brain fog.Next day and they peaked approx. a week afterI use ashwagandha which helps with restlessness and anxietyMale181-4 times a dayJoint and vaporizerBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12792713537July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyDon’t want to be reliant on something to make me happy Irritability 24 hours after quitting NoFemale18Everyday Smoke Recreational purposes only
12792756848July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was forced to if I wanted to remain on a Suboxone program. If I failed another urine test I would be kicked out.Yes, absolutely. It's taking me literally hours to fall asleep at night and I'm waking up at the slightest disturbance. I feel very bleak, gloomy and unhappy. My already bad appetite is even worse now. It's awful!The mental stress started day 1 and the insomnia from the first night.I drank one beer one night (I'm not a drinker at all) thinking it may help me sleep but it just made me feel worse.Male18Daily, high quality stuff too. I usually would smoke half a bowl or so at a time starting around noon until I fell asleep at night. Heavier smoking at night usually.I've used the same small glass peace pipe for years. When I was a young teeny bopper I smoked blunts but as I got older and the pot got better and more expensive the blunts became less economical. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12792766923July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyLess and less satisfying. Low energy and brain fog side effects were more problematic and getting in the way of fulfillment of responsibilities. Yes . Insomnia and apathy, periods of lowered mood. Day 2Yes . Exercise and supplements. NAC and tyrosine for mood. GABA and theanine for relaxation . Male153 times weekly (after a 22 year period of abstinence. Dry herb vape. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12792878584July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyDidn’t get satisfaction from it and felt like it was making me stupid. Also too content with being bored PAWS, lethargy depression no motivation low libido. (On month 2, smoked for nearly 8 years multiples times a day nonstop) The first day Exercise Male163-8 gram joints a day Joint or blunt Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12792881681July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was tired of spending money on something that took up my time without a positive return. I felt like I was doing it out on necessity not enjoyment.Nausea and depression (My business is failing so that doesn't help) 5-7 day after quitting NopeMale163 or more times per dayJointsRecreational purposes only
12792890920July 13, 2021Stopped Recentlytolerance increased dramatically, feeling of worthlesness and emotion numbing Headache, nausea, heavy sweating, irritability, sleep disorders1st dayaspirin for headache, intense exercise, omega 3 supplements to support the endocannabinoid system, lots of fluidsMale151-2g a dayvape, blunts, and ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12792905928July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI don’t want the smoke to impact my lungs and I want more energy in my day. I think so? I haven’t been sleeping well and when I finally do, I dream. My appetite is gone.I’m not sure, I think immediately but I’m 12 days off marijuana.I downloaded a sobriety app and hid all my weed things that trigger me.Female17Everyday multiple times a dayJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12792947559July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was ruining my life tired, anger, bored, sadday 1gaterade, rest, aa meetingsFemale14everydayallBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12793308481July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI finally wanted to take control of my life and stop being comfortable where I am I did for the first week, no sleep, big and rapid mood swings, loss of appetite. This all faded after a week or 2Week or 2 after. Not really, just wanted to toughen it out to make my mentality bulletproof Male16Everyday Bong, maybe a joint here and there Recreational purposes only
12793479417July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo better myselfNight Sweats, Lack of appetite, cant sleep, shaky, irritable, cloudy head high feeling, cravings, crying, exaughsted1st day i quitTake night time sleep aid The rest im dealing with Male15More than 3x a day for 1 yearBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12793605200July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyLoss of motivation, learning new skills, and negative impact on close family.Depression, loss of will, very irritable, no motivation to do organize the mess in my living and work area. Suicidal thoughts.Instantly, they are also the reason to stop smoking. However sleepyness is new, irretability is getting worse 2. weeks in.Try to take long easy walks, listen to audiobooks to stop thinking depressing thoughts, try to clean up the mess I live in, try to learn new technical skills supplementary to my work.Male19Daily last 3 years, daily 7 years from the age of 20smoke, mixed with tobacco. Bong, cigarettes. Recreational purposes only
12793722405July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt causes more difficulties than relief. Yes; no sleep, diarrhea, clammy, irritability, On day 3 now. Hopefully soon! Exercise, hydration, prayer, 12 step program. Male17Daily.Vape pen and edibles. Recreational purposes only
12793750808July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyAllergic and wanted toNot now I've been stopped almost 3 monthsDidn't really The risk of dying was enoughMale21EverydayJoints rolled with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12793794286July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyBeen smoking cannabis with tobacco for 23+ years I quit smoking tobacco almost two years ago and still using pure weed joints without the pure weed joints don’t think I could have quit! The tobacco is the most addictive substance I have ever tried Now been of the weed two weeks very easy to quit as not as addictive as nicotine lot’s of dreams as my mind is clear also my lung feel very good had a chest infection when I stopped using tobacco when smoking cannabis by itself my lung were good no coughing every morning main reasons for quitting are my Nan died of lung cancer two years ago and gave me motivation to stop also had chest infection doctor sent me for a X-ray of my lungs it scared me quit tobacco first Using pure weed instead then using volcano vaporiser help me come off tobacco and now been off weed two weeks feel good! No more paranoia or being lazy hope this helps others First week I would think what should I do when round I would think have a smoke out of habit but now it’s starting to go and changed my thinking now do not feel like smoking anymore everyday is better having lots of dreams First weekNo just mindfulness thinking and also thinking that if the police stop me I could get done for drug driving reminds me why I stopped Male1315 joints a day never ran out endless supply made me a chronic smokerMostly joints with tobacco then when I quit smoking tobacco started using pure weed joints then using a volcano vaporiser my lung felt so clean after stopping tobacco and using weed only Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12794094832July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyTired of wasting money and not being motivated to make my life better.Nausea, trouble sleepingWithin the first 24 hours.NoMale15Daily. Bong or bowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12794765546July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI lost many good opportunities in my life due mental haziness I was alyawas in from constant smoking. plus, it changed so much of my thinking and mental life in general, that now I feel I was totally a different person when I was consuming it. like I was haunted!I'm into my 4th week now. I experienced paralyzing anxiety, depression, irritability, and hopelessness. add to that all the other physical symptoms that are known and mentioned in this website, that is, shakiness, mild fevers, and sweating. I do still have recurring anxiety and depression though it's milder now I guess. what hasn't got any better at all is my nightmares, vivid dreams and sleep problems. in fact I haven't slept a good night sleep these past three weeks.after 48 hours. I had problem sleeping after 24 hours though.I tried pills like codein for a night or two to help me sleep and alleviate anxiety, it didn't help at all.Male17daily. joints; like cigarettes.Recreational purposes only
12795865594July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlySo I can get a jobCravings, diarrhea no appetite in the beginning, vivid dreams some nightmares insomnia About 2-3 days after quitting No, went cold Turkey Female204g dab oil a weekOil rigBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12796319633July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecoming unhealthy habit. Had issues with “clogged ears” Yes. Panic attacks, night sweats, tintinus (lasted 2-3 weeks) - please educate people about this as i know others who have experienced it and its scary, depression, weight loss due to no appetite, tremors, headaches. 2-3 days after stoppingTook many walks, hot showers, breathing techniques, positive self-talk regarding distortions of never feeling better.Male15Heavy use for 3 months then stopped cold turkey. Prior to that 1-2x a weekBowl and vape pen interchangeably Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12796479309July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was causing anxiety. I could consciously feel the anxiety rising when smoking a joint as the high kicked inCravings, nausea, sweatingAfter a few daysDistractionMale14DailyJoint with tobaccoBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12796602377July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyImprove mental health, save money, improve relationships with friends/family, many reasonsNausea, vomited, cravings, insomnia/sweatsDay one of stopping. Cravings and nausea all day then vomited at night. Keeping myself busy, colouring in, watching films/funny videos to keep mood up, drinking lots of water/tea, being around family and non using friends Female20Every single day multiple times a dayJointsRecreational purposes only
12797781220July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause of school and girlsHeadach,sleepless nights and bad dreamsThe first dayNoMale14Two to four times a dayEdibleRecreational purposes only
12797833072July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyA Sickness made the idea of smoking weed unappealing Night sweats, brain fog, difficulty sleeping, lack of appetite Shortly after i greatly decreased the amount i was smokingNight rescue, a sleep aidMale18Everyday at least 3 times a dayBowl, or vape penRecreational purposes only
12798028966July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo investigate whether my constant brain fog is due to marijuana use or Fibromyalgia.Headache, emotional lability, fatigue, brain fogWithin 48 hours of discontinuing use.Extra sleepFemale35DailyFlower, vape, ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12798478410July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo be able to have a better quality of life. I am done relying on a substance to get a high. I want to be able to just be high off of life itself again.Mainly sleep disturbance as well as appetite and mood issues.Within the first week.Usually try and distract myself. I find when I want to relapse it is because my feelings are no longer numbed from cannabis. When I feel anything whether it is good or bad that feeling is enhanced. With that said whenever I feel negatively that’s when I get the strongest urge to relapse. Usually turning on music helps to change my mood.Male15Daily, multiple times a day.I would typically switch the way I smoked a lot but it would range from bongs, vape,pipes,joints, edibles, you name it.Recreational purposes only
12798500921July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo help me on my path towards ascension and to better connect to my higher self.Days 1,2+3- Severe irritability and anger, severe sweating, anxiety, high cravings for marijuana. Days 4,5+6- Peak of irritability and anger, extremely vivid dreams and intense bad dreams, depression, lack of motivation and sex drive. Mild sweating. Still craving marijuana. Days 7,8+9- Continued irritability and anger, although dying down now. Depression, lots of random crying, lack of sex drive. Sweating all but stopped. Craving marijuana during bad moments. Days 10,11&12- All symptoms starting to subside. Still taking hold are irritability, bad dreams and depression. Not really craving marijuana anymore. Days 13,14+15- Still mild irritability/anger. Insomnia set in for 2-3 nights, bad dreams subsiding. Feelings of happiness and motivation taking over. Days 16,17+18- All symptoms almost gone at this point. Still occasional irritability. Vivid but not bad dreams. Motivation and happiness taking full hold. Days 19,20+21- Feeling amazing. Not wanting marijuana at all. Happy and motivated. Last bits of random irritability. Day 22 onwards- Ready to live my new life in charge of myself. Overjoyed by my progress. Never looking back. Not interested in marijuana at all.Day 1.Nothing to help quit other than will power and giving myself words of encouragement and repeating positive affirmations. Cooking/eating super healthy foods, breathing exercises, alone time/meditation, time in nature, music and dancing, and reading - All of which helped dramatically in alleviating/taking my mind off withdrawl symptoms. Female19Every day. For 7 years.Joints. Rolled with tobacco. (which I also quit at the same time)Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12799308879July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to be successful in life, it’s holding me back.Loads, all of them. I lash out quick, angry, not as sad because I keep my self busy, I can’t sleep for hours for the first 8 days, I wake up everyday drained as if I haven’t slept, I’m always tired like as in fatigue sets in straight away, I’m sweating constantly, always boiling hot 24/7, the point where if I sleep with a blanket I sweat bucketsFew hours into the day of stopping smoking Nothing at all, no.Male16Everyday Joints, tobacco and weedRecreational purposes only
12799810571July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI am signing a medical contract that I will not use Marijuana, in exchange for ADHD treatment. Irritability, digestive upsetWeek 1, I did however relaps several times during the 1st weekCBD isolate Vape juice (250mg)Male17Everyday, from wake up until bed time. All day long, and as a social thingFlower, oil, edibles 🤷🏼‍♀️ whateverBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12799926705July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my career and future Anxiety emotions and sweatingDay 1NoFemale22Smoke 2 to 4 times a dayCigarRecreational purposes only
12799937127July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause after decades of daily use, I felt it was high time I stopped, both for financial reasons and for reasons of mental and physical health.Most symptoms, such as sleeplessness, restlessness, anxiety, depression and aggression have ceased. I am however still experiencing persistent coughing and respiratory irritation. Withdrawal symptoms appeared within 24 hours of cessation.I found that alcohol helped to take the edge of the worst symptoms.Male28DailyInitially rolled into joints; later I mostly used vaporisers.Recreational purposes only
12802154577July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental health, productivity, drug screenIrritability, confusion, depression/anxiety, sleeplessness, vivid dreamsFollowing night for approximately a weekExerciseMale16DailyBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12802359054July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlySave money, achieve goals, take a break to potentially reestablish my relationship with itI experienced some nightmares at the beginning, but it's mostly just regular dreams now. Had strong cravings the first few weeks.Day 3Working out, keeping busy with chores around the houseFemale20Daily, several times a dayBowl via bongRecreational purposes only
12802819912July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI didn’t want to rely on something outside of myself to manage my feelings.Depression, anxiety, hyper-vigilance, anhedonia, disconnect from family, no motivation. Worst in first 2 weeks, got better, then returned about a month in.I resumed cbd at my doctor’s advice after initially using nothing. It helps a fair but tbh, it’s also way stronger since I quit THC. I used to use 80mg of cbd where now I use 40mg, and it’s way stronger even at that dose! I exercise 3 times a week and try to stay distracted from the feelings using video games, books. I also read into self-care and psychotherapy, such as grounding, the breath, IFS.Male23All day everyday following traumatic event, then less during the day and more at night, then during the final six months-a year just at night, naturally reducing my dose to as little as .33 of a vape (capable of holding .15mg, the vape is an Arizer Solo 2) twice in the evening. Reduced because weed was triggering my anxiety. Started doing that when I switched strains with my doctor (I thought It might be a good idea to have a strain change. From (I won’t give the fancy Australian medical names, rather the actual strain name) more potent medical version of Kosher Kush (which worked great, Canadian) to OG Kush (Australian), then when it was triggering some anxiety to Black Label Kush (Israeli), which still triggered anxiety. This caused me to think about if I actually wanted to use marijuana anymore, and I didn’t. Think the anxiety was my body telling me to stop. Vape, THC oilMedicinal purposes only
12803679062July 13, 2021Stopped Recentlyit was affecting my life. i was not studying and wasn’t doing a lot of things i wished i was, like more sports or fun activities (besides smoking) with my friends, because it made me lazy. Plus i wasted a lot of money.i’m having a lot of mood swings. i’m fine most of the day, because i’m being more productive and that makes me happy, but i’m crying at least once a day, because there are moments i get really sad and/or anxious about some things in my life or something that happened in the moment.in the 1rst day of withdrawalonly planning my days in order to feel productive and happy about it.Female17everyday. jointRecreational purposes only
12804905453July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyNew job/personal decision Cravings when I’m bored, mild anxiety 15 hours after stoppingToxin rid detox system Male15Multiple times a day, everyday Bowl, bong, joint, blunt, vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12805082699July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause it made me apatheticMoodiness, insomnia, strange dreams, anxiety2-3 days after I quithah well alcohol… not a good choice probablyFemale18For some years daily. Even multiple times a day. For last 2 years, 3-4 times a weekJointRecreational purposes only
12805494245July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyDrug testHeadaches, anxiety, loss of appetite, stomach achesWeek 2Exercise, sedative allergy medsFemale20Everyday, more than once a dayVape pen, more than half the week edible, every other day bowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12805720267July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyTooth extractionAnxiety, depression, lack of appetite The next dayNoMale157-8 times per dayBluntBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12805889006July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI’m either quitting for good or taking a long tolerance break. I’m going to make that decision after a month or two.Deceased appetite G.I. Upset including pain and discomfort The opposite of brain fog it’s like I can’t stop my brain from thinking ( this one is really hard to describe, but it’s the worst one)Immediately I went cold turkey, and focused more on school Male16Every night at a minimum Sometimes it’s would be all day everydayJoints and pipes Also I would go through a 1g delta 8 cart in 1-3 daysBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12806995792July 13, 2021Stopped Recentlythe cost, no motivation, do not want to be high all day when I try to cut down it never sticks it is either all or nothing. ashamed, unhappy with my situation, lack of sleep, poor appetite, chills, headache, poor fine motor skills (dropping a lot of items) anxiety, boredom, self blaming, depression, hoplesness, misery.24 hours after stoppingnoMale207 to 15 times a daybowl, jointRecreational purposes only
12807578224July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyWastage of funds to buy cannabisYes. Am shaking, deep thinking about something and feeling tiredFirst dayNoMale18Around 5 times a dayJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12807907933July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyDesire to live a healthy lifestyle DepressionWeek 4-5NoMale15DailyBowlRecreational purposes only
12808431793July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyUsing it went from magic to medicine and finally misery. I became extremely anxious and not myself Yes! Chest tightness, shortness of breath, anxiety and panic attacks, vivid dreamsAs soon as I stopped, I lowered the percentage smoked from 25% to 15% for a week and completely stopped recentlyCbd oil helps but it’s important to use it in moderation, I only use it when I have a really bad panic attack instead of smoking. Once my stomach settles I am going to start working out againFemale20Daily - first thing in the morning, lunch, after work, before bedSmoke Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12808662358July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyFear of losing control of substance abuseIntense dreams, sleeping difficulties.Right after stoppingAlcohol 🙁Male28DailyVaporizerBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12808760062July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI lost my job, after seeing my unemployed friends and how their marijuana use impaired their ability to find work, I decided to stop.At first it was difficulty sleeping, I would get about 5 hours a night. Then came the vivid dreams, where I would have hyperrealistic dreams about sex, death or driving fast. It has been a month and the dreams are ongoing, and I am also experiencing a heavy feeling of depressionRoughly 3 days after quitting, it became hard to sleep and I became irritable.Not really, I went "cold turkey" and haven't looked back. It's not the first time, but the symptoms are more intense this time.Male15I was smoking around 5-10 joints per day Joints Recreational purposes only
12809196756July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyDon’t want to be high all the time.Anxiety boredom3 daysNoMale24Multiple times a dayJointRecreational purposes only
12809245299July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyIncreased feelings of anxiety, numbness and diminished sexual performance.Currently I am experiencing low libido, mood swings and anxiety.Within 48 hours of stopping useWord search puzzles and supportive girlfriend.Male19Daily 1 to 3 times a dayJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12809511032July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was hard to get good stuff and I just wasn't feeling so good after smoking.Anxiety, fatigue, depressionwithin a few daysexercise, plenty of sleep, good dietMale21daily bowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12809513841July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI had been smoking everyday for almost three years. I kind of lost track of who I am in depth, and I had no energy doing anything else but smoking, and I started to isolate myself and didn’t look forward for the things I used to look forward to. It’s been two and a half week since I last smoked. The first couple of days was the worst. I couldn’t sleep at night, I had extreme cold sweats. I was easily irritated and could get angry at almost anything. The first day without smoking. The only thing I’ve done is hung out with my family and friends and doing things that gets my mind of smoking. Female19Everyday, several times a day. Some days - from morning to night. Just rolled ones Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12809539980July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyWorknight sweats, no appetite, moodiness, fatigue, lack of energy, insomniaday 2 cold turkeydrink water, workoutFemale16numerous times a day dailypapers, papers with grabba, or bowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12809603416July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyWorkAnger, insomnia, restless, brain fog, depressive, lack of motivationWeeks 2-3 post stoppingExercise YogaMale17Daily 4-5 per dayJointsRecreational purposes only
12809753121July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyUpcoming surgeryAnxious, depressed, shaky Day onenoFemale19DailyVape penRecreational purposes only
12809887659July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyHave to take a drug test soonCurrently on Day 6. At first I was feeling nauseous every night. Very irritable. Every little thing was getting on my nerves. Now I don’t feel that way, I’m just craving a lot. Trying to stay strong.Day 2Unfortunately I have turned to wine. Female19DailyJoint/bluntRecreational purposes only
12810086308July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyVomiting Yes. Vomiting, anxiety After on day of quitting MedsFemale16DailyVapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12810119878July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyPrevented me from doing anything productive whatsoever and I began to neglect my goals, obligations and friends/family. Headache, intense anxiety, depression, physical pains, decreased appetite, suicidal thoughts, dreams returning, memories returning, extreme fatigue.24hoursGabbapentin, excercise, eating healthier and more often. Male18Nearly daily at many points. At least several times a week usually. Joint — but bong, thc pen and edibles prior at some points. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12811391700July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyFocus and memoryBoredom, withdrawl, vivid dreams, and fatigueDay 2-3Exercise, school, and readingMale19Constantly after work, everyday for 4 years.Vape, bowls, and dabsRecreational purposes only
12811443733July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to be healthier physically and mentally. I feel really lonely 2-3 days after quittingworking out and studying Male17multiple times a daysmoke flower Recreational purposes only
12811586403July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyCOPD fearsFatigue, depression, sleep apneaImmediatelyCbd helps with the sleep issues, anger outbursts and cravingsMale18DailyJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12811714382July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I feel as if the drug is holding me back as a human being all together.Yes. The first week I was sweaty, not much of an appetite, kept irritability under control. But now I’ve been super tired and my sex drive is super low going into week 2.Immidietly after I slowed down. I had gradually slowed down this week. Only taking 2 hits total. One around 2pm and then one right before bed. Tapering off helps, but it makes it hard to stop because I am always looking forward to that one hitMale18Everyday. Joints, pipe, and mini bong now. Occasional blunt.Recreational purposes only
12811873576July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I feel like I can’t control myself with it. I love the drug so much I dropped out of college for it. And I also seem to have an easier time trying to talk to girls when I am sober.Intense craving for weed, and major social anxiety.I usually am high only at night, so when I quit, the next night was miserable because I couldn’t sleep. So I’d say the next night.I regularly rock climb so I have tried to focus more on working out.Male17Every night before I went to bed. It used to be constantly day and night but I found out I could regulate myself to nighttime.All of the above. It was whatever my friends and I had on us at the time. Most of the time it was bud.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12812409715July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I wasn’t doing it for fun or enjoyment anymoreSweating, insomnia, irritability Day 2Not yetFemale18Everyday Bowl and vape penRecreational purposes only
12812687844July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyNot getting a high, just normal, time to resetHard to sleep First night I quitNoMale25Every dayJointRecreational purposes only
12812940658July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyMy daughter Yes, chills, sweets, nausea, vomiting, no appetite, wanting to just lay down.Day 2Water, walking, eating healthy foods.Male18At lest 5 times a day Blunt or hemp wrapRecreational purposes only
12813148931July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was getting sick CHSHeadaches extreme fatigue Day 2NoFemale19Every dayJointRecreational purposes only
12813483924July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt causes the opposite effect of coffee. You cannot be really productive and enjoy life to its fullest. It’s a big trap. Nothing is better than being sober. Not really. I worked on my education for years now, and weed was one of the last things to get rid of.Withdrawal symptoms are just in our minds. I use to think I’m nervous because I’m not smoking. No. I’m nervous because I cannot handle myself while being sober. Some people do, why couldn’t I ? The mindset.Yoga and meditation for years. It definitely played its role. Male23Almost every day for an year. Keep educate yourself and do yoga with beautiful people. It’s easy and helps a lot.Bowl and joints.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12813514686July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain fog. Amotivational syndrome. Headache nausea loss of appetite Within 24 hours Tylenol Pepcid tums Prilosec. Doesn’t work well. Male66Twice a day Bowl Medicinal purposes only
12813720412July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlySimply because I want to continue my with my studiesIt's five years now since I stopped. Initially,I encountered difficult in sleeping, constant thinking etc. As per now, the only symptom is constant thinkingThe first three consecutive days after quittingNo.I don't use anyMale14Sometimes,I used it up a month and stopped,just like that for those yearsSmoking through a rolled paperRecreational purposes only
12813838261July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth reasonsNoneNot yetNoMale16DailyBowlRecreational purposes only
12814036148July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI stopped briefly using after accepting a new job offer, and to cut back on heavy use. I've temporarily ceased using, because my tolerance is at the point where I barely feel high after smoking, making the experience far less enjoyable, and overall pricier. Appetite loss, sweating, shaking, depression, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia. My withdrawal symptoms had been worse in the past, when I had been smoking more frequently. I would say loss of appetite has always been the most difficult symptom to deal withphysical symptoms appear around 12 hours after last use, usually sooner herbal teas, water, and exercise Female12multiple times per dayvape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12814338165July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlySick of it and the money spentNo sex driveStraight awayNoMale21DailyBongRecreational purposes only
12814454898July 13, 2021Stopped Recently2 weeks agoIrritability, depression, helplessness, cravings, stomach pains, but not as bad as first 3-4 daysDay 1Walking, playing a game (video games or card/board) Distancing, lots of sleepMale205-6 times dailyBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12814901889July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI started to get headaches while smoking and when not smoking. Also started to feel like my life is defined by marijuana. Although, I have a successful business, it Feels like it stopping me from progressing in life, and achieving other goals.most pronounced are headaches and pressure in my head. also very evident is every night while sleeping i suffer from over sweating like a fever symptoms, my pillow is soaked and when I wake up I feel drained physically and emotionally. Also I noticed low sex drive.while smoking regularly, sweating while sleeping like fever symptom. also mood swings and irritability when not smoking.smoking CBD instead of THC. Male34everyday. jointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12815289945July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was having trouble motivating myself and wasn’t able to care properly for myself anymore Headaches, restless nights, sweats, chills, lack of focusThe second day after stoppingNoMale26One or two joints every eveningJointRecreational purposes only
12816591976July 13, 2021Stopped RecentlyJob opportunitiesCravings and anxietyCBD, OTC Meds Female15DailyBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12767656952July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyPsychosis Two years after stopped using I have premature ejaculation After stopping Get into more activities Male28Everyday Joints Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12767909279July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI realized I had become psychologically dependent on it as well as physically, and realized that dependence wouldn't go away until I faced the fact of my addiction.Extreme anxiety (physical and mental); sleep disturbance; decreased appetite; inability to find joy in simple pleasuresWithin a couple of days of severely limiting useI have some CBD flower I've tried smoking. Not sure it works. Otherwise, trying to stay as active as possible and not spend time alone.Male24Multiple times dailyHand-rolled jointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12767972028July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyCaused depression/anxietyHeadache, nausea, stomach cramps, decreased appetite, interrupted sleepA few hours after I stopped smoking (woke up nauseous)Reliefband for nausea, exercise for appetite/sleepFemale16Heavy, daily smoker for about a monthBowl and vape penRecreational purposes only
12768206706July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyTired of being dependent on it for everything and seems like my short term memory is lost..Headache, salivating, stomach pains, lethargicDay after I stoppedExercise and sitting outside.. Drinking water.. Male14EverydayVape pen, occasional jointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12768399695July 2, 2021Stopped Recentlymind fogyes, abdominal pain and bad brain fog. Also, very vivid dreams that I can remember3 days after stoppagea little cbd oil Male52daily but mostly just a couple of hits to help me sleepedibles and bowlRecreational purposes only
12768446733July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo feel more normal and in controlCravings, fatigue, loss of appetite, anxietyFirst dayAntihistamines to help sleepFemale21DailyEdibleBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12768559847July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo reduce anxiety, be emotionally available for my partner, to dream dreams again, so I am no longer dependent on it as a emotional crutch, for lung health, for neuro chemical health, so I can get my motivation back. Headache, anxiety, irritability, emotional, sweaty palms, eyes are in pain when there is light, easily overwhelmed. 2nd day of abstinenceBed rest, drink water, tapping Male18Almost every day for 3 and a half years Mostly via bong, sometimes pipe, rarely joints and vapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12768569957July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyFeeling like psychosisNope1 week of quittingI started studying for exams everyday 24/7Male175 time a dayRolled jointRecreational purposes only
12768746287July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor me after more rhen 20yrs of useSweating lots , stomach knots , la knof sleep for a week , dreams have started in week 3 , tired lots …. 1st week i couldnt eat much even though i was hungryWithin the 1st 3 days i could feel symptoms of the withdraNo , ive made myself get out of bed at 5.30am , gone gym and drank lots of water Male216am to 11pm every dayJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12769859138July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyDisliked compulsive drive to useSleep disturbance, rageDay 2Exercise Male182xdailyBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12770976529July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI learned that marijuana users have an increased risk of suicidal thinking. I've had an uptick in suicidal thoughts recently. I also learned that you can have withdrawal symptoms from weed (such as headaches) and that the "stress" headaches I was treating daily with weed were probably actually withdrawal headaches.Foggy thinking, headache, emotional sensitivity.18 hrs after the last time I smokedNope. Once I realized that it was an actual addiciton (with withdrawal symptoms) that was sufficient for me.Other (specify)165-6 days a week. (2 days of all day usage, the rest of the days just at night)VapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12771250860July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyImprove ability to function well day to day and be more productive outside of work, improve relationships Headaches, restlessness, clammy, irritability, aches and pains all over, increased anxietyDay 2 of stopping smokingKeeping busy with things I’d been putting off due to heavy use. Diazepam in the evening to aid sleep and calm anxiousnessFemale15DailyJointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12771422138July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyEmotional dysregulation, binge eating, watching life pass me by, using it as a coping mechanism for mental illness. Irritability, upset stomach, depression, anxiety, racing thoughts Almost immediately upon sobering up (heavy user of many years) Throwing away paraphernalia, keeping mind preoccupied, being around people who disapprove of smoking. Male18Multiple times a day, continually Any and allBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12771993794July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was using too much and felt addicted, I smoked cannabis with tobacco and wanted to quit tobacco for health reasons Yes, sweats, irritation, feeling sickly Day one basically or two, I quit after a last morning joint and had symptoms by the next morning Nicotine patches to combat the tobacco aspect Male17Daily instead of cigarettes JointsRecreational purposes only
12773582602July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI have been trying to control consumption for a while to once a week, but have been failing. I was tired of too much thinking, always feel like being in cloud, the impact on my appearance, not able to follow through my plans and committents and feeling bad about itIn the first week it's been with sleep. I have been feeling bit down and anxious about futureStraight awayContinue working out etcMale24Almost every daySmoke in a jointRecreational purposes only
12774299695July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo see my kids Miss the feeling First day NoMale14Daily AllBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12774388376July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyFelt like it was holding me back from making necessary changes in my life - job change, healthier choices Night terrors when finally able to sleep, uncontrollable tremors out of nowhere, night sweats and chills, anger, sudden bursts of crying, depression, nausea, feelings of worthlessness, stomach and leg cramps, a strange dizziness but it last only a split second and happens many times a dayDay 2 after quitting cold turkey NoFemale20from morning to night every single daymostly vape pen but also bowls and edibles when available Recreational purposes only
12774687295July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI ran out and I decided to take a break to improve my short-term memory.I have insomnia, a lack of appetite, a unique feeling of tenseness/wiredness that I only feel during weed withdrawal (and that is sometimes enjoyable), episodes of racing thoughts and physical discomfort, and irritability.About one day (24 hours) after my last hit.Not this time around, although chamomile helps me sleep during the most severe part of the withdrawal.Male15Usually once a day at night.I frequently used an oil pen because of the reduced health risks compared to combusting plant matter.Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12774907496July 2, 2021Stopped Recentlyhad enoughemptinessday 1noMale25dailysmoke with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12775061716July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo allow my brain time to recover before my brain is fully developed.Not that much, I just miss smoking. I did have a hard time falling asleepDay 1-5 (insomnia)NoMale13Multiple times a dayjoints, blunts, bongRecreational purposes only
12775171292July 2, 2021Stopped Recentlyannual drug test by doctorExtremely tired, bored, lack of sleepDay 2I am occasionally smoking a non thc non tobacco flower when urge hits Male15Dailyall theseRecreational purposes only
12775179974July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt has consumed my life for decadesSevere depression. Suicidal ideation. Extreme brain fog to the point I don't feel like I am even able to form real thoughts3 daysNo. Not sure what to doMale15Habitually. Had to smoke before doing anything periodBong, some edibles, rarely vapeRecreational purposes only
12775262275July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo improve my lung health Irritability, cravings, increased mucosa1st weekExercise, activities with friends Male161x/dayWater bongRecreational purposes only
12775365683July 2, 2021Stopped Recentlylife unmanageable. loss of desire to do anything. Money loose stools. no appetite. Flu like symptoms.5 daysnoMale45Daily, all dayDabRecreational purposes only
12775585836July 2, 2021Stopped Recently1 weekExtreme anxiety mood swings depression irritability constipation stomach aches after eating Day 1Melatonin at night, chain smoking cigarettes (not effective) Advil. Walks, water. Deep breathingFemale15Daily, never through the work day, but immediately when I got home, and a wake and bake and all day on non work days/weekendsBowl/one hitter Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12775791274July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyCourt orderedYes. Iritability, lack of sleep, anxiety, lack of appetite, mood swings, stomach problemsWithin days Anxiety medication prescribed by my doctorMale15DailyDabsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12776041765July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyFelt extremely guilty and the drug made me too lazy and depressed. I was supposed to quit yesterday for good but in the morning I had a little zoot. I haven’t smoked since then and it’s now the next day. I feel irritated and hungry. As soon as my high wore off. NopeFemale19I was smoking 2/3 times a day. Smoke it with paper Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12776069378July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI started feeling badAll of the above. More so, gastro intestinal unpleasantness. Food aversion, nausea, diarrhea2-3rd dayNo, trying to power through. Some pill to help with diarrheaMale172-3 times maybe moreSmokeRecreational purposes only
12776106339July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyLicence work driving keeping my licence and job as I’ve built a life and don’t want to lose that None other than movies tv and basic things are a bit less fun than when stoned miss the feeling I guess A few weeks Exercise and reassurance this is the best way forwards Male17Every day 2-5 times Bong Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12776169789July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyBrain function and general good healthAll of them. Anxiety for days and a very cloudy brain, intermittently though... clarity seems to come and go Day 1Yes Prozen tablets (l-theanine and suntheanine) and magnesium to assist sleep Male20Every day mostly Big bongsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12776458418July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI traveled to visit my parents and I decided to clean up in this time with my familyYes, anxiety and la k of sleep. As a médica student I as weel aware of manh2of the effecgs of marijuana such as the reduction of Rem períod while we slepp, Im on my day 13 and this last week has been the hardest one in terms of humor, not sleeeping and anxietyAt the end of the first week, actually the first couple of days were easyYes I have been doing excercise and that helps me with the anxiety Male22DailyVape penRecreational purposes only
12776685967July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI couldn’t get anything done. I realized I was using it as a coping method. Irritability, fatigue, loss of appetite, mood swings, sleeping issues, vivid dreamsDay 1 Eating healthy, exercise, staying busy, throw away supply, reminding myself how much motivation I had before becoming a regular smokerFemale26All day, everyday Vape penRecreational purposes only
12777023649July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI realized that I although functional, my life was stuck, dreams and ambitions were lost due to continuous weed use.Nausea, depression, empty stomach sensation, boredom. And I am worried that no movie or book.or hobbies brings any kind of satisfaction.Since the first couple of daysExercise. I've been jogging almost every day. Cleaning. Trying to organize my life.Male18Every single dayPipeRecreational purposes only
12777126917July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyEffects on quality of life, family, mental healthSweating a lot, especially at night. Irritability. Poor appetite. Low energy levels.Within 24 hours of quitting.Sleep, prayer, exerciseMale24Multiple times dailyVaporizer and smoking from a bowl, occasionally blunts.Recreational purposes only
12778656932July 2, 2021Stopped Recentlyi was feeling lazy , demotivated for life. i lost my senses of belonging and couldn't focus on anything.im on my day 30 so the symptoms have almost faded! i was having headaches and cravings the first two weeks but now im good.first 2 weeksjust melatonin before sleepingFemale19every day jointsRecreational purposes only
12778751285July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI wanted to stop because I feel like I can’t move forward if I’m controlled by using.Depression and short temperedWeek 2MeditationMale143 or 4 times a dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12778865691July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyDon’t want to be stoned anymore…don’t want a drug to rule me. Relationships suffer from it etc Yes. So lethargic, spaced out, heart beating really hard and a short breath. Feeling hot and cold.Day 3NoFemale18EverydayRolled with a cigaretteBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12779216650July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was making my social anxiety worseThe first week I experienced anxiety The first few daysRelaxing tea (Chamomile, Velarian) Melatonin to sleepFemale60DailyAll of the above Recreational purposes only
12779376008July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney, dependencyTired, fatigue, brain fogDay after last smoke Cbd Female17EverydayBongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12779855295July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyUpcoming drug testInsomnia, irritability, nausea, fatigue2 days after quittingMelatonin, unisom, yoga, meditationFemale24DailyBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12780023977July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was noticably taking a toll on my mental health motivation and desire to live Not as much anymore cause I'm on day 27 but I feel like Im still depressed more so then I was before I was using every day Took till about 3 days in but probably cause the first 2 days I was to exhausted to care anyways Not really just stopped and made sure to follow through this timeMale16Every dayGravity bong Recreational purposes only
12780510480July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt just wasn't good for my health Yes, I am feeling withdrawal symptoms such as inability to sleep. Sudden mood swings. Abdominal pain and anxiety 3 days ago YesMale15EverydayI would smoke blunts Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12780515635July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI've spent 15 years of my life smoking it daily. This is my first day off lol I have no appetite. Couldn't sleep last night. AsapNoFemale15Every dayBong or a cone. I do have a vape too Recreational purposes only
12781126133July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I am addicted to itRestlessness, cravings and feeling boredWithin the 1st day of stopping (anticipating the fact that I won't smoke that day triggers the withdrawal) Exercising more (intense workout).Male19Everyday, normally at the end of the day, with normally 3-4 periods of abstinence (1-4 weeks) during a year.Joint, smokedRecreational purposes only
12781280405July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyWanted to get my sh*t together to put it bluntly - I turned 25 and needed to make a break through. Needed to make a change and this was a step forward. I originally stopped smoking to possibly pass a drug screen for a job. I wasn’t successful and found out on the 3rd day of being “sober” I thought, it’s been three days.. why not 30? It has now been over a month and a half and mentally I feel myself again and I’m not cursing myself or getting emotional over my progress in life. - it’s life. Mentally had a big thing, I was turned off by the amount of mess I would make or just the overall social perspective and put my foot down and made the change!I think I mentally prepared myself to quit and the withdrawals were actually very minimal. Nearly none, I was expecting severe withdrawals after 11 years of hard on use Had mild sweats first week maybe 5th day I started on Mirtazapine 6 weeks prior and noticed it did not make a difference when I was smoking and dare say this aided me to coping Male14I was smoking between 2-6grams a day. 3 times or more a day 7 days a weekMainly bowl/bong Sometimes a joint And only once using a vape pen Edible half a dozen timesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12781565038July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt hurts my throatCan't sleep, reduced appetite, terrible night sweats, and crankinessSymptoms began as I tried tapering off,, and got worse as time went onNoFemale50All day everydayRaw hemp conesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12782548061July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyHad a bad batch and started throwing up bile and getting sick.I feel cold but will sweat. I have a headache and was seeing stars at a point.24 hours after not smokingI take Tylenol for the headache and have been trying to sleep more.Female213 to 4 times a daybowl from a bongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12782653212July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyPesticides Depression Immediately Movies Female14Multiple times a day BowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12782663098July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was just full of that shit and didn't want it to interfere with every pore of my life anymoreI was, many of them, except insomnia(surprisingly), but now, after month and so, they have just disappeared. Usually when i am bored or done with job. Or watching tvIf you mean some medicine-noMale19First couple of years it was 2-3 times per week, but in the last three years i was high on average about 250 days of the year Smoking Recreational purposes only
12782987617July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyWork Exaggerated depression1st dayNoMale16DailyBlunts, bongs Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12783369673July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety and depression worseningAnxietyAn hour after last jointNoMale25Every hour8 doobs a dayBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12784057124July 2, 2021Stopped Recentlyto cleansecravingsthe whole time aka the last 10 days (not super bad...just randomly thinking about it)noFemale25dailybongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12784221136July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyNeeded to be more productive at work and personal life. My work-life balance was heavily affected. Initially it’s a tolerance break, but I am not planning on using again any time soon. I am experiencing various withdrawal symptoms, mostly increased restlessness and loss of appetite. I am also experiencing increased clarity and motivation. Day 2I’m trying to use Cbd oil and flower to alleviate restlessness and loss of appetite. Other (specify)16EverydayMostly bowls, but before stopping I was only using vaporizer and decreasing dosage. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12784245990July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI'm in another country with no access - but this is a cycle that always happens and next time I'm on holiday I would rather it didn't coincide with experiencing withdrawal. I am also spending too much money on weed.Yes, I'm feverish, unable to sleep properly, anxious and unable to focusDay 1, I'm now on day 4I bought a CBD pen and taking 5-HTP before bedFemale20Daily, frequently throughout the day if I was working from home, or just in the evening if I was working.Spliff with tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12784475825July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyBeen made to by wifeAnxiety mood swings boredom depression suicidal thoughts plan to get some in future and trying to fight idea leading to frustration and a vicious cycle of all of these. Immediately No I am doing this cold Turkey Male15Daily4 times a dayBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12784498483July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt cost too much money and its about time I sort my shit out. I am bored all the time. Even when attempting activities that I know would be fun on weed, or before i smoked regularly, I just can't do them very long without getting immeasurably bored. I have never really been a big eater, but food is suych an after-thought now. I eat when im hungry - thats it. Almost instantly after waking up the day I chose to stop smoking. It has only been a few days, nothing I have tried has worked.Male24Everyday without fail. Any physical way possible. Papers usually, and if I didnt have any, I'd use a bong. Recreational purposes only
12784971651July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney and harming my marriage.Extreme irritability and stomach upset 24 hoursDelta 8. Hot showers.Male15Daily multiple times All the watsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12784974949July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety got so badNot at the moment but the first week was dreadfulAfter a couple of hours of not usingNoFemale24Everyday several times a dayBambu sheets, rolling paperRecreational purposes only
12785206735July 2, 2021Stopped Recently4 days agoAnger, irritability, loss of appetite, anxiety, bored, depressed, on edge, hopeless, no motivation, no energyWithin 24 hours or less Gummies with l theanine, lemon balm, chamomile, melatonin Female142-5 times a dayBong, blunt, bowl, vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12785943060July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyTaking antidepressants and pot is reducing effectiveness. Pot was exaggerating depression Insomnia, night sweats, loss of appetite, anxiety, dreaming again(super vivid). I think the last one is a good one Within 24 hours Self compassion, tea drinking with cravings, naps, getting out of the house, yoga Female20Almost daily. With breaks for pregnancy Joints and ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12786123541July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyMemory and clarityIrritability 48-72 hoursSleep aids and anxiety medicationFemale17Morning afternoon eveningBowl or vapeRecreational purposes only
12786369720July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI expect to have a drug test for workBoredom and anxiety mostly, some loss of appetite and sleeping issuesI never really noticed at first but probably day 3, asides from cravingsNoMale19NightlyA bowl usually, but sometimes I'd vape, or use gummiesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12786717452July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI wish to regain control over my time schedules, wish to be emotionally more balanced.Difficulty of falling asleep, though manageable, Intense night sweatThe first night after a clean dayNo Male43During the last 3 years almost dailyIn a joint mixed with tobacco. I did not even habitually smoke tobacco before. Recreational purposes only
12786989236July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my new jobYes, muscle aches, headaches and really bad vivid nightmaresWithin a few days of quitting and they’re still ongoing 6 weeks later No, I haven’t found anything to helpFemale20One every day Smoked with tobacco Recreational purposes only
12787157375July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was losing weight rapidly and was not even able to recognize whether I'm high or low at any moment.I was sleeping the whole day today and still feeling down. Lack of motivation and energy.About 24 hrs after quitting.No, Not yet.Male18Almost 5-6 joints daily.Joints and bong.Recreational purposes only
12787566805July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyA better and healthier lifeNot at the moment NoFemale17EverydayJointRecreational purposes only
12788029391July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyTiredHeadache Nausea Fatigue Insomnia Day 2Exercise and meditationFemale30DailyAllBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12788147395July 2, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental healthAnhedonia. Insomnia.Days 9-10Meditation. Exercise. Walking in nature.Female33Every day Spliffs Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12748316362June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo save money. Not yet today is day 1 NoFemale15EverydayBong Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12748461594June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyAlthough i work as an accounting analyst and have found weed does not impair my performance too much i wanted to feel completely sober and see how much more studying i could accomplish without marijuanna.I have tried to quit in the past and mostly i found i was very edgy and had little motivation to do things like workout or studythe day after quittingWorking out daily i found would help (on the days i could motivate myself). Also cleaning up my diet also helpedMale21daily however i would take breaks roughly every monthsmokeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12749051772June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyThe amount I was spending and my mental health, primarily the mental health aspect as relationships were becoming strained or damaged due to paranoia and low self esteem brought on by 13 years or use. I am 14 days clean as of now, prior to that I was having severe mood swings resulting in destruction of my property, nasty attitudes to friends and family, very irregular sleep pattern and lack of motivation. Also when I did sleep I'd find I was waking up in pools of sweat. Day 2 to day 8 apxNo, I do however take sertraline for my mental health which upon stopping use if cannabis did help to some extent. Male17Every day Shotty rig, Ie: just like a bong and bowl but no gauze, the cigarette would plug the down pipe in a bottle and then cannabis on top, lit and inhaled until cig and cannabis Ash is sucked through pipe and into water. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12749471862June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyCovid restricted traveling in the country I'm staying and there's police roadblocks everywhere, plus marijuana are illegal in this country so I thought now is good time for me to take a T-Break. Cold sweats, night sweats, loss of appetite, difficulty in staying asleep, mood swings, feeling a little depressed. Day 1 of stopping since I tried to reduced my intake before stopping.NoneMale23Daily, very often. Bong. Recreational purposes only
12749848519June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyI didn?t want to smokeVomiting, stomach pains, Irritation, loss appetiteThe day after I smoked Yes medicine and cold showersFemale14Like 2 every weekWrappedBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12749849439June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyLung and mental healthAnxiety, loss of appetite3 days after quitting weed cold turkeyExercise, movies, anything to take my mind off the withdrawalsMale163-4 times a dayBowl from a bongRecreational purposes only
12750016919June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyDrug testYes. Anxiety confusion anger irritability euphoriaAbout 36 hours into cessation NoMale15EverdayBowlRecreational purposes only
12750235967June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyPregnant Short temper First week NoFemale164 days a weekJoint Recreational purposes only
12750337550June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth Severe mood swings About a week or 2 after quitting, although they feel to be getting worseNoMale16Everyday SmokingRecreational purposes only
12750400846June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlySwitching jobs and may need to pass a drug test Cravings, headache, insomnia, decreased appetite, easily overwhelmedNo but I should ask my doctor about mirtazapine Female19DailyBowlMedicinal purposes only
12750403745June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyFor my family especially my observant 3 year old Yes - anxiety Physical addiction Stomach cramps, bloating and constipation for about 2 weeks, wind from day one until now lol Emotional discomfort Boredom Crazy dreaming Around day 5 NoMale14Minimum twice a day Maximum around 6-7 times a day so quite heavy useSpliff smoking Recreational purposes only
12751532594June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was experiencing vomiting, stomach pain, acid reflux and I could not get put of bed I went to the doctor and they told me it sounded like I have (CHS) cannibinoid hypermesis syndrome I am on day 9 the first 3 days were terrible I was having severe anxiety, paranoia emotional break down I cried alot for no reason life had no point to me I didn't enjoy anything o just wanted to roll up in my bed and sleep day 4 was the breaking point I woke up on day 4 everything was still there except my mood had changed and I could see a future now everything had decreased by 80% and I was able to cope. From day 5-9 everyday it gets easier and easier I do not feel like I am dying anymore all the major symptoms are pretty much gone but I am still dealing with anxiety a bit of the mood swings and irritability but I can definitely see positivity from all of this. I smoked all day every day maybe 20min or so between smoking symptoms start as fast as my first missed bowl. And progressively worse until about day 4 where they just were sorta of were 80% less thereI have changed my routine I try not to hangout in the same places I have my 2 best friends who for my benefit both stopped smoking with me I have a huge support system with my family who I can call day or night n talk my way threw I also found these things that are stress gummies and they really work when I start to feel anxiety lurkingMale14I smoked 3 bowls about every 40min all day every day the longest I went with out smoking was the time I was asleep but would have withdrawal symtoms and feel horrible as soon as I woke up each morningI was using a vape, dabs, edibles as well as mixing with nicotine Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12752944677June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was timeYes, irritability, headache, anger, abnormal appetite, vivid dreams, relationship discord Beginning of day 3, day 4 feel terribkeExcercise and Epsom salts bathMale15Daily Bowl, one hitterBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12753168026June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyLack of motivation, increased tolerance, increased risk of schizophrenia.Yes. Irritability, insomnia, aggression, lack of appetite. Two days after quitting. Sleeping medication, reduced caffeine, more exercise. Male323-4 times a dayVaporizer and oils.Recreational purposes only
12753652940June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyAfter years of using it as a sleep aid in addition to my prescription medication, it started to make me anxious and unable to sleep.NoFew symptoms because I drastically reduced my usage once it became clear it wasn?t helping and made me anxious/paranoid, which hadn?t happened much beforeNoMale21Every day, almost all day during the pandemicSmoke and vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12754099673June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyFamily problemsLow appetite, anxiety, stomach pain, less sleep After 12 hours NoMale17Multiple times a dayBowlRecreational purposes only
12755862393June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyStarted affecting my finances and mental health Loss of appetite, stomach discomfort, irritability, shakes, sweats, restless, lack of sleep. I started to slowly taper down my marijuana intake to once a day, but super late. Like 9-10pm, so my body would slowly get used to not smoking so much. My symptoms started that Monday. The day I only smoked once. Wednesday I stopped fully, and my symptoms hit me immediately. Stomach medication, hydration, tapering down. Female16(Weekend use) Once a month or so. Not that much honestly. Blunt, joint, bong, pen, dab. Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12756005996June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was causing mood drop and depression Insomnia, vivid dreams A week after stoppingNo Male16Daily Straight joint and pipe and vapouriserRecreational purposes only
12756076948June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyTolerance brake, wanted to see how im doing if im sober.NAUSEA, anxiety, depression, anger issues, lack of motivation, bored.After 12 hours of abstinence they start.Exersice, healthy foods, Diapam meds when too anxiousMale13Daily every 3 hours or so.bowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12756548066June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyTrying to conceiveIrritable, sad, bored, feel like I?ve lost my best friend, constantly think I should be smokingWithin a day of quittingExercise, cry, diversion, alcoholFemale15Every day, about a gram a day, for 20 yearsRolled in a jointRecreational purposes only
12757037503June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyI want to experience life directly. Cannabis makes me happy but I get nothing done because I can't focus and I don't like how life feels unless I'm smoking every few hours. Eventually I hardly feel a high, but life is so flat without it.depression, hopelessnessDay 1 - Wasn't too bad. Day 2 - Slept almost all day, could barely function Day 3 - Felt pretty okay Day 4 - Depressed and hopeless, wanting to smoke and get reliefnoFemale14Multiple times every day starting first thing in the morningSmoked with a glass pipeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12757070727June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyLegal reasons Loss of appetite, unable to sleep, severe cravings, depression, anxiety, restlessness. 2 days after I stopped No Female15Up to 6 times a dayIn a tobacco wrap Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12757115513June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyI'm sick of myself. Depression, lack of focus. I am on day 7. It's been hard since day 1. Exercise. Female15At least 2-3x/weekVapeBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12757279694June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyTired of brain fog, being stuck In my couch, and it?s causing relationship problem , I just want to become the best person I can. Sleeplessness, loss of Appetite, stomach upset/nausea. Emotions rising a bit. Since I Truly want to quit this time , I am not having cravings. Day 1 - 0 sleep Day 2 - 2 hours of sleep - starting to lose appetite Day 3, 4, 5, 6 - napping during day to catch up on sleep, stomach / nausea, loss appetite NoFemale16Everyday, multiple times a day Joints onlyRecreational purposes only
12758027111June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealthy reasons Vivid dreams stomach pains and can?t sleepDay 3Detox teasMale17Every day Concertes Recreational purposes only
12758080320June 23, 2021Stopped Recentlyits affecting some of my relationships anxieties, heavy sweating and loss of appetite Peaked in my third day, which is now that I'm writing this noMale26I didn't start heavy only about once a week, to weekends, to a few times a week to everyday when it's accessible through thc vape juices Joint, bong and vape Recreational purposes only
12758097628June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyI've used it daily for 20 years - I'm 38. There's no particular reason why I now feel compelled to stop, however this is the first time I've ever made the decision freely and willingly (for example, not doing it because of a vacation). Part of it is because I live in Australia and I have to spend a lot to get quality product, which sometimes disappoints and feels like a total waste of money, in turn depressing me and sometimes even triggering withdrawl symptoms. I lived in Los Angeles until 2011 and really need high THC cannabis to sustain my addiction. Despite starting at 18 and floundering for many years, I eventually made something of myself and have a very successful career. I do wonder what I would have become had I never tried cannabis, though.Yes - insomnia, nightmares, extreme irritability, cravings, occasional headaches and a lower pain tolerance. After 20 years, any reduced amount of THC triggers withdrawl symptoms in mere hours. This was no exception.Yes - CBD tincture (completely THC free) has become available in Australia and I received a prescription after reading a lot of anecdotes from others in similar situations (heavy, long term users) who say it helped them finally quit. I'm using it with the awareness it may make no difference, but at least it's given me some hope that it might. After several nights with the worst insomnia I've ever experienced and terrible nightmares I am also using a an OTC sleep aid sparingly (Doxylamine). Male185-10 times every day.I used to only use bongs. For the last few years I've used vapes (Dynavap mainly) with flower. Never used carts or concentrates outside of a few times.Recreational purposes only
12758100627June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyEmployment opportunity Not bad ~ a little jittery and cravings1st dayExerciseMale19Daily - Bowl or dug outBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12758201324June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyPre employment drug test, tolerance break Irritability, lethargy, mood swings, bad dreams Day 3-5Using a support system of friends, leaving the house for a drive, making myself busy by exercising Male21Daily the last two years Joints and spliffs (mixed with rolling tobacco)Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12758215828June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyBecause I realised that I can't accomplishm my life goals because of weed. Veryyy strong cravings, tiredness, headache, loss of appetite, brain fogHours after stopping, Day 3 4 5 being the worstnoFemale16everyday jointRecreational purposes only
12758283706June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt's making me lazy and tired. I have lost motivation and stopped enjoying the little things. Confidence was a big part of taking the decision to stop since I was highly entousiastic and positive personality. My reltionship was week with everyone almost because of my mood swings everyday. I couldn't function properly without THC in my body. Low job performance. Also one of the main things was anxiety, everything could trigger my anxiety, thus feeling scared and depressed. Yes almost everything mentioned in the weedless guideline was literlay happening to me. Loss of motive, feeling bored, irritable, loss of sexual drive, loss of appetite, sleeping problems, sweats at night and even during the day...etcFirst week was a bit of hell to me, I was extremely lost and scared. It is not my first withdrawal, Its the 4th time I quit and whenever I reach day 30 to 40 I started feeling myself again. It is always the first 4 weeks where I couldn't wait to pass them because of the withdrawal symptoms. after almost a month and a half, I feel energetic and strong to battle my mind, from tiredness and lack of motivation.I tried meditation it was great, but it depends on my mood. sometimes I'm too angry or tired to even try to meditate and this leads to depression where I find myself unable to solve my problems although I know the solution. Exercising is the best way to calm my symptoms but it always come back after a while from finishing my workout. Walking in nature is also great technique to make me forget or accept psychological pain. Alcohol was also an escape for me obviously, but sometimes worsen the symptoms the second day. Male20Everyday, not more than 4 joints per day. In average I was consuming 2 joints per day. There is always a joint, 1 to 2 hours before bed. At the beginning of using Marijuana half a joint was enough but after a period of 2 months I started gradually consuming more. Rolling weed with a bit of tobacco, and if I'm consuming hash I would put half tobacco and half hash in a joint. Recreational purposes only
12758378312June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyNo motivation to do anything other than smoke weed.Not really anymore I might be a little more moody but most of the withdrawal symptoms have gone away.They started for me the first day I was such a heavy smoker I needed to be high 24/7I have been taking cbd and melatonin and this has helped me sleep and reduce anxietyMale14From morning until night. I have quit multiple times in my ten years of smoking so maybe 7 years of smoking all together and 2 years plus I?ve been back on it. Usually go for bong hits since it was so fast and easy for me to achieve my high Recreational purposes only
12758601570June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyMental healthSleeplessness, irritability and angerAfter 24 hours Nightol for sleepFemale22All day every day With tobaccoRecreational purposes only
12758883637June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyI was way to lazy got nothing done lost two jobs not spending any time with family losing all my friends hanging out with the wrong people Yes first two days was ok but then say 3 4 and 5 my anxiety is through the roof and my mood chances every 30 mins but I heard it get better from here so I?m staying on track and pushing through it all and I don?t get to sleep intill about 4am but I make sure I wake up every day at 930 am because I know if I sleep in I won?t be able to sleep at all the next night always yesterday was night 4 I had crazy dreams and I was waking up every hour coverd in swet Day 1 but got worse on day 3Exercise daily really helps and I listen to motivational speeches and that really helps to keep on track Male16About 5 grams a day mixed with tobacco all day from when I wake up till when I sleep and I would even wake up at 2 am and smoke more Bong hitsRecreational purposes only
12759017327June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyDifficulty with school and motivation, severe mood swings and anxietyExperienced insomnia, brain fog, irritability, cravings, mood swings, depression, panic & anxiety attacksAbout 2 days in, they reached noticeable levels-in hindsight I had them before this, but they were minor up until this pointFull spectrum CBD reduced my anxiety, melatonin helped with insomnia. Regular exercise gave slight mood boost and helped with appetite and cravingsMale14Multiple times a day, every dayRegularly in a bowl, rarely in edible form & bongsRecreational purposes only
12759154940June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyTo feel more alive and energetic! -Heavily sweating ( 2-7 days) - insomnia 2-5 days - small periods of depression followed by intense happiness . So rollercoaster of ALL emotions. 5-7 days - No hunger for a week which turned in to 7% weightloss. 4-7 days - vivid dreams even right now See previous pointDrink lot?s of water. Minimum 3 liter. No caffeine ( or as little as possible) to reduce stress. No sodadrinks after midday and preferably none at all. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Lot?s off walks . And after quitting cigarettes lot?s of running. So preferably running to burn the fat which contains the thc-rests. Find a good serie / show in which you can ?lose yourself? for first 2-3 days to cope with moments you have nothing to do. Male16Daily . 2-4 joints a day. ( belgium- europe) Paperjoint with Tobacco mixed in . Recreational purposes only
12759351077June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt hurts meAnxiety and depression After one month of quitting NoMale15Daily useCigarettes Recreational purposes only
12759465869June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyDecline in mental health Not this time Other times I?ve tried to stop have been very hard due to extreme mood swings and cravings I?m physically active Female15Everyday Spliff with tobacco Recreational purposes only
12759621534June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt took over my life, I chose it instead of socialising etc. I lived with anxiety and paranoia for many years and I Want to be a better role model to my daughterI didn't sleep at all for the first 7 days then slept poorly for the next two weeks, barely ate for two weeks, just small snacks, experienced vomiting in the first two weeks, had sever headaches for two to three weeks, mood swings and no energy for three weeks.From the very first day. I had my last smoke on the Tuesday night and Wednesday night was my first sleepless night. I did wean off slowly for the last two or three weeks until I ran out. By the time I completely stopped I was smoking a quarter of my normal daily intake. I also has a slipped disc as was prescribed codeine and was taking them daily when I stopped smoking. I took phernergan two nights to help me to get to sleep, it worked one night. Once I stopped taking codeine I started getting headaches to migraine level, for about a week. Female18Daily, all day from when I'd get up. Except through my work day, as soon as I got home from work, until bedtime. When I stopped working due to sever back pain I was using all day every day, more than 40hits a day. BongBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12760010000June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyHealth scareHeadaches, lack of motivations, a sense of heaviness, vivid dreams, poor appetite.I quit alcohol at the same time so I'm not exactly sure. But I did experience a peak of headaches and anxiety around day 10.NoFemale18Once a day. (1-2 hits) Then my tolerance started to increase towards the last month which is why I decided to stop.Vape pen.Recreational purposes only
12760183084June 23, 2021Stopped Recentlyon vacation intermittent mild nauseaafter a dayeat smaller portions; stay hydratedFemale49every eveningbongRecreational purposes only
12760261811June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyInitially mostly financial but also hoping to break pattern of low motivationYes. Nausea, chills, sweats, tremors, unsteadiness, anxiety, depression, cravings, bizarre dreams and possible resurgence of manic symptoms (I also have bipolar 1 disorder)Stopped smoking MJ to wks ago but used edibles up until 1wk ago. Symptoms started pretty dramatically after about 24hrs after last oral dose. Manic symptoms started to appear about 2-3 days afterwards Sleep, rapid dissolving ginger tabs (for nausea), high quality electrolyte drinks & water (to address dehydration from sweating), eating small servings of nutrient dense foods, very gentle exercise outdoors, watching tv & knitting (for distraction), deep breathing (for anxiety & feelings of being overwhelmed) & drinking more alcohol at times (to manage variety OG negative feelings and symptoms -NOT effective)Female16Approx 6-8x/day (1/4g each time)Primarily via vaping but also used Phoenix tears (type of oral concentrate oil)Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12760658456June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyTook a trip and didn't smoke while I was gone. Started coughing black stuff and not sure I should start againDepression, thoughts of suicide, agitation and irritability. Persistent thoughts and urges to smoke Noticable changes in irritability between 24-36 hours after last smoke. Reduced motivation and appetite for 2nd and 3rd dayNoMale19Smoking a bowl 5-6 times every day, sometimes more.Bowl, vape pens, blunts and jointsBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12760728582June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyMemory lossSleep disturbance, mood changes, upset stomachSecond or third dayNoMale46DailyVape pen, ediblesBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12761012733June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyDidn't get me highMood swings bad sleep constant brain fog3rd dayNothing canMale16All day everyday I could I had a 1080 mg THC amountAny and allBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12761315216June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety Anxiety, depression and sweating 1 Hour after last useSsri'sMale181-2 times a week Vape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12761405119June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyI ended up doing way more of it than I originally planned. As such, it was very expensive, and due to tolerance provided only marginal pain relief. I think it actually made my anxiety worse over time. I also had significant side effects. I feel sa medical treatment it was a complete failure.Very hyperactive GI tract. Had diarrhea for over 2 weeks, and almost continuous severe cramping. No appetite. Brain fog, heightened anxiety, muscle spasms, emotional outbursts. Lethargic, exhausted.Abou 24 hours after last vape session TylenolFemale19Multiple times ever dayVape penBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12761931050June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyMoney, Teaching jobDiarrhea, stomach cramps and insomniaDay 1 diarrhea and headache, day 2 and beyond insomniaExcerciseMale221 gram per day morning to bedtime. Stopping only due to being physically at workBowl, bong Both recreational and medicinal purposes
12762307824June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyAnxiety, feeling lazy, missing out on living lifeEvery single one 1st 2 weeks the most difficult, then less and less. Now at 2 months cravings coming backExercising, cooking and eating Male22DailtJointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12763472746June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyIt was interfering with my memory and daily activities Yes. Anxiety, fatigue, depression and loss of appetiteAbout 24 hours after I stopped smokingCBD oil, vitamins, exerciseNonbinary32At least 3-4 times a dayBowlBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12764458089June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyWant to change my life At beginning 1st week, ache in lungs that lasted a few days. By 2nd week, mild depression.at beginning day 1-3 headache, days 3-5 aches in lungs, feeling fine by days 7. By days 10-14 mild depression. Tylenol for discomfortFemale16Everyday for past 24 years. Quit 3 separate years for pregnancies.Bowls and hittersRecreational purposes only
12764833891June 23, 2021Stopped Recentlyfelt badanxiety/ brain fogafter 24 hoursexercise/ meditationFemale62dailybowlMedicinal purposes only
12765669697June 23, 2021Stopped Recentlyran out and dealer has gone awol Yes - Irritability, poor sleep, becoming overstimulated very easily (having no hairband when i wanted one made me cry), constant thoughts about weed When I?m alone. Typically start to show 3-4 hours after last usage of weed I try and focus on one thing, every time i think about weed i think of the number 9 and fixate on itFemale22Half oz a week JointBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12765903541June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyWasting my life. Mental healthEdgy, restless, cravingsWithin 24 hoursTaking propanololFemale18All daySmoke in a jointRecreational purposes only
12766053979June 23, 2021Stopped Recentlydeveloped a coughnightmares. vivid dreams. more ear wax. during use, upon waking in the morning I would immediately have a BM, now that is delayed by 30+ minutessleep changes after 2 days, still having nightmares 30 days laternoFemale164-5 times per daybowlRecreational purposes only
12766233181June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyNegative cognitive effects such as memory loss, sleep issues, inability to learn. Ruined my school performance Insomnia , irritability , depression, fatigue, low appetite, racing thoughts.Day 1. Melatonin, drinking water , a little exercise , hanging out with family, going for solo walksMale21Daily, multiple timesTypical cigarette styleBoth recreational and medicinal purposes
12766320791June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyFound out I was pregnant.I can't tell whether they are symptoms of pregnancy or withdrawal. Significant brain fog, periods of seeming dissociation, extreme tiredness, general fatigue, short term memory is awful - I can't remember what I did yesterday. I found out I was pregnant and I had last smoked a day before that. After a day I don't get any withdrawal apart from a desire to smoke. The next few days though I began to feel exhausted, which is a symptom of early pregnancy so was likely unrelated. While I was smoking weed I had no memory and awful brain fog and I have been sober for exactly 14 days and I still have terrible memory and brain fog, as well as a consistent urge to smoke - however I have many friends that smoke so this likely has an impact as I see them doing it and feel jealous. NoFemale17Every other day Joints Recreational purposes only
12766892182June 23, 2021Stopped RecentlyI stopped using because i found that the high just wasn't the same and for financial reasons.Hot flashes, excessive sweating, difficulty sleeping, headaches, reduced appetite and irritability.They started to appear within 24 hours of stopping.NoMale14Every day apart from other times i tried to stop but only lasted a few daysSmoking itRecreational purposes only